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Designing our foreign aid future

By Dr Michael Wesley, Executive Director of the Lowy Institute

What do Australians want and expect from their government’s foreign aid program?

What should be more, less or different to make it a better program as it continues to expand now and in the future?

Four months ago, as part of the consultation process informing the team reviewing Australia’s aid program, we invited you to submit your blogs on what the program should be focusing on. The review team has...

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On the precipice of change

By Archie Law, Chief Executive Officer of ActionAid Australia

We are at a remarkable moment in the global struggle for a more just and sustainable world. The world is changing rapidly but not rapidly enough for the billions of people who live daily with the profound injustice of poverty. This is the context in which the Australian Government is conducting the most significant review of its development assistance program in 15 years. The findings of the review will shape the future of...

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Aid & development linkage

By Danielle Cave, Editorial Team, Interpreting the Aid Review

Today is the final day of the Lowy aid blog. In just 3 months the blog has recorded between 1,000-1,600 visits per day (and this continued to rise). This clearly shows a serious appetite for more domestically-generated discussion on the Australian aid program, international development news, and most importantly, further analysis of Australia's foreign aid program as an increasingly integral part of ...

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In our national interest - effective aid to the Pacific

By Jenny Hayward-Jones, Program Director of the Myer Foundation Melanesia program, Lowy Institute

I’ve written before on the geographic focus of the aid program and argued that it was important we maintain our focus on our neighbourhood.

In exploring that theme a bit further, I found there was no shortage of support for a strong focus on aid to the Pacific.

Debate about Australian aid to Pacific Island countries draw a diverse range of views. They tend to fit into distinct...

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G20 & development - why bother?

By Michael Gaskin, currently completing a PhD on the G20 and international legitimacy at the University of Sydney and an Intern in the Myer Foundation Melanesia Program at the Lowy Institute

Development has become an increasingly important item on the G20 agenda. For an organisation with its roots in fiscal and monetary policy, the natural question is to ask ‘why bother with development?’ But if you look at where the G20 came from, it becomes clear that it is a natural fit...

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