A historic Scottish castle that boasts lake views and comes complete with two islands is on the market for £3.75 million. Glenborrodale Castle has 16 bedrooms as well as a walled garden, a gate house and an impressive 133 acres of land. The baronial ...

Glenborrodale Castle for sale and more

Glenborrodale Castle for sale

A historic Scottish castle that boasts lake views and comes complete with two islands is on the market for £3.75 million.
Glenborrodale Castle has 16 bedrooms as well as a walled garden, a gate house and an impressive 133 acres of land.
The baronial home, on the idyllic Ardnamurchan peninsula in Lochaber, Scottish Highlands, was built during the early 20th century and looks fit to feature in a Hollywood fairy tale blockbuster or period drama.

: Glenborrodale Castle, a 20th century baronial home in the Scottish Highlands, is on the market for £3.75million

: The grand hallway and reception area in Glenborrodale which features an attractive open fireplace

Glenborrodale is located on the Ardnamurchan peninsula in Lochaber and boasts panoramic views of Loch Sunart
Prospective buyers will be met with wrought iron gates and stone pillars as they make their way onto the grounds of the estate.
Inside, the elegant castle offers a beautiful feature staircase with marble steps, a dining room with an open fireplace and a turret with panoramic views of the surroundings.
Also included in the remarkable property is a gym and sauna, adjoining tennis court, commercial kitchen, games room and a boat house complete with a jetty.

According to estate agents Bell Ingram who are selling the property, ‘Glenborrodale Castle is situated on the southern shore of the picturesque Ardnamurchan Peninsula.
‘The area offers some of the most outstanding coastline scenery together with an abundance of wildlife.
‘Glenborrodale Castle dates from 1902 and is a five storey Scots baronial mansion built of red Dumfriesshire sandstone.

: Buyers can enjoy the surrounding loch and beautiful countryside from the castle’s turret or relax on the raised patio +9: Buyers can enjoy the surrounding loch and beautiful countryside from the castle’s turret or relax on the raised patio
: The castle’s vast dining room is fit for a regal banquet with enough room to entertain large crowds of guests: The castle boasts incredible views of Loch Sunart and its grounds include the Isle of Risga and Eilean an Feidh’ +9: The castle boasts incredible views of Loch Sunart and its grounds include the Isle of Risga and Eilean an Feidh’
‘The castle itself dominates the steep south facing hillside which overlooks Loch Sunart.’
However, the most interesting aspect of the sale is the inclusion of two picturesque islands.
The estate agent added in the brochure: ‘The panoramic view takes in the islands of Risga, Carna and Oronsay and the Morven Hills on
the far North side of the loch.

: Prospective residents can relax in the castles manicured gardens or walk around its lush and vast grounds

: Glenborrodale could easily be mistaken for a scene from a period drama or Hollywood fairy tale with its impressive red brick turrets and beautiful grounds
: The property’s islands are uninhabited and are accessed on by boat but they can be gazed upon from the comfort of the castle
‘The grounds of the Castle extend to about 132.99 acres (53.82ha) and include the Isle of Risga and Eilean an Feidh.’
The isolated islands are uninhabited and are accessed on by boat but they can be gazed upon from the comfort of the castle.
this A-listed building is currently under private ownership and is not open to the public, but it has previously been used as a wedding venue and for exclusive accommodation.

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Property photography in Falkirk and central Scotland

As being a woman who continues to be scrapbooking for over 7 many years now, I’ve pretty a great collection of recollections all preserved in different albums with nice tales to go as well as photos. I Appreciate these albums?they really are a tangible piece of my past. But my husband?well, let us just state that if he experienced an opportunity, we might warm our residence with a few of them this wintertime!

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Firenze Castle for sale

Beautiful castle, located right in the heart of Tuscany, just minutes from the birthplace of the Renaissance in Florence.

This luxurious castle is among the best properties for sale anywhere in the world. With its ancient origins dating back to between the XVII – XVIIIth Centuries, this property is a true architectural masterpiece and is nestled in the green Hills of Tuscany, in the heart of the famous Chianti area. The property is divided between a main body, the Castle itself, and 8 other historic homes that are spread out. Each part shares the prestige of living in a castle in Chianti, thus offering guests and family members a unique experience. Many of the rooms have stunning views of the lush hills surrounding Florence. The land which surrounds is spread out over about 156 hectares in total.

Features include:
Stone facade, enclosed courtyards, watch towers, battlements, defensive architecture, arched windows, balconies and porches, These f eatures are typically found in prestigious buildings, thereby creating a really impressive and authentic setting, capable of transporting even the most demanding persons back in time.

The interior of this castle is superb and include arched ceilings, terracotta floors, antique fireplaces and valuable stone finishes. There is also ‘in theme’ furnishings & furniture that help to enhance this superb castle.

There is also a producing vineyard for the production of excellent Tuscan wine and an olive grove for making extra virgin olive oil. This castle rates with any luxury property for sale anywhere in the world and sits in the postcard perfect landscape of Tuscany not far from Florence.

The prestige attached to owning this splendid castle is priceless.

– Castle: 5,000m2
– Historic homes: 5,000m2
– Land: 156 hectares

– Main Castle
– 7 adjacent separate quarters
– Furnished in keeping with the type of building
– Olive trees
– Vineyards

– Firenze: 15 km
– Fiesole: 12 km
– Sesto Fiorentino: 20 km
– Pistoia: 45 km
– Lucca: 75 km
– Pisa: 80 km
– Montecatini Terme: 55 km
– Forte dei Marmi: 100 km
– Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci Firenze: 15 km


Castle Gogar for sale at £2.9 million

Edinburgh Castle might not on the market but 17th century Castle Gogar certainly is at  a cool £2.9 million.
This renovated six-bedroom castle comes with paddocks and impressive battlements .
The castle has everything you would expect in a property fit for a king or queen: towers and turrets with arrow slots, a vaulted crypt, an oak panelled dining room and hall, and even spiral staircases.

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The turrets were only added to the 1625 property in the 19th century and have never housed archers. Other more modern additions include a wet room and sauna, a handmade oak kitchen with a built-in American fridge freezer, and outbuildings housing a gym and games

Interest in top-notch properties seems to be growing a flat in Ramsay Garden, one of the most instantly recognisable addresses in Edinburgh and slap next to the city’s other castle, has attracted global interest since going on the market for £1.1m.
St Andrews castle is well worth a visit . A taxi from Edinburgh to St Andrews costs about £85 .


‘Castles tax’ criticised by heritage groups

Conservationist and heritage groups have combined to oppose measures outlined by Chancellor George Osborne to remove VAT relief on changes to properties which are protected under the listed building status. Properties which have been renovated but would be taxed under the proposals include Aberdeen’s 19th-century Marischal College buildingKelburn Castle in North Ayrshire, and Edinburgh’s Royal Commonwealth Pool.
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Under new plans, 20% VAT will be charged on alterations to a listed building, which will leave conversions of old and culturally valuable buildings requiring a far bigger outlay than in the past.

The National Trust for Scotland says the removal of tax relief outlined in the last Budget is ill-thought out and comparable to the fiasco over the much-derided “pasty tax”. The Scottish Government has joined widespread criticism of the proposal with Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop claiming the tax will have economic consequences for the building trade.

Archaeology Scotland, the Architectural Heritage Society for Scotland, the Institute for Archaeologists, the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland and the Scottish Civic Trust have united in criticism of these changes . Cliff Hague, chairman of the Built Environment Forum Scotland lobby group, said many smaller-scale projects could be hit hard. He added: “The current fiscal arrangements incentivise sympathetic alteration of these buildings to enable their long-term survival through continued use.

“This Budget proposal will impact most significantly on small charities and private individuals involved in taking on these buildings, not only for themselves but for the benefit of everyone, now and in the future.

“The financial viability of these special and often complex projects means that the current VAT relief can make the difference between a project stacking up or not.”

Under the current scheme, VAT is charged on repairs and maintenance to listed properties but not on alterations, such as installing new window


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