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Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 15 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 15

Need pacing advice for your next race?  Today’s your day!
Overall advice right here, and tips tailored for ultramarathon distance right this way.

TNF HQ is moving to Colorado.

And following that news, the State of Vermont announces move to Colorado.

Amelia Boone shared this post on Twitter a few days ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The lesson: Life is short and you need to make the best of it.

Will this new fluid-based-motion-sensing sports bra from Reebok be the answer to your woes?

As Karel Sabbe makes his way on his AT FKT, this live chart will compare his progress to Joe McCaunaghey’s record.

Really interesting: What’s the real context of Muir’s “The mountains are calling and I must go” message? More here.

I didn’t realize Cherie was no longer at the helm of the wacky Burning Man 50k. Anyone running it this year?

“It is always better to run than to sleep,” he said. ‘[Cristiano] Ronaldo will not play if he has a cold. [Gareth] Bale will not play. They will rest. Farenj will all rest, but habesha will work.”

–The success of East African running prowess is often attributed to genetics, altitude, or the desire to escape crippling poverty.  Consider another explanation.

First rule of beer miling: Ya gotta drink all the beer.

Running a successful restaurant chain means loooong hours and late nights, but it’s not stopping former pro runner Bryan Dayton from taking on Leadville 100 this weekend.

Pay more attention to the latest runner added to the rabbit hutch: Jimmy Elam is on a tear right now!

Let’s Run asks “What’s the best trail running town east of the Mississippi?” with predictable results.

Patrons: Stay tuned for a new edition of the URP News Briefing today!

And be sure to read this account of how easy it can be to get stuck on a 14er.

Looks like Jim’s in technical climbing and descending shape. A harbinger of his UTMB fitness.

“But, but body type doesn’t matter in running!” But oh, yes it does. Here’s the science.

Big news as longtime Lake Sonoma RD John Medinger passes the torch to Skip Brand. I’m especially excited about this because of Skip and Holly’s emphasis and attention to kid’s running. I’ve got NFI in this, but if you’re looking for an excellent source for trail running shoes for kids, check out their shop in Healdsburg. 

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Aug 13

Big thanks to my crack team of guest aggregators who published the Ultramarathon Daily News last week. Jenn, Jay, John, Emily, and Andy, I appreciate you keeping the train running while I was on a much-needed vacation. More on the vacation later.

So did you see the 50k Championships this weekend?  NCAA Nordic skiing champ David Sinclair won it, and current US Ski Team member Simi Hamilton finished second. How ’bout that? And to note, as Jake pointed out on twitter, Hamilton isn’t a long distance guy…he specializes in the 1.5k sprint event! Stringbean (AT FKT) Joe finished 6th with mixed surface champ Uli Steidel in 8th. What a crazy group! Kasie Enman won it for the ladies in 10th overall while Skyrunning champ Sarah Keyes was 5th woman.

Speaking of twitter, we just hit 26k followers! Part MUT news, part personal observations, and part nonsense…thanks for following along!

Definitely read this: James writes an open letter to MUT race directors offering them advice on improving their events. Don’t try to please everyone. Don’t be ashamed of making money for your hard work. Stop trying to be the bestest/hardest/most extreme. Great stuff in there! What do you think?

Ashley Horner sets out to complete 50 Ironman distance triathlons in 50 days…in 50 states. I’d love to see her grocery bill.

There are always transcon attempts, but Phil McCarthy’s is one I’ll be watching closely.

What’s the funkiest thing you’ve received in a swag bag? In a similar vein, what’s the strangest award you’ve received? I know my answer…a large clock with a decorative eagle on top…If you ever ran any of Norm Klein’s races, you’ve probably got something similar.

“Suddenly, the scenery provided another awe-inspiring treat for the eyes. Waterfalls careened and crashed off the glaciated peaks from all sides, falling hundreds of feet, then came together like connecting spider webs into a large lake. The lake was silty and milky white at one end and gradually transitioned into light blue, emerald green and then a darker forest green.

This is the payoff for these ultra races, I thought. The beauty. The awe. The moment.”

Matt’s run 40+ ultramarathons, including a 68 miler in Austria, but he underestimated the Grossglockner Ultra Trail (GGUT), which touched the highest peak in Austria.

Anyone interested in attending a cannabis-based trail running camp in Santa Barbara, California? I’m certainly intrigued, but want to make sure it’s not just a bunch of stoners sitting around telling stories about how baked they were this once. 

Justin covers all the results from this weekend’s trail and ultramarathon races right here. Needs to be highlighted more: The IAU has cancelled another world championship event. Come. On.

Drunk and high, 1997 Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich beats up a hooker in Germany.

Industry news: Vista Outdoors is selling off its firearms brands, along with some paddlboard and bike helmet brands, while retaining CamelBak.

Thanks again for the coverage last week (and big thanks to Ben for his continued recaps from Outdoor Retailer)…back to your regularly scheduled program…

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Ultramarathon Daily News | August 10, 2018

AJW here, sitting in for Eric today.

As we’ve long suspected, regular exercise is indeed good for mental health.

But, then again, it may make us unhappy too.

Whatever the case, as I’ve known all along, whether it makes us happy or sad, coffee before a run is just fine!  Whew!

And, some news on ultrarunner’s other favorite beverage, here’s an interesting take on the on again off again beer mile craze

Turns out there’s a new app to help runners visualize the course at the San Francisco Marathon?  Sounds pretty cool!  When they make the one for Hardrock sign me up to help film it.

As techy/geeky as Training Peaks can be sometimes, even they know that sometimes the most important feedback we can give ourselves about our training is not easily measured in numbers and graphs 

Sierra Zinal is this weekend!  Can anyone beat Kilian?

Pucker alert!  Check out the trailer for the new Alex Honnold documentary “Free Solo”!  Dang!

Finally, if you haven’t already, you must peruse Bryon Powell’s photo gallery from his recent run at Hardrock.  All taken with his iPhone.

PS – And, oh yeah, here’s a little piece I wrote for irunfar today on the “Habit Loop” in running and life.

Many thanks to Eric for turning over the controls of the Daily News to a few of us amateurs while he enjoyed vacation north of the border.  This is certainly an invaluable resource for the entire ultrarunning community and it is an honor to have been a little part of it.  Cheers!

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Outdoor Retailer 2018 Summer Market Recap – Salomon Highlights

Outdoor Retailer is North America’s largest tradeshow for the outdoor industry. Split between an annual Summer Market show and an annual Winter Market show it is the conference where exhibitors, retail buyers, and the outdoor media come together to preview upcoming products. Brands previewed a ton of upcoming new products we should generally see in the next 3-9 months. In this article we’ll focus on what caught my eye from the brand’s booth.

Note: any specifications cited are pre-production numbers. As brands get closer to mass production and distribution we may occasionally see slight tweaks based on final wear testing and feedback.


Salomon showcased new versions of perennial favorites with updated versions of the Sense Ride (original Sense ride women’s review here and men’s review here) and Speedcross shoes. We will also see new versions of the Sonic RA line of road shoes with second versions of each. And last, but certainly not least, we’ll see new versions of the Advanced Skin line of vests including a women’s specific vest for the first time from Salomon!

Sense Ride 2

MSRP: $120

Weight: 9.5oz (US 9M) / 8.5oz (US 7W)

Stack Height: 26mm.18mm (8mm drop)

AvailableFebruary 1, 2019

The upper sees the changes here with v2 of the Sense Ride. New mesh along with reconfigured overlays are the highlights.

Speedcross 5

MSRP: $130

Weight: 11.6 oz (US 9M) / 9.9oz (US 7W)

Stack Height: 30mm/20mm (10mm drop)

AvailableFebruary 1, 2019


An improved outsole with reconfigured chevron lugs with Contagrip for extra grip on the muckiest, most technical terrains highlights the forthcoming Salomon Speedcross 5.

The line of Sonic road running shoes from Salomon will see second versions of each in the spring as well. 

ADV Skin 8 Set W

MSRP: $145

Weight: 240g

Volume: 8L

Available: Spring 2019

Salomon’s first truly specific design for women. The Advanced Skin 8 Set W has a unique shape that Salomon says will eliminate pressure on the breasts when it is synched down. The integrated soft flasks also have a unique shape with that are shorter and wider to integrate more comfortably with a women’s chest. 
The Advanced Skin 5 Set and Advanced Skin 12 Set will also see updates. I loved the last version (review here) and hope the next version improves upon this already great vest. One thing is for sure – the new monotone colorways looked sweet in person!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!

Meet Your Shoe & Gear Editor: Ben Zuehlsdorf

I am an avid running gear junkie. When I’m not smelling new shoes I’m usually running or racing around the local trails in Marin County, California or talking shop with the San Francisco Running Company community of friends. I was once a road marathoner but now have transitioned almost exclusively to the trails and racing ultras the last few years.

Disclaimer: All words and thoughts are my own and no compensation was offered nor received.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Thursday, Aug 9

Habits can be powerful tools for achieving your ultramarathon goals. They can also make uber-focused athletes resistant to change. Olympic cyclist Mara Abbott gives some great lessons about listening to your body and how refreshing change can be.

What I eat in a day: How Gabrielle Maudiere fuels while training for a 100-mile race. A lot to digest here, she’d probably recommend breaking it into smaller meals 😉

Speaking of routines, RunnersWorld offers some pre-race tips inspired by an MLB pitcher who started throwing 4mph faster after adopting a habit of sprinting onto the field.

Update: New women’s standings from the GiddyUp Pineland Farms Trail 50-miler after a DQ. Sarah Pandiscio stays in 1st (7:31:36), Lori Wetzel (8:08:20) moves up to 2nd place, and Yuki Chorney (8:14:38) is now 3rd, after organizers disqualified Maude Gorman for skipping part of the course. Congrats to Yuki for making the podium once again, and for her Vermont 100 finish in July (video) — her first 100-mile ultramarathon.

As you read this, the 93-mile Wonderland Circumnavigation is happening. This non-competitive three-day adventure is all about experiencing the beauty and savagery of Mt. Rainier’s glaciated flanks. Can’t wait to see and hear how it went.

Powerful story of unity: Forty-five runners from various Native American tribes ran nearly 800 miles to Bears Ears in the name of preserving important places and promoting togetherness. Beautiful, with video: Sacred Strides for Healing.

PSA: Forgoing water during hot weather workouts does NOT make you stronger. In a study of so-called permissive dehydration, scientists found that eschewing water caused negative effects on cyclists. Also, the riders also reported feeling quite thirsty.

How do you talk to kids about your running habit? In a thoughtful essay, Martin Fritz Huber ponders telling his son about the futility of existence. Eh, maybe just say it makes you feel good.

Race reports:

  • Scott Snell was impressed with the organization for the inaugural Fat Sass Switchback Challenge in Milburn, NJ. Congrats on 2nd place, Scott!
  • Crewing at Badwater: Nitty-gritty details matter when your rental van has to hold several ice coolers, food/drink coolers, sponge coolers and drinking water coolers … plus, you know, people. Really enjoyed this rundown from Wendy Coulson Murray.

Love trails? Why not help your local trail crews this weekend. I’m getting dirty this weekend (and possibly soaked … yay!) with the Taconic Trail Crew in Hudson Highlands State Park.

Thanks for reading! This edition of the Daily News was curated by Emily Veach, a Hoosier in NYC. I’d love to connect with people who have returned to trail running after spine stabilization surgery (like I am attempting to do now). DM me on Twitter if that’s you. Or just say “hi,” that’s cool too!

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