Five pro tips for moving up to the ultramarathon distance from Meredith Edwards. Six things to never say to an injured friend. Have any Vancouver runners ever run across this half pipe deep in the woods? How awesome is that?!? Oldie bug goodie article ...


Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Jan 20 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Jan 20

Five pro tips for moving up to the ultramarathon distance from Meredith Edwards.

Six things to never say to an injured friend.

Have any Vancouver runners ever run across this half pipe deep in the woods? How awesome is that?!?

Oldie bug goodie article from Outside: What happens to a relationship built on adventure…when life gets in the way of the outdoors?

What’s Anton been up to? Climbing and ski mountaineering and writing crazy-detailed reports of his adventures.

You heard Mike Wardian’s plan for his 7/7/7 adventure right here. He’s currently in Antarctica and the race should start tomorrow.  WaPo article right here. Follow his social media to track the progress.

ultramarathon bridge
Tim Olson and pace Hal Koerner crossing No Hands Bridge during WS100 in 2012.
–Many of you have seen or run No Hands Bridge as the mile 97 marker at Western States Endurance Run.  It flooded last week, and some dudes decided to skimboard it and film it with their drone. Awesome!

Sage’s vlog report from Honk Kong 100.

I gave away a pair of awesome North Face puffy slippers to Makiko Yamashita on the URP Patreon page yesterday and will launch another cool giveaway early next week.  If you’re reading the URP Daily News, please consider becoming a patron and supporting my work. Thanks!

Yeah, it’s only 6 miles, but the gain is 2,600 feet in the Wasatch Range. Oh, and you need to run it as many times as possible in 24 hours.  Jared Campbell’s the RD, so you know this isn’t an event for wimps.

Great analogy, AJW! The similarities between a great teacher and running.

If anyone is looking to god a self-supported run on a road in Washington, now may be your best chance.  And by the way, I think I’ll pass on that steak tonight.

Did you see our latest review of the North Face Ultra Endurance trail shoe.  Scott from Austin did a great job reviewing it in different terrain right here.

Interesting: Science answers why are we so damn sore in the morning?

Five great pub MTB rides/runs in the UK.

Last week was goat yoga, this week we had beer yoga, now it’s laughter yoga, where people get together and laugh at each other’s problems. Or something.  And I have no idea how it relates to yoga whatsoever.

HELP! I’m working with an apparel company to help design an awesome shirt celebrating ultra/trail women and will need design help from everyone. Details later today. Stay tuned!

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The North Face Ultra Endurance Review

First Impressions of The North Face Ultra Endurance

Unboxing the North Face Ultra Endurance, my first thought was that this shoe definitely had the look of serious trail shoe. It sported a Vibram outsole, a gusseted tongue to keep out debris, and a toe guard to protect the foot when kicking a rock or root. About the only thing missing was an attachment for gaiters on the rear of the shoe. I gave the shoe a couple bends and twists with my hands and immediately noticed how stiff the shoe was. Slipping on the shoes, they felt comfortably snug without being too tight. The cushioning felt sufficient for big miles, but still needed to be put to the test.

North Face Ultra Endurance
The North Face Ultra Endurance

Hard Data

North Face states the Ultra Endurance weighs in at 11 ounces per shoe (size 9). My size 12s tipped the scale at 13.3 ounces. With the weight and the 8 mm offset (17mm rear, 9mm front), this shoe seemed to be built to compete with Brooks Cascadia.

North Face Ultra Endurance
The North Face Ultra Endurance on the Scale.

First Runs

The maiden voyage for the shoes was an easy run on a fairly non-technical trail. I immediately noticed how stiff the shoes were, almost to the point of altering my gait. The cushioning felt great, but I continually clipped my toe on rocks and roots. The positive was that I got to test that toe guard, which worked rather well. After a few runs, the shoes loosened up, and I was no longer clipping the shoes on every little hazard, even on much more technical trails. I would highly suggest getting a couple shorter runs on the road to break these shoes in before hitting the trails.

Terrain Testing the Ultra Endurance

Due to holiday travel and a wide variance of weather conditions, I was able to test these shoes in a multitude of conditions and a several surfaces.

North Face Ultra Endurance
North Face Ultra Endurance tread pattern.


I was able to get in several runs on snow and ice during the holidays, which is not a surface that this Texas boy encounters often. The Vibram outsole impressed. Other than a couple small slips on some exceptionally smooth ice, the rubber lugs gripped quite well on both the snow and ice, even when going uphill. The shoe performed beyond expectations, without aid from yak traks or screws placed in the sole.


The Ultra Endurance sports what North Face calls a “snake plate” for rock protection. The plate seemed to strike a great balance between foot protection from the rocks and providing great feel of the ground under foot. I experienced good traction on rough rocks, smooth rocks, and even on wet rock. The shoe did a fantastic job of normalizing the difference in feel when transitioning from dirt to rock or roots and back to dirt.

north face ultra endurance
Toe Guards on the North Face Ultra Endurance


The Ultras performed as well as could be expected through mud. Traction was ok, but not solid, however, I’ve really not found any shoe that excels in mud. One drawback with the Ultra is that the larger lugs seemed to pick up and carry a lot of the thicker mud, which weighed the shoes down. I’ve experienced this with other trail shoes as well, so it’s tough to fault the shoe for this. I’d say that the Ultra is on par with other trail shoes when encountering mud.

North Face Ultra Endurance
North Face Ultra Endurance gusseted tongue.


The one place the shoe did not stack up as well as other trail shoes was through water. Although the shoe provides great grip on wet surfaces, it didn’t provide the greatest experience going through water. I went through shin-deep water multiple times on a run, and after getting back on the trail, I felt like I was running on a wet sponge, including a sloshing, squishing sound. It took a half mile before the shoes truly shed the water. I much prefer a trail shoe to shed excess water within a few steps.

Who should avoid this shoe?

A runner looking for a low-drop or minimalist option. A runner who excels at short distance trail races and wants a light-weight option. A runner who is looking for Hoka-type cushion.

Who should buy this shoe?

A runner who prefers a more traditional trail shoe, who might like or liked previous versions of the Cascadia or the Leadville. The runner most likely is looking to do long-distance runs/races over varying terrain who wants a balance between comfort and feeling the ground.

North Face Ultra Endurance
The North Face Ultra Endurance


Overall Thoughts of the North Face Ultra Endurance

Overall, I was impressed with the Ultra Endurance. It did a fantastic job on multiple surfaces, while somehow helping keep my feet warm in the cold and cool in warmer weather.

More Information or Interested in Purchasing?

Click here for more info on the North Face site.

If you’re interested in purchasing the shoe, check it out at your local independent running store and support them!  If that’s not possible and you’d like to buy it online, please consider using this affiliate link to Amazon. Your purchase will drop a few pesos into the URP bucket. Thanks!


Meet Your Reviewer: Scott Towle from Austin, TX

I run for Spectrum Trail Racing and I’m the RD for Saddle Blazer Trail Run (100K, 26.2, 13.1, 10K). I run on roads only when necessary, otherwise you’ll find me hammering out miles on the gnarly technical trails of central Texas. Post-run recovery drink tends to be big, malty beers. Bonus points if they are of Belgian descent.




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Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News, Thurs, Jan 19

Probably the most common question ultramarathon and trail running coaches get: What should my training look like if I run five days each week? Coach David is on it.

Jeff’s race report from his Golden Ticket win at Bandera.

Here’s a great story about Dave Odell, a guy who ran 50 miles around a track for his 50th birthday (and for charity), and who sounds like he loves every single bit of this wacky community.

And here are some trail tips for women with Inov-8 athlete Jasmin Paris.

Bryon’s picks for the best new trail shoes from Winter OR.

Canadian record holder for the marathon discusses body image and sexualization of female runners.

Beer. Yoga. Australia wins!

Busted already for EPO, this anti-doping advocate is back to racing–and winning–ultras.  Article in en espanol, but here’s some background on him in English.

it came about as a solution to a set of problems raised by the needs of a reformed penal system that wanted to punish prisoners heart and soul without actually killing them.

Happy 200th Birthday, Treadmill!

Looks like there’s a dustup going on between a few cool races and ultrasignup.  I sure hope it’s just a big misunderstanding.

Big congrats to URP co-host Sarah Lavender Smith for winning the RunUltra Blogger Award!

Have you tried the SFuels bars yet? Here’s an update: The company had planned on having enough to give away for a few months, but…the demand from URP was ginormous and they blew through all 250 sample packs in the first day.  So, they announced an additional 250 sample packs that they could distribute, then blew out of those in the first week. So…If you’d still like to get access to a sample pack free of charge, then click here (NEW LINK), type the discount code at the Spike-FREE shop, pay small shipping fee….and your sample pack will be on its way to you. Ta-da!

With the Iditarod Trail Invitational about a month away, Alaska’s temps are hovering around 50 damn degrees below zero.

Ladies! Pay attention to these six risk factors for stress fractures.

And hey ladies, I’m trying to give away a pair of womens shoes to my Patreon supporters, but can’t seem to find a female with the right size.  Yeah, we’re playing Cinderella over here!


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Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Jan 18

Read this: Aliza reflects on lessons and experience in this silly sport of ours.

Science: Muscle cramping, nausea, dehydration all unaffected by sodium intake during an ultramarathon.

Read this too: Excellent essay about the wilderness and our place in it. Written in response to US Forest Services’ request for essays celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Read it.

Magness sounds off on strength and conditioning coaches and their attitudes.

Another reason I prefer my own two feet to two wheels. That dude went flying!

Oh, here we go again: The new rules of hydration.

Think you’re tired after a 50 miler? Try one of these road races and tell me how you feel.

Here’s a great video of Clare and Amy’s run at HURT 100 this past weekend.  Amy finished last (with 8 minutes to spare!), and Clare got pulled for her first-ever DNF.  Looks like they had a great time on a beautiful course!

Scottish readers: Is hutting something that could turn into something like the huts in the Dolomites, where runners and trekkers stay in a different place each night, or are they for single families?

Science: Turns out running is good for your knees!

Join Jamil, Sage, and Tim as they run and walk through Hong Kong. Cool video!

Holy cow, then watch this awesome video of Kilian climbing, skiing, and talking in Norway.

Site note: If you had/are a monthly subscription via PayPal, thank you!  Now with Patreon up and running, you may want to switch over to that platform so you can see the benefits of being a Patron.  Thanks!

Jill reflects on an analogy between her current fitness and that of her old burned out Toyota Tercel.  Yes, yes. I know the feeling, Jill!  

Take it from this guy, when traveling, keep your important docs on you at all times.

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Ultramarathon Daily News, Tuesday, Jan 17

Justin/IRF’s week of ultramarathon and trail results from around the world.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Commitment, Connecting, and Coffee.

Boris Berian’s letter to his future self.  What would yours look like?

Some info on Britain’s toughest ultramarathon.

Strava is killing the blissful, beautiful loneliness of running. What do you think?

Excellent essay about the history of XC as an Olympic sport.  Will it appear in the Games again???

Mike “The Fruitarian” Arnstein and Shawn McTaggart won their respective fields at HURT 100 this past weekend.  Looking for a fun interview? Check out our first encounter in 2012 right here, then where we caught up with him a few years later.

Scott Dunlap stopped drinking for 40 days. How did it affect his running and his life?

On a personal note, I’m on day 17 of no booze and doing fine. Like Scott, my sugar cravings went through the roof, but I’m currently enjoying much, much better sleep (longer, for me) than before.  My problem is that I won’t know how it’s affecting my running because I haven’t run since the 1st, and won’t be for another few month.  MRI on Friday showed a lateral tear in my meniscus and I’ll be having surgery either this week or next.  No, no. No sympathy…It’s going to be better…at least it’s something. Surgery will fix it and I’ll be good to go.  A lot better than “it’s a strain. Go to PT for ten weeks and it might get better”, right?

I’ve mentioned numerous times on these pages my interest in SwimRun events in Europe. Ryan Sandes competed in his first recently…here’s an interview about the race.

Science! The whiplash from ever-changing medical advice.

I totally get this woman. Maybe it’s the consistency, or perhaps it’s something in her mind that’s calmed by the repetitiveness, but running the block for that long works for her.

Exactly.  There are some killer beers that are canned, but the big question is What’s the occasion?

Looks like Walmsley is taking on this treadmill challenge in Missoula in a few weeks.  They’ll show it live?

The Angry Jogger designs his own running watch. Would you believe me if I told you it was wrought with swear words?

Scotland’s five best MTB trails (that I assume are trail runner friendly.)

Big huge thanks to those who’ve clicked on over the URP Patreon page and supported my work.  One gear giveaway coming this week, then we’ll chat about choosing the next guest.  It’s simple…you support me, I produce more for you.  Thank You!

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