YES YES YES: Seven must-have gear picks for your summer adventure. Get on it, people! The secrets to dating a non-runner. Ten ideal summits for first time mountaineering. Never been up any of them. At last! I've found the most repulsive aid station ...


Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Mar 24 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Mar 24

ultramarathon news

YES YES YES: Seven must-have gear picks for your summer adventure.  Get on it, people!

The secrets to dating a non-runner.

Ten ideal summits for first time mountaineering.  Never been up any of them.

At last! I’ve found the most repulsive aid station food imaginable:  Tempura Clam Chowder.  Won’t be served at any races officially, but maybe a fun gag at your next race? (NO. DON’T DO THIS. I’M KIDDING PEOPLE!)  Tempura Clam Chowder Mile anyone?

ULTRARUNNING magazine recently conducted a survey of its readers and here are the results. I should probably do one for URP to find out what you all like/dislike about the site.

Interesting: Dr Jay Friedman submits part 2 of his series: The Runner’s Heart.  How much do you really know about how it affects your running?

More on the Chuckanut female champ Ladia Albertson-Junkans.

Looking for a gig in multi-sport event coordination? Bonus: Work form anywhere in the US.  More here.

I didn’t realize India hadn’t been a member of the IAU. Now they are!  With its burgeoning ultramarathon and trail scene, I expect their participation to grow even more.

I’m working on content for an upcoming episode on mojo/burnout and this piece in RW about motivation and rest days is great.

So what does one pack when fatbiking the Iditarod Trail Invitational?  Here’s a starter gear list.

For those really into race nutrition, this site claims to offer evidence-based plans and solutions.  What do you think?

Good stuff: AJW writes about deliberate practice and what we need to do to get to expert status.

But also read this: Some quick motivation about the amount of work we put into our passions and what it all means in the long run.

If it’s not the shoes, then will this drink help propel runners to go sub2?

Update: Mackey interview fell through, but I’m still giving away an entry into a cool running camp next month.  Bounce over to the Patreon page for more info.

And yes, of course the UTMB lineup this year.  Not much to say that hasn’t been said already, but I certainly hope Zach joins the line up.  Remember, we’ve all pleasured ourselves to entrant list pr0n in the past, only to hear about the DNS list the day before.  Let’s hope everyone gets to the starting line in shape this year.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Ultramarathon Daily News, Thurs, Mar 23

Ultramarathon and Trail Running News From Around the World

Looks like Old Dominion is back on the list for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. What do you think?

Speaking of the Grand Slam, here’s more on the Athletes With Disabilities division at Vermont 100.  No extra time or accommodations, but the ability compete on equal ground.  Awesome. 

Speaking of AWDs and 100 milers, I’m speaking with Dave Mackey tonight for an upcoming podcast.  Plan your weekend run now, this’ll be a good one.

In that podcast, I’ll be talking about an upcoming trail camp I’m going to and offering up a free spot.  Want to run with Magda, Zach Bitter, Megan Arbogast, and Hayden Hawks on the Western States trail?  Details will be on the Patreon page and contest open exclusively to URP supporters.

“Africans won’t do well in ultras.”   Actually, they do really well. Check out these results from the Om Die Dam 50k (a traditional tune up for Comrades) in South Africa.

Want an all-expense paid trip to go on a fell running trip to the UK’s Lake District? Check out the INOV-8 contest right here.

Study: Today’s men are weaker than their fathers.  I wonder what a similar study for women would show? The opposite?

Cool: How a totally average runner trained for and ran a sub 5 min mile.

This badass Nepalese mountaineer is looking to summit Everest at 84 years old.  But nah, doesn’t sound like there’s a personal competition, does it?

Did you hear our latest podcast with Suzanna Bon. She’s got an incredible resume of ultramarathon wins across all distances and terrains and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  Definitely a fun interview with lots of lessons.

That episode was sponsored by the guys (and gals!) at TrailsAndTarmac coaching.  From roads to trails of all distances, they’ll help you get faster and stronger by crafting custom workout plans with a small client/coach ratio. Check them out here.

Interesting addition to the Run Rabbit Run 100 Hares list is Olympian Anthony Famigletti.  I’m curious to know more about is entry into the MUT scene (his ultrasignup shows no results, but that might be inaccurate) and how he chose this race for his debut.  I’ve asked him to come on the show to chat, but he’s currently playing hard to get.  

Awesome: The science and art of taking risks.  Certainly a trait many in the MUT scene share, right?

Tired of running trails and have a few minutes for a great article? Maybe you should become a hobo and ride the rails across the country.  No ultramarathon content, but some seriously great stories.

If you’re looking for Kelsie, you can find her running incredible trails around the world or studying for her MCAT.   Wise decision to ditch social media for awhile.

Probably the best article on Laz and Barkley I’ve read.  Maps, pics, books, it’s all there.

Major prize money change for the World Marathon Majors: Less for the winner, more for 2-5 and wheelchairs.  Will we see a dip in performances?

Interesting: While breweries are booming, craft brew sales aren’t keeping pace. Old brewers aren’t able to adapt to the new environment and are closing down.

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Suzanna Bon Interview – Staying Engaged on the Trails

Suzanna Bon Interview

suzanna bon
Suzanna Bon on the trails. Photo by Gary Wang.

If Suzanna Bon’s name isn’t familiar to you, clear an hour of your schedule and listen to this episode.  If you’re an aging runner and feeling sorry for yourself, do the same and listen to how she’s taking on her 50s with focus, perseverance, and a sense of humor.

Suzanna Bon’s ultramarathon results include a top ten at Western, wins at HURT, Cascade Crest 100, San Diego 100, Lake Sonoma, Tahoe 200, a podium finish at IAU 24 hour, and recent wins (2016) at Castle Peak 100k and Kodiak 100 miler.  At 52 years old, she’s not slowing down.

Suzanna started really running in her 30s and has taken on every surface out there, from trail to tarmac to track in nearly every distance past a marathon.  What feeds her interest in different terrains? Curiosity. Fitness. Passion.

Suzanna Bon
Bon family.

From 50k to 50 miles to 100k, 100 miles, 24 hours, and 200 miles, Suzanna Bon has podium finishes and stories behind them.  What does she remember about her first hundred?  Why’d she sign up for a 200 miler and what did she learn about her attitude and mindset during the race?  Does she have interest in running shorter distances faster?

We also cover family and what to do when your kids don’t share your passion and how having a supportive spouse/partner is paramount to success.  What advice does she have for women starting to get competitive in their 30s and 40s?  Smart answer by a woman who’s been there.

 Lots to talk about…let’s get on with it!

suzanna bon


Suzanna Bon Episode Sponsor: Trails and Tarmac Coaching

You’ve heard Ryan Ghelfi and David Laney on URP and heard me mention their coaching before.  Now have a look here to find out how they can help you.  From trails to tarmac to track, these guys (and new female coaches Camelia and Sarah!) take the best of all disciplines to make you a better, stronger, faster runner.  More on their philosophy right this way.



Suzanna Bon Episode Notes:

Here’s a quick interview she did with Ian Torrence after her win at Stagecoach 100 miler last year.

Suzanna’s next race is The Canyons 100k, presented by HOKA.  It’s sold out (lots of top athletes going after Krar’s record), but the 10k and 25k options are still open, and all of those proceeds go to support Foresthill Schools and the Western States trail.

Here’s the beer we were talking about: Duchesse de Bourgogne.

Here’s more music from Matt Flaherty and here’s his URP interview.

Support URP

If you’d like to support URP , click this link and it’ll take you to our Patreon page.  Thanks for your assistance.

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Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Mar 22

This looks like a pretty awesome opportunity to get any of NatGeo’s topo maps for free. What am I missing?

The marathon cheater sleuth dude caught someone else using a bib mule for a Boston BQ.   Two questions I’ve got:  How does he get turned on to these people? Secret emails that say “Pssst, I think Cindy just posted her gear shot on race morning, but I saw her at IKEA while the race was under way. Check it out.”  Also, relative to field size, is there similar cheating in MUT events?  I’m curious.

Trail runners join fight for public lands.

No ultramarathon content whatsoever: What’s your morning routine like? Here’s a snarky response to what we should be doing.

Should you run today? Check this handy flowchart to find out.

Do you know (or care?) where your beer is actually brewed?

This showed up on Twitter yesterday.  Is Karl attempting another FKT or is this just a fun run?

Looks like samples are available again for S-Fuels–you guys and gals blew through their last run in less than a week.   Click the link in the right sidebar (or right here) to check out some healthy fueling options that will help you avoid the sugar spike and bonk.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout from yesterday (I stopped getting mine for some reason…had to re-subscribe) is a good one.  I’m with Mario on the technology front: Where is the line that determines how much technology should influence performance?  Tough one to answer.  Ideas?

The guys over at Science of Sport have an opinion on it. Check it out here. 

Elite Japanese distance coach verbally spars with self-coached Kawauchi in what I assume is a rare display of public animosity leading up to London Marathon.

Fifty years ago, this woman broke barriers for female distance running. I’ll admit, her story is new to me.  


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Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Mar 21

Check out Gary Robbins’ final preparation for Barkley. My prediction is he finishes it.

Strange: Pete Rose (yes, that one) inducted into the MTB Hall of Fame.

Good stuff: Road running for trail runners.  Be a balanced athlete and try both.

This guy’s brewery shirt, bib number, and time all worked out in a crazy coincidence.

Can’t accuse us of only posting reviews of shoes we love:  Here’s Liza’s take of the Under Armour Horizon trail shoe.

When is this guy going to start racing on the trails?  I mean, he’s perfect, right?

Interviewing Suzanna Bon today for an upcoming show.  Anxious to hear how she’s continued to perform for 10+ years and get better with age.

Q: When does a runner from Bahrain beat two Ethiopians in a marathon?  A: When the two Ethiopians miss the finish line.

Stone Brewing making a Pale Ale that uses treated waste water.  To me, pales either taste great (Dale’s), or like sh*t.  We’ll see how this plays out.

Why this chick is not upset about the term “getting chicked.”

It’s amusing to read the LetsRun forum follow Chuckanut live.  Overall, not the worst analysis, and most of the posters behaved themselves.

Short news day today. What did I miss?

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