On Tuesday, October 20th, Cologix announced that it had agreed to acquire Net Access, LLC. Cologix is a network neutral interconnection and data center company. Net Access is a colocation and workspace recovery provider. Transaction Facts - Net Access ...





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Have You Heard?

Have You Heard?

Cologix Announces Acquisition of Net Access, a New Jersey Data Center Company

On Tuesday, October 20th, Cologix announced that it had agreed to acquire Net Access, LLC.  Cologix is a network neutral interconnection and data center company.  Net Access is a colocation and workspace recovery provider. 

Transaction Facts

  • Net Access has over 200,000 gross sq. ft. amongst its 3 enterprise-grade Northern New Jersey facilities.
  • Net Access has over 700 customers. 
  • Net Access data centers are interconnected to a dark fiber network that connects them to carrier hotels in the Greater NYC region.
  • Cologix has approximately 21 data centers and over 900 customers.

Strategic Considerations

  • Grant van Rooyen, President and CEO of Cologix, commented on the transaction saying “We have been very impressed with the team and operations Net Access has built and look forward to harnessing the strength of the combined company.”
  • Transaction gives Cologix access to Net Access’s customers which range from small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies. 
  • Acquisition gives Cologix further entry into the growing New Jersey market.

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Windstream Announces Sale of its Data Center Business

On Monday, October 19th, Windstream (NASDAQ: WIN) announced that it had reached an agreement to sell its data center business to TierPoint for $575.0 million in an all-cash transaction.  Windstream was among the first of the telcos to move into the data center space, acquiring Hosted Solutions for $320m in 2010.

Transaction Facts

  • TierPoint is a national, leading provider of cloud, colocation and managed services
  • Combined operations will serve 4,500+ customers with approximately 500,000 sq. ft. of data center capacity in 19 U.S. markets.
  • Transaction has already been approved by both boards and is expected to close within the next 2-4 months.

Strategic Considerations

Transaction will result in Windstream establishing a continuous, reciprocal, strategic relationship with TierPoint as both companies will sell their products and services to one another’s prospective customers as referral partners.

  • Along with the spinoff of its network assets into a REIT earlier in 2015, the data center sale is consistent with Windstream’s continuing effort to delever its balance sheet.
  • Jerry Kent, Chairman and CEO of TierPoint, commented on the transaction and referral partner agreements saying “This is a great strategic fit for TierPoint and our customers.”

JSICA’s Take

  • Transaction has an EV/REV multiple of 4.3x and an EV/OIBDA multiple of 12.9x.
  • Transaction will allow TierPoint to continue to grow its data center business, which already consists of 13 data centers across 8 states.
  • Windstream will continue to generate revenue from data center sales through the referral partner agreement with TierPoint, maintaining a level of exposure to the high growth segment without owning and operating the physical data centers.

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AvaLAN Wireless – Company Profile


AvaLAN Wireless is an industry leading developer and manufacturer of long range industrial wireless radios and cryptographic technology.  In 2014 the company was named one of the “50 Most Promising Internet of Things Companies” by CIO Review.  The company specializes in Cellular and unlicensed 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz radio bands, offering encrypted wireless data communications and Ethernet products.  The company provides strong and reliable wireless solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Wireless Solutions

  • Access control
  • Security
  • Smart grid
  • Remote control markets
  • Industrial automation
  • Remote sensing




  • 900 MHz 
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 4.9 GHz
  • 5.8 MHz
  • Government
  • Solar
  • OEM Modules
  • Antennas & Accessories

900 MHz

AvaLAN Wireless’s 900 MHz band is effective for non-line-of-sight wireless connections.  One of the benefits of lower frequency radio waves is that they tend to have an easier time penetrating obstacles.  The company offers a variety of 900 MHz products.

Industrial Ethernet

AvaLAN Wireless links allow users to build, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless Ethernet connections.  These connections connect what are called “fringe” IP devices.  AvaLAN markets its products in this space as offering the ideal range, data rate, price, avoidance of interference, quality-of-service, security, as well as it being a simple plug and play deployment with minimal user programing needed. 


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Atmel – Company Profile


Atmel Corporation (NASDAQ: ATML) is traditionally known for being a leader in designing and manufacturing advanced logic, capacitive touch solutions, microcontrollers, mixed-signal, and nonvolatile memory and radio frequency (RF) components.  As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues its growth, Atmel sees itself as one of the companies in the middle of this movement.  The company has been developing innovative technologies that enable Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, as well as the industrial internet.

Atmel is involved in several aspects of IoT. Atmel enables makers and designers with all of the essential basic building blocks for IoT applications.  The company is involved in the following:

  • Embedded Processing
  • Security
  • Sensing
  • Communication
  • Making Development Simple

Embedded Processing

Atmel’s AVR and ARM-based microcontrollers (MCUs) are focused on delivering an energy-efficient and strong performance combination. 


Atmel’s CryptoAuthentication devices have protected hardware key storage, which offers an ideal way to ensure trusts with devices.  One of the benefits of Atmel’s security focus is that Atmel does all of the ultra-secure crypto-engineering.  The company delivers tiny protected hardware devices, which come with the tools that are necessary to add security into a digital system when needed. 


Atmel has formed partnerships with market-leading sensor software providers and manufacturers in order to be able to offer a complete system solution, which runs on Atmel’s platform. 


Atmel utilizes a few different forms of wireless technologies in order to cover multiple in-demand wireless arenas to enable IoT communication.  The following are the different forms of wireless technology that the company uses:

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • 802.15.4 (Zigbee, 6LowPan)

Also, Atmel offers wireless solutions in System-On-Chip (SoC) and modules that are able to provide ideal solutions that designers are looking for when they have no prior wireless or RF experience and are seeking to add connectivity. 

Making Development Simple

One of the benefits of Atmel in regards to IoT, is that the company supplies a comprehensive development platform that has:

  • Advanced features
  • Debug integration
  • Software ecosystem

All of Atmel’s products run in the same software ecosystem, which gives users the option to switch between different IDEs with ease.  This allows developers to create the design they are looking for quickly.



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Affinegy – Company Profile


Affinegy is a leader in connected device management, service management solutions and support for cable, hardware, and telecom providers.  The company has offices in Dallas, Poland, and its headquarters is located in Austin, Texas.  Melissa Simpler is the CEO and also co-founded the firm in 2003.  Over the last 12 years, Affinegy has focused on connected device management from things like pure Internet, broadband and Wi-Fi access, all the way to the connected home, which consists of entertainment, home automation, security.  Today its main focus is on all things possible 1with the IoT.  Affinegy’s main service is known as CHARIOT Connect.  There are three different parts to CHARIOT Connect.


CHARIOT Connect is a cloud service for the Internet of Things (IoT).  It works with AllSeen Alliance connected products as a services stack.  AllSeen Alliance is an open source consortium of more than 140 companies. Affinegy is a part of the consortium and also a founding member of AllSeen Alliance.  The three different parts of CHARIOT Connect are:

  • CHARTIOT Mobile & Web
  • CHARIOT Cloud
  • CHARIOT Care

CHARIOT Mobile & Web

Enables customers to create their own custom user experiences through tapping into the power the CHARIOT Cloud.  Provides simple and secure IoT customer experiences.  This service can meet the demands of many different sized businesses.


Turn-key hosted servers and embedded connects that can support a variety of different devices from anywhere. 


Automated customer care support dashboard, tools and reporting. 

Key Functions of CHARIOT Connect

  • Secure updates
  • Simple privacy controls
  • Status & usage reporting
  • Automated customer support tools
  • Simple onboarding of consumers, services, and devices
  • Automated diagnostics & repairs
  • Efficient remote access user experiences


On Wednesday, August 26, Affinegy was selected by GVTC Communications to support their home Wi-Fi offering for broadband subscribers.  GVTC is a provider of high-speed internet, digital cable television, phone and interactive home security monitoring devices. 

  • CHARIOT Connect provides the installation, automated provisioning, self-care, device management, and remote care that GVTC needs in order to deliver a secure, simple, and quality service experience to its subscribers.
  • CHARIOT is expected to help GVTC deliver this simple and secure service to subscribers, thus powering the IoT.
  • Affinegy was selected by GVTC partly due to its innovative vision in the IoT market.

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