Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys and more...

Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

500x250 pyramid Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

pyramid stance 300x225 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

We traveled as a family, as a tribe with Running Buffalo Journeys though the Mayan Heartland--Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico


Something has happened to me in the last few months.  I’ve flown galactic and I’ve trudged through the underworld.  I shapeshifted into a jaguar with an angel’s heart–an uncommon creature.  I interpret this metamorphosis as a marriage of heaven and earth deep inside my soul.

It was triggered by a not-so-ordinary journey.

I AM integrating!  And this is why I’ve been away awhile.  I’ve missed you and I’ve needed you.  But I’ve been too catatonic to reach out.

hawk 168x300 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

I stumbled across this deceased hawk grasping a squirrel shortly after my journey. Hawks are the messengers of heaven, symbolic of angels. Squirrels are the short-legged creatures of the earth and trees. This gift is animal "medicine" symbolizing heaven and earth and validating my journey.


–it was a delicious way of being during my recent journey to Central America.  There I roamed free without concerns about finances or family; I operated in an altered state of high play and deep ceremony with a supportive group of souls.

hitchhikers 300x200 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

And we definitely played!

It may have been a glimpse into the next dimension of our spiritual evolution–one of instant manifestation and perceived oneness, but still grounded through the eyes of a girl with a family to tend to back “home”.

IMG 3054 300x199 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

Embracing Milena, my longtime friend, on a Swinging Bridge in the Guatemalan Jungles

Regardless, this journey has left a grand imprint on every facet of my being, and I am not sure how to be this new creature in the context of my sweet nomadic little family…Every day is a deep breath of courage before the dive.

Van gang 300x176 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

Here we were filming a scene for the documentary

Writing you is a sign of a long awaited emergence.  I bring this expanded awareness into the new year–2012!

2012 Buffalos 300x231 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

The Mayan Heartland Trip with Running Buffalo Journeys:

I fell in love with a collective the way I fall in love with a man, or you.  See these people?  I love them.  I experienced the highest of highs on a journey through the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys in October 2011.  I bonded with a tribe.  I soared free.  I indulged in uninterrupted heartspace.  I sat present with Now.

water circle 300x199 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

I filmed.  I played.  I prayed.  For 18 days…

irene filming 225x300 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

Our route through Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico was in the shape of a heart, touching on various Mayan sacred sites.

mayan heartlands 300x216 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

The first night the eight of us gathered in a crystal ceremony in Antigua, Guatemala.  Along the heart-shaped path, and as each was called, we tossed our crystals into different sacred bodies of water.  We created a crystalline heart grid forever holding space for our Love.

Holding Space…

ceremony 300x199 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

After the Journey

I crawled into my own inner cave conveniently located at my parent’s home.  I was there almost 2 months, cozy but idle!  Now in the mountains of New Mexico, I peek out feeling bright but a bit dazed.  It is no different than our arduous journey into the Crystal Cave in Belize for 10 hours! It is like waking up from a deep sleep and forgetting where you are.

cave gang 300x199 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

The Crystal Cave in Belize tour was one of the most exhilarating and physically challenging days of my entire life--10 hours of gestation inside Mother Earth to emerge transformed!

It is easy to remember when everyone around you is consciously holding space for greatness.  At home it is my job to hold that space for the next generation.  This particular journey is now my touchstone for guiding me to my more evolved self.  Through this reflection I am able to manifest positive change.

tikal 300x225 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

Tikal in Guatemala

I would not have consciously chosen to spend this much time in either cave (real or metaphorical)…but for some reason I’ve been led deep within, and it’s taken me a bit of effort to climb out.

cave 300x225 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

It’s been almost three months and I am just emerging potent from this new breed of chrysalis that was woven by eight co-creators:  Aaron El Leon Boyd, Chad “Quetzalcoatl” Carson, Milena Worsham, Patty Yuniverse, J Quest Ionz Pullano, Erica Lee, Reyna Ambrose, and myself.

The Queens of the Mayan Heartlands:

IMG 2793 300x199 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

Me (Irene), Patty, Reyna, Milena, Erica: First Day in Guatemala, Mayan Heartlands Tour with Running Buffalo Journeys

The Kings of The Mayan Heartlands:

buffalo guys 300x199 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

Chad, J, and Aaron in Guatemala

Many thanks to these angels for their great influence on my life.  I love you forever!

This trip was documented through photos and video as a co-creative project.  Patty Yuniverse (from the viral Youtube video “Shit New Age Girls Say”) and J Quest Ionz Pullano work with Elevate Films and are working on the footage for a project called Sacred Geography.  They just put together this awesome trailer that features highlights from this very trip.

Click here to view the embedded video.

You can find Aaron Boyd and Chad Carson and Milena Worsham at Running Buffalo Journey’s Facebook Page or Website.  There will be more Mayan Heartland Journeys to come, including one in March 2012!  I support this project 100%.

mayan heartland journey 195x300 Shapeshifting in the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys

I’m glad to be writing and sharing again!  Right now we are camping in New Mexico and on our way to Sedona, AZ.  We will be making our way to the Arizona Renaissance Festival in Feb/March 2012 to continue our gig with Tartanic.  Blessings on your path.  Thanks for reading. Hugs!

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Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Buggy Collage 500x 100 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Darling, you’ve been on my mind…


Irenes Eyes 300x154 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

especially as I wade through my embarrassing existential crisis and try to make sense of my life.

It’s humbling to notice how challenging it is to admit that sometimes difficulties can be experienced in the midst of a blessing-filled life.

Picture this:  a life filled with flexibility, freedom, time, travel, family, creativity, and passion.  Sounds great, right?

Trailer Sandals 300x168 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Well, it is.  I look around, and everything in this life now appears exactly how, for so many years prior, I wished it to become.  Of course, I never could have imagined these particular (circus-like) circumstances of ren faires and such, but the sense of liberation and satisfaction they offer is present.

Despite the gifts, I find myself trudging through the dark night lately.  Being here, sharing with you, is a sign that I’m finally getting a grasp of the fullness of the light again.  This post is a celebration of getting one’s groove back.  It’s the mojo rising in us all.

Irene Serious Shot 200x300 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

A Trailer Portrait

 Under the Influence of the Hawaiian High

June’s Hawaii experience of shooting a documentary on traditional lei making and filming a Jean Houston tour was truly epic for me energetically.  Each moment spoke to me powerfully and sent me off each day buzzing from my heart and attracting pure magic.  I found my muse and felt directed.

Here is the dashboard wisdom I’ve come to enjoy:  “If you love the life you live you will live a life of love”.  I can attest that this statement is true.  It just doesn’t mention that we’re emotional beings that can sometimes think too much and repeat dysfunctional patterns thereby causing internal conflict and irrational fears rooted in illusion.  Sigh…but, yes, for the most part I am living a life of love.  😉

I find Hawaii literally “enchanting” in even the esoteric sense and suggest it as an excellent location to recharge your spiritual batteries. (It would be preferable to experience a longer, non-touristy visit.)  The ancient Hawaiian paradigm and tradition of personifying every element of land and existence has breathed a life into the islands that is palpable. You will notice this if your heart is open and you spend a bit of time in Hawaii.

And here I was on top of the world, entirely in the flow.

Dash Wisdom 1 300x168 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

My Dashboard Wisdom

Texas Time

High on Hawaii, I spent the next three weeks with my parents and children in mid-summer Texas heat juggling logistics, video editing, massaging clients, and gearing up for 2011’s next phase:  8 weeks at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  First things first, though… I spend a weekend in Austin, Texas with my dear friend, Anne.  We sipped Oaxacan coffee at Curra’s, my favorite place for a last rockin’ Tex Mex breakfast before I head off to Yankee-land.  Some cultural aspects of the North (like *the near absence of a good breakfast taco) are like a whole other country. *Or the Amish culture…

Curras Austin 300x218 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Irene, Jaya, and Anne at Curra's Tex Mex, Austin, TX


From Texas to Pennsylvania

I skipped out on two weeks of Tartanic (the rocknroll bagpipe band in which my guy performs) at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin and opted instead to meet the band in Pennsylvania. The travel trailer got hitched, I packed, and loaded the kids in the Suburban beast required to haul our home.  Despite an insane tire blow-out in Virginia, we made it to Pennsylvania in four days of country store visits and listening to (my tween) Rain’s Pandora of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Kesha.  Yeah, I’m recovering from that repetitiveness…

Travel to PA Collage 300x199 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Facing the Beauty of Creepy Cornfields

I have a condition called cinephilia.  I realize it’s totally preventable and impairs my judgement.  But like any “philia”, I sort of love it. Here is an example of how excessive film watching can affect one’s perception of innocent (Monsanto) cornfields which define the southern PA region, my current place of residence.

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is near Manheim, PA in the vicinity of Amish Country and surrounded by cornfields.  This strikingly green and beautiful landscape both inspires and haunts me (through no fault of its own).

The inspiration radiates through the simple display of growing “food”.  Coming from a world of processed food (and trying to reform) this comforts me.

The haunting aspect is a nasty side effect I blame on Hollywood clouding my sensibilities, brainwashing me to see this corn land through the lenses of “Children of the Corn“, “The Village“, and “The Happening“, etc.  I feel the same kind of respect for the cornfields that I do for the ocean…yet I’m not sure that is warranted.  These darker movies have influenced me to deem the cornfields “creepy” and label them “mysterious”.  I’m sorry, cornfields.  I really do love you.

Note:  I’m happy to report that eating sweet corn is pleasant and not adversely affected by movie watching addictions.

I do notice that many of my travels and experiences are interpreted through such cinephilic filters.  It amuses me to make parallels between reality and cinema.  Last year in the Ohio countryside, we spent a whole afternoon looking for the Shawshank Redemption’s lone oak tree where “Andy Dufresne” buried the box for Morgan Freeman’s character.  We weren’t able to find the tree before dark.  I’m crushed now to discover that the Shawshank tree was wounded in a storm last month!  I really wanted to photograph the tree…but I digress to illustrate a point. 😉

In a nutshell, traveling on quiet dirt roads with tall green cornstalks on either side is memorable and stimulates the imagination.

PA Landscape 300x199 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

 And Daisy Haunts the Mansion…

As darker thoughts flirt with me, possibly jealous of my Hawaiian high, the universe now has me living on a haunted estate.

The Pennsylvania Ren Faire is located at the Mount Hope Estate and Winery marked by a charming mansion built in the early 1800’s. One of the mansion’s previous occupants, the late Daisy Grubb and her kin, Uncle Charles, are said to continue their poltergeist-ish shenanigans to this day by stealing cigarettes of unsuspecting visitors to the mansion.  Daily I stroll through the estate’s garden and fairground sneaking a peek in the windows to try and get a glimpse of Daisy.  Her portrait is visible above the flash in the photo below.

Mt Hope Collage 300x199 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Tours of the Mount Hope mansion are not really available anymore, but I was lucky to get a brief tour of the home with some of the Tartanic gang.  No sign of Daisy this day.  We should have brought some cigarettes to test the claim…apparently she was particular about not smoking in certain rooms. So if you’d like to see Daisy I suggest you find a way to smoke a cigarette in this historic Lancaster County home.

Mt Hope Tour Collage 300x199 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Transmissions from the Pleiadians and such…

I must admit with hesitation, that a major catalyst for my being thrown into a state of anxiety recently was a series of transmissions or channelings (from other-dimensional sources, I’ll leave it at that) that one of my best friends has been receiving, recording, and sending to me and a few other friends.  These messages have triggered a spectrum of reactions from my close circle of friends.  As if right in alignment with the timing of 2012 conversations, she reported the urgency of our need to prepare for upcoming chaos and earth changes by stocking up on non-perishable food, water, and supplies.  Things would be changing rapidly in the next few months.  Something would happen in about four days…

Enter Virginia Earthquake…

On this “fourth” day I’m filled with an anxiety that is so potent it’s pissing me off. It is challenging my preference to stay positive with my inability to do so now.  The family is hanging out in our trailer which suddenly begins to shake.  “WAS THAT JUST AN EARTHQUAKE??”

It just so happened that the night before I loaded the “Earthquake Alert” app on my Android phone.  I didn’t ever expect to find it so handy so soon (or did I??).  Sure enough, the little app worked like a champ listing the 5.8 magnitude quake as 180 miles away and occurring “4 minutes ago”.  I felt great relief after the quake–sort of like I sensed it’s arrival from a deep level yet didn’t know why I was feeling so crazy.  It was one of those things that make you go “hmmmmm”.

Under those circumstances, it was an even more profound event.

Enter My Namesake, Hurricane Irene…

The infamous hurricane with my name causes a national commotion for the next week, further perpetuating my fear factor triggered by the “transmissions” which are coming now at a fascinating regularity.  Being from the Texas Gulf Coast I have a respect for hurricanes and usually take some type of precaution–especially while living in a small box on wheels at a fabricated Medieval village.  Saturday night we sleep in a hotel, Sunday the faire was cancelled, and by Sunday afternoon the sun’s shining glow basks the creepy/beautiful cornfields once again.

Trailer Collage 4 300x199 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Trailer Life at the Tartanic Camp


And Around Here, Cornfields lead to Amish

Thankfully, all is well in my neck of the cornfield thus far.  Our apocalyptic shopping trip has supplied us with plenty of non-perishable food that we’re begrudgingly attempting to incorporate into our diet.  Fortunately, as the world keeps turning in its usual way, we are still able to check out one of the many Amish farmer’s markets.  And farmer’s markets, as you might know, are one of my favorite things on the planet.

Amish Farmers Market Collage 300x199 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Getting our Amish Farmer's Market On


Roots Market and Auction

Roots Farmer’s Market has been our Tuesday savior providing us with a wellspring of local apples, kale, cherries, spinach, beets, herbs, and of course corn.  A bit of Amish-made butter and farmer’s cheese has become our indulgence.  There is the temptation of far too many sweets around here. Seriously, the sugar content is extreme in Amish Country.  I’m shown here attacking a loaf of zucchini/pineapple bread that was one day old and $2.50.  Aside from that first visit, I’m refraining from blatant sugar foods as I am picking up produce for juicing. I do enjoy looking at the bakery cases of sugar porn, though!  Not quite French, but still appealing.

Buggy Collage 3 300x199 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Old Fashioned “Rides”

Happy Birthday to all August babies!  If this applies to you, I hope you had a beautiful one.  In August John turned 37.  To celebrate I took him on an Amish buggy ride through some farms followed by lunch on a steam engine train through the Strasburg Rail Road.

PA Train 300x210 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Strasburg Rail Road, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Train Collage 300x63 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

 Village of Bird-In-Hand, PA

Bird-In-Hand, PA appears to be the mecca of all things Amish.  After our rides, we visited shops and markets, picking up more of those fabulous apples, apple cider, and apple cider donuts that smelled too good to pass up.  I find the Amish just as novel and fascinating as I would the Mayans in Guatemala.  Cultures that value the earth and hold onto traditions are a precious commodity these days.  I love learning from them other ways of existing in harmony with the land.

We found ourselves pricing buggies on this day.  I would totally own a horse and buggy if I lived in the country, if I had a stationary home. I would make it an art-buggy and weave beads in my horses’s mane. 😉

Buggy Amish 300x146 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Family Glamping at the Faire

Brief family update:  the kids are enjoying this life of glamping at renaissance festivals.  (putting the “glam” into camping…)  The pace is relaxing during the week and festive on the weekends.  On weekdays the fairground is our playground for walks and socializing.  The surrounding area is filled with hiking trails. Rain begins her homeschooling this week as a 7th grader.  Jaya is enamored with Cinderella.  Hershey, PA is a few miles away.  We did the free chocolate tour which was one big fat commercial.  Jaya loved the ride, and Rain loved the 2 free kisses at the end of it.

PA Kids Collage 300x63 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Hershey Tree Collage 300x63 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

John has been working hard on his first solo album, assisting with a new Tartanic album, and performing on the weekends…

PA John Jaya Drum 300x199 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

…which leaves me to spend time with the kids all day.  I love that I can.  So what gives?  How can I heal myself?

I came off three weeks of personally rewarding independent travel, discovery, and work and threw myself into six weeks of responsibilities, change, uncertainties…and those cornfields.  

Corn Woman Rising

This got me wondering…what is the significance of corn?

In several Native American and Latin American indigenous tribes, corn is a powerful symbology of life, nourishment, and fertility. Many Goddesses spring forth from numerous mythologies spanning many cultures.

Selu is a Cherokee Goddess and Chicomecoatl is an Aztec Goddess of the Corn, for example. This archetype of the female corn deity is often known as “Corn Woman.”

It is a common Native American practice to use cornmeal as a blessing for protection, forgiveness, and understanding.

How about I re-write this story of creepy corn and turn it into blessing corn?  

Perhaps I can write my own “Field of Dreams” rather than a dark mystery?

How about a little protection, forgiveness, and understanding?  

So I call upon Corn Woman to be my ally in this time of anxiety, change, and uncertainty.

Like the Hawaiians, I am personifying the land around me, honoring her, and learning from her.

A Goddess approaches uncertainties with wisdom and understanding…rather than fear and anxiety.

oventic corn mural 300x225 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Corn Reverence in Chiapas, Mexico. The Mayans...

I walk through the rows of corn today and re-write the script to transform the anxiety-ridden horror movie into something nurturing and inspirational.  I re-claim my power with bare feet in the dirt and cornstalks in my hand.

goddess 197x300 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Corn Woman

Field of Dreams

I’ll continue editing my documentary, writing this blog, and embodying the domestic goddess of the trailer.  I’ll plant some seeds for my upcoming journey to the Mayan pyramids in October.  And there, in the presence of major Corn Woman energy who is so prelevant in the Mayan culture, I will thank her for the clarity I’ve gained from re-writing my story of the cornfields of Pennsylvania.

Radiance, not darkness.

Understanding, not ignorance.

Protection, not harm.

Nourishment, not starvation.

Forgiveness, not resentment.

Friendship, not enemies.

Love, not hate.

A Gift, not a curse.

A Mystery that leads to wonder, not anxiety.

PA Cornfield 300x168 Wisdom of Corn Woman in Amish Country

Corny Drive By Shooting

How about re-writing your own story?  Take something challenging, stare it straight in the eyes, and re-do the script to transform the outcome into something that is more life-affirming.  What do you think?

Thank you for reading this far.  It’s nice to connect.  I’m thinking good thoughts of you.

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Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

heaven ukelele crop Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

Hello Darling!

This is a love letter to Hawaii and other muses.

Bear with a note of self indulgences, would you?

Fragrant plumerias around my neck, Kona sunsets, and a shiny new ukelele have nudged me to find my voice. The magical presence that blows through the palms, azure waters that fill my heart, and your Aloha songs are music to my spirit.  Thank you, Hawaii, for bringing me home again!

heaven ukelele 300x199 Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

'scuse me while I kiss the sky

I have found my muse on a beautiful island in the Pacific.  The Hamakua coast beckons me to return.  I’m certain I’ll return to you one day…if only in my dreams.

Hamakua Coast 300x200 Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

After our two months at the Georgia Renaissance Festival I was perplexed as to what I would do with myself on our family’s six week break from touring with Tartanic.  I found myself attempting to force an exotic trip to keep The Travel Creatives juicy and alive.  Sitting around in Corpus Christi, Texas did not feel interesting enough for the insatiable drive I have to travel.

Irene Fairy Tree e1310442177152 200x300 Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

Hello, Magical Fairy Tree

I soon realized that I only wished to travel if some greater purpose was involved.  A project is essential if I am to give my energy to traveling.  I yearn to synthesize my desire to document (through video) with my mission to grow and share.

A declaration was made after the Georgia experience that I would only travel if something meaningful arose.  Listen here!  Make your own declaration and clarify your own intentions because it really works!

As an answer to my prayers, two days later I received an interesting email from Leilehua Yuen, a lovely Hawaiian cultural practitioner that I had interviewed in Hawaii in early 2010.


lei irene heads 300x199 Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

Leilehua and I greeting each other with a traditional Polynesian "honi"


“Would you be interested in making a documentary on traditional Hawaiian lei making??”  Why YES, I certainly would.  “Would you like to be my personal assistant and documentarian for the ‘Sacred Journey into Sacred Hawaii’ tour led by the famous thought leader on the human potential movement, Jean Houston?”

Uh, yah…Sign me up, Sister!

Without hesitation I flew into Hawaii for three weeks of hard work and mind blasting awakening–on every level of my being.

sunrise buddha 300x200 Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

I thank you, Leilehua Yuen for hearing my call over the seas!  The last three weeks have been nothing short of phenomenal.  I have learned so much about traditional Hawaiian spirituality. This experience has only left me in awe and with keen awareness that I really knew very little about the details of the Hawaiian’s perspective of the sacredness of their land.  My respect for this culture has grown tenfold.  I now consider myself friends and sisters with you, a great and dedicated teacher.

KAHO Warrior 300x200 Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

Leilehua Yuen and her Husband Manu Josiah perform ceremony at KAHO

I also thank Jean Houston for her sheer genius and ability to activate the potential we all hold within ourselves.  I have much to say about this experience, but today’s post I’m keeping light and general (as any good love letter should be).  I was in the presence of a true master mind who was buddies with the likes of U.S. Presidents, Margaret Mead, Alan Watts, and Joseph Campbell…to name a few.  What a trip!

Irene Kimo Jean 300x199 Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

Irene, Kahuna Uncle Kimo, and Jean Houston in Hawaii 2011

And you, my muses: the little ones like my new ukelele and the big ones like Mother Hawaii Aina and the others that I keep personal, I thank you for helping me on the path to find my voice.  I’m glad you’re by my side.

On a hill in Hilo I sat for hours struggling to play chords seamlessly on my new uke.  I sang and sang until in an instant my inside, my heart, and my voice merged.  I have always held the belief that I couldn’t sing.  But all of a sudden, there it was…a voice that mattered.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  And I actually cried and laughed at the same time–a bit embarrassed by my reaction.

Buddha Sunset 300x199 Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

And you, dear friend, I know I am the sappiest of sorts, but thanks for reading and thanks for sticking with me.  I encourage you to find your own muse.  This is the key to keeping the creativity flowing and navigating through life to unveil one’s own truth.  This was one of the greatest gifts I received from this journey.  I know these muses will keep me going and will keep this travel, blog and video project fruitful and hopefully useful to some.

waipio irene 300x200 Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

Waipio Valley so good I eat you up, yum!

I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again, Hawaii, but my life has been richer with your presence.  I’m glad I had a chance to speak to you in person.  I can feel your love embrace me over oceans.  Maybe some day we will meet again?  If we don’t, just know that I love you anyway and wish you well. simple smile Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

For now, I fly back to Texas and edit like a fired-up warrior to complete this documentary, prepare for the two month Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival geekery with my family and my Tartanic family in August, and set the ground work for a Journey into the Mayan Heartlands with Running Buffalo Journeys in October.  And that is a whole other story.

canon sunset 300x199 Hawaii, My Muse, Hawaii!

What is your muse?  Try writing that story and maybe you’ll find that you have a good friend in your heart to help you blaze your own path.

Thanks for connecting!

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Big Island Love Surprise

irene camera edge 250x500 Big Island Love Surprise

irene camera edge 300x209 Big Island Love Surprise

This is quite a surprise for us both, my love…but today I write you from the Big Island of Hawaii, channeling some juicy Aloha Spirit and sipping a cozy mug of Kona coffee.

A great dream has manifested Hawaii style:  1.  I have been specifically requested for my video work from afar, and 2.  my travel expenses have been gifted to me.  I will be waking up to this beautiful tropical garden each morning for the next 3 weeks!  Not too bad, universal forces that be…

Leiles Garden 300x199 Big Island Love Surprise

A remarkable and passionate woman named Leilehua Yuen has asked me to direct a documentary on traditional Hawaiian culture and mythology through lei making.  Leilehua is a storyteller, cultural ambassador, musician, writer, biker, go-getter, and all around groovy lady.

Leile Ukelele 193x300 Big Island Love Surprise

On one of our first shoots we awoke at 3:30 A.M. and drove an hour inland to a special lookout.  I filmed the peaceful sunrise over Mauna Kea while I stood at 7,000 ft above sea level.  Getting to the location included a short hike in surprisingly chilly Hawaiian weather, but we found the perfect spot to see the sun greet the native birdsong.  After an hour of shooting the sun, I filmed Leilehua and her husband Manu in a variety of chants, slack key guitar playing and traditional Hawaiian nose flute demonstrations.

Canon Sunrise 300x199 Big Island Love Surprise

On Friday we spent the day at a very cool cultural festival at the national park, Pu’uhonua o Honaunau, also known as the City of Refuge.

city of refuge 300x200 Big Island Love Surprise The Cultural Festival was a celebration that marked the 50th anniversary of the park as a unit of the National Park Service.  There were free canoe rides in paradise…

canoe 300x200 Big Island Love Surprise

A spiritual precession of Hawaiian elders and holy men initiated the event.  The sound of the conch echoed throughout the palm trees…

conch man e1309036795259 200x300 Big Island Love SurpriseThere were hula demonstrations and chanting, including a group of hula dancers from Portland, Oregon.

hula gourd lady e1309036922141 200x300 Big Island Love Surprise

Many cultural and traditional Hawaiian crafts were demonstrated.  Here was a woman demonstrating the cleaning of a gourd.

lady wash gourd e1309037062516 200x300 Big Island Love Surprise

Since our documentary is on the history and crafting of leis, I am finding many uses for leis…including on the front of canoes.

lei boat 300x200 Big Island Love Surprise

The precession makes its way to make the offering or ho-okupu.

hawaii precession 300x227 Big Island Love Surprise

yellow hawaii e1309037447297 200x300 Big Island Love SurpriseLeilehua sits with two other Auntys who are some last keepers of the ancient art of making fabric from plants.

Leile kapa 300x200 Big Island Love Surprise

Examples of beautiful leis…

lei head face 300x200 Big Island Love Surprise

lei bun 300x200 Big Island Love Surprise

I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch of kimchee shrimp, seaweed salad, and a can of Hawaiian coffee!  This is my kind of Hilo cuisine.

Hilo Dinner 300x199 Big Island Love Surprise

I couldn’t leave the festival without partaking in a little awa, or kava kava, to get me grooving on Hawaiian time.  This powdered root is made into a tea that relaxes the muscles and calms the body.  This is a must-have when trying to recover from jetlag!

kava pour 300x200 Big Island Love Surprisekava gift 300x200 Big Island Love SurpriseThis post might be a bit brief, but I’ve got some living to do.  Thanks for following as I keep you posted on what gifts come from a little “Big Island Love”.  This happens to be a popular bumper sticker around these parts.  Send me a note and I’ll pick one up for you.  Thanks for reading, darling.


Tartanic's Shenanigans Caught on Film

Band at the Fall 500x250ish Tartanics Shenanigans Caught on Film

Click here to view the embedded video.


Today I unveil a much anticipated creative project:  MY FIRST TARTANIC VIDEO!!!!!  (click above)

On St. Patrick’s Day (March 17, 2011) while stationed at the Arizona Renaissance Festival for two months, Adrian, the ringleader of Tartanic, got the wise idea to guerilla crash/perform at various places around town and show a little Tartanic love to the world. This process consisted of half naked men without pants (ie. kilts) and sexy dancing girls, two bagpipes, and three enormous drums.  Every aspect of these performances was turned on full blast.  Some places (like a Circle K) were told they had a bagpipe-o-gram.  Before they had a chance to ask about it, the drums would start banging and the pipes would begin screeching the melodious way that they do.

The day went on arrest-free.  The band proceeded to perform in downtown Phoenix at a Seamus McCaffery’s Pub for Happy Hour and The Turf into the wee hours of the night.  I was there filming the whole day which required some massages the following few days.  Everyone in the band really had a blast.

In addition to those shenanigans, we filmed some footage of Adrian and Jill in the Arizona desert to create an intro to a new project called Tartanic TV.  I am excited to help the band put out some cool videos for their fans.  Tonight the band plays at The Boiler Room in Duluth, Georgia which is the first Steampunk Emporium in the U.S.A.  The goal is to get a quickie, short video out within the next few days to promote the band’s performance at next week’s World Steam Expo in Dearborn, Michigan.

Needless to say, this week, the band is taking off for a long roadtrip from Atlanta to Detroit for some awesome steampunk geekery. I will certainly be writing about these events very soon.  Now I must piece together my costume for tonight’s show, which is my shoot.

Band at the Fall1 300x200 Tartanics Shenanigans Caught on Film

The backside of Tartanic frolics at the falls in the Georgia pines


Another slow, dreamy month has passed since I saw you last.  I don’t know why…since I think of you every single day…

This has been the first month of trailer living at the Georgia Renaissance Festival as our family tours with Tartanic.  Large pine trees surround our gypsy camp which is far quieter than I would have ever imagined.  I’m grateful for that, really.  Living with a family, notably children, just insures that our little corner of the camp emanates an aura of wholesomeness.  There is no way around that family vibe…otherwise the faire’s behind-the-scenes lining of hedonism or the hue of mega-nerd could infiltrate our little box of a home.  Strangely, it keeps away from us.  I’m both glad and disappointed at the same time.  simple smile Tartanics Shenanigans Caught on Film

I am happy to report that we feel totally at home with this new life.  My only real complaint is time management which is totally within my control.  A whole day can easily consist of meal making, cleaning, and one major outing which could be as tame as the grocery store or the laundromat.  But this was the same story in Ecuador.  It is just important to commit to making time for creative endeavors.

I’ll post a few photos of our camp before we leave in a short two weeks from now!  The next 2 months are pure 100% uncertainty.  I’m holding my nose and just jumping in.  Please, something good happen!


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