Oh hell yes. Ever wondered what it'd be like to run up one of those hills that ski jumpers go down? Now's your chance. If wagering were legal, who'd you put money on? Joe Gray? Kaci Enman? Looking for more vertical races in North America? Right this ...


Ultramarathon Daily News and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News

Oh hell yes. Ever wondered what it’d be like to run up one of those hills that ski jumpers go down? Now’s your chance. If wagering were legal, who’d you put money on? Joe Gray? Kaci Enman?

Looking for more vertical races in North America? Right this way.

Norway’s ski team has five basic dictums: The first is don’t be a jerk. Number five mandates that Friday night is taco night.  Here are the rest.  Great read!

Looking to ad to your hydration game without the sugar rush and crash?


David Roche: Train for experiences, not events.

People may call us crazy, but it’s not us they should be worried about.

Looking for another crazy gimmick wrapped into an ultramarathon? How about running 130 miles strapped to someone you just met an hour before the start. 

‘Our first priority is everyone’s safety and slippery grass with strong winds and rain is not a good combination for tossing pancakes whilst running.
‘When I was at school we used to do cross country running in thunder storms, what is the matter with the soft snowflakes in the world today.’

–I don’t know. I thought Kiwis Brits were tougher than this.

Cheers to this dude (and his girlfriend) for winning HK100, but he should probably check some of his confidence at the trailhead when he lines up at UTMB. I’ve never met either of them and am hoping that many of their quotes were somehow lost in translation.

I hate to complain about race schedules, but once again…a “National Championship” ultramarathon event that’s held on the same day as a Golden Ticket race. I know, I know, they’re different events (one road, one trail), but with so much crossover in our sport, this shouldn’t be happening. I’ll be watching the deep competitive field in Arizona.

I chatted with Natalie Ghelfi yesterday about how she trained for and what she learned at her first 100k and released it to the Patreon crew last night. I’ll publish it to the URP site and iTunes early next week.  Another great benefit of becoming a URP Patron! Find out more right this way.


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Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Feb 15

Dylan Bowman’s excellent report from his recent win at Tarawera. Not every trail is smooth and straight, and he lays it all out for us.

The trailer for Kilian’s Everest adventure is out.

The temperatures during the marathon were in the –30s and –40s…Zanda said he wandered for about a kilometre in deep snow, with no shoes for 18 hours. He said his hands were incredibly cold; he had taken off his gloves and saw his hands were yellow.

–From what I understand, the Yukon Arctic Ultra goes to every length to protect the athletes and warn them about the myriad dangers of such a crazy event. Here’s the story of one athlete who’s likely going to lose his limbs to frostbite.

I manage/coach a before school running program at my kid’s elementary school every week and agree with this article completely. What I’ve learned over the last three years doing it is simple: The program doesn’t need to be over-thought or over-organized: Show up, let the kids run, and give them encouragement. And bonus for me: I’m surrounded by kids unencumbered by bad running habits or forced competition…they’re out there because they love it.

Some ultramarathons are events wrapped around a gimmick. Example. Then there’s this new race in the UK that has runners navigating a tunnel for a few hundred kilometers that will certainly test the endurance of both the body and the mind. You in?

Bruce Fordyce posts about the magic of training on your home turf.

You can have a strong body and mind, but if you get hurt, none of it matters. Here are some ways to stay resilient as an endurance athlete.

Doping is rampant in the Olympics. Here’s why and how. Good thing they banned those Russian athletes from the Games! Oh, wait…

More on the Olympics: I could swear I read an article in the past few days about how and why snowsports athletes are able to display sponsor logos (more here) while T&F athletes are verboten from any advertising other than Nike. Can anyone help me find it?

Ian reports on the Coastal Challenge from Costa Rica. with updates and some stunning pictures.

Eight dreamy trails that aren’t part of the Triple Crown.

Recording new episode today with a first time 100k runner who’s married to an elite HOKA athlete and MUT coach. Anxious to hear what she learned!

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Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Valentine’s Day Edition

Looking for a truly awesome Valentine’s Day gift for your MUT partner? Here are a few European trail running camps to consider.

…and if you’re looking for something closer to home (and with a familiar voice!), be sure to check out this high altitude camp in the San Juan Mountains with URP’s very own Sarah Lavender Smith.

“Mental fitness plays a big role during competition. If you don’t rule your mind, your mind will rule you. That’s the way I think about this sport.”

and other bits of wisdom from perhaps the greatest endurance runner of our time, Eliud Kipchoge.

Why are some running shoes so much more expensive than others?

Running and romance: Learn to keep the passion alive.

If trail running has you worried about “getting killed by an animal”, check out this list of how many (and what type) of people are killed each year.

Cool: For the first time ever, outdoor recreation is (sort of) being counted towards the GDP.

This Mountain Hub app looks like a pretty great solution. Anyone tried it? Any flaws or drawbacks?

Pretty short news day. Almost over this flu. Lots of comprehensive gear reviews coming soon: I’m running in a new HOKA road shoe and loving it, and I’ve also got a shoe that’ll pry hardcore  Altra trail shoe devotees away from their favorite brand. Stay tuned.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Feb 13

If you haven’t read this piece by Davy Crockett about the history of cheating in ultramarathon events, be sure to check it out. Cheating exists on many levels and is nothing new to this sport. (Here’s our podcast with Davy from 2013.)

Excellent advice from David Laney on planning for success in 2018. Look back, analyze your results and training from last year, and don’t make the same mistakes again. Simple, right?

I know plenty of runners spending time crosstraining right now…check out this link for what not to do on your road back to recovery.

Mario digs into the myriad Nike-affiliated conflicts of interest, the art of interviewing, and he highlights the Robertson brothers’ Kenyan experiment. Here’s the latest edition of his Morning Shakeout.

NFI: Kudos to Rudy Project for making glasses that fit a guy with a massive head. I’ve worn RP’s for years and yet to have a pair stretch out on me.

Semi-Rad’s Brandon Leonard makes a short film about training for and running a hundred miler. Definitely check it out.

This sport has a way of humbling you: Here’s the story of the only finisher for the Yukon Arctic Ultra 300. Kinda puts your last finish in perspective?

Seems the flu has hit my house during not just Valentine’s Day week, but both my wife and my birthday week as well. Yay! I’ll keep this short. (Bonus: Being bedridden when the Olympics are playing is pretty great though.)

Speaking of V-Day, here’s AJW’s advice for maintaining a healthy relationship while training and racing these silly distances.

And here’s a piece by Sarah I always liked: Comparing the ups and downs of training and trail running to marriage. If there’s one thing that’s constant in this sport, it’s having the support of family.

Oh, let’s not make backwards running the next big thing, OK?

You in New England and looking for an inexpensive June 100 miler run by experience folks? Clicky here.

A pretty epic 1200 mile run/hike idea with the requisite list of obstacles.

CTRL-C: Joe Uhan’s workout tips for this summer’s major ultramarathons.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Feb 8

Ultramarathon and trail runners come from all different backgrounds and are all shapes and sizes. Some of us are fast, some are slow, but the one thing that binds us together is that nearly all of us have had to recover from a running related injury. Here’s a piece by David Roche that walks us through that process.

Ruby Muir, Kelly Wolf, DBo, Amanda Basham, Cody Reed….here’s your Tarawera 100k preview.

How to improve your downhill trail running. Great stuff.

–A list of the most innovative fitness products for 2018, including the above Superman simulator slash sex machine slash home gym slash proctology exam table slash VR gaming system. Innovative for sure!

A brief primer on all those nordic sports. I’m reminded of the first time OG host Scotty and I heard “skimo” mentioned and we thought it was a genre of music.

Check out our latest podcast with Angela Shartel. From massive weight loss to the pressures of being an elite runner to her incredible recovery following spinal surgery, Angela drops some knowledge on how she handles races, she opens up about dealing with self-doubt, and she gives us a tour of breweries in and around San Diego. 

That episode was sponsored by the Yeti Trail Runners. Listen to our interview with Chief Yeti Jason Green right here. If you’re looking for cool trail gear or fun trail and ultramarathon races (from timed events to pure trail)  in and around Atlanta, look no further than the Yeti Trail Runners.

Here’s a LetsRun interview with young female track stars Mary Cain and Katelyn Tuohy where Katelyn talks about managing expectations and stress. It sounds like it’d do her some good to talk to Angela about dealing with the pressures and keeping the joy in running.

South Africa is going through a severe drought right now, with taps set to run dry any day. How will Two Oceans Marathon provide aid to runners? And closer to home, we’ve had little rain this year and are looking at drought conditions for summer. How will California RD’s adapt to using significantly less water and ice at trail and ultramarathon events?

Definition of a bad wager: Betting against Speedgoat Karl in a hundred miler.

Doubling female’s lottery entries? In short, nope. Bad idea.

Andrew Wheating’s hilarious retirement video. He and Mocko need to team up for a video series. Can someone make that happen please?

Nolan’s 14 is hard enough. Andrew Hamilton just upped the ante with his recent Snolan’s adventure.


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