Have a little free time this summer? Would you like a place to let your creative juices flow? How about telling the world what you think about Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change? Here's your chance to put your thoughts into writing. Write a blog. Post ...


What Are You Thinking? Post Your Great Ideas! and more...

What Are You Thinking? Post Your Great Ideas!

Need a place to start?  How about the Seven Factors that create a culture of success?  Or, what about strength-based member engagement?  Better yet, give a “shout out” to a colleague who you believe did some great things with students during the past year.  Write your post here.  It can be a paragraph or a few pages.  

Below are some helpful links.  The most important thing is to place your ideas on paper.  Start a conversation.  Share your teaching with colleagues. 

Helpful Hints!

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Seven Ideas to Teach Students Work Ethic

What Can Teachers Do to Encourage a Student Work Ethic?

  1. Hold Teacher-Parent Conversations
  2. Create a Parent Newsletter
  3. Develop a Parent Network
  4. Organize a Parent-Student Forum

(Guest Writer: Tim Elmore)  I celebrate it whenever I meet hard-working students. I see them on almost every university campus I’m on, and in almost every high school I visit. These adolescents just “get the system” and realize you can achieve almost anything if you work hard enough. On the other hand, I also see far too many students growing up in a world of speed and convenience who’ve never developed a work ethic.

May I suggest a couple of reasons why this might be?

From a recent survey of parents, 82 percent said “doing chores” was a normal household experience for them growing up. However, only 28 percent of these same parents say they ask their kids to do chores. For some reason, it was good for us, but not good for them. We feel we’re not good parents if we stress them out with chores.  Continue reading


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Strength-Based Justice Summit - A Major Success

Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change is both a philosophy and practice.  And if you deconstruct it, you start with teacher strengths, positive experiences, and the wisdom of works best in the "teaching and learning" process.  This strength-based knowledge drives teachers, the teaching profession, and public education. 

In other words, our strengths present opportunities to envision new realities for public education and if we educate, organize, and mobilize we can design strategies to make our dreams come true. 

CTA members attending the Moreno Valley Think Tank Strength-Based Justice Summit did just that;  it was truly "Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change."  Over 50 CTA members focused on "Creating Successful Opportunities for ALL Students." 

The result was the design and development of "Action Planning Strength-Based Stories" to make their dream of a "Culture of Success" for ALL students a reality.  You can see their work on the IFT HUB

These "Strengthers" are putting their great ideas into action.  They are leading the charge to bring "Strength-Based Justice" to public education. 

If you are ready to join and collaborate to create successful opportunities for all students go to the Strengthbasedhub.org and register and login.  Go to the community link and join the conversation.


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Watch Now! Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change

Let’s move from theory to practice.  Tune-In and Turn-On to what’s great about teaching and public education.  Watch and listen to CTA IFT Think Tank members discuss key member engagement issues facing teachers, public education, and students. Discussion topics include: (1) Millennials, (2) Think Tank Projects,  (3) Seven Factors Driving a Culture of Success, (4) Technology, (5) Think Tanks as a Catalyst for Public Education Change, and (6) the IFT Strength-Based Member Engagement Project. 

The program is live now on Facebook or watch at your convenience. 

Go To: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ctaift/videos/?ref=page_internal

Join the IFT Strength Based HUB to join the conversation...https://strengthbasedhub.org/


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Student School Walkouts and Teaching and Learning

Recent student school walkouts have major implications for the teaching and learning process.  The post and comments below provide a context for this discussion.  Most important is that teachers drive the discussion and get ahead of bureaucrats and politicians.  


Guest Post:  Andrew Watson

In the debates between “progressive” and “traditional” educational theories, few arguments rage hotter than the battle between project-based learning and direct instruction.  Continue reading




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