Looking for a new choral warm-up? Though it may be summertime (or almost summertime!) for many teachers, it’s never too early to start thinking about next school year! You may find yourself on the hunt for new resources and activities that you can use ...


Quaver Music Blog: Warm Up Your Choir with Vocalise!

Warm Up Your Choir with Vocalise!

Looking for a new choral warm-up?

Though it may be summertime (or almost summertime!) for many teachers, it’s never too early to start thinking about next school year! You may find yourself on the hunt for new resources and activities that you can use to engage your students. Never fear! Your QuaverMusic resources are FULL of ideas, just waiting for you to explore.

Today, we’ll be walking you through a warm-up that can be used with your choir or music class.

If you’ve attended a Quaver training or workshop with Austin Otto, you may remember this fun and engaging activity. It’s an excellent way to warm up your choir or class vocally and physically.

This hand clapping, “pattycake” exercise challenges students to sing and move at the same time, following the numbers 1-8 up and down the scale. Students start with “1,” which coincides with a pat on their legs. They then sing “1, 2, 1” which adds a clap in between the two pats. And so on.

Here’s Austin Otto himself with a handy video demonstration of how the movements should look!

Watch the video here!

How to access the Canon Vocalise activity:

  1. Visit QuaverMusic.com and log into your Teacher Account
  2. Click the TEACHER Tab
  3. Navigate to Resource Manager
  4. Search “Vocalise” in the Resource Manager search bar

Use the following key:

1 = Patchen (Patting your legs)

2 = Clap

3 = Snaps

4 = Clap

5 = Partner (Pattycake)

6 = Clap

7 = Partner

8 = Clap

We hope you find this quick and easy warm-up helpful as you prepare for a new year!

Enjoy your summer! And don’t forget to enter our summer contest!



How will you use this warm-up in your class next year?



Continue Your Musical Journey this Summer!

The fun doesn’t have to stop just because school is out!

We’ve created a quick reference guide that teachers can provide to parents this summer. This step-by-step guide will help students login to Quaver at home, at the library, or anywhere with Internet access!

Download the quick reference guide!

Download the quick reference guide (Spanish!)

Download a version without the background (less ink!)


Need some ideas to get you started?

Here are just a few of the fun activities your students can do at home all summer long:

Student Interactives: Students can explore a full menu of engaging web-based activities that they may recognize from your lessons!

Quaver Creatives: Students can compose their own pieces on piano, drums, guitar, and more! This could come in handy for our summer contest.

QuaverBooks: Students can explore digital books about musical styles and time periods and take quizzes to test what they’ve learned.

Music Room: Here, students have access to tons of fun musical arcade games and site-wide contests.


We hope your students have a blast exploring all the musical fun at QuaverMusic.com this summer. The possibilities for playing and making music all summer are endless!

From all of us at Quaver HQ, have a seriously fun summer!


How will you and your students use Quaver resources this summer?


Encourage Response Skills with Song Styles!

Ever wondered what “Rocky Mountain” would sound like as a pop song?

Well you don’t have to wonder anymore! Each Song Styles activity compares different versions and styles of folk songs—featuring a playlist of three different versions of the song. Challenge your students to compare the songs, describe the musical elements, and flex their skills in evaluation and response. What musical elements might your students find?

Let’s check it out!

How to access the Song Styles activities:

  1. Visit QuaverMusic.com and log into your Teacher Account
  2. Click the TEACHER Tab
  3. Click the ClassPlay icon, located on the Teacher Dashboard
  4. Type the song title into the Search Bar
  5. Find the Song Styles activity in the Hub

Listen to the Songs

Click the green play button to listen to the song. The top song is the original folk version of the song. This is your best starting point! It may be helpful for students to be familiar with that version of the song before comparing it with other versions.

Students can listen to the other songs individually or in groups. For example, “Rocky Mountain” features a pop version and a piano ballad version. Hearing and comparing different versions of the songs is a great way to enhance responding skills! Students will learn to understand how to analyze music and begin to understand their emotional responses to certain styles or moods created by the music.

Compare the Songs

The Song Styles activity is the perfect opportunity to lead a discussion analyzing the three songs. Using the worksheet provided in the Printables section of the Hub, have students compare the songs. Have students articulate the emotional content of the song by relating it to a movie scene. Can they describe a scene where this song might be used? How does the song make them feel?

Students can also create imaginary story boards for the song using the worksheet that accompanies this activity. This is another way of helping students unpack the emotional content of the song!



How will you use the Song Styles activity in your classroom? 


Celebrate Mothers in Music Class!

May 13th is recognized as Mother’s Day!

This is a day to celebrate mothers, grandmothers, and any other special someone who provides care and support!

We’d love to help you encourage your students to appreciate the mothers their life through music class this week!

Let’s take a look at how you can use Quaver’s resources to celebrate mothers and thank them for all they do this Mother’s Day!

“The Thank You Song”

Using the downloadable worksheet provided below, encourage students to think of an important person, like their mom, in their life and fill in the blanks to create a song to sing to the melody of “London Bridge.”

Listen to “The Thank You Song” in ClassPlay with your students to give them an idea of what their song could sound like. It is also a great opportunity to practice sign language and learn how to sign “thank you!” Encourage students to perform the song for their special person. If students would like to perform their song in class, simply turn off the vocals on “The Thank You Song” using the MIXER button and use it as a backing track!

Download the worksheet!

Find “The Thank You Song” in the Pre-K Curriculum or in Resource Manager


Write a Thank You Letter

Give older students an additional token of love to take home to their mom for Mother’s Day. Using the downloadable worksheet below, have students write a letter to their mom, grandmother, or someone special to show them how important they are to them.

Make a musical connection by prompting students to write about a song that makes them think of their chosen person and why that song makes them happy!

Download the worksheet!

A Mother’s Day Drawing

For younger students, we’ve created a downloadable worksheet that will allow them to draw a picture for Mother’s Day. Like the letter, they can draw a picture for their mom, grandmother, or someone special to show them how important they are to them.

Download the worksheet!

While students are drawing, you can play the song “Los Pollitos” from ClassPlay. This adorable Spanish song tells the story of the love of a mother hen and all she does to provide for her three chicks. You can find the English translation provided in the NOTES for students who don’t speak Spanish.

Ask students to make a connection between the story of “Los Pollitos” and the mother figure in their life. How does their mother express love for them?

Find “Los Pollitos” in the Pre-K Curriculum or in Resource Manager

From all of us here at Quaver HQ, we wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all who care for kids and teachers alike.  Thank you for all you do for us!


How will you celebrate Mother’s Day in your music class?


Celebrate Your Outgoing Elementary Students!

Summer is almost here!

And with summer comes the end of the school year—and for some students, the end of elementary school! This can be an exciting but also nerve-wracking transition for students as they prepare to enter middle school. 

We want to help ease the transition and also give you a way to encourage and celebrate their accomplishments in music class!

As a way to cultivate and encourage their appreciation for music, Quaver himself has written a letter to graduating elementary students.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Promise me you will keep loving music, keep listening to music, keep singing and playing wherever you go, whether in band, chorus, in a studio, or even in the car. If you continue to love music, then I promise you that music will be a lifelong friend, companion, and accompaniment to your life in more ways than you can ever imagine.

With a little bit of encouragement from a friendly face, our hope is that students remain excited about their future—in school and in music!

You can download the letter, in black and white or in color, below!

It will also be available in the Quaver Curriculum for you to access any time—coming soon!

Download the letter in color!

Download the letter in black and white!

But that’s not all!

We’ve also created a graduation certificate that you can award your students as well. We’ve even included a certificate for middle school students for you to download. Consider this another job well done from Quaver!

Download the elementary certificate here:

Mini Certificate

Full Page Certificate

Download the certificate for older students here: 

Mini Certificate

Full Page Certificate

From all of us here at Quaver HQ, we wish your students the best and encourage them to keep making music! Boom-Chicka-Boom!


How do you encourage your students stay involved in music after they leave your music class?