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Dr. Mike Bauerschmidt on LiveO2

LiveO2 is pleased to announce Dr. Mike Bauerschmidt as a featured practitioner!

Dr. Bauerschmidt explains the complete protocol he developed to release environmental toxins using LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast and Juvent whole body vibration platform.

Detox Protocol

Mike uses LiveO2 and Juvent as a complete detoxification system for patients in his clinic.

Find out why he reports outstanding results with Whole Body Flush Protocol followed by Juvent.

Take advantage of a great discount on the LiveO2 and Juvent combo to duplicate Dr. Bauerschmidt’s results at home or in your clinic.

Get started enhancing your exercise with these products for as little as $199/month.

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Oxidation, Combustion vs. Rust

Dr. Rowen explains the gross misunderstanding of the dual roles of oxidation in the body:
  • As an energy process – like how fuel burns in a car engine to make it go;
  • As a defensive process – like how your immune system uses free radicals to attack invaders;
  • As a destructive process – like how rust damages the car body when the paint fails.

Oxidation is presumed to be the basis of the destructive process of aging. This is mostly false because it is the basis of energy production and defense mechanisms of the immune system, which protect and rebuild the body from destructive processes.

Dr. Rowen explains why well oxygenated bodies with healthy aerobic metabolism resist stress and aging better than those with compromised oxidative metabolism.

LiveO2 creates maximum lifetime oxygenation for energy production, immunity and health.

See the Brain Oxygenation Protocol


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Breathe deep. Play well.

Did you know that LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast, which switches from low-oxygen to high-oxygen, works better than just high oxygen?

This experiment musically illustrates how much LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast can improve brain function in a single 15-minute session.

The video shows a professional guitarist attempting to play a particularly difficult new song to show changes in articulation, dexterity, and fluidity both before and after using the LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast system.

Our experiment was a success, confirming the findings of Manfred von Ardenne, who documented a 20% improvement in mental capacity using Oxygen Multistep Therapy. Our continued research shows that LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast delivers significant performance improvments by improving mental clarity and neurological function.

The video was recorded in July, 2012. We now use neurological panels to document improvements in brain performance.

These results are not specific to musicians. We have documented similar performance results with activities requiring dexterity, timing and judgement, and cognitive challenge.

Fred Boekhorst

Special thanks to the artist, Fred Boekhorst, a professional guitarist touring with the Glen Templeton Band.


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Enable Yourself

Do your holidays feel like they present extra challenges or opportunity for too much fun?

LiveO2 is the perfect lifetime tool to secure your quality of life, for the holidays, the new year, and the rest of your life.

LiveO2 transforms daily exercise into a maximum oxygenation experience that protects your body and mind from stress every day, in only 15 minutes.

Watch the Video

Invest in your health with LiveO2 health now.
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Dr. Angelique Hart on LiveO2

Dr. Angelique Hart has been using LiveO2 in her clinic for four years with all of her patients. She provides a brief summary of her clinical results with several hundred patients.

The day before this video, she was stranded in an airport for 24 sleepless hours attemtping to get a standby flight. This experience created a perfect stress-recovery demonstration for LiveO2.

Listen as Angelique illustrates personal results of a 15-minute LiveO2 session with before and after performances of scales and Maria. Note the improvements in tone, articulation and vocal range.


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The bottom line is that oxygen is vital to every physiological function of the human body.

LiveO2 is effective, practical, affordable and fast. Practitioners report that most health conditions respond quickly and more deeply with LiveO2 oxygenation protocols.

Could a return to cellular oxygen be the missing link?
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