Care Alliance Health Center (CAHC)celebrates the retirement of former Medical Director, Daniel L. Meges, MD after his serving as a medical provider for CAHC for ten years. Dr. Meges first began serving the homeless in 1992 as a volunteer at the evening ...

Farewell to Dr. Daniel Meges

Care Alliance Health Center (CAHC)celebrates the retirement of former Medical Director, Daniel L. Meges, MD after his serving as a medical provider for CAHC for ten years.

Dr. Meges first began serving the homeless in 1992 as a volunteer at the evening outreach clinic at St. Malachi, where many Care Alliance patients were served, while he worked full time at Parma Hospital. His passion for serving the homeless and his ability to connect with Care Alliance’s patients – often very distrusting and with highly complex medical needs – was immediately evident. As a result of this newfound calling, Dr. Meges assumed the position of medical director at the St. Malachi Center. Through his experiences there, he made a commitment to serve this population full-time upon “retirement” from Parma Hospital.

It was from this selfless mission that Dr. Meges came to work at Care Alliance as a physician in January 2009, donating the vast majority of his time. Only months after joining Care Alliance, our medical director relocated and Dr. Meges selflessly stepped up to fill the role of medical director. He did so with tremendous experience and knowledge gained from having run his own private practice and as one of the founding members of INNOVA, an organization of medical professionals dedicated to providing affordable, comprehensive medical care to Cleveland residents.

As medical director, Dr. Meges oversaw medical patient care to more than 7,000 individuals living in extreme poverty. Through his leadership, Dr. Meges has helped to increase efficiencies at CAHC. From 2010, Care Alliance increased the overall number of patients served by 2% and the number of visits provided by 10.5%. This is a tremendous feat given the medical complexities and transient lifestyles of our patient population. Additionally, from 2010 to 2011, our medical cost per medical patient decreased 2%.

During his time as Medical Director, he took on several major initiatives including strengthening chronic care management, enhancing prevention efforts with a special focus on smoking cessation and most notably, supporting the complete conversion to Electronic Medical Records in June 2011.

The personal and professional contributions of Dr. Meges over the past twenty years to serving the homeless in Cleveland are tremendous. Care Alliance is proud and grateful to have had such an exemplary individual serving the needs of our patients each day.


Celebrating 35 Years of Care

In 1985, Care Alliance Health Center (CAHC) first emerged as Cleveland Health Care for the Homeless as part of a demonstration project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Pew Charitable Trust.  In 1993, Care Alliance became an independent 501(c)3 organization, opening its first location was in the basement of the Sidney Hillman Memorial Building on Payne Avenue.

Thirty-five years and four locations later, Care Alliance Health Center enters 2019 celebrating Patient Centered Care offered in medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy, and podiatry to individuals experiencing homelessness, low-income residents, families and children, expecting mothers, individuals living with HIV/AIDS; practically everyone. “Care for you. Care for me. Care all.” The tagline may be new, but the mission stayed the same.

Stay tuned for more details on events and new initiatives set to take place in celebration of CAHC 35 years of care to the community. 


What if?

What would you do if you were homeless? You never imagined you’d be in this situation and neither did over 28% of our patients. If only they had known that circumstances or just bad luck would have such tragic consequences. Now imagine you have the flu, an ache in your back, or need medication for a chronic illness. These realistic situations seem easy to handle, but with no health insurance, income, or shelter, a visit to the doctor or a balanced medication regimen seems impossible.

The idea of literally not having a place to call home is more than a little overwhelming, but it is the reality that many of our patients face on a daily basis. Care Alliance Health Center’s mission to provide healthcare to the homeless has been critical to meeting these needs for over 35 years. Care Alliance meets our patients wherever they are. We serve our patients not only at our brick and mortar locations, but under the bridges, in shelters, and in permanent housing – that’s what we do to ensure that everyone stays healthy. We know you care deeply about the disparities faced – and together we can change it. But we also need you!

Please consider a gift today and help us continue to give the gift of health care to our patients. To make a donation online, visit or mail a check to Care Alliance (other payment options are available; all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law [EIN 34-1748776]).



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