SCMP: How to train for an FKT or adventure run when all your races get cancelled. iRunFar/Axel: Alex Nichols writes about returning to the trails after an extended, race cancelled absence. TrailRunner: Metzler's ode to the post-run beer. James Stewart ...
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Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, July 8 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, July 8

SCMP: How to train for an FKT or adventure run when all your races get cancelled.

iRunFar/Axel: Alex Nichols writes about returning to the trails after an extended, race cancelled absence.

TrailRunner: Metzler’s ode to the post-run beer.

James Stewart sets new FKT on the John Muir Way in Scotland. Credits the Corona cancelations as instrumental in his training.

Ally Sutherland also took advantage of the cancellations and bested Dean Karnazes’ 50/50/50 mark.

Cancel culture: Training like mad alone in the mountains.

While little on John Muir Way was technical, the Lake Charles Trail in Colorado is replete with rocks and roots. Beautiful (but not for me!)

Florida: Woman finds a human head while out on her morning run. Oh gawd.

If Hoka, Pepto Bismol, and a bubblegum factory designed a shoe…

More shoes: Come on, Gear Junkie. Is this really supposed to be an unbiased gear guide?

Sondre Nordstad Moen going after one of the oldest records in European athletics. In 1976, Jos Hermens ran 20,944 in sixty minutes (that’s, ahem, 4:36/mile) and a few months ago, Moen came within a couple hundred yards of beating it. He’s trying again in August. My issue…Hermens set the mark without pacemakers and I think Moen should do the same, if for no other reason than to honor the spirit of the event. What do you think?

Tech: If you’re looking at the new GoPro Hero 8, be sure to read Skurka’s review first.

Alright, Olympia Lightning Bolt might be the coolest “celebrity” baby name out there. Not many options in the MUT world…I suppose Max King could have a “Mountain King”?

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, July 6

iRunFar/Mock: Catching up with Hal Daddy.
(And wow, his kids’ school sounds awesome!)

Sarah Lavender Smith: How to put on a trail race during a pandemic.

Matt Fitzgerald: How do you handle pressure? Thrive on it or freak out under it? Fitz digs into how it affects our athletic performances.

WOW: This past weekend at a race in Georgia, Doyle Carpenter set a new 48 hour record for mens 80-84 age group with 144.5692 miles.

Longest serving race directors. Doesn’t look like ultras are represented very well on this list. Yes, it’s road race based, but should more MUT RDs be on here?

It’s getting hot out. How to recognize heat stroke and what to do about it.

If adults are tired of virtual events, I can assure you kids are really tired of them. USATF for a swing and a miss.

The science of beer koozies. Back when I ran with a UD nipple bottle, I’d wrap a koozie around it to keep it cool during summer. Worked pretty well and gave my hands some cushioning.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, June 29

So who would have been the talk of the ‘net today if Western States would’ve happened? What guy would have won? Did a female runner crack the top ten? Who would have been the big surprise?

Speaking of WS100, here’s a new film by Austin Meyer about “The Golden Hour” when athletes are giving it everything to make it across the finish line in under thirty hours. Truly one of the best moments in sports each year.

iRunFar/Mock: Catching up with Mike Wolfe. Always liked that guy and that gym sounds awesome. I’m not a gym/workout type, but that sounds right up my alley. Here are our interviews with or about Mike: Initial interview | Grand Traverse with Foote | JMT with Hal

Looking for tips for trails around Lake Pend Orielle/Sand Point/Bottle Bay in Northern Idaho. We’ll be up there next month and I’d love to get some trail time in. Thanks.

TrailRunner/Metzler: I never knew him, but it sounds like the southwest trail running community lost a good one this past week when runner/RD Chris Martinez lost his battle with cancer.

College sports: Talked to a good friend of mine who’s involved in risk/insurance for NCAA athletics. His guess is that there will be no college sports on the west coast in Fall. None. Jury still on the SEC.

Speaking of college sports, here’s a great new piece by Martin Fritz Huber about how new endorsement rules will allow collegiate athletes to market themselves for money and how it might lead to corruption.

Sarah goes deep with Craig Thornley about the cancellation of WS as well as his personal running goals and trail work.

Here’s The Ginger Runner’s new movie about Kaytlyn Gerbin’s incredible finish at Western States 2019. Haven’t watched it yet, but I will this evening.

Recognize any of these summer runners? Do you have them in your city? I’d add a few…

  • Trail Tony is running on the streets or bike path. He’s got on a hydration pack, gaiters, and of course, trekking poles.
  • “My dog’d friendly” Fred: Fred runs with an off leash dog who runs up to my leashed dog, growls, and freaks us both out. “Don’t worry, he’s friendly!” Tony shouts. Tony is usually wearing a mask “to protect others.”
  • Three Wide Wanda: Wanda and her friends run three abreast and have zero clue of anything around them.

I’ve been SUPing a ton. Thought it was a pretty lame activity until a few weeks ago and now Im doing it nearly every day. Drive 5 miles up river, paddle down to my house, run back up to get my car. Afterwards it feels like I’ve done yoga for an hour and I’m really seeing and feeling results. Anyone else?

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, June 26

TrailRunnerMag/Metzler: Imagine trail running without social media. #impossible #sponsorlink #please

Outside: Hutch reexamines the myth and stories of the Tarahumara from Born to Run. Compelling read, definitely check it out.

Run Hard Mom Hard Podcast: Nikki and Stef sit down with Ultrarunning Magazine’s Amy Clark to talk about raising twins, editing the magazine, and more.

Semi-rad: I’ve never been “real” white water rafting, but this story from Brendan makes me want to book a trip. And yes, I’ll volunteer for groover duty.

URP listener Peter is (half-jokingly?) trying to put together a fund that will entice David Nilsson (brother of ultra champ Ida Nilsson) to toe the line at an ultra if all major marathons are cancelled this fall. Love the idea. David is a beast of a runner who’s quick on the roads and track (PB 2:10, HM 1:02, 28:32 10K ) and also has the CR at Crown King Scramble 50k (movie here.) In my opinion, there’s not another male runner who’d be more ready right now to mix up the front of the pack than David.

The NYC Marathon is now cancelled. Why?

iRunFar: AJW writes about The Golden Hour (deserves caps, dammit) on the Placer High track. For the past five or six years, Andy and I have camped out near the gate and cheered on every single runner as they come in. No other place or time on the course compares.

Speaking of Western States, how many tattoos can you match with their “owners”? Our intrepid photographer Stephanie snapped a ton of pics last year at the athlete meeting and now it’s up to you to match them. Can you ID Jeff Browning‘s ink? How about Brittany Peterson? Which of Joe Chick‘s tats on his kaleidoscopically decorated arms did we use? I’ll post another batch today.

And hey, speaking of Brittany, here’s her interview with Tayte Pollman for the latest Western States Stories from ATRA.

Runner hit while participating in the HOTS event and she’ll need significant rehab. Lost her leg, messed up her body. All the best in recovery, here’s a gofundme that’ll help with expenses not covered by insurance.

WaPo: No ultra content, but I suspect many of us learned a lot from the late great Anthony Bourdain. Here are five lessons that had a huge impact.

Is Everesting not hardcore enough for you? Try Everestman then.

Industry news: How the shutdown is affecting the outdoor media landscape.

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Western Ink

With the race cancelled, let’s see who can match the most body ink with its respective owner.

These pics were all taken at the Western States Endurance Run last year by URP photographer Stephanie Ann. Some are from the athlete meeting on Friday and some from wandering around the village. Some are names you’ll know well, and some are runners only known to friends and family.

I’ll include 15 pics each day. Please reply in the comments section with your guesses. For ease of organizing, please use a format like:
Tattoo 1: Nakia Baird
Tattoo 2: Jeff Browning
Tattoo 3: Ashley Crouch

No real prizes unless someone wants to step forward with some cool gear. Hit me up here if you’d like to participate and get your gear in front of the URP audience.

The Ink

The Runners


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