SCMP: What kind of trail runner are you? An All-American Ultramarathon Trail Pro? Unknown Elite Runner from the Chinese Mainland? Maybe a EuroRace or a Grizzled Veteran? Pretty funny generalizations of our culture. Interesting: A “team” marathon ...


Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Apr 15 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Apr 15

SCMP: What kind of trail runner are you? An All-American Ultramarathon Trail Pro? Unknown Elite Runner from the Chinese Mainland? Maybe a EuroRace or a Grizzled Veteran? Pretty funny generalizations of our culture.

Interesting: A “team” marathon event is coming to the Czech Republic next month. It’ll be scored somewhat like a xc race, but with team bonuses awarded for individual PRs and a few other quirks. Hats off to the RD for trying something new!

Speaking of marathons, the 1904 Olympic Games Marathon was the most awesome event ever. Hilarious read about booze, dehydration, cheating, etc. h/t Ross Tucker.

Running and air pollution: What you need to know. The worst air quality I’ve ever run was in New Delhi, India. I literally couldn’t see the hotel across the street. Next up was the Northern California fires last year…I think I made it two miles and turned around.

Des Linden sets a new World Record for 50k. Very cool that she crushed Dixon’s old mark, but personally, I just wasn’t very interested in this story. If it had been in a proper race or had a live feed of some sort, sure, but the way it was managed just didn’t appeal to me. Nothing against Josh Cox, but any time there’s an agent involved, it takes away from the intimacy and personal connection of our sport. Hopefully we’ll get to see her in a race format soon. Huge congrats.

Trail running at night as a “meditative fitness activity” sounds about right. Paddling too. There’s something very calming about repetitive motion when your senses are restricted by darkness.

Ten things science tells us about caffeine and athletes.

I’m not really up to date on my powerlifting stats, but I do know that Ryan Hall deadlifting 500 pounds is pretty impressive. What a weird transformation, right?

Drug testers have had a hell of a time this past year busting athletes for doping.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Apr 12

IRF/TWIR: This Week in Running is back! Ultramarathon and trail racing results from Justin Mock/IRF.

Chase and Nikki over at Treeline Journal did a great job covering Peterson Ridge Rumble on Twitter yesterday. And what a race! Here’s their wrap up with all the twists and turns from the front of the packs. (And did I call Dani Moreno’s win?!? She’s a beast on the short-distance trail races!)

Everything you need to know about replacing a zipper on your adventure jacket.

I think a lot of us, especially women, put limits on what we think we’re capable of without really knowing what we’re able to do. Especially at some of these longer distances … To me, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to go after the overall record. That doesn’t mean I’m always going to get it—in fact, I didn’t with the Wonderland Trail—but that doesn’t mean that I should limit what I think is possible. Why not set a big scary goal and get out there to see what you can do?  

All about Kaytlyn’s FKT on the Wonderland Trail, in her words.

Lize Brittin writes about how eating disorders are (mis)portrayed on Twitter and how it’s impossible to come to consensus on the transgender athlete issue if one side constantly vilifies the other. Good read.

The LetsRun MENSA Team discusses imaginary races between Jim Walmsley and Ruth Chepng’etich.

Saturday morning vibes: Chasing Sunny on hill repeats.

Good for this coach for taking a stand against masking student athletes outside. Wish he would’ve given them a choice, but I understand his position.

AJW returns the favor and crews his son in a bike race.

Trailrunner Mag: How cannabis can fit into your workout and recovery routines. Highly recommended.

I was contacted by a journalist over the weekend who asked me what the “trail running community” (which it turns out is getting harder and harder to define) thought about game cameras on the trails. I told her that I hadn’t ever seen one and that I wasn’t aware of any problems. Naturally, my Libertarian hackles stood up and I started thinking about privacy issues, surveillance, etc., but I was still confused by the question. After posting about it on Twitter, it seems there are quite a few areas that have game cameras–generally for scientific purposes as opposed to hunting–on both public and private lands, and many near me. Because of my vision I have to focus on the trail directly in front of me while I run and don’t often get the chance to look around, but now I’m curious to spot one of the elusive cameras in the wild. Do you see them on the trails?

YouTube: It’s hard to not smile while watching these three women rip it up on their mountain bikes.

Dave Proctor is getting ready for a 573km Trans-Alberta FKT attempt.

Jeff Garmire posts his report and pictures from Barkley 2021.

Personal: Does anyone have any experience with ultra-distance SUP races? I’ve got some questions. Thanks.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Apr 7

Treeline Journal: Chase writes up a preview of the stout field lining up this weekend at the Peterson Ridge Rumble in southern Oregon. For the fifty miler, the men’s ultramarathon field will be exciting (Stern, Diboun, Kaiser, Hornig, and all eyes on Hal!), but for the forty (36?) miler, the women’s field gets the nod for its depth with Mattox, Moreno and Mayfield leading the charge. Those three women should provide a ton of excitement. I’d put a few bucks on Dani Moreno, but it could go any way.

Speaking of stout fields, have you seen the lineup for Canyons 100k in a few weeks? Damn!

Food TV with Allie O.

Want to know more about the Spartan Trail World Championship Series? Matt B Davis from OCR chats with Mauri Pagliacci about what it’ll look like this year.

There’s something about climbing that distills all cause and effect. The mountains don’t accept excuses, and don’t care who you blame for your choices and actions. And the less energy we waste in our own minds pointing fingers, the more energy we have to move powerfully in the direction we want to go-and the same thing goes in our daily lives.

–From Learning Accountability from Mountains on AdventureJournal.

Update from Monday: Kenyan Olympic athletes will continue training in a Covid bubble.

How the trail running boom is effecting the shoe business.

IRF/Liza: A gallery of photos dedicated to a group of runners underrepresented in media: Old folks.

A sixth grade girl walked onto practice yesterday (first timer) and totally dominated the hill repeats. She hasn’t run all year and has only been to dance class twice a week. My mind was blown.

Wednesday funny I can relate to…with a Say Anything reference.

TrailSister Deserae writes about weighing the risks in trail running with those in every day life…and how fulfilling those risks can be.

Nature Mag: Data scientists are predicting sports injuries using an AI algorithm.

It’s National Beer Day. Drink accordingly.

Site news: I deactivated my Facebook account and the URP page has been mothballed because of it.

Personal: Two races on the calendar now. Added Cal Int’l Marathon yesterday. Sunny’s running Broken Arrow VK and 11k. Looking for a trail race for me now.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Apr 5

iRunFar/Mock: Abby McQueeney Penamonte ran the grand slam of ultrarunning in 2014, podiumed at most, and hasn’t run an ultramarathon since. Now she competes in powerlifting and has some interesting thoughts and perspective on our sport.

Barkley Marathon gear list.

Even if you’re not from Northern California, you’ve heard of Mt Tam. A “peak” in the Marin Headlands, it’s a wildly popular route among trail runners and there’s a near perfect chance you’ll see an elite or recognizable runner on the access trail during Spring and Summer months. In this post, Jean Pommier does a great job of describing (with words and pics) the famous Jam on Tam.

Throwback Monday: URP Daily News from March 5, 2014: Lucho, Emily Harrison, GPS, diet drama, North Face 50, and more. Fun to look back!

Black trailrunners are reclaiming the British countryside.

Amidst a ‘Rona surge, Kenya bans all sporting activities. No word on whether Olympic athletes will be exempt or how the country will respond.

Follow along as Candice Burt takes on the 800 mile Arizona Trail. She’s on day three right now. More live tracking right this way on the FKT site.

Kevin Beck takes aim at many of the woke activists he sees masquerading as running journalists.

I don’t share my family photos on here, but this was truly one of my favorite runs of my life. First, it was my wife’s idea to run on vacation (Santa Cruz mountains and Capitola Beach), and though it was only three miles, my mouth still hurts from smiling so damn much.

TrailSisters/Chelino: Trina Chelino opens up about her abusive and rocky childhood and how she later found solace in the mountains. Good read.

Results from a survey that polled British runners show that men and women prefer to run different distances in XC races. But in the pursuit of equity, we should force them to run the same distance, right?

Five people who lied on Strava and got caught.

Want to improve your downhill speed? Try this “legs of steel” workout.

Interested and excited to see Dynafit enter the trail racing space. Anyone tried any of their MUT gear?

After the cancellation of a race last year, I’ve got my first SUP race on my calendar! I have no idea how I’ll do or even how to race, but it’s near my house, the entry is cheap, and it’s a course I paddle at least once a week. Now to find a good trail race!

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Mar 29

Treeline Journal: Anton Krupicka is registered for Leadville 100 this year and what a win would do for the trail ultramarathon world. I’d just love to see him line up and finish the damn thing, but a win…oh, a win would be crazy.

Trailrunner Mag: I may not know a ton about ski mountaineering, but I know that Italian trail runner/skiier Martina Valmassoi did something incredible last week. Nearly 58k feet of vert in 24 hours is very hard to comprehend.

iRunFar: Justin catches up with Grayson Murphy. Want to know more? Here’s our interview with her from Dec 2019.

Two of the fastest women at the Gate River Run in Florida gave birth shortly before the race…and one of them is a former URP guest.

The AP addresses trans women in sports here and Amby Burfoot shares his opinions here. Kevin Beck has a more aggressive and straightforward version here (link fixed) that also addresses hypocrisy in running media. Whaddya think?

There’s a certain naive, in-over-my-head enjoyment of jumping into a race that is outside what our training would indicate we’re ready for. But, in my experience, there’s something missing during these types of races.

What I miss is respect. A respect for the distance.

–Mark Märzen in ultrarunning magazine “Respecting the Distance.”

If you think drug doping is a big issue, get ready for gene doping and CRISPR. Really good article that lays out the pending confusion and problems in athletics. Given the opportunity, what would you change about your body (via gene doping) to make you a better MUT runner? I honestly have no idea.

I got this shirt from the folks at rabbit last and it immediately became my top choice for running and paddling. Button down and collared and made from a stretchy material that’s punctured with thousands of venting perforations in the back. Pockets up front for necessities and snaps to easily ventilate. Highly recommended, and no, not a paid ad spot.

Scotty Sandow was one of the original cohosts of ultrarunnerpodcast back in the day and you’ve heard from him occasionally since then. Now he’s hosting the ultrarunning magazine podcast and you can find it right here with one of my favorite runners Bev Abbs.

I generally cringe when I see “how to start trail running!” in style magazines, but this one is pretty good. It doesn’t contain any information that readers of URP don’t know, but I’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Major credit for not insisting that a runner needs $2k worth of running kit to get started.

Some clarity and fairness when it comes to “dad bods.” Imagine the hysteria from the wokesters if I started writing about “mom bods.”

I had no idea Caster Semenya was planning to run the 5000 this past weekend. Impressive jump from the 200! Curious to see if she can tweak her training to drop her time a bit.

Trailrunner Mag: Improve your uphill running with step ups.

This story is not unique unfortunately. British Oly Trial Marathon winner Chris Thompson used a pair of blacked out Nike super shoes with the (begrudged) approval from his sponsor on.
(And on that note, when and if you decide to start a retail company, choose a name that is not inherently confusing in copy.)

Personal note: The wildflowers in Northern California are simply incredible right now. I ran and paddled this weekend and the oranges, purples, and yellow-carpeted hills along the trails and rivers do wonders for the soul. Pictures do no justice. If you know, you know.

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