Hello again all. Hope you had a lovely weekend. I'm all packed and ready for our Rocky Mountain Creative Retreat this weekend and will be sure to post photos and videos on all my social media as much as possible. I'm super excited to be teaching along ...
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Crafting Cruise Projects - two spots open! and more...

Crafting Cruise Projects - two spots open!

Hello again all. Hope you had a lovely weekend. I'm all packed and ready for our Rocky Mountain Creative Retreat this weekend and will be sure to post photos and videos on all my social media as much as possible. I'm super excited to be teaching along with Els Van de Burgt with Elizabeth Craft Designs this year!

On the heels of the retreat is my crafting cruise in August with Crafter's Therapy Cruises on Royal Caribbean's Marine of the Seas sailing to the Southern Caribbean. We were previously sold out, but we've recently had two openings become available! So grab a friend and join me, won't you? You can find all the details here.

I will be using Graphic 45 papers for most of the classes (there will be three total classes) and of course mixing in products from Elizabeth Craft Designs. Here's a little peek at what we'll be making on our sea days...

Tool Organizer with Graphic 45's "Let It Bee" papers

Summer/Cruise Traveler's Notebook featuring products from Elizabeth Craft Designs

Mini Album Envelope Folio with Graphic 45's "Cottage Life" collection

It's sure to be a lot of fun crafting during our sea days while also enjoying a fabulous 7-day cruise! Click that link above if you're interested in the last two spots, then contact Donna Fortuna (her contact info is at the bottom of that post). I would love to have you join me! 

Garden-themed Album using Planner Dies

(This is a re-post due to some technical issues with Blogger) 

I hope this finds you doing well. If you're looking for some feminine inspiration today and a quick and easy mini album tutorial, you've come to the right place. Today I'm sharing my garden-themed mini album made with Planner Essentials dies. As you'll see in the video tutorial, the planner dies are very versatile and aren't just for planners but can be incorporated into cards or mini albums. this little album came together so quickly and easily, I already want to make more with all sorts of different themes and papers.

Here's a peek at the pages and the video tutorial below along with the supply list. Hope you enjoy!


How to Assemble the Iris Shutter

Have you seen the oh-so-impressive Iris Shutter die in action? This complex looking die is simpler than you think once you've seen the assembly steps broken down into easy-to-follow directions which is what I have for you today in the video below. In the video, I share some different samples I've created with this die, then I make a card to show you how it all comes together. Follow along and let me know what you think! Thanks for popping in today. Enjoy your Easter weekend.



Sliders, Spinners and Pull Tabs!

Back again today with a quick share of some fun Easter/Spring cards I've been creating this week. Elizabeth Craft Designs has some fun interactive dies that take your projects to the next level, like the Pull Tabs set and the Sliders & Spinners set. I've given links to all the products used for all of these below.

Just check out this sweet skunk card. That little guy is actually the Squirrel die! Just change up a few things and it's super easy. I've used the Pull Tabs die for this one. 

When you push the tab back in, he hides behind the flower pot, which is also a new die. As I showed in my previous post, you can make this into a terracotta pot or a metal bucket, or whatever you like! The flowers are also new dies. Here I've used a combination of Florals 14 and 16. 

Next up is this jumping bunny Easter card. Again, using the Pull Tabs die, I created this so the bunny jumps up out of the Easter basket. The basket is a new die which includes the eggs, tiny flowers, the bow and the "Peeps" and the cute character is the new Bunny die.

The flowers on this card are the new Florals 17 and the leaves are Leaves 1. When creating these pull-tab cards, you just have to remember to pop up certain elements so your sliding character doesn't get caught on anything in front of it. 

Next up is this long card which measures 8" x 4" and features the Slimline Sliders and Spinners set. I shortened mine a little to work with my elements, and allows for the swan momma to make her way to her ducklings in the pond. 

The other dies I've used here are the Duck, Once Upon A Time Accessories and the Slimline Adventure Edges. For the sentiment, I used the new Smell the Flowers stamp set stamped onto the banner from the new Book Box die, which you will see more of here soon. For all of the cards, I used Graphic 45's Cottage Life paper collection. It's perfect for Springtime cards and projects.

Below are all the links to the products I've used today. 
Please note, as an affiliate I receive a tiny little commission on the sale of an item 
you purchase when you use my links. Thank you in advance. Everything you see here is available now!

Summer Planner Pages with new dies!

Hello everyone. Welcome back. I'm playing with new dies from Elizabeth Craft Designs again and today I've created a few Summer spreads showcasing the Flower Pot/Bucket die in particular. I've got a "Craft With Me" style video taking you through my steps and design process, if you care to check it out. I've linked to all the products I've used, below, and also show them all in the video.

This die is so versatile! As I show in the video, you can make it into a terracotta pot or in this case, a rusty bucket. I used the Strawberries die set to fill up the bucket. Perfect embellishment for my photos of Suki trying strawberries for the first time.

Also in the video I share different design tips for adding journaling spaces and room for more photos. These pages came together so quickly and I'm super happy with the results. I hope you take a moment to watch the process video, and if you haven't yet, please consider subscribing to my channel. I've got many new videos in the works I don't want you to miss!