Hi guys, it is Jacqueline, and today we are looking at Wordbuild Online by Dynamic Literacy, LLC.  Wordbuild Online is a completely online hands-off morphology (the study of the forms of words) curriculum/unit for students who are already reading but ...
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A Look at Word Build Online

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Hi guys, it is Jacqueline, and today we are looking at Wordbuild Online by Dynamic Literacy, LLC

Wordbuild Online is a completely online hands-off morphology (the study of the forms of words) curriculum/unit for students who are already reading but need to learn words or prefixes and suffixes and how to build words. I started with Foundations Level 2 for my elementary school kid and I went ahead and did Elements Level 1 for my high schoolers to help make sure they have a firm grasp.

You purchase the units individually (at about $30) and then assign them to the students using the free parent and student accounts you create.  You get to keep each unit for as long as it takes for your student to finish it. Each unit ranges from 25-34  lessons. 

From the parent dashboard, you basically put your student into a class and you will receive emails every time they complete an activity. There aren’t any real details in the email but from the parent dashboard, you can see a lot more. 

I was looking at my 15-year-old’s progress report (in the video) and she was doing Elements Level 1. The guidelines say when you start, regardless of how old you are, if your student is past the  Foundations, possibly like sixth grade and up, then start at the first class of Elements regardless of how advanced your student is. 

Basically, the reporting tells me how long it took them to do each thing, what their score was. and their rating (it looks like four is their highest). If they complete a lesson and you think they didn’t do well enough or don’t have a firm grasp on the material, you can reset it. 

Other than that, I don’t really have to do anything. Looking at the high school class and it says they were learning the affix “ment”. So compla-ment and how it modifies words. For the younger ones, they’re kind of learning some of the other modifiers. Like the first unit in Foundations Level 2, it starts off with how to use “ly”. 

It’s good. It’s fun. There’s a gamification element that kids love. You can allow them to work as fast as they want or tie them down to like one lesson a day. If you’re wanting them to take time and you think they’re just gonna rush and not soak it in. So depending on your student, you can make that decision and you can modify it as you. 

So it’s something fun, but there’s a little “but” here. They ask you to define words as the student, and there isn’t necessarily a super right answer. And when I say that, I mean, I did a test one because my daughter had told me this who’s in high school and I kind of shorted some words and left words out of a definition that would really, you know, affect it. And it didn’t really seem to catch it. It’s more of a rudimentary practice using the definition the kids already know and adding a modifier to the definition. Kind of more of a drill. But not to say it’s not good. You just need to be very clear on what it does. If you’re looking for a definition of the word quickly to build the vocab associated with the word quick, this doesn’t do that. But it does really help them to learn how to modify and build words. If you want to check their choices and definitions, you can do that part by part. But if you are looking at hands-off, it is great too for the morphology.

So final thoughts. This is great. Especially if you have a student you just wanna make sure has a firm foundation and prefixes suffixes, what words mean and how they build together. I think that’s an important concept that not everyone gets. I really like the fact that it is a completely parent-independent online learning situation. If you’re looking for independent activity, it’s fun. They get to take a break from the pencil and paper. Get on the computer. That’s a great aspect of it. So on the whole, I really like it!

Check out some other parents’ thoughts and find their reviews over on the Homeschool Review Crew site!

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Are you Barking at the Moon?

Life is hard. I am just going to say it. And if you have been keeping up with me lately, you know that it has been extra crazy busy and a bit complicated for me (nothing bad just different). I needed a break and to laugh, I just needed it. And when I need a good laugh I read an extra special columnist who is absolutely hilarious and happens to be a friend of mine, Tracy Beckerman. Especially when she has a new book out called Barking at the Moon!

This book was sweet, entertaining, and made me laugh out loud. Ok, now you want to know about it, right? This is a sweet telling of a family getting their first dog from the viewpoint of the mom of the house. We go through all the ups and downs, surgeries, house training, doggy dieting, and even getting more pets. But mostly it is about Riley the dog;).

But the fact of this book is written from the viewpoint of mom, who actually happens to be Tracy, is what makes this book so wonderful. She reminds all of us who had a dog as a child that we really had no idea the work and chaos that go into every pet acquisition. And she tells it hilariously! If you have ever read Erma Bombeck, you will wonder why she wasn’t as funny as Tracy is;). (And if you haven’t read Erma Bombeck, you should) Tracy is able to capture all the chaos with all the joy and love that is found in both family and pet life.

Through this book, you won’t only get to know the adorable Riley but also all the characters of the Beckerman household from her husband all the way to the fish! You will feel like you are sitting with your funniest girlfriend (or the kind of person you wish you had a girlfriend) as she regales you with stories from her daily life. Stories that you probably wouldn’t have handled with as much levity as she seems to now (I doubt they were as funny to her then). Like when they had to take their new puppy they were trying to housebreak, along with their fairly young children, to a hotel while the power companies tries to bring your neighborhood back from the powerless olden days.

Seriously, this is a must-read for everyone. It is even on a Kindle Sale over on Amazon right now. And after you read this one, get all of Tracy’s books. You won’t regret it!

A note to my youngest daughter, Nerdpud. Yes, I loved this book. Yes, I wish I could be Tracy when I grow up. No, we are not getting a dog. You are just Barking at the Moon;). But I love you;).

And see how cute they are;)?

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House Cleaning Game Plan

I can not be the only one.

I can not be the only person who planning on entertaining over the holiday season. And now that it is November I can’t delay any longer, I need to start preparing the house!

When it comes to parties (any time of year) or any holiday events I get a little extra neurotic. Which means a quick tidy is not going to cut it. Even a deep cleaning tends to not be enough, right?

Or am I the only person who rearranges stuff, decorates or may even dust light fixtures for this kind of thing? This year I want to move a couch, organize an office, and clean out the cabinets under the kitchen island. Come on, I can’t be alone… right?

The best way to win any battle (and yes, I view this as a battle;) is a great plan. It will take a little time and thought but I promise that it is worth it!

  1. I want you to walk through every room of your house. You are going to write down every single little job that needs to be done. And I mean everything!!! Baseboards, dust light fixture, blinds, dusting the chair legs, everything!
  2. Then you are going to write down the date (or dates) that it needs to be done by. For example, I will only need to relocate a couch once but I will need to wipe down the counters for every event.
  3. Then think about who in your household is going to be the person to do each job! A great rule of thumb is that the youngest person in the house who is able to do the job gets it. Now this is not between the parents but a rule for the kids. The idea is that if you give the kids all the jobs they can do it will free you up to do what only you can do!

I recommend making a separate list for each room. You can even post it in each room so you don’t have wonder where the lists are. If you are married to a fabulous person (like I am) he can then easily see what he needs to do in that room if he is there and has a minute!

I have created a generic list that you can print off and fill out. I also have started a kitchen list and a bathroom list for you but add all your specific needs too!

And most importantly… Make sure you put a check mark in the done column when you are done! There are very few things that make me happier than checking off lists!!!

A little time now + a little planning = a stress free, easy going holiday season!!!

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My First Time Doing a Week-Long Vlog!


Last week I decided to try vlogging! What do you think? Should I do this again? Should I be including something else in my vlogs? I enjoyed it and hopefully, I would get better at how I shoot too;).

Items I unboxed: Star Passage https://amzn.to/3mGCo53 Sleepy Tie https://thesleepytie.com/products/sleepytie The Bridge to Sharktooth Island https://amzn.to/3mIrg7U EcoLips Candy Cane Lip Balm https://ecolips.com/products/candy-cane-lip-balm_pos=1&_sid=0ef423fc5&_ss=r Charlie and the Half Marathon https://adventureswcharlie.com/shop/ols/products/charlie-plays-baseball

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PSA Time!!!


It is time to file your California homeschool Private School Affidavit! It is super easy and I walked through it over on Youtube!

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