This year your local executive committee have begun researching and discussing the idea of a Christmas/Holiday party for our adult members. However, are you interested in attending a party? Also, what kind of party? Please fill out the very breif survey ...


Checking interest – Christmas/Holiday Party for Adults? and more...

Checking interest – Christmas/Holiday Party for Adults?


This year your local executive committee have begun researching and discussing the idea of a Christmas/Holiday party for our adult members.  However, are you interested in attending a party? Also, what kind of party? Please fill out the very breif survey below (also found at this hyperlink). The information will be used to help gauge interest. Please complete the survey by October 19, 2017, 11:59PM.


General Membership Meeting – October 17th




Tuesday, October 17th

5:15 pm

At the new OPSEU Regional Office
John Counter Blvd


  • Treasurer’s Audit Report (TARs)
  • WE OWN IT update
  • ASMP update
  • Allotting a local delegate credential for a young worker – discussion
  • Holiday Party discussion

Your Union – Your Future

Your steward body works hard each year to support you, please show up and support them.




FAMILY FUN WORLDAugust August 17 /17 from 5:30 5:30-11 p.m.
1533 McAdoo’s Lane, Kingston

Free Admission Includes:
➢ Pick one of 3 double feature Car Load Drive-In Movie…parking space limited for each movie, arrive early for best selection
➢ 1 Vehicle per Member …space is limited!
➢ “We Own It” Swag package- 1 Per Registered Vehicle
➢ 1 Ballot per registered Member for “We Own It” gift card draws.

How to Register:

Email to BOTH: &

✓ Your Name; Local number; private email & contact number; number of guests attending in vehicle
✓ Each registered OPSEU Member will receive a confirmation email with a ballot to register them into prize draws.
✓ Copy of your confirmation & Ballots will be required to bring upon entry to Family Fun World.
✓ Ballots to be signed and dropped off at the ballot box at “We Own It” booth, (located near the snack bar). Ballots for entry into the gift card draws.

* RSVP with confirmation required due to limited space!

** 50/50 Draw being held at the “We Own It” booth evening of event with proceeds going to the Region 4 Hardship Fund.

***Registered guests check out the Family Fun World web site for additional location features (at members cost) and movies being featured:

OPSEU Region 4 Summer Movie Night


OPS deals: It’s yes from Unified, no from Corrections


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Note from admin: Local 468 is Unified. Welcome to our 4.5 yr contract :)

TORONTO – Members of the Unified bargaining unit working in the Ontario Public Service (OPS) have ratified a tentative agreement between the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) and the Ontario government. But members of OPSEU’s Correctional bargaining unit have voted to turn down a similar deal.

The government and the union signed the two tentative agreements on June 2. The Correctional bargaining unit covers 8,000 correctional workers, while the Unified bargaining unit covers the other 27,000 OPSEU-represented workers in the OPS. Unified members voted 81.7 per cent in favour of their agreement; Correctional members voted 94.7 per cent against theirs.

The four-year Unified agreement extends current working conditions but adds a 7.5 per cent wage hike over the life of the deal, restored movement through the salary grid, improved benefits, and an end to the dysfunctional Attendance Support and Management Program (ASMP).

“I’m pleased that Unified members ratified the contract,” said Mickey Riccardi, acting OPSEU co-chair of the Central Employee Relations Committee. “It’s a good deal that gives members meaningful compensation hikes and new benefits, including catastrophic drug and out-of-country medical coverage. This agreement puts us on solid ground to plan for the future.”

Monte Vieselmeyer, OPSEU co-chair of the Ministry Employee Relations Committee in the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, said the members had spoken clearly, and the Correctional bargaining team will soon negotiate a new collective agreement.

“The team will meet with the employer as soon as possible to begin work on a new deal,” said Vieselmeyer. “Since correctional workers can no longer strike following the latest changes to the Crown Employees Collective Bargaining Act, if no agreement is reached, outstanding issues will go before an arbitrator to be settled.”

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas said he was very optimistic about the future for all OPS workers.

“Unified workers can now look forward to four-and-a-half years of labour peace, during which we can focus on rebuilding our shattered public services. We’ve already made real progress in the battle to solve the crisis in corrections, and the Correctional bargaining team has my unconditional support as they fight to improve members’ working conditions.”


OPS Tentative Agreements- Questions and Answers


Voting on the Tentative Agreement takes place this Wednesday, June 21st. Details found here.

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Please see the attachment below as it pertains to the OPS Tentative Agreement for the Unified and Correctional bargaining units. The questions and answers are related to the rollover offer presented from the employer to the union on June 2, 2017. To view the offer, please see

Questions and Answers

Q1.  Which appendices in the current collective agreement are being renewed

A1.   All Appendices will be renewed with the following exceptions:

Appendix UN8 & Appendix COR38 – Salary Progression Freeze

Employees will begin to progress through the grid as of January 1, 2018 from where they were fixed on the grid on January 1, 2016

Appendix COR33 – Administrative Compensating Leave

The current Appendix ends on December 31, 2017.           

Q2. Will the out of country medical coverage form part of the collective agreement?

A2. If ratified, this option will be incorporated into the current benefit plan. This benefit is   employee paid. Employees who choose this benefit will pay single coverage at $6.11/month and family coverage at $9.63/month.

Q.3. What benefits are covered in out of country?

A.3. The benefit reimburses eligible expenses incurred due to medical emergency or unexpected illness that occurs while a covered person or their dependant is temporarily outside Canada for business, education or vacation. The coverage is 100% up to a lifetime maximum of $1,000,000 without deductible.

 Coverage is limited to trips for a duration of ninety (90) days or less.

 Q.4. What is the coverage for catastrophic drugs?

A.4. The first $10,000.00 is covered at 90% reimbursable per calendar year less a $3.00 deductible per prescription. Once the threshold of $10,000.00 is reached, eligible claims are reimbursed at 100% for the remainder of the calendar year less the $3.00 deductible per prescription.

This benefit is now mandatory for all employees

The single premium is $ 0.94 monthly and the family premium is $1.91 monthly.

For example: An employee incurs a $12,000 eligible drug expense: $12, 000

Supplementary Health and Hospital Plan payment:

90% of the eligible drug cost, after application of $3 deductible, up to the $10,000 threshold:    $8,997

Catastrophic Drug Coverage plan payment:

100% of eligible claim cost over the annual threshold: $2,000

Total paid by the SH&H and CDC plans: $10,997

Employee’s out-of-pocket costs:

10% of the eligible drug cost plus the $3 deductible, up to the threshold:  $1,003

For more information on benefit entitlements please contact call

1-800-637-0024, 416-681-6100, TTY 1-800-990-6654 or email

Q.5. Which contract would a unified member in the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services or Ministry of Children and Youth Services vote on?

A5. You will vote on the Correctional bargaining unit tentative agreement, if you are a Unified member in MCSCS or MCYS who is:

  • headquartered at an MCSCS adult correctional institution;
  • headquartered at an MCYS youth justice facility;
  • headquartered at an MCSCS Probation and Parole office or MCYS Probation Office: or
  • headquartered at an MCSCS training college,

Q6. Where will Unified bargaining unit special cases be submitted if the tentative agreement is ratified?

A6. All special cases submitted through the local demand set process, will be referred to the Unified Appendix 7 subcommittee. Cases referred to in the last round of bargaining will continue to be reviewed by the Unified Appendix 7 committee.          

Q7. Where will Correctional bargaining unit special cases be submitted if the tentative agreement is ratified?   

A7. All special cases submitted through the local demand set process, will be referred to the Corrections Appendix 7 subcommittee. Cases referred to in the last round of bargaining will continue to be reviewed by the Corrections Appendix 7 committee.

Q8. Will an employee on LTIP receive the wage increases?

A8. As per Article 42.1 (j), effective January 1, 2015 and thereafter, the total monthly LTIP benefit payment under the plan shall be adjusted by an increase equal to those provided under UN16 – Salary Increases. UN16 is rolled over and incorporates the across the board increases.

Q.9. How does the current ASMP apply to a member in the Unified bargaining unit?

A.9. When a Unified member exits level 3 they will no longer be monitored under the current ASMP.

Q.10. Does the current ASMP continue to apply to members in the Correctional bargaining unit?

A10. Yes

Q11. Could you explain the meaning of consequential disputes and provide an example?

A11. Any dispute that arises out of the transferring of a member from one bargaining unit to the other as a result of the Memorandum of Settlement signed December 15, 2016 between the parties.

For example: The parties do not agree on a classification that is to transfer into the Correctional bargaining unit.  This dispute may be referred to mediation-arbitration.

Q12. If the tentative agreement gets turned down by one of the bargaining units how will that affect the bargaining unit that ratifies?

A12. A bargaining unit that ratifies will have a new collective agreement. A bargaining unit that does not ratify will proceed to bargain a renewal collective agreement.

Q13. Can you provide examples of how the across the board wage increases will apply?

A13. The following examples show increases to four different classifications:

 Effect  of  Increases  on  PO-2 
  Weekly RateAnnual Earnings
 Current Maximums$1,512.36$78,913
 Percentage IncreaseWeekly RateAnnual Earnings
July 1, 20171.51,535.0580,097
January 1, 201911,550.4080,898
July 1, 201911,565.9081,707
January 1, 202011,581.5682,524
July 1, 202011,597.3783,349
January 1, 202111,613.3584,182
July 1, 202111,629.4885,024



                    Effect  of  Increases  on  OAD-08 
  Hourly RateAnnual Earnings
 Current Maximums$26.46$50,048
 Percentage IncreaseHourly RateAnnual Earnings
July 1, 20171.526.8650,799
January 1, 2019127.1351,307
July 1, 2019127.4051,820
January 1, 2020127.6752,338
July 1, 2020127.9552,861
January 1, 2021128.2353,390
July 1, 2021128.5153,924


 Effect  of  Increases  on  Occupational  H&S  Inspector 
  Weekly RateAnnual Earnings
 Current Maximums$1,647.29$85,953
 Percentage IncreaseWeekly RateAnnual Earnings
July 1, 20171.51,672.0087,242
January 1, 201911,688.7288,115
July 1, 201911,705.6188,996
January 1, 202011,722.6689,886
July 1, 202011,739.8990,785
January 1, 202111,757.2991,693
July 1, 202111,774.8692,609


            Effect  of  Increases  on  CO-2 
  Hourly RateAnnual Earnings
 Current Maximums$34.09$71,151
 Percentage IncreaseHourly RateAnnual Earnings
July 1, 20171.534.6072,218
January 1, 2019134.9572,940
July 1, 2019135.3073,670
January 1, 2020135.6574,407
July 1, 2020136.0175,151
January 1, 2021136.3775,902
July 1, 2021136.7376,661

OPS Tentative Agreements-Questions and Answers


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