Press conference with Travis Kauffman, the mountain lion dude. Wow, what a composed and cool guy! A one minute encounter with a cat would be horrific, and his went on for ten times that long…incredible! Life goals: Send kids off to college and run a ...


Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Feb 15 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Feb 15

Press conference with Travis Kauffman, the mountain lion dude. Wow, what a composed and cool guy! A one minute encounter with a cat would be horrific, and his went on for ten times that long…incredible!

Life goals: Send kids off to college and run a hundred miler with my wife.

I’ll admit to not understanding at all what Lucho is writing about here. Is he breaking down personality types with their corresponding race distances?

Woohoo! Non alcoholic beer an effective post workout covey drink.

Let’s see where this goes: Athletes start group (union?) that will represent their interests with the IOC and other governing bodies. Initial targets seem to be more consistent WADA guidelines and the dismantling of Rule 50, the rule that dictates logo placement and sponsor mentions.

I’m a bit of a privacy nut and the thought of having my “smart” shoes hacked and tracked drives me crazy. You?

I posted a new podcast yesterday where I go into a bit more depth with some hot MUT news stories and answer questions about my vision issue. Also, big thanks to those who reached out with translation help! I’ve got it figured out now. Much love.

What makes our sport special: The celebration and regard we have for those in very last place. Here’s a great story about three guys finishing Tarawera 100M last weekend.

I love stuff like this: Two guys have suspicions about the length of a marathon course, fly to Abu Dhabi with a calibrated wheel, and determine that the championship course was about 200m short.

If you’re not following Davy Crockett’s UltrarunningHistory site and podcast, you’re missing out. Here he lays out the history of the 100 miler.

Paul Ryan was scrutinized for his “sub three hour marathon” comment, now a Chicago mayoral candidate is facing similar scrutiny with her Ironman claims.

Uncle Larry writes about wet weather trail running and what not to do.

Enjoy your weekend. Got running plans?

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Valentine’s Day Edition

Remember a few years ago when Kelly Agnew was popped for cheating by hiding in the outhouse near the start/finish at multiple ultramarathons? Apparently his dishonesty wasn’t limited to sports.

Parodies are especially funny when they really nail a specific element of truth. Read this about this old guy’s marathon training and you’ll see what I mean..

Jim may have his hands full with Run Yanqiao this weekend. He’s a fast trail runner (also with HOKA) who’s been focusing on the roads for the past few months. Sound familiar?

Does an “uplifting” song translate to motivation on the trail? If so, science says you should be listening to this song by Queen. ( FWIW: I’m pretty sure that Freddie burned more calories in one live show than we burn in a 50 miler.)

This was an interesting one for sure.  I’ve suffered in races before, but I don’t recall ever going into the depths like I did at this one and coming back with multiple strong sections in between… In fact, in these long events, with so many variables, most of them won’t go perfectly well–or even reasonably well.  Far from it.  But there is something empowering in knowing that you can survive–maybe even succeed–even when it seems like everything that can go wrong does. 

-Dr. Jay’s report from Rocky Raccoon. Great read!

IAAF is planning on testifying that Caster Semenya is a biological male unless she takes t-suppresants. Such a tricky issue that has no answer that’ll appease everyone.

Or maybe not. IAAF denies that they’ll testify that she’s biologically male.

First time I’ve heard of it: Maxi pads in shoes to dry out feet during a race. I’d think they’d shred after awhile, right?

Excellent post about Magdalena Boulet and he background. Here’s our most recent interview with her.

For the ladies: Running with the Red Badge of Courage. Scotty and I interviewed Maggie Akyuz back in the day and she shared her story of having her period during her first hundred miler.

The USATF dumpster fire continues to burn bright.

Kenyans taking up sport of inline skating. Awesome! I skate during spring/summer and can’t think of a better x training regimen for running. h/t Adharanand Finn.

Western States RD Craig Thornley tweeted yesterday that the race will award five ITRA points this year, down from six last year. Apparently it’s based on the distance between aid stations, but that hasn’t changed since last year. Not sure many people pay attention to the ITRA points.

Trendy recovery tools don’t work. Or they do. Both.

Gabi wrestles with the identity of a “runner” and whether that’s a static label. I think most of us have been there.

Are you the type of person who just wants a list of things that’ll make them a better runner? This is for you.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Feb 13

 “Look, sort your sh*t out. In Ultras you go through highs and lows. This is a low. Get out of it.”

Great essay by Ryan Sandes about the emotional struggles he faced before and during Tarawera.

Not sure this is a function of Hong Kong’s bureaucracy, the fast growth of competitive trail running in the world, or more likely, a combination of both, but HK is having some issues fielding a team for the Trail World Championships. Good reporting and analysis.

It’s nice to see a road marathon with a decent beer sponsor. Austin Marathon Partners with Oskar Blues for the Third Year.

ROOTED. Probably the best film about a race and its history that’s out there.

The guy who invented the GPS says his invention has made us unable to read maps. If you’re headed out on a big adventure, bring a map and a compass and know how to use both. I’ve been out with so many people who carry a compass but have no clue what to do with it.

Some little Spanish guy got bored and skied 14 miles up hill.

The non-alcoholic beer selection in Finland. WOW!
Pic from Jilles Eissen from the NA Beer Afficiandos Facebook group.

Centurion Running in the UK is putting on a proper track 100 miler that focuses on elite runners breaking records. Super stoked to see who shows up and races hard. Is betting allowed in the UK?

In a bold attempt to validate multiple stereotypes consecutively, this Colombian ex pro cyclist busted for transporting cocaine in his seat tube.

This is why we have the internet. Looking for your 2020 WSER qualifier? Check out this interactive map/spreadsheet compiled by Brinnae Bent.

After a legal complaint from a proven cheater, Marathon Investigations was down for a day. Good news….site’s back online.

Emily Harrison and Courtney Dauwalter both have birthdays today. Happy Birthday ladies!

AJW’s ode to John Morelock. I agree, his wisdom and powerful words are needed now.

This week in Science: Sports drinks do help, but their effectiveness is largely based on what you ate for breakfast.

Bronco Billy is 4 years my senior, and he gives me hope and inspiration to run better in my late 40s. Here’s his strength/fitness routine he uses that keeps him on the podium.

David Roche recommends not focusing on what the scale says. Personally, I’ve got a weight target that I race best at and it’s my goal this year to come close it. Some people have unhealthy responses to weight, but most don’t, right?

Industry: Reebok Russia goes with the eyebrow-raising “sit on men’s faces” campaign, gets the clicks and the eyes, then fires the ad guy. Probably a bad idea in the first place.

Fifty one destinations to run and drink beer. What/where’d they miss?

I’m organizing a fatass in Southern California and Sunny asked what the race with the funny name was all about. I gave her the green light to say “fatass” and she’s said it 20 times this morning. Thinks she’s being suuuper naughty.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Feb 11

Justin’s This Week in Running lays down all the ultramarathon and trail results from the past week. Notable to me:

  • Uli Steidl is running Fourmidable next weekend! Wow, anxious to see how he does.
  • Camille’s Tarawera run was pretty damn impressive. She still struggles with technical terrain (as do I!), but if it’s relatively smooth, she’s nearly unbeatable by anyone.
  • Black Canyon next weekend is looking like a great lineup. YiOu Want, Kaci, some Cowboys, Dakota, Max…whew. Giddy. Up.

Non ultramarathon/trail news: Jamaican 3,000m runner Kimoy Campbell collapsed at the Millrose Games over the weekend and according to a recent announcement for his family, is currently sedated in the hospital “letting his body rest.” Kemoy is the current national record holder for the 3k and 10k. Best wishes to him and his family.

Ethan Newberry is jumping into the race director business with a brutal event in Washington called Tiger Claw. More info here. His Patreon supporters (including moi) got an early chance to register…all others can get in tomorrow morning at 7am PST.

Interesting article about why some sports shun dopers while others like football essentially turn a blind eye.

JamJam’s Mountain Outhouse News: Wardian’s incredible 7/7/7 (see more below), Walter Handlosers’s Half Hundred Hundreds update, and more.

So wait, am I more masculine or less masculine for my new diet?

And for something more feminine, here’s Alison’s excellent Fast Women newsletter.

Mike Wardian set a new Guiness World Record for his 10 marathons time. Still waiting for an official mark, but 10 marathons in 10 days with an average time under three hours is incredible. And they were done with crazy travel. And with minimal recovery. And Mike is 44 years old. Truly an outlier in a sport full of outliers.

Good stuff from Ritz: You need a running confidant.

More on why a good nights sleep is the magic pill for athletic performance.

Counter point: How many champions have we spoken to whose race repots start with “I slept like sh*t the night before the race….”

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