We have hit a new milestone here in the NerdFamily. NerdPie has dual-enrolled in college. Going from homeschooling it has been a real change as far as getting around. She is getting dropped off 3 days a week but then takes the shuttle and then the bus ...


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Back to School with the Jetson Scooter

We have hit a new milestone here in the NerdFamily. NerdPie has dual-enrolled in college. Going from homeschooling it has been a real change as far as getting around. She is getting dropped off 3 days a week but then takes the shuttle and then the bus home. This made me start to think about things that can help her get around while saving her time and energy all while schlepping it in cars, busses, and classrooms. At the same time, this opportunity arose with Best Buy to be compensated for writing a post about an electric scooter. So it is a great opportunity to include you in my research. 

A friend of ours suggested that she learn how to ride a skateboard. But I know that I am not the most coordinated person in the world and that little apple didn’t fall far from the tree. But an electric scooter…. That requires less multi-tasking coordination. 

Enter the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter. I had no idea that the electric scooters had gotten so cool while being durable and lightweight. The Jetson Quest Electric Scooter has a 250W battery that can go a total of 18 miles before it needs a charge. That could get you to and from a bunch of classes before you settle in to get some studying done. 

You could soar across campus at up to 15 miles an hour but have no fear, the disc brakes can stop you in short order.  It has solid tires so they won’t go flat and will take the random bumps and rocks seamlessly (but buy protective gear just in case, ok?). When you get to class or the bus the Jetson Quest folds up and stows under your seat. So you don’t have to fight with getting that bike into a bike rack if they even have one!

If you have been wondering what to give your college kid (or even high schooler) to help make their lives easier then you must check out the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter from Best Buy!

(This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own. I wish I would have had something like this in college myself!)

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Toy Story 4 Is Out!


Hey guys! It’s Nerdpud, and today we’re talking about Toy Story 4. I really like this one more than any of the other ones. One of my favorite things about it was how it embraced time passing and that things don’t stay the same. I also liked how it doesn’t sugarcoat that it can be hard to move on and things changing isn’t always easy. Now to discuss the actual story. In the beginning of Toy Story, A kid named Bonnie finds a box full of toys, and Andy,being a good person, lets her keep all the toys. Then we see a couple of years later, when Bonnie is going to her first day of Kindergarten. There she takes some craft supplies and, being lonely, creates her new best friend, Forky, out of a spork, some glue, googly eyes, and popsicle sticks. Then Forky thinks he is just trash and tries to throw himself away, while Woody tries to stop him along side his friends. The main basis of this one was showing that it isn’t just about the toys, but about caring for their child, no matter where they go. I really liked this one more than the others because it is relatable for people with younger siblings. I myself am a youngest child, so I cannot directly relate to this, but I do understand how it could feel like all the love goes to the youngest, and there is no love left for all the others. I also really liked how they explained why Bo Peep wasn’t in Toy Story 3, and I think they did a good job of pretty much ending the series of the beloved Toy Story movies.

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Father’s Day is Coming #ad

Hold on but…. Father’s Day is this Sunday. I know you meant to go shopping and life got in the way. I mean between the end of the school year, the heat, the start of summer, and (in my house) birthdays Father’s Day may have been shoved to the side. But I have paired up with Savings.com to bring you some last minute Father’s Day sales. Yes, that does mean this is an #ad;). 
For us here in the NerdFamily, food is a huge part of Father’s Day celebrations so I am super intrigued by the BBQ dry rub kit by Piquant Post! It is perfect for all the parties and grilling sessions that are going to happen all summer. I think it will be perfect specifically for the 4th of July. Really, we may call it a gift for Dad but I think it is a gift for all of our bellies;). 
Go, hurry! Do you last minute shopping and thanks to Savings.com for rounding up all the sales! 

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Dawn Chandler

There is a new author in town and her name is Eliza. My friend Eliza is releasing her first book on May 13th and Y’all should check it out. The books name is Dawn Chandler and it is written for 10 to 12-year-old girls primarily but Nerdster and Myself loved it and I would recommend it to anyone looking for their next book. if you want to pre-order it, click here and if you want to meet the author you can check out her blog here.

This story is a beautifully written story of a young girl who is moving away from all that she has known. As she gets to know all the people in her new town she starts to realize that moving might not be the worst thing to do. If you have read any of the American Girl books you will love Dawn Chandler. The greatest part of this novel for me is the way that Eliza is able to weave Christianity and a good story together so effortlessly

Nerdpud feels that this book is very relatable to her own experiences. And I loved this book because of how well it is able to get a young girls struggles and emotions across. Nerdster says that it was nice reading a girl story that wasn’t a love story.

If y’all want to meet Eliza she is doing a book signing on Saturday, May 18th and I hope you guys will be able to make it. It is at Majesty Bible and Gifts, Fresno. The Nerdfamily will be stopping by during the event and I hope to see y’all there. Comment below if you are interested and if you have any good book recommendations for me

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Contesting Monday 4/1

Happy April Fools! What is your big prank plan?

So here is the deal. If you are hosting a giveaway or have a post about someone’s giveaway just leave a link. Make sure this link is to the giveaway post itself and not just the blog or it will be deleted. If you listed it last week but your giveaway is still open, list it again! Also, your link must be to something family friendly or it will be deleted.

So now you need to add your giveaways and go enter some giveaways! Let them know that Contesting Monday sent you! Make sure you share Contesting Monday with your fans and followers so that they can see all these fabulous giveaways!!

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