Is this you? Ultrarunners and alcohol habits. Chase and I sound very similar in this regard, except I “go Mormon” every few months and abstain from alcohol and caffeine all together. Latest episode of Mountain Outhouse is out: Jenn Shelton, Sage, ...


Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Apr 26 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Apr 26

Is this you? Ultrarunners and alcohol habits. Chase and I sound very similar in this regard, except I “go Mormon” every few months and abstain from alcohol and caffeine all together.

Latest episode of Mountain Outhouse is out: Jenn Shelton, Sage, Timothy Olson, and more!

It sounds like the names have been chosen, but they’re just waiting to announce the winners of the UD/Gu/LaSportiva FKT Grant Program. Ironic that a contest for Fastest Known Times is late?

Candice Burt: How to mitigate fear in the wilderness. Good stuff, and great advice. Read it, then go outside and do something awesome.

Speaking of fear, remember the trail running woman mauled during a race in NM last year? She’s back to running.

Industry folks: Tired of OR? Check out this new take on an experiential trade show.  I’ll be there in September….you?

More industry news: An analysis of how run specialty retailers are struggling with the digital era.  New brands aren’t getting shelf space and the consumer experience isn’t being attempted for an online platform.  Questions:

  • Where do you buy your gear/shoes? Why?
  • If online, is it from a retailer’s e-business or is it from Amazon/Zappos/RunnersWarehouse?
  • Do you feel a connection to your local independent running store via its website?

IRF: Womens pay vs mens pay in trail and ultramarathon events.

Whoa! Michele Yates is back!  She does well in a MTB race, then wins a 40 mile trail run.

Got slippage? How to tie your trail shoes.

Short news day today. Prepping for two new interviews: Blake Wood and Jess Mullen.


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Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Apr 25

Trail and Ultramarathon Running in the Post-Krupicka Climate.  Thoughts on this essay?

I never understood the Newton model (or the shoe’s popularity), but despite having a tough few years, the Boulder shoe company is vowing to return to its roots.

Want to live vicariously through a full-time adventurer’s social media postings? Here’s a good place to start.

Fun and fast race report from Adam Hewey’s Diaz Vista 50k.  Here’s our interview with Adam from 2014.

This guy goes off the deep end as he writes code that will predict which member of the Ultra Running Community message board wrote each post.  Not being a tech guy, I lost attention half way through.  Anyone fill me in on the outcome?

Running up a mountain makes it feel smaller.  Totally agree.

How to crew a trail ultra like a pro.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: I couldn’t agree more with his assessment of the Lananna/Siegel saga at USATF.  Most people expected Lananna to bring some needed scrutiny to the Federation when he was elected last year, but this recent statement has him facing the other way with fingers in his ears.

Alright, just find a local trail race for each of these places, and I’m ready for an epic road trip.

Science: Beer and peanuts advised for post-marathon nutrition/recovery.

Ben checks out the new Naked Running Band college rock band waist pack right here and gives it two huge and enthusiastic thumbs up, but warns of some serious quality issues in this first version.

The Angry Jogger is on a roll right now!  Here he writes about the indignities of being a runner in the modern world.

Who’ll be up at The Canyons this weekend? I’m camping Friday night at the start/finish, brining some beer and lawn darts and getting ready for a full day of ultra-announcing for the big race. Who else is camping?

You following me on Instagram?  It’s a new medium to me and I can’t figure out the right work/family balance. There’s your warning.

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Naked Running Band Review

First Impressions of the Naked Running Band:

Super minimal and streamlined – nice! It looks really breathable and it has a step through design – double nice! Then I picked it the Naked Running Band and examined it closer…

…wow, it’s really lightweight (2.3oz to be exact) and the 4-way power mesh material feels and looks really breathable. It really stretches when I pull and twist it. I sure hope it can carry 500ml soft flasks or bottles without bouncing as advertised. Let’s see.

naked running band

Presenting The Naked Running Band.

Now for more details. In this review we’ll break things down in to five areas:

  1. What’s good: the new, differentiating, or simply well designed or built features or aspects of the product.
  2. What’s decent: the features or aspects that are OK but not particularly new or differentiating.
  3. What could be improved: tweaks or improvements that could be made to make the product better.
  4. When to use it: the situations or scenarios where the product excels.
  5. How it compares: my current go-to competing products and how this compares.

I’ll try to be as succinct as possible. After all, you’ve probably got more running you can do today!

What’s good?

  • I really prefer products that are not overbuilt and this running band is perfectly simple: step-through design (to remove buckles and attachment points), four pockets that surround the waistbelt, two elastic storage straps, and two bib attachment points.

naked running band

The ‘front’ of the Naked Running Band with the bib attachment points. If you never use these I would simply cut these off to make the band even lighter.

naked running band

The ‘back’ of the Naked Running Band with the elastic storage straps. These straps are advertised to be used as jacket loops for a rolled-up jacket. Silicone grippers on the underside of these straps help keep things more secure. I’ll be testing these straps with z-poles soon.

  • Expandability of the pockets. This waistbelt can store 3L of stuff – 3L! That’s as much as minimal race vests nowadays. The 4-way power mesh really expands nicely. Kudos to the designers for making use of nearly every centimeter of the belt. The four pockets wrap around the belt perfectly and you can easily rotate the belt on the go (although this becomes more difficult when the band is wet since it’s fits so snugly).

naked running band

Four pockets surround the Naked Running Band perfectly.

  • No bounce. This is what absolutely nails it for me – the fit is simply rad. I gotta admit, when I read about yet another waistbelt that offered “no bouncing while running” I was skeptical. I’ve worn 4-5 other waistbands that once loaded up with a full soft flask or bottle they each bounced every time or kept riding up my hips. Especially when bombing downhill. Not this band – it’s awesome! Note: the band comes in 6 sizes (soon to be 12) so it’s important you get the right size. I recommend communicating with the folks at Naked about what size is right for you before purchasing so it fits the way it should.

naked running band

Load up the front and/or the back pocket with a 500ml soft flask or bottle of your choice. It won’t bounce! Note: no bottles or soft flasks are included.

  • The breathability and drying time. You can go swimming with this thing, literally, and it dries fast. It’s without a doubt the fastest drying waistbelt I’ve ever worn.

What’s decent?

  • The value. Originally, I was going to suggest the cost of $45.99 was in fact a good value (and to be clear, I think $45.99 is a very fair price for this product). However, until the next version comes out and Naked addresses some of the quality control issues with the stitching I’m worried the product will break down and need to be taken to the seamstress prematurely (see below).

What could be improved?

  • The seams & stitching. I saw some loose threads when the product arrived and one of the pull tabs came loose quite quickly after only a few runs. I’ve spoken with Lindsay, one of the co-founders and co-designers, and he promised me they are addressing this with the next version coming to market very soon. Every stress point will be bar tacked (like what you find on a backpack) and new stitching will be used

naked running band

Some loose threads upon arrival that should be addressed in the next version.

naked running band

After only three runs one of the pull tabs is about to come loose.

When to use it?

  • Whenever you want to quickly and easily carry up to 3L of stuff! The Naked Running Band has so many uses I am struggling to narrow down the use cases. I find myself reaching for it on nearly every run now since I don’t even notice I’m wearing it. Want to carry your oversized smartphone for that all important trail-selfie? No problem. Want to carry two soft flasks and 10 gels? Check. Since it works with nearly anything you can stuff in to its pockets you get to decide what to carry and when.

Similar products to compare with:

  • None. It has no equal. For the storage capacity and fit compared to the breathability and cost it’s the best waistbelt I have ever tried. I will be wearing it for all of my races this summer. Note: I own or have also used the following waistbelts: Ultimate Direction Groove Mono Belt, Ultimate Direction Jurek Essentials Belt, Ultraspire Quantum, Flipbelt, Simple Hydration Bottle, and a homemade waistband bottle using a thera-band strap.

So, the $45.99 question – should you purchase The Naked Running Band?

In one word, yes. As I mentioned earlier, you may need to bust out the sewing machine or see the seamstress prematurely for a few lose threads but I think that’s a small price to pay for such an awesome waistbelt.

Questions, comments, or feedback on this waistbelt? Please share! And thanks for reading!

Purchasing Information

If you’re interested in purchasing the Naked Running Band, please first check availability at your local, independently owned running specialty store. They need your business and are a great resource for the community.

If that’s not an option, please use this link to purchase directly from the Naked Running Band website. Thank You!

Meet Your Reviewer: Ben Zuehlsdorf

I am an avid running gear junkie. When I’m not smelling new shoes I’m usually running or racing around the local trails in Marin County, California or talking shop with the San Francisco Running Company community of friends. I was once a road marathoner but now have transitioned almost exclusively to the trails and racing ultras the last few years.

Disclaimer: This pack was provided to URP/Ben for testing purposes. All words and thoughts are ours and no compensation was offered or received.

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Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Apr 24

Justin/IRF’s Weekend Ultramarathon and Trail Roundup: Lots of European races and a few mid-size domestic events.

Read it: Amelia writes about returning to racing after a year of injury rehab.  While not at her level, many of us deal with similar emotions after a forced hiatus.  

Science: HIIT may be the closest thing we’ve got to the fountain of youth: In research presented last month in the journal Cell Metabolism, a team of Mayo Clinic researchers suggested that it might help to reverse the cellular signs of aging.

You know those gorgeous trails you run on? There’s a massive group of volunteers to help maintain them and keep them safe and clean for years to come.  Here’s the group that worked all weekend to cut, clean, saw, build, dig, and fill sections of the Western States course in El Dorado Canyon. 


The Angry Jogger discusses the various states of emotion and regret immediately following an ultramarathon distance event.

Great discussion on doping in running events vs team sports.  Why does the whole relay team face suspension if one on of the runners tests positive, but the whole football team isn’t suspended if one of the players tests dirty?

Honnold and Ozturk getting ready to take on America’s biggest free climb.

Speaking of climbing, this brewery in Scotland features topo maps on the labels and peak-themed names to their lineup.  Anyone had one of the beers?

More explanations as to why Kenyans excel at distance running.

Personal question: Is anyone else prone to getting more tics than normal? And if so, do you get bit by mosquitos less frequently?  I can go on one trail run and come back with 3 tics while my running partners get none. But sitting on the front porch with everyone slapping at mosquitos, I come away itch-free. (They bite me, but they don’t usually itch.)  I’m also unaffected by poison ivy, if that counts for anything.Wondering if there’s a correlation? Anyone?  

Seems like a short news day.  What did I miss?

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Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Apr 21

Ten hidden gems on the Appalachian Trail.

Lots of great Lake Sonoma footage from RSGH right here and here’s Ginger Runner’s video of Kim’s race.

Bob Graham Round? Check. UTMB? Check.  Nicky Spinks details her next big adventure right here and what it means to her at this point in her life.

I’m pretty sure Nike won’t be sending me samples any time soon, but this review of the new VaporFly makes it look pretty sweet.  Only thing…the “pointed heel” makes it more aerodynamic? Really?

Beer mile too tame for you? Tomorrow there’s a naked beer mile at a clothing-optional resort in Southern California. Flap. Flap. Barf.

beer mile ultramarathon
2012 Vertical Beer Mile. Your author on the left.

Science: Gut training.

But what if the evidence is flawed?

Friday Funny: How training for a marathon is like announcing to your friends that you’re pregnant.

Neither course changes nor anxiety would prevent Saul from finishing Gorge Waterfalls 100k.  Great mid-pack report with beautiful pictures.

And here’s a report from Southern California where front-of-the-pack banter includes Bronco Billy’s musings on Jim Walmsley and his longevity.  Then the writer learns a few lessons about himself.

Am I being tech-resistant when I say that I don’t see the need for “smart shoes”?  Here’s Altra’s foray into the new space.

There are approximately 927 bajillion plants blooming right now within a mile from my house.  All of them are full of pollen, and most of that pollen finds its way to my nose.  Here’s what runners need to know about springtime allergies. (Claritin works for me, whew.)

Hey you! Yeah, I’m talking to a few hundred of you right now.  If you’re injured and thinking it’s a good idea to race this weekend, take a few minutes and read Jimmy’s report from his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

“Isn’t trail running dangerous?!?” is something we’ve all heard.  Here are safety consideration to pay attention to while running in the most dangerous environment: City streets.

Another thing we’ve all heard: “Oh, a marathon must be so easy for you.”  Consider.

While out of competition testing may be integral to cleaning up the sport, asking athletes to file whereabout for three months into the future seems an undue burden.  Not sure what happened with this hurdler, but she’s suspended for a year now.

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