First, a huge thanks to our Veterans for their service. Trail and ultramarathon running is made up of people from all walks of life, and I'm proud to share the trail with those who've worn the uniform. And let's not forget those who never came home and ...


Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Nov 12 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Nov 12

First, a huge thanks to our Veterans for their service. Trail and ultramarathon running is made up of people from all walks of life, and I’m proud to share the trail with those who’ve worn the uniform. And let’s not forget those who never came home and gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Good on Ellie, Pam, Liza, Joe(s), Meredith, the Grossmans, and the rest of the Band of Runners Trail Camp for supporting the Veteran community.

Likewise, there are thousands of men and women battling fierce fires all over  the state of California. Air quality in Sacramento is the worst I’ve ever seen it and even hardcore, damn-the-torpedoes runners I know are staying indoors. I’ll keep my complaining about life’s mundane problems to a minimum this week. Though it seems insignificant when talking about homes, businesses, schools, and actual life, there are a number of charities collecting running gear for those who’ve lost theirs in the fire. If your life is in shambles (or ash), sometimes a good run is the therapy you need at the time.

But let’s get to the news.

Justin runs down the top trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend. What stood out to me:

  • Zach Bitter’s 12:08 at Tunnel Hill. Insanely fast on any terrain. But…if I recall correctly, the MUT community (incl yours truly) questioned the “trail” designation when Camille set a WR there last year, right?  We should do the same this year. Fair complaint? I’m not questioning the time or Zach’s performance or the weird USATF terrain designation, but instead seeking consistency in coverage. Overall, an incredible performance by a dude who knows how to get it done.
  • And is this the first time that North Face and JFK50 have overlapped? With winds on the horizon, I wouldn’t be surprised if TNFEC is postponed or even cancelled. How great would it be to see some of the trail world’s finest line up for a road 50 miler in DC?

Despite all the devestaion in Northern California (Chico/Paradise is about an hour north of Sacramento), the running and xc community takes care of each other–and their school rivals. h/t Tim T for this positive story.

If your sweat is really bad sometimes it’s better to take a big bad gamble and fart and hope good triumphs over evil.

And other ways of using public transportation when you’re sweaty after a big run.

JamJam’s Mountain Outhouse News.  Cool aspect to the HR lottery…if you get in and DNF, you stay on the never list. Makes sense. Also bummed Sage won’t be at Desert Solstice. 

Sarah (Lavender Smith) opens up about her relationship with running right now. We all go through these ups and downs, right? It’s especially tough though when we’re unable to “step away” completely and recharge. 

One analysis on how the outdoor industry fared in last weeks’ elections.

Functional training: Go rake your leaves.

“Everyone’s not a winner. If you can’t lose, you can’t win,” he said. “A lot of people decry competition as a negative thing. It’s not. You come to love your competitors because you’ve been through this hell together. You don’t want your competitors to quit, but you need them to quit. These things are going on in your head at the same time. That’s a little bit evil. A total mindfu*k, runners say.”

–GaryCantrell/Lazaur Lake

—Yes! What a fantastic quote! Good article about Big’s Backyard Ultra. Kudos to Sarah Barker for writing a Deadspin article that really gets it. Here’s our interview with Courtney, post Big’s, in case you missed it.

Timmy’s report from his win at Frankly Mountain SkyRunning 27k.

So did you check out our latest interview with Keely Henninger? We talk dogs, training, fears, and the strangely similar ID she shares with another West Coast runner. Lots of good stuff in there to think about.


That interview was sponsored by Lake Sonoma 50 miler. Every spring people I know moan that they forgot to enter the lottery and won’t be running. NOW’S YOUR CHANCE. Lottery opens on December 1…set a calendar reminder.

Want a coach but also kinda want to do it yourself? Here’s how to be your own coach.

Yo! I’ll be in Bozeman next week visiting friends and have a bit of time available for a few in-person interviews. If you’ve got ideas, let me know.

ICYMI: College in NJ bans sports bras from track. Seems there’s more to the story than the headline, but one thing’s for sure: The school needs better internal communication and probably a new PR person.

Not ashamed to admit it: These machines confuse and scare the hell out of me. Apparently they give you a pretty incredible workout though. Anyone else–besides Rob Goyen–use one?

Got a sneak preview of a new shoe review from Ben and Sarah. They both agree the shoe is one of the best in class…hold tight for more info soon.

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Keely Henninger Interview

Keely Henninger has had a great year with wins at Chuckanut 50k and Lake Sonoma 50 miler, podiums at other big races, and a monster win at Tussey Mountainback championships. Next up? She’ll toe the line with the fastest ultra trail runners in the country at The North Face Championships 50 miler in Marin County, California.

Keely Henninger on single track

In this interview we talk about her plans and training for TNF, but we also talk about how she got into this silly sport. She didn’t run in high school, instead focusing on team sports… she had a few reasons for doing so that we discuss in this episode.  We also talk about her fears, how they were hindering her performance, and what the catalyst was for getting past that mental block of tough competition. A very good look into the physical as well as psychological aspects of an elite runner.

Stay in Touch with Keely: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Strava

We also talk dogs, science, her predictions for TNF, and why her day at Sonoma went so right this year…it’s advice that every single one of us can use.

Intro/outro music by David Rosales.

Elite list for North Face Endurance Championships.

Here’s the paper Keely coauthored regarding vertical Ks.

Keely is coached by David Roche at Team SWAP

Keely Henninger Episode Sponsor: Lake Sonoma 50

Keely Henninger Lake Sonoma

Lake Sonoma and North Face…the two fastest trail 50 milers in the country, and Keely’s already won one of them! 

Race date is April 13th of next year, but the lottery opens on December 1 in just a few weeks. Make sure your name’s in the hat to run a gorgeous course with top competition and a relaxed wine country race vibe. See you there!

Here’s the site with all the info.

Keely Henninger and her dog
Keely Henninger and her dog Jade.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Nov 8

Hey struggling runner, read this.

Padded sports bras are apparently a very contentious thing.

Can you run while pregnant? Hell yes.

Whoo. A totally self supported (including carrying his kayak) crossing of Tasmania.

I knew I was in good shape after my last track workout: 400m×15, recovering 1 min, all done in 60-61 seconds. I was also doing fartlek, 30x 1′-1′, that’s 30 times 1 min fast followed by 1 min not so fast, at an average of 3:15 per km, at an altitude over 2,000 meters (6,562 feet). I was really feeling comfortable.

So that’s what it takes to run a 58min half. And he’s still focusing on next year’s marathon and xc season.

Music parody with an ultramarathon twist.

This piece in TrailSisters is important…you’re allowed to be a runner who doesn’t enter a lot races! I’ll admit…my first instinct when doing background on someone is to look at their ultrasignup, but that’s not a full picture. Either is Strava. Plenty–if not most–runners just enjoy being outdoors and hitting the singletrack without any organization or direction.

We all want some kind of doping controls, but no one wants anyone else to be pulled out of a gala to piss in a cup in front of some weird inspectors. 

Scott targets real adventurous women in new ad campaign.

I mentioned on Twitter yesterday that I’d seen a guy propose to a woman and she’d said no. It was awful. I still don’t get public proposals, even at running events.

I ordered one of these Yuki shirts yesterday. Free shipping to US. (NFI)

I totally respect this guy’s intent to swim from Japan to California, bringing light and attention the “garbage patch” in the Pacific, but I don’t know, still seems like a bad idea. And a shark repelling bracelet?

Well done Dad. Is someone cutting onions in here?

Pop science: Gym-obsessed men are depression prone.

Who are the best mountain runners in the world? I only recognize four of the names…you?

Good essay by Joe Grant about appreciating each and every time we’re out running. Those of us with kids have likely heard “this is the best day of my life!” as often as we’ve heard “this is the worst day of my life!” and we know that the relative contrast of those feelings softens over time.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Nov 7

An excellent piece in the BBC about the pshychology and physiology of ultramarathon distance runners.

Happy Diwali everyone! Two years I was in New Delhi during the celebrations and have still never seen anything like it.  May your lives be as vibrant, colorful, and magical as the lights of Diwali.

Some ideas on increasing female participation, acceptance, and coverage, in trail and ultramarathon events. What do you think?

The Bear has been floating around in my head for years as a 100 I’d like to run, but the elevation scares me away. (I live at 37′ above sea level…anything over 6k’ hurts.) Here’s a good report from this year’s race.(link fixed)

We’ve talked on the podcast about the lack of females in MUT media–specifically behind the lens or behind the mic–so it’s great to see a new podcast available with a female perspective. Check it out right here…Candice Burt chats with Courtney Dauwalter about her run at Big’s and more.

Derek from Marathon Investigation addresses Runner’s World’s recent article on banding races.

Another thing that binds us together as runners: Crying at races. Why do we do it?

Women’s field for the North Face Endurance Championship from Bryon at IRF and I think I agree with nearly all of it. Ida, YiOu, Clare, Keely, Camille all make sense for the top five. I’d also add Addie Bracy and a proxy vote for Ladia from Sunny. Also hoping Risper’s visa comes through so we can see what impact she’ll have on this already incredible field.

Big cheers to urban forests. My favorites (West Coast) would be either Chico’s Bidwell Park or San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park or Angel Island.

Any other youth (K-6) coaches out there? I’d love to hear more ideas about making and keeping track/xc workouts fun and exciting. I learned yesterday that if something is timed (anything!), they love it. Thanks for the help.

Or I know something else. Don’t discontinue shoes that people want.

I’ve always wondered what happens to all the clothes discarded during a marathon. Turns out Goodwill collected 91k pounds of clothes at this year’s race.

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Walter Handloser | Fifty Hundred Milers in One Year

Think back to the last hundred miler you ran and the amount of planning and logistics it took. Walter Handloser is planning on doing that nearly every single weekend in 2019 in his quest to run 50 hundred mile races in one year.

But let’s back up a bit. Up until just a few years ago, Walt struggled with weight and decided to start running, lifting weights, and boxing, ultimately losing over 100 pounds. He picked up ultras and went in full force, finding his place in the community and balancing his disordered eating with a healthier lifestyle.

Walter Handloser
Walter Handloser, pre weight loss.

This year alone, Walt has run nine hundred milers or two hundred milers and fourteen sub 100 ultramarathons. Next year, he plans on doubling that number, but exclusively with hundred mile races. Wow.

Walter Handloser.
and Walter Handloser, post-weight loss.

Walt Handloser Episode Notes

Here’s the spreadsheet Walt put together to track races, distances, travel, cost, etc. Be sure to check out the tabs and let him know if you’re aware of any races on/around January 7 or May 12.

Here’s his ultrasignup. Incredible.

And here’s the FB page dedicated to the Half Hundreds Hundreds.

Here’s Sarah’s article from 2011 that Walt used to help plan his adventure.

Walt’s award for best vibe goes to the Crown King Scramble. Sounds awesome!

Walter handloser
Walter handloser

Gear: Walt uses INOV-8 wide shoes (I referenced this twitter account in the talk…she’s asked about wide trail shoes many a time) and the Women’s Osprey Dyna pack.

Here’s the book Sarah referenced: Educated: A Memoir 
Here’s the book series Walt mentioned. (updated from original posting)

Sarah met Walt at Ouray, where he finished third. Here’s Sarah’s account of her not-so-perfect race, but hey, had she finished the whole 100, she may have not met Walt and we may have never had the chance to talk with him!

I mentioned Lake Sonoma…the lottery is opening soon!

Here’s our interview with another prolific hundred miler, Ed “the Jester” Ettinghausen.

Intro music by David Rosales. Outro music by Matt Flaherty.

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