Great piece by Liza Howard about the “not yet” mindset. While some will use it as an easy excuse to DNF their next ultramarathon, others will use it a continuation rather than an abrupt stop–similar to what the semicolon tattoo represents. ...


Ultramarathon Daily News | Wednesday, Aug 23 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News | Wednesday, Aug 23

Great piece by Liza Howard about the “not yet” mindset. While some will use it as an easy excuse to DNF their next ultramarathon, others will use it a continuation rather than an abrupt stop–similar to what the semicolon tattoo represents. Interested in hearing about Liza’s grit? Check out this interview with her from a few years ago.

Final final results from the IAU 24 Hour World Championships. Mark this down as one of the biggest f-ups in ultramarathon history.

OOk. Side stitches. We’ve all had them, and many of us still suffer from them. What exactly are they, and how can we prevent them?

Europe eeks towards cupless races.

Simply awesome: Need some Hump Day motivation? Watch this video with Gabe Grunewald as she talk about racing, resolve, her love of running, and dealing with a cancer diagnosis every day.

We talk about balance a lot on URP, but Brad Stulberg makes some excellent points in this piece about why we should strive for less of it in our lives.

Kind of the same-old info we hear from any new scientific study: Men are stronger, but women have more relative endurance. What’s strange though is his comment about “what would happen if there were an ultra-ultramarathon.” Exactly how far do we need to race to see these results?


Uncle Larry posts another screed about how much AC100 sucks. Hidden within his anger are some decent points.

Chamonix…Heaven on earth. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been there, and I’m anxious to return sometime as a runner rather than some kid wandering through Europe.

These brewers set out to make various altbiers and other non-IPA styles, but got forced into the craze by the crazy hophead bubble. Anyone tried the M-43?

Skurka needs help choosing a shoe for UTMB: HOKA Speedgoat 2 or the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra.

Rad: What happens when there’s a total eclipse right when you’re shredding down singletrack in Utah Idaho? Great MTB video.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Aug 22

Excellent: Three things that separate failure from success in ultramarathon distance events.

Joe Grant’s ode to high speed, high alpine running in Colorado.

I’m sure there’s some interesting info in this article about former Olympians’ fitness, but the ad wall that protects RW is insane. I’ve disabled my adblocker, whitelisted it, etc., but it still won’t show me the full post.

Yet a non-randomised, uncontrolled trial of one – me – found that daily training for an ultramarathon made it challenging just to raise a smile, never mind anything else…

Sex and the endurance runner. Does training affect your libido, or importantly, your partners’ mood to engage in said act?

Trail shoes designed by Pharrell? They actually look pretty cool, and I love the lacing system.

Help? I’m writing a piece on cannabis use in outdoor endurance sports and am looking for background from elite/influential members of our sport. Not looking to engage in legal/doping issues, but rather how it effects (positively or negatively) your running. Do you use it? Are you strictly opposed to it? If you wouldn’t mind emailing me here, I’d appreciate it. Any communication would be strictly confidential and off the record. Thanks.

This author dislocated his shoulder patting himself on the back, so proud of the wittiness of his article title.

Outside Magazine just dropped their video from the Broken Arrow Skyrace. This will continue to be a huge race for mountain runners and I’m stoked to be there again next year.

I was actually relieved to not record the data, because I wanted to stay firmly rooted in the present. I wanted to look at my watch, say “it’s 2:30 pm and I am deep in the Pennsylvania woods somewhere between miles 33 and 35 and I don’t give a crap because this is fun.”

Jimmy’s report from the Eastern States 100.

Who’ll be the first elite ultramarathon runner to start marketing their gut bacteria? I believe AJW has left samples on most major trails in the US.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout is ready for your perusal. Iron Mike is so far out on one end of the recovery/fitness bell curve that it boggles the mind. Also, Leadville, Russian doping, and more.

Beer news: Met a guy last night who told me the two best lagers he’s ever had (including those in Germany) were both in Tasmania. Any Aussies (or anyone who’s been there) care to comment?

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Aug 21

Justin/IRF lays down the results from this weekend’s ultramarathon and trail running events from around the world. Special attention to Mike Wardian’s insane Leadville/Pike’s Peak Marathon double. 

Geoff Roes’ first blog post in three years.

Injured? Read this? Not injured? Save it: Amelia Boone’s injury commandments.

Hallucinating on the trails at the Bigfoot 200.

ultramarathon scienceScience: Running is good for your knees and the prevention of osteoarthritis.

Well, how fast could you run a mile?

The LetsRun MENSA Team discusses why ultramarathons aren’t respected more and why we’re a bunch of wimps. Or something.

No need to preach to you folks: Running on the side of the road is really dangerous.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Aug 18

JamJam’s latest Mountain Outhouse is chock full of ultramarathon media goodness. Great episode!

Three excellent pieces of advice given to Courtney Frerichs before her silver in London. I’ve found my new mantra: Give yourself a chance.

There are a few trail races going on this weekend in Colorado. Dispensary sales spike?

Did you catch our latest interview with Yitka Winn? We talk about her recent win at Fat Dog 120, professional writing, smart pacing, adventure runs, and she shows off her greatest talent: The Backwards Alphabet.

A ubiquitous site at many mountain ultra marathons are HAM radio operators. Learn more about what they do for our community right here….and thank them at every opportunity.

Sarah reflects on the history of climbing around Telluride and her own experiences this summer climbing 14ers and running in the mountains.

Alright, so maybe a crude comparison, but our sport really does share a lot of similarities with this one. Completely unconventional, copious vomiting, an incredible will to continue in the face of despair, participants of all shapes and sizes, and minimal prizes for a job well done.

OCR: If you’re going to hire a contractor to build a structure that’ll be climbed by 6500 participants in a race, better make sure he’s licensed.

Good recap of Bigfoot 200. And I’ll echo the author’s opinion: Candice is one hell of an RD who gets it right.

Skurka takes down one of Anton’s FKTs from the Continental Divide.

Great preview of the new Gary Robbins/Barkley movie: Where Dreams Go To Die. And don’t worry…he’s going back.

Remember Rio Olympics last summer when the two female runners got tangled up, fell, helped reach other up, and finished? Where are they now?

Science: Ibuprofen causes kidney damage in ultramarathon and endurance athletes. Left out of the article: Dosage during test.

Some pretty good backcountry tips for keeping your hygiene in check. Home made bidet? Check.

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Yitka Winn Interview

Runner and writer Yitka Winn joins me just a few days after her win at Fat Dog 120 to talk about her first big win, how it happened, and the feeling of running “up front” and getting chased. 

Yitka Winn
George Orozco running Yitka Winn into the finish at Fat Dog. Photo by Glenn Tachiyama.

We also discuss the importance of good communication between runners and pacers. Have they discussed beforehand what information is appropriate and what details the runner does not want to know? If you’re pacing someone and haven’t had that conversation, listen up.

Yitka Winn
Post-race/sleep/shower and chilling at the Fat Dog finish line in the award given to podium finishers: super sweet, glow-in-the-dark capri jammies. Photo by Glenn Tachiyama.

We also talk about Yitka’s “other” life as a professional writer/editor/journalist. How’d she land such a sweet gig at TrailRunner Magazine, why’d she leave it, and how has going back to a 9-5 schedule improved her running?

And if you have fears of night-time running, you’ll get chills hearing Yitka’s stories about her scary encounters on the trails. They all turned alright, but….yikes!

Yitka Winn
Yitka Winn at the Pasayten River crossing at mile 39 of Fat Dog 120. Brian McCurdy Photography.

Yitka Winn Episode Notes

Here’s Yitka’s site.

Here’s the Fat Dog 120 site.

Here’s the article I referenced about the Issy Alps.

We referenced George Orozco numerous times, who’s not only Yitka’s boyfriend, but coach and pacer too.  George also coaches past URP guest Jess Mullen.

Outro music by AJ LeGrand.

Yitka Winn
Yitka Winn hut trippin’ last year.

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