In describing alternatives to allopathic medicine (the common form of medical practice) terms such as holistic, new-age, alternative, energy and psychic healing are used. The purpose of this essay is to introduce to the reader that branch of healing ...
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In describing alternatives to allopathic medicine (the common form of medical practice) terms such as holistic, new-age, alternative, energy and psychic healing are used. The purpose of this essay is to introduce to the reader that branch of healing known as psychic healing and what it entails.

The term psychic means unseen. Herbal treatments, homeopathic remedies, chiropractic adjustments, aromatherapy, and treating with oils, while very effective,  fall outside of the realm of psychic healing for they deal with the seen.

The stages of psychic healing are energy healing, suggestive healing, mental healing, and spiritual healing.

Energy healing is fairly common and two of the most known forms are reiki healing, which originated in Japan, and pranic healing, which originated in India. Both of these forms of healing use universal energy to cleanse chakras and energize them as part of the treatment of a patients ailments. Advanced practitioners of these two forms of energy healing can return sick people to normal health.

A level above energy healing is suggestive healing and consists of suggesting to the patient that they will be healed. Shamans perform this type of healing as do other practitioners among indigenous societies. They might throw powder in the patients face, shake their rattles, chant an incantation, or do a brief dance, but the objective is to convince the person that he will be healed. The patient then on a subjective basis calls upon his instinctive mind to repair the affected organ or limb. This is a very effective form of healing that has served humankind for millenia.

Mental healing is a level above suggestive healing and can be performed upon oneself and others. In performing on oneself, the individual speaks to the affected organ and tells it to heal itself. There is a mind in all of our organs, and it can be spoken to. Many people do this instinctively without any formal knowledge of mental healing.

In treating others, the practitioner has a mental image of the healed organ that he projects to the person requiring the healing.

The highest form of psychic healing is spiritual healing. This type of healing calls upon the spirit to heal. The healing power is independent of the healer’s abilities and therefore the true spiritual healer charges little for his efforts. A person cannot study spiritual healing, it is something that he evolves toward and is bestowed upon him.

The purpose of this essay was to acquaint you with a form of healing that is relatively obscure in the modern age of reliance on and worship of machines and computers. There is another world out there that you are evolving towards.

For those of you  who also subscribe to you will note that in my latest series of essays I refer to the three requirements of a stable society as; spiritual awareness, gender understanding, and family focus. Psychic healing falls under the category of spiritual awareness. As we become more spiritually aware our lives change for the better and I hope that this brief essay will serve as a small step in improving your lives as you increase your awareness of the unseen psychic existence.




Author’s Note: The following essay was intended to be half the size and published on the website; however, the essay grew from being a short treatise on a segment of holistic healing to an essay indicating the mental and emotional state of many Americans and people of other industrialized nations, and the spontaneous violence that it can produce, an issue that will hopefully override any lack of understanding by the reader of the function of chakras (nerve centers). I have decided to post this essay on both websites. E.G.

Pennsylvania High School Stabbings

Symptomatic of Society

The recent shootings at Ft. Hood followed a week later by stabbings in a Pennsylvania high school concern all of us as they add to the already high level of angst permeating society; however, in addressing these issues the focus tends to be on the effect rather than on the cause, resulting in repeated incidents of domestic carnage.

As an energy healer I have observed the mental and emotional factors that lead to confused action such as the recent shootings at Ft. Hood and the stabbings at a Pennsylvania high School, and as an elder I will offer my opinion as to the socio-environmental conditions that created these factors.

An energy healing examination of Pennsylvania High School shooter Alex Hribal indicated the presence of two negative conditions; one I classify as non-clinical depression and the other I classify as severe stress.

My energy healing experience includes observing and treating people with very weak Crown, Forehead, and Ajna chakras. In general, the Crown chakra controls the brain and is also indicative of spiritual development; the Forehead chakra controls the nerves system; the Ajna chakra controls the will. When the condition of these three chakras are put into a bowl so to speak, and stirred up the result is an indication of how that person is performing in relation to himself.

Some of the negative symptoms of weak upper chakras are confusion, depression, negativity, introversion, and anti-social behavior.

I will share with you two of the many cases that I have successfully treated.

Fred, a 20 year old male, dropped out of college, spent most of his time in his room with a pet snake and a pet spider. His mother had a psychologist talk to him over the phone and he hung up on her; she then asked me to treat him, which I did with the proviso that he had to know about it. After the second treatment his mother called and told me that he had a friend over; after the third treatment she called me up in tears of joy and told me he left the house singing. Fred has since joined his father in business and is leading a more natural life in accordance with his personality.

Helen, a 24 year old collegian, told me that she was a straight A student, but that she would sit in her room and cry for no apparent reason, and was confused as to her purpose in life. I treated her three times in one week. And after the third treatment which occurred on a Friday morning, I sent her an Email at 9:30 AM telling her that her treatments were over and to let me know how she felt over the weekend. An hour later she sent me an Email indicating that she already felt like a new person.

In both of the above cases the individuals had very weak Crown, Forehead, and Ajna chakras, which I classified as non-clinical depression. After I energized the respective chakras, both Fred and Helen returned to normal functioning.

The second condition that I found in Alex Hribal was an energy congested Solar Plexus chakra. In addition to being congested it was enlarged, which indicates over-activity of the chakra. These Solar Plexus conditions indicate extreme stress. Symptoms normally associated with this condition are insomnia, headaches, lower back pains, and in the case of women menstrual irregularity and pain. When the Solar Plexus Chakra is cleansed and slowed down, the stress symptoms disappear.

People with non-clinical depression coupled with extreme stress would (depending on their environment) be prone to conduct themselves in a very erratic manner, as Alex Hribal did. In evaluating the seriousness of these conditions their frequency needs to be determined.

The day that I examined Alex Hribal, I examined a 16 year-old daughter of an acquaintance of mine, and a 48 year-old woman. Both of them had the same symptoms as the Pennsylvania stabber. In my examinations of prospective patients I find many with clinical depression, many more suffering from stress, and increasing numbers afflicted with both maladies.

Perhaps one day a statistician will determined the frequency of the conditions which I described and classify them by age, sex, ethnicity, religion, education and many other lineal factors; however, human beings are not linear statistics—they are spiritual entities—and their well-being is determined by the application of wisdom and the various practices that derive from it.

One of these practices consists of making family the focal point of society. Family provides an environment of belongingness, nurturing love, and moral conduct. The family has been destroyed in America and most of the industrialized world; which results in feelings of aloneness, and separateness. The added pressure of the un-natural monetary-based, performance evaluating work environment adds stress and tension to the individual.

Natural gender differences and attributes have been suppressed by law, and people have been reduced to work digits and automaton production workers. The source of ethical standards and the moral behavior derived from them has been removed causing society to wander about aimlessly not knowing right from wrong, but only what is legal and illegal, or permitted and not permitted.

Metal illness is now the number one health issue in England, the United Sates, and Canada. National health care plans cannot cope with this condition because they only deal with effects, not causes. Medication does not cure. A change in thinking and environment does. We must change our thinking in America and in the industrialized world. The first order of change is to recognize the relationship of men to women and their cooperative effort in creating and sustaining a family of healthy, nurtured, and morally inculcated children who will be an asset to society.




The extreme cold currently affecting most of the United States and Canada reminded me that one of the many discomforts of severe cold weather results from dry skin. In the realm of wellness subjects dry skin ranks rather low as a matter of importance or concern, yet many people are afflicted by it, and in severe cases the discomfort can be great; therefore, I thought addressing the condition would be worthy of your interest.

As the weather becomes colder some people experience slight dryness and occasional flaking of their skin, others experience severe dryness and itching, and some might experience bleeding when they scratch themselves. Some people develop rashes on their legs and arms, and/or faces for the length of the winter season.

A home remedy that I have found to be highly effective in conditioning the skin is sesame seed oil. By covering the entire body with this oil, leaving it on for 45 minutes, and then showering with mild soap or no soap will within a week produce a soft, smooth, irritation free skin texture.

Until the skin reaches this state I have found applying witch hazel on inflamed areas reduces itching significantly.

Covering the entire body with natural skin conditioners is not an uncommon practice. Many West Africans cover their entire bodies with Shea Butter every day. You might find this practice helpful as well, although I find the sesame seed oil to be more effective.

In cases of extreme irritation and discomfort a commercial product called Lipikar Baume manufactured by La Roche-Posay is highly effective in controlling skin irritation. It is expensive, but one tube could last for years.

Other uses of sesame seed oil are as a scalp conditioner (it relives itching) and as non-greasy hair grooming for men. Sesame seed oil can also be used to protect the skin from the summer sun.

If sesame seed oil is used daily as recommended above, most of your skin problems will disappear.

I trust the above information will be helpful to you in coping with any skin issues that might arise.




In the essay titled More on Nutrition, I stated, “Always pray over your food and the energy it was designed to have will be restored.”  This energy cannot be seen or measured by conventional means but it exists and can be called upon when needed.

If divine energy can be directed into an apple, isn’t it reasonable to expect that it can also be directed into the human body? The practice of energizing with prayer is not limited to food but applies to your body as well.

Below is a prayer that I have developed for my patients. I can tell you with certainty that the invocation of this prayer will increase your health aura and increase the energy level in every chakra. You might still need treatment by a healer, (the means of answering your prayers could be having a healer come into your life) but you will have taken a giant step towards normalizing your health by energizing your body. I recommend that you invoke this prayer once a day.

Body Energizing Prayer and Healing Prayer

Dear God, I thank you for your Divine Love and its infinite energy and healing power.

There is only one energy source and it comes from you.

 I request this infinite energy fill every cell of my body, raising its energy to the level it was intended to have.

 I ask that this infinite energy drive all malfunction out of my body and restore my body to its natural operation.

 I name before you all injuries, malfunctions, and weaknesses in my body and mind, and ask that you remove or heal them as you deem necessary.

 I thank you in humbleness, humility, and gratitude.


When you invoke this prayer the second time instead of asking for healing of the specific issues mentioned in the next to last paragraph, thank God that they are all being resolved. God does not have a bad memory; once you ask for something know that it is in the process of happening. Keep on thanking God. “When a man prays and believes he has received it, it shall be his.”Mark 11:24.

The time is not far distant when the national healthcare system will fail both financially and competently, motivating people to seek treatment from alternate and natural systems of health care, most of which use unseen forces. Good health comes from living the life you were designed to live in accordance with nature and the unseen spiritual forces that motivate it.

Be well.




How do you stand it?” is a comment I frequently receive when I tell people I don’t have air conditioning in my apartment. In this era of air conditioned buses, trains, cars, offices, movies, work places, universities, and restaurants there is no doubt that I am living an anomalous lifestyle regarding the temperature of my personal environment.

The view that my lifestyle is an anomaly is a relative one, which I will come back to.

The human body is designed to cope with and adjust to environmental variations. For instance, in springtime when the outdoor temperature reaches 50 degrees people will consider the weather nice and warm and start wearing shorts and tee shirts. In the fall when the temperature drops to 50 degrees people will consider the weather cold and start wearing sweaters. These are two different reactions to the same temperature and are caused by the body acclimating itself to the cold of winter or the heat of summer.

The speed at which the body adjusts can be rapid, for instance on a two week business trip to the upper mid-west I experienced temperatures of 11 below zero in Wisconsin Rapids, 21 below in Wausau, 11 below in Toledo, and 19 below in Cleveland; upon my return to New York City the temperature was 25 degrees and I went out wearing just a shirt and suit jacket—it was the hottest weather I had experienced in 14 days and  my body had adjusted to the cold weather.

Our bodies do considerable work in adjusting to temperature variations, and we instinctively aid the body by adjusting the clothing we wear, the foods that we eat and the activities that we engage in.

However, the un-natural lifestyle of living in an environmentally controlled cube makes it increasingly difficult for the body to adapt and causes confusion within it. Sleeping in an air conditioned apartment, going out in the hot air in the morning, riding on an air conditioned bus, going out in the hot air to the place of employment, working in an air conditioned office, going out to lunch or shopping in the hot air, returning to the air conditioned office, returning home in and out of air conditioning, confuses the body as it is subjected to a wide range of temperatures in the course of the day.

Some people have their bedroom temperatures set at 68 degrees in the summer and 80 degrees in the winter; settings that are the reverse of what would help the body adapt to the prevailing climatic conditions.

In hot temperatures the blood vessels dilate, salt concentration in the perspiration decreases, and the ability to perspire increases, as the body adjusts to hot weather. Have you noticed that your body seems puffy in the hot weather and denser in the cold weather? That’s an example of your body adjusting to environmental temperature changes.

A healthy body can adjust to extreme heat. In my childhood I lived on the top floor of an apartment without air conditioning or even fans, and experienced one of the most severe heat waves recorded in New York City. As a Cadet-midshipman on a merchant ship sailing to the west coast of South America, I crossed the equator many times and the temperature in the engine room was 120 degrees—we worked in those temperatures. As a naval Officer on a destroyer training in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in August the ocean temperature was 95 degrees; there was nothing on or in the ship that was below 100 degrees. We conducted operations in those conditions for six weeks.

In all of the conditions described in the above paragraph I am not aware of anyone—young or old—suffering from heat prostration. Our bodies acclimated themselves to the temperature conditions of their environment and the people adjusted their lifestyle to be in harmony with their bodies.

Today people have become weak, increasing numbers can no longer endure the elements, and in times of extreme temperatures they are locked in to the confines of the cubes in which they associate. They have become dependent upon man made environments instead of being in harmony with the natural environment. They have become prone to respiratory diseases, frequent occurrences of the common cold, and require flu shots to get through the winter.

Am I the anomaly for living in harmony with nature and having a healthy and strong body, or are those who can no longer endure much time out of the temperature controlled cubes the anomaly?

I am not suggesting that one grit their teeth and ride out a heat wave; on the contrary, there are many things one can do to adapt to the weather. Eat lighter, have cooler meals such as salads and in season fruits, keep the shades down during the day, keep the lights low at night, maintain a calm demeanor, and walk don’t run. Air conditioning should be used less and set at levels closer to the prevailing outdoor conditions. The words from Rudyard Kipling’s Gunga Din, “Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun,” typify the Western psyche’s nature of not being attuned to the environment. Those words were written more than a century ago, and apply even more to modern man.

There are but two options and one choice in how we live in this world. We either adapt to the world that god created by living in harmony with Mother Nature, or we adapt to the world that man has made with its resultant disharmony and disease. Choosing the second course is the true anomaly of modern society.