Happy New Chinese Year!! 狗年愉快! and more

Happy New Chinese Year!! 狗年愉快!


WELCOME TO HLP i+TRADE PARK (Healthy Lifestyle Industrial & Trade Park)


HLP i+TRADE PARK it's an innovative industrial park that combines knowledge and R & D with industrial production and sustainable agriculture, quality of life and personal well-being and environmental quality with the digital trading and business internationalization.

HLP i+TRADE PARK actualized Industrial Park concept and allows the immediate int...


Happy New Chinese Year!


Happy New Chinese Monkey Year

美丽的人生,伴随着 2016 猴年的到来增添了更绚烂的色彩,愿你的明天像梦想那般绚丽多姿! A beautiful life, with the arrival of 2016 Monkey New Year to add more gorgeous color. #壹都桥# #多利桥#


Happy New Year 2016!!!



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