THIS? Is Not OK: Your iPad Is Not A Camera and more...

THIS? Is Not OK: Your iPad Is Not A Camera

Yes, your iPad/tablet/big-ass-portable-device has a camera on it.

No, that camera on your iPad/tablet/big-ass-portable-device is not for taking out in public and recording your most precious memories.

This is a photo from Claire’s holiday chorus performance at her school last night. I counted no less than 10 iPads/tablets/big-ass-portable-devices being used as video and still cameras.


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Cyber Monday Deals & Sales

Love ShoppingFriends & Family,

During this most celebrated day and season of internet shopping, I invite you to shop for your wares on Amazon by clicking on this link to get to

By clicking on this link—and subsequently bookmarking it for future use—I will earn a commission from Amazon on your purchases.

I appreciate you, your clicks, and your faces.

And because I love you SO...

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I Spent the Day at the Spa, All in the Name of Work #staySkyBliss

I’m kind of ridiculously in love with getting massages. I’ve had more than a few in my adult life and have probably only ever had one that I could say wasn’t awesome. They’re one of my favorite indulgences that I don’t get to enjoy enough as I’d like.

Angie staySkyBlissSo when I got an email from staySky Hotels & Resorts—a local spa at Lake Buena Vista Resort Village &...

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I Love You More Than…

I figured this would be a good reason to step back into the world of this Nothing blog.

If you haven’t been paying attention to my online life closely enough like a good stalker would, I’ve been more than busy growing my smut-loving empire.

But when I got this epically awesome handmade birthday card yesterday from Anna, I knew this was my entrée back into this ridiculous blog.


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You’re Lazy, Mommy

Working From HomeI “work” from home.

I’m one of those Pajama People who sit at home all day playing on the internet.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t go to work in an office while my kids sit on the couch and watch TV during the summer when school is out even though they have every possible video game, toy, book, and freedom any kid would want.

I’m one of those people who,...

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