Tweet That cooing sound… where is it coming from? It sounds like a dove, but maybe it's a pigeon! Doves and pigeons are so common, that people often see them. Flocks of large pigeons will be hanging out in parks, shopping malls, and ball fields, ...


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Dr. Jungle says... 'They could be too cute to be true, stunninginly beautiful,
canta-ankeroos, or just plain interesting!'

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Dove or Pigeon, what the heck are you?

Tweet That cooing sound… where is it coming from? It...

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Pet Safety in the Home

We all know that keeping the home safe is important for...

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Allergic to guinea pigs?

Your delightful new guinea pig pet is so sweet and cuddly,...

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Goldfish, how to feed your pet!

How to feed your goldfish is one of the most important...

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Skunks, pets or pests!

Skunks are adorable little black and white animals full of...

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