Finally, a really good interview with Kilian! He talks about the monotony of his life, the realization that he has changed since becoming a father, the cultural expectations of interview question, and maybe, just maybe a run at a little race in Greece ...


Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Feb 13 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Feb 13

Finally, a really good interview with Kilian! He talks about the monotony of his life, the realization that he has changed since becoming a father, the cultural expectations of interview question, and maybe, just maybe a run at a little race in Greece in late summer.

Run Spirited: Henry chats with Angela Shartel about her awesome journey from overweight introvert to ultra stud, race director, and inspiration to many in the community. For more on her story, check out her URP interview right this way.

CTS/Koop: Sometimes I ask my wife how her work day went and get a response that flies waaaay over my head. That’s how I feel when I clicked this link wondering if 30s intervals are beneficial to ultramarathon training.

WaPo: Connecticut girls file federal lawsuit seeking to restrict trans athletes from competing in high school athletics based on their gender identity.

“Ultrarunning has taught me that I am capable of so much more than I could possibly imagine. As an ultrarunner, you have likely heard the response, “I could never do that,” when asked about your latest foray into distance running. In all aspects of my life, I try to apply the opposite response and imagine how I can challenge myself more. The outcome is so different if your mind is free.”

Ultrarunning Mag highlights Ruthie Loffi, a “blue collar runner” British transplant who’s found her place on the trails. I love her attitude!

Heineken’s non-alcoholic beer is really good (as opposed to it’s traditional offering, ahem) and it’s helped the company to it’s strongest year in decades.

This guy is on Coronavirus lockdown, so he ran 31 miles in his living room.

In a training rut or having a bad race? Disrupt the patten!

Spartan dives into the international ultra trail scene with a list of events around the world (meh), a big prize purse (yay!), a bunch of new ambassadors to try and sway the community (meh), and a doping policy (kinda yay).
Do we really need another “series” that’s restricted to the handful of people who can afford the money and time to fly around the world to compete in these events?
Will this person be a “champion?” By what standards?
Will the ambassadors be transparent in their relationship with Spartan, just as gear reviewers do with comped gear?
I dunno, as I wrote last week, I think Spartan–and the MUT world–would have been better served to drop some of that cash on a big European mountain race and a low key North American ultramarathon to help acquaint the MUT scene with the OCR giant. I’m all for the growth of the sport, but this resembles Rodney Dangerfield trying to dock his boat in Caddyshack.

Trailsisters: Intro to orienteering…and the many benefits it offers MUT runners. I’d love to try it out.

Tarawera athlete dies after collapsing at race. More here.

Anyone have $70k they want to spend on me? The new Mercedes Benz Metris Weekender is sweet.

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Trail Running Daily News | Wed, Feb 12

Allie Ostrander has been my favorite female (overall?) runner for years. From Mt Marathon to steeplechase to HS and collegiate XC and indoor track, she does it all. Allie works hard, races hard, has a great attitude, and gives great interviews. Check out this clip from last week’s Millrose Games where she puts her guts on the line in the final lap of the 3k. If there’s ONE person I’d like to see get into Skyrunning type events, it’s Allie O. I can’t see any other women beating her.

Speaking of Mount Marathon, due to increased demand (sound familiar?), they’ve made some entry rule changes for 2020. Nice.

New trail system coming to Mt Shasta in Northern California. Sounds like a new FKT opportunity for Ghelfi.

Speaking of FKTs, Yassine Diboun and Xu Lin Ju attempt the 31 mile Loowit Trail around Mt. St. Helens. Great video!

In 2019, Nike-sponsored athletes dominated the World Marathon Majors, claiming 31 out of the 36 available podium positions. All of them were sporting some version of the Nike Vaporfly.

The other 5 podiums all went to athletes wearing Adidas shoes. During the last marathon of the season – the NYC Marathon – Albert Korir and Mary Keytany both placed second and both were wearing a pair of Adizero Pro.

Interesting. Good article on Adidas’ new carbon plated racing shoe hitting the shelves next month.

But the new Pixie Flyte from Adidas…you’ll have to wait a bit longer to experience the magic of flight.

I can see dipping in freezing water following a race, but otherwise, no thanks.

Reuters: A lot of trademark lawsuits seem pretty silly, but this one seems legit. Essentially, and from my understanding, Brooks Brothers wants to start selling athletic wear—including shoes—using the shortened Brooks name. Brooks (think Green Silence) is saying no way. Just writing that is confusing, and I think that’s the point of the complaint.
Any patent folks or lawyers want to weigh in?

Speaking of shoes, here’s a cool story of the winner of the women’s 50k at Tarawera this week who’s made a career of custom artwork on cycling and running shoes. Very cool. Follow her IG here.

Sports Illustrated: Yesterday it was NYT covering Jim’s rise, now it’s Chris Chavez for SI who submits an excellent piece on what Mr. Walmsley means to the sport and where it (and he) is going.

Men’s Journal: How to be a good trail runner.

NPR: Beer. Is there anything it can’t do?

Gear: I received this pack from Janji last year and have been using it regularly since then, as the multiple clips and straps allow me to attach Jerome’s leash while running. I’ve also found that it doesn’t twist up on me.
While I’ve been wearing it as a fanny pack slash thong (figured the extra strap was meant to prevent the pack from twisting around…genius, right?!?), the extra strap was apparently meant to be worn across the chest. Well now I feel like a damn fool.

Trail and Kale: Here’s another five running belts…minus the thong option.

“In a lot of ways I feel like I’m bearing a torch for ultrarunners,” Walmsley told Runner’s World. “The stereotype of most trail or ultra races is that it’s all really slow and you can either take them on for fun or after you’re really done running. [Training for Trials] feels like a responsibility [to show] we work pretty hard and we can hold our own as well.”

And more from Jim in Runner’s World. Good article that dives a bit more into his training.

Trailrunner Mag/Roche: How to use crosstraining to benefit your trail running goals.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Feb 11

NYT: Jim Walmsley gets some solid press while also introducing readers to the world of ultramarathons. Go get it, Jim!

Outside: Altra signing two pregnant athletes–non contingent with performance goals–is a very big deal that makes total sense. Consumers buy into a brand in which they feel a connection, and there’s not many things powerful than the bond of motherhood. Well done all around.

Uncle Larry writes about volunteering at Sean O’Brien. Very funny comment about the Salomon bottles…totally agree!

Much like I don’t think “despotic regime” has any place in a course description, having an ultramarathon under Sharia law doesn’t sound like a great idea either. Get hot and roll up your sleeves ladies? That’s a flogging.

Advice: Looking for a treadmill for under my standing desk. But…it’s gotta be no more than 3′ long. I’ve found them just over two feet, but that stride length would kill my long legs, and I’ve seen many at 4-5′. Any advice? Looking to spend no more than $400. Thanks.

Owls, moose, and coyotes are common on his Colorado trails. We’ve got coyotes and the occasional bobcat along the river, then cougars and bears in the Sierra. Seen anything cool?

Treeline Journal: Nikki signs up–with some hesitation–for a 100k in the Alps. Anxious to follow her journey on what sounds like a fun summer.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Couldn’t agree more about the Erin Gregoire debacle. USATF, get your sh*t together, alright?

Pickle flavored Vodka. My college self just threw up a little.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Feb 10

IRF/Justin Mock: Week in Running highlights some of this past weeks cool performances. My hot takes:

  • Kris Brown‘s 3rd at Tarawera. Always keep an eye on that guy. Trains hard, races smart, and he’s often overlooked for some reason.
  • Ailsa MacDonald’s domination of the 100M isn’t surprising if you listened to our interview with her. I’ve still got her on my podium list for Western States this year.
  • Ruperto Romero’s podium at Sean O’Brien is something people may overlook until they realize he’s almost 57 years old. Absolute beast, and one the most humble people in the sport. Interview here.
  • Walmsley’s 2:53 at Pemberton Trail 50k is really, really good. That’s 5:34 pace on on the trails and he’s got Olympic Trials in less than three weeks.

NatGeo calls shenanigans on Portland adventurer’s claim of Antarctic crossing.

Canadian Trail Running: The best and worst trail running dogs. Our last Standard Poodle, Carlos, was lousy. Good for maybe two miles, he simply didn’t like to run. Our new Standard Poodle Jerome loves it. I’ve only taken him up to four miles (waiting for him to get older for more miles), and I’m ecstatic that I’ll finally have a good boy to run with me.

Sports Illustrated: It’s only February, but we’ve got the list for the “Most Fit Athletes in Sports” and it’s pretty good. Even some decent MUT representation!

Globe and Mail: Powerful and well-researched article about sexual abuse at a top Canadian school’s running program.

NY Post: This is a parody article, right? Right?

Pretty sure this marks the first time that an MMA fighter (Jon Jones) has referenced an ultrarunner (David Goggins) in a post-fight press conference.

Jill is tapering for Iditarod Trail Invitational in some wild Colorado weather. Hey Jill, got a pic of the sled canopy/headpiece? Curious to see what Beat came up with.

Billy Yang: Watch Amanda Basham set a new FKT on Hawaiian trails.

Interesting perspective on the Nike shoe debate...from a patent attorney.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Feb 7

Run Spirited: Henry sits down with Zach and Nicole Bitter to learn more about how they balance life and running, how they met (Liza!), and how they approach obstacles together.
Re: Zach’s choice in music, hell yes on ACDC, but I’ll go with Let There Be Rock, live from Argentina. The boys were 60 years old (!) when they performed this! (And the energy from the girls at 6:02 is how I want to feel on the trails.)

Ultrarunning: More marriage advice from Cory and Melanie Reece on how to avoid a mid-race divorce.

Part Stravart, part Rickey Gates’ Every Street, people are creating routes that look visually cool and allow the runner to see new parts of town. Behold, the 200 mile London Spiral walk.

IRF: Certainly not a young gun running the big mountain races, Bob Hearn is the Prince of Pacing, known for his scientific and methodical approach to multi days and track races. An accomplished AI whiz and tech guy, Bob is…let’s say obsessive…about his preparation and races and his results show it. Here’s his latest report from Six Days in the Dome (it’s long, but read it!) and here’s our interview with him.

Semi-Rad: Some new weather charts from Semi-Rad. So true.

“When I start to feel too skinny, I give myself more of a green light to eat some donuts and ice cream. It’s not rare. There will be some nights when I just down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.”

Sports Illustrated crawls inside Jim Walmsley’s fridge to see what he’s eating.

Trailrunner Mag/Roche: Speaking of food, what if you have a crappy gut and it’s affecting your running?

NYT: While I’m adamant about categorizing sports based on sex and not gender, cases like Aminatou Seyni’s require so much more nuance and consideration. I’m anxious to follow her progress.

I depend on South China Morning Press for most of my China-related MUT news, and today–like much of this week–it’s largely dominated by Coronavirus news.

Canadian Running: How ultrarunning can make you a faster marathoner.

Lots of races this weekend and the weather is nice in Northern California. I’ll be inside painting and doing finish work. Almost done…I can smell the barn!

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