JULY 4, 2017 ACOMA PUEBLO, NEW MEXICO (Also known as Sky City) (Posts are in picture order: l to r) Tanner: Today we went to Acoma Pueblo. I loved it. I took the steep staircase down the mountain. It was a great experience! I got to take a picture with ...

** JULY 4, 2017 * ACOMA PUEBLO, NEW M... and more...

** JULY 4, 2017 * ACOMA PUEBLO, NEW M...

JULY 4, 2017


(Also known as Sky City)

(Posts are in picture order: l to r)

Tanner:  Today we went to Acoma Pueblo.  I loved it.  I took the steep staircase down the mountain.  It was a great experience!  I got to take a picture with an artist!

Hollis:  One of my favorite parts of today besides the beautiful views of Sky City was getting to learn about the culture and interact with the artists.  

Morea: One of my favorite parts of today was meeting and speaking to the artists, they had beautiful artwork and interesting and cool stories.  My other favorite part was the breathtaking views from Sky City.

Maravel: Today I went to Acoma Pueblo.  It was so cool.  I got some very cool things. It was great to see things I've never seen before!  Houses over 1000 years old.  

Harper:  today we . . .um . . . I don't remember more than was written by the others. Main highlight of the day that everyone was stoked about was my journal entry from the plane ride that we all acted out after we got home.




At the hotel ** ** Note we are i...

At the hotel


Note we are in front of the St Thomas room!

At the airport



** The Youth Mission trip to New Mexico...

The Youth Mission trip to New Mexico

Has begun!!

We are off to New Mexico!  So many great opportunities to learn and serve!  We will be staying at the Bosque Center (the Episcopal Retreat Center in Albuquerque, part of the Diocese of Rio Grande). Some of our plans include the Biopark Botanic Garden, Acoma Pueblo, Navajo Land Mission Churches, and Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.  Our daily schedule will start with Morning Prayer, and Labyrinth Walk, then breakfast and a daily community meeting.  We will end the day with Evening Prayer.

After our time in Albuquerque, we head to the Grand Canyon by train!  Home on Monday, July 10.

Keep your eye on this site for day to day updates on how we are progressing!


Getting ready for Spring/Summer: Safeguarding God's Children this Sunday, April 17th,12:30 p.m.

Join us as we prepare to meet, greet and raise up the families of St. Thomas as well as our neighbors in the surrounding communities.

We will be hosting the Safeguarding God's Children course this Sunday, April 17th following the 10 a.m. services at 12:30 p.m. in the Guild Room Light refreshments will be provided.This allows all who would like to be a part of all of our great activities with families to participate. There is certainly much to do with Lock Ins, VBS and mission trips and there is the perfect place for each person to contribute their spiritual gifts!

Please call the church office to register for the class, 896-9641.

Here's the line up of special events:
Mini Mission for The Bridge (4th/5th grade and MS alumni) - MAD Beach Mini Mission Experience - Fri. April 29, 5:00 p.m.- Sun. May1,9:00 a.m.
Our SPRING Children's Lock In will be held mid May, tentative date of Friday, May 13th, 7pm to 8am Saturday morning.
VBS 2016 is looking for many volunteers from now until the week of the event, June 20-24,
 5-8 p.m.  This year we travel to Egypt as we explore the life of Joseph from Prison to Palace. Please plan to join us as we live the culture and study the story.  It promises to be filled with adventure you won't want to miss. 

For more details on any or all of these events please contact Elaine Patrick in the church office. 896-9641.


Parent Wine & Cheese tonight!

We're Ringing in the New Year

Here's our chance to get together and catch up on all the goings on and toast all that we are thankful for.  Big thank you to Robin Leavengood for helping to host this one.  Child care is provided so there's really no reason not to stop by! 

Where: Guild Room of St. Thomas Episcopal Church
1200 Snell Isle Blvd.

When: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

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