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Real Life

One of the things that country living means to me is making do, or self suffiency. It all ties in with frugal living, simple living, even preparedess, but it's at heart, a hands-on type of doing for oneself by choice.

It's the difference...

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The best seeds to have in a long term emergency

There are so many fear mongers out there that are simply selling fear and making a good deal of money at it. This includes doomsday seed packages. Please don't buy them.

I'll tell you why.

1. Seeds don't keep forever, no matter how they...

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Garden in the Winter: Sunflower Sprouts

One of my favorite things to do in the winter when the gardens are only memories and dreams from the seed catalogs and I hunger for fresh vegetables, is to grow sprouts and one of my favorite sprouts (and the easiest to grow) is sunflower sprouts.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Garden Next Year

1. The price of vegetables are going up and up and will go even higher in the future. All food prices are going up and vegetables are one of the things that we can grow ourselves, no matter where we are. Container gardens, patio gardens or backyard...

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Ready for Autumn!

Along about this time of year the whisper of autumn becomes stronger and stronger... Sunflowers compete with yellow buses along country roads, the sky takes on a certain shade of blue and the deep shadows of the big trees across the alley linger...

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