The lost art of conversation and more

The lost art of conversation

Deep and meaningful discussions, as opposed to awkward small talk, can improve our quality of life and work. The Australian 12:00AM July 14, 2017 The other day I faced one of the most poignant questions I’ve been asked in a long time, and it opened up my mind. It was something to the effect of: […]


Sex with Robots

Excited by the prospect of androids as sexual partners? They are here. What are the ethics? The Australian 12:00AM July 15, 2017   Ruth Ostrow Many years ago I took a radio crew into a high-class brothel in Sydney. I was running a program called the The Sex Show on Triple M and wanted to find […]


Mind over matter: can placebos help in curing cancer?

Can the mind bend metal just because it believes it can? The Australian 12:00AM June 2, 2017 Ruth Ostrow I feel very strange, standing in a circle in a big room with 30 people holding spoons in front of them like starving people at a wedding buffet. But we are not there to eat. The […]


Pets can tie us down

At this time of year the true cost of pets is obvious. The Australian, December 12, 2017 Ruth Ostrow In the early 2000s I had a fantastic idea. All my life I had loved animals. I’d grown up with pets and finally, having settled in Byron Bay with my then husband and little girl and a big […]


Adult separation anxiety disorder: fear of letting go

Adult separation anxiety disorder affects roughly 7 per cent of adults. The Australian December 2, 2016 13 comments Ruth Ostrow I was chatting to a psychiatrist recently about one of her cases, “Jenny”, who’s in a destructive relationship but is unable to leave. Or, rather, she leaves and gets ill with symptoms ranging from mental anguish to […]


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