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Slow uhmm Sweet Start to the New Year!

Look who came to visit, Mr. Senior 2013. I admit it, I have been playing hooky.


I haven’t seen my baby in 6 months since he left South America to move to New York.

And I had all my sweet men corralled in one spot, a favorite Japanese restaurant, so I grabbed a picture or two.

(Of course, I only took pictures of us after I stopped crying like a baby.)

He leaves this week, but I am so happy to at least be on the same continent with him again.

Back to reality, I need to scoot on with our homeschooling, so look what we have been up to.


If only magic fairy dust could be sprinkled in my fairy tale land that I like to escape to when the hard times of homeschooling hit. And then all my homeschool woes could go away. I’m still waiting for it to happen.

In the meantime, sharing 3 ways you’re making homeschool harder than it has to be, I hope these tried and true tips will help you make some changes and sprinkle a little magic fairy dust for you.

Creative Ways to Give Life to History

History field trips have a way of not only making history fun, but places have a way of helping a child remember important dates, important people and events.

Moving from the book to visiting historical places makes learning history memorable and engaging.

Look at this list of 22 places to visit for history and oh yes, be sure to print off some copies of my Homeschool Field Trip Journal Pages and my free Editable Field Trip Tracking Guide.


Homeschool Luv

Slapping down a map to label states and countries has never been an engaging way to teach my kids homeschool geography. Drill and kill of boring facts to remember only worked for a short time too.

I am sharing 11 awesome ways to learn geography that don’t include labeling a map because geography is so much more than writing out the names of states and countries.

Can you say snore? zzzzzzzz. (okay, okay)

Including ways to teach geography to a variety of ages, I hope some of these help you to get out of your geography rut.

7 Step Curriculum Planner.

Did you grab your 2016 calendars yet? I have two color options.

Here is Dreaming!

And here is Sparkle!

What's Coming Up!

You know my passion for hands-on activities.

I have a HUGE, HUGE resource coming, 365 Days of Hands-On Activities.

One for every day of the year! Stay tuned.

And I have some updates coming up for the planner including some 2017 forms and a fun twist on a new fun science curriculum we are using.

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Be sure to read the guidelines because I want it to be a place that everybody feels welcomed.

Just Plain Fun Things

I love this reference, The Ultimate Guide to Ancient History.

And I love this reference too, Kids Learning to Code!

Check out all the other blog posts below!

Hugs and you know I love ya,

7 Budget-Friendly Language Arts Curriculum to Pair with Unit Studies (with printable)

This is a sponsored post for Homeschool Buyers Co-op and I was paid for my time. However, paid for my time does not mean paid off. All opinions are my own and for sure I will always tell you what is on my mind. Read my full disclosure here. Through the years, I’ve given the […]

10 More Spring Study Free Resources for Middle and High School Kids

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5 Steps to Choosing Geography Living Books Your Children Will Love

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High School Elective:Peek at Principles and Precepts of Economics

I was given this product for free and I was paid for my time. However, paid for my time does not mean paid off. All opinions are my own and for sure I will always tell you what is on my mind. Not every product will get a positive review. Too, because I carefully sort […]

Free Homeschool Academic Year Calendar {2017 to 2018}

Today I have the second color choice, which I named Explore for the homeschool academic year calendar for the 2017 to 2018 school year ready. Just as a reminder, I keep the choices for this academic year calendar form on Step 2 each year and I normally try to give you 3 smokin’ hot choices. […]

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