At 48, Katrina was a former pro cyclist when she decided to enter a 100k in British Columbia. She won the whole damn thing. Backpacker: Most of us are somewhat familiar with trail first aid, but if you hike or run with your dog, would you know what to ...


Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Sep 12 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Sep 12

At 48, Katrina was a former pro cyclist when she decided to enter a 100k in British Columbia. She won the whole damn thing.

Backpacker: Most of us are somewhat familiar with trail first aid, but if you hike or run with your dog, would you know what to do if your pooch got hurt?

Mountain Outhouse: Veterans run at Wasatch and JamJam takes a DNS at Tor des Geants.

TDG Update: John Kelly and Jason Koop have both finished. Amy Sproston has four checkpoints to go. Waiting on word from others. Live tracking here.

Down the jeep trail I ran at a near blistering pace of about 5:30 per mile. I tried to roll through the rocks bee lining it down the jeep trail. This takes a lot of practice but runners do get better. It helps to roll through your stride and not break with your quads so much.

Timmy Parr’s report from his win at Imogene Pass this past weekend.

Trailrunner Mag/Roche: Training for ultramarathons while your life is busy busy busy.

Fastrunning: This is such an easy trap to fall into: I don’t have many times to run this week, so I’m going to push my workouts hard. This article dives into why you don’t need to win training.

Running the Burning Man 50k on LSD.

TrailSisters: Gina writes about how to increase an “awareness” that will hopefully lead to additional participation from women in our silly sport. I agree with her points completely and get to see the tactics and ideas working every day. I’ll add one more idea: Find a collegiate XC meet and take your girls (and their friends or teammates) to watch it. Kids–especially girls–don’t get an upfront view of women’s sports very often, and a good and dirty race can be pretty transformative experience.

Health: Many of us can relate to this guy’s mindset: Obsessing on every detail and diving deep into his passions. But did his obsession for running cause shingles?

Two days ago was National Suicide Awareness Day and I missed the opportunity to remind everyone to listen to this episode with Carol Seppilu who survived suicide and is now finding a new life on the trails. It’s a powerful episode.

Art: Check out some of these beautiful art commissions that highlight trail races from the UK. Maybe we could convince him to do some for stateside races?

YouTube: My favorite runner and my filmmaker in one production. Max Romey’s film about Courtney Dauwalter is fantastic. Aside from the scenery and Courtney-isms, the most impactful part was when she said “I just need to find the other side of this dark patch.” I’ll remember that next time I’m bonking…yes, this is going to be dark and it sucks right now, but look a bit further down the trail, and there’s light down there.
(Ah, and here’s Max’s film about Mt Marathon.)

Anchorage Daily News: Great story about how runner pays tribute to another by setting a new track record.

CNN: California has been passing all sorts of laws recently, and this most recent piece of legislation will allow college athletes to profit from endorsement deals. Very interesting to see how it turns out.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, Sep 10

Eric travels to Europe for a mountain race (Ultra Trail Monte Rosa) only to have it cancelled mid-way through due to weather. He does a great job describing the course (with pictures) and has some excellent commentary and questions on why, if these races mandate foul-weather gear, are they cancelled when bad weather appears.

RunSpirited: Henry chats with Justin Grunewald about the passing of his wife Gabe, his own running, and what the future holds.

It’s getting harder to get into the Boston Marathon. What would you think of popular ultramarathons using this approach?

Michele Yates FAQ: Michele opens up and answers questions from clients and readers.

SkyRunning: Here are the rankings from Skyrunning USA.

Guardian: Runner goes to the hospital with leg pain and is (mis)diagnosed with pulled hamstring. She died a week later from DVT.

TrailsAndTarmac: Rachel Drake tells her story of her hard-fought and bloody 7th place at CCC this year. One thing though…she’s awful quick to call “sexism” on something that could very well have have happened if, instead of Xavier, it was Anna or Rory or Emelie or other popular female runner. Agree?

Check out our latest episode with author Jared Beasley where we dive deep into the life and times of iconic ultra runner Al Howie. Howie’s got the record for longest run without stopping and the trans-Can FKT, and he did these while battling some mental health issues and poverty. Can’t wait for the book to come out!

WSER: Sizzle reel from the 2019 race.

Speaking of Western, OG ultrarunner and past URP guest Frank Bozanich just hit 200k lifetime miles. Wow! Be sure to check out this post from a few years ago where Frank recounts the early days of the race.

Speaking of mega distance, meet some of the “regular” runners who finished up Six Days in the Dome last week.

Olympics: The venue for long distance swimming is apparently pretty sh!t%y.

Dogfish Head Brewing Co releasing their first trail running shoe.

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Author Jared Beasley | In Search of Al Howie

Author Jared Beasley joins me to chat about his upcoming book, In Search of Al Howie. Howie was not only an accomplished mega-distance runner, but a person who’s life was full of stories and extreme highs and lows: He used fake names to evade law enforcement, couldn’t afford a simple bus ticket to races, and worked itinerant jobs, all while setting running records that still stand today.

Al Howie

For those not familiar with Al Howie, you’re in for quite an awakening. Howie was a Scotsman-turned-Canadian whose ultrarunning exploits in the 80s and 90s are hard to fathom:

  • He ran across Canada in a still-world-record of 72 days (that’s just over 100k/day), then two weeks later, ran 1300 miles to break his own world record.
  • Howie (ahem) still holds the world record for longest run without stopping by running 360 miles around a standard track.
  • He ran from England through France to the island of Sardinia to compete in a marathon.
Al Howie cross training with a beer on a bike.

In this interview, author/biographer Jared Beasley talks about how he came across Al Howie and what he learned from talking to him over the last few years of his life. How severe was the mental illness Howie suffered? What did he think his own accomplishments, and which races stood out? And what about that cancer diagnosis that was cured with a macrobiotic diet?

Al Howie during his 1,000 mile run at Sri Chimnoy

Al Howie Episode Notes

Here’s info and purchasing info for the book. It’ll be released in October 2019.

Your author and guest, Jared Beasley.

Here’s Jared’s site.

Here’s the Dinkelacker beer he was talking about.

Here’s a link to the only race in which Al Howie and Yiannis Kouros competed head to head.

Intro and outro music used courtesy of David Rosales. Find his music and tour schedule right here.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Sep 9

IRF/Mock: This week in trail and ultramarathon results: Timmy Parr is back at Imogene Pass; a close race in Interlaken; and cool to see Foote’s name on the list for RRR next weekend.

Sarah Lavender Smith: Gear, food, and essentials for a multi day, self supported stage race. Sarah’s done a number of these now and streamlining her approach.

Wow: This past weekend Dion Leonard became the first male to complete the Leadville Race Series and the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in one year. Wow!

Mountain Outhouse News: UTMB, Six Days in Dome, and more. My thoughts:
-Agree with Jamil re the shorts. Is this really an issue? I’ve gotta believe Courtney is a bit weirded out by someone using her in this way.
Wastach 40th Anniversary run! What a cool idea!
-CBD/THC: If a product she thought was clean was not, then she’s got a solid argument. I’d like to hear more about this.

National Parks: Wow, I had no idea the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin was so beautiful!

US Trail Running Conference sells out to Spartan Trail.

SCMP: Lots of hype and initial fireworks from the Chinese contingent at UTMB, but looks like more lessons were learned than podium spots earned. Still, great attitudes with some fun insight into this emerging scene.

PodiumRunner: Four classic cross country workouts that’ll make you a better runner.

Very excited to release an episode with author Jared Beasley in which we dive into the life and mind-boggling times of Al Howie. Stay tuned.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Sep 5

Funny and relatable pacer report from Leadville 100.

Jill Outside: The best essay on PTL I’ve read. Jill shares her history with the Alps, her love/hate relationship with the race, and how everything went this year. Great read.

You could say my one ultra experience so far was both a huge success and total utter disaster. Crossing the line first at Race to the Stones showed me I’m physically capable of running for 100km without dying, and being competitive, but the subsequent disqualification for going off-course showed I have, errr, work to do!
But either way, I had well and truly caught the ultra bug, seduced by the pressure-free environment, the glorious scenery, the camaraderie, the physical challenge and a step into the unknown.

We’ve got another convert joining us on the trails. Nice to have ya, Tom!

Oregon: Trail runner encounters mountain lion on the trail and as it approaches, he kicks it in the face. Fish and game track it, find it, and put it down.

Here’s your feel good story of the day. Nice work, Juan!

And here’s your Thursday funny for the day: Kipchoge defends decision to use electric scooter in sub 2 marathon attempt.

iRunFar: Profile of one of the prime examples of an outdoorsman and someone who practices what he preaches, Jared Campbell. Great read.

Adventure Blog: Looks like Kilian will be making a speed attempt on Everest’s south side this autumn.

NY Post: Aussie woman sues her neighbor over smell of cooked meat, so naturally, they’ve planned a massive BBQ in her front yard and invited everyone.

When I get bored, I click over to to fastestknowntimes to see who’s out working on a new record.

Sober curious? Do we have to give it a name like that? Can’t it be “doesn’t drink” or “only drinks NA stuff?” Ugh.

Good recap of the HOKA HOKA Long Island Mile. Women’s race and men’s race were both awesome.

Prepping for an interview tomorrow where I’ll be talking with an author about one of ultramarathon’s greatest runners and most colorful characters. Stay tuned.

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