Mountain Outhouse: JamJam reporting live from The Running Event with news of the day and a look back at the history of Mountain Outhouse with Schuyler. Jill Homer: Jill visits Arches NP in Utah and reminisces about her time spent there as a kid. I've ...


Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Dec 10 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Dec 10

Mountain Outhouse: JamJam reporting live from The Running Event with news of the day and a look back at the history of Mountain Outhouse with Schuyler.

Jill Homer: Jill visits Arches NP in Utah and reminisces about her time spent there as a kid. I’ve never seen those arches with snow…beautiful!
(Hope Karen’s OK.)

The Growth EQ: Excellent analysis of why and how diets, pills, and bro science make their way into the daily lives of some otherwise smart people.

Liza Howard: Race schedule for 2020 looks like fun. I love the idea of using a race on Groundhog’s Day to make up for her bad run at CIM.

FloTrack: NIKE employees protest against the company’s plan to name a building after embattled coach Alberto Salazar.

Mayor Pete’s road racing results. Gotta be the fastest candidate in recent years, right?

African bank partners with sports management company and community to put on a 50k in Nigeria. Race is this weekend and they’re expecting four thousand runners across three distances. The prize money is low ($3kUS), but anxious to see see if this type of “championship race” could be used for marathoners to try longer distances.

Time to slow down on some of those workouts, folks.

Note to those who travel to China for races: If they’re playing the Chinese National Anthem, stare at the flag. STARE.

CTS/AJW: Five things aging runners need to do for the rest of their lives. Whew, I’m not “aging” yet. Guess I can still be stupid.

And hey older folks, now’s a great time to start racing xc! I’m loving watching Ellie Greenwood tear it up on the grass and mud.

Slow news day…what did I miss?

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Dec 9

iRunFar: All the results from trail and ultramarathon events from this past week. Hot takes:

  • Pat Reagan’s 12:21 at Brazos Bend 100 is smooooking fast! And hey, SteelTown Runner gets his first mention!
  • Also at BB100, Julie Kheyfets runs 4 hours faster than last year to win after race leader Michele Yates took a DNF at mile 90 something.
  • Denise Bourassa takes second at Brazos…she’s been running well for long and just keeps getting it done.
  • …much like Karl Speedgoat Meltzer. I was watching the calendar and waiting for Karl to finish–and win–another 100 miler for his annual streak and he got it done at the Devil Dog Ultra in Tennessee.
  • Jane Kibii was mentioned as winning CIM’s women’s race. Note that she also won the hugely popular Run to Feed the Hungry over Thanksgiving….She ran the 5k, grabbed a drink, headed over to the 10k start, and won that too.

Podium Runner: You know what it’s like to go to a race for a few years and you notice little changes here and there? Amby Burfoot has run the same race for 57 years straight.

MSN: Athletes can hear better.

Broken Arrow Skyrace registration opens today. Don’t wait until your distance is sold out!

Joe Uhan: Joe lays out the case why the Western States Lottery is mathematically unsustainable, and that the nightmare scenario is bearing down on us quickly. My hot takes:

  • Joe’s taken a lot of sh*t from anonymous trolls for pushing this issue, and those attacks have been unfair. OOJ’s proposals, ideas, and warnings have all been laid out well calmly and clearly and they deserve our attention.
  • I’ve always advocated for tightening up the qualifiers as a means to limit the lottery, but Joe’s analysis indicates that that approach would have minimal effect on the results.
  • The link above is to why the math won’t work…he’ll be posting his plan soon and I’m anxious to check that out. How would you change it?
  • It wouldn’t surprise me if the WSER Board bows to woke pressure to reserve spots for women and it’s their right to do that. But whoa, that’ll make the lottery so much more confusing and restrictive.

CIM was this weekend, and it seemed the MUT community was more focused on it than any other race. Is it just me living near the race route, or has California Int’l Marathon become the #1 road marathon for the MUT community? And if it’s the latter, why? Is it because it shares the weekend with the WS lottery? It’s time of year? What’s the reason?

Fast Women: Alison covers all the results from the female perspective. Great analysis of Katelyn Tuohy’s final HS race and how she’s handled the pressure.

Liza Howard: Tough time at CIM, but gears up for the next adventure.

iRunFar: Who’s already in, who’s declined, and who got pulled for the Western States Endurance Run.

Also out at CIM: Anyone else see Scott Jurek guiding Rich Hunter? Two incredible guys and champions of our community.

Dude, don’t smack the reporter on the butt when you run by. Have some class and do better.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Dec 6

ORM: Spartan buys up popular MTB event in Costa Rica. Is this a harbinger of things to come for the ultra trail world?

Happy Wear Your Buckle To Work Day! A recent study showed that posting to social media with #wearyourbuckletowork increased your odds by 40 percent. Get on it and good luck this weekend!

TrailSisters: Seven reasons why working with coaches isn’t just for elites. Always glad to look at the results from the WSER questionnaire…about 1/4 of those finishing sub 24 had a coach, while nearly 50% of DNF runners did. Not sure what that data means but open to discussion.

Site sponsor: XO Skin has just launched a new style of shorts/tights called the Mid Compression Low-Rise Black Ops series. They’ve taken the Mid Compression line of shorts and tights, changed the waistband and the order of yarns that creates a “true black” appearance, and come up with something that’ll reduce chafing, stank and hold their shape. Check out the discount codes listed at the bottom of this interview for all the good holiday deals.

USATF Drama: Arbitrators reinstate Vin Lananna as USATF Prez after he was booted out a few years ago. I haven’t followed this closely enough to have strong opinions, but am anxious to read Mario’s analysis next week.

Forbes: People are still losing their minds over the Peloton ad. This post in Forbes does a good job of showing a–at least in my opinion–more reasonable breakdown of the messaging that considers mental health and other reasons we should stop projecting our our insecurities onto a dang commercial.

No ultra content whatsoever, but instead a guide to self-discipline for freelancers and creators.

Short news day…what’d I miss? Have a great weekend everyone. Run well and good luck in the lotteries!

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Dec 5

Kevin Beck: The state of the overall running media is not great.
I think we have it pretty good in the MUT world though. From major pubs like ultrarunning magazine and TrailRunner to blogs like iRunFar, our major race coverage is taken care of while other big pubs like RW and Outside have become clickbaity garbage. Add in smart commentary from people like Mario Fraioli, smart and funny thoughts from Sabrina Little, sprinkle it with just over a million podcasts (right?), then count the remaining personal blogs/sites (like Kevin’s!), add in Jamil Coury’s media empire, and consider whatever the heck this site is, and trail and ultra runners have myriad choices of where and how to get info pertaining to this silly sport.
As it grows, let’s be sure to hold on to the independent sites and focus on intellectual diversity.

Sarah Lavender Smith: How to take time off this holiday without losing your running base.

More on base building from David Roche in Trailrunner Mag.

And the state of run speciality retail. It’s slowed since the “3rd boom” from a few years ago, but still strong. Issues like e-commerce, employee retention, product cost, and engagement are still major hurdles for brick and mortar. While I used to go into our local Fleet Feet every week, I only visit every few months now. If they had a stronger community and MUT connection, I’d be there a lot more. How have your retail habits changed?

What also drives sales for small business run specialty? There’s always this.

If someone inspires you because you can relate to their journey and who they are, let that fuel your training. If seeing another person makes you feel the opposite, unfollow for now, don’t hang around, and just go run your own race. 

Trail Sisters: Jenni writes about where and how we get the confidence to perform well in races.

Canadian Running: Could you do a backwards bear crawl (errr, a BBC? Really?) for 200m on a track? If so, there’s a race for you!

New trans-con FKT. 106mph average…wow!

Hmm. A women’s only trail half marathon has been added to the Lake Sonoma weekend. The race will take place on the Friday before the big race and run many of the same trails as LS. Two issues: One, is this a gender-based or sex-based race? I haven’t seen that distinction mentioned anywhere and it’s important. Also, one thing that draws so many people to Lake Sonoma is the chill, grassroots, low-key atmosphere. Adding a big event to “the weekend” threatens this scene, doesn’t it?

Redbull: Eight trail running events in the UK to check out in 2020.

Olympics: The marathon and race walk are still going through changes in an epic clusterfu*k of disorganization. They’ve only has 12 years to plan this though.

Ultimate Direction Blog: Michele Yates writes about the importance of adding cross training to your MUT regimen.

Forbes: This beer is suuuuuper gay.

Treeline Journal: Chase highlights some of the MUT runners from Bend making their way down to Sacramento to run California International Marathon this weekend. Any other MUT women running on Sunday? When I started on the trails, there were very, very few crossover runners and now we’re seeing it a lot more frequently. I love it.
And yo, CIM runners…forecast is looking wet. Prepare for wet roads and worse, discarded plastic bags all over the ground that can trip you up.

Adventure Journal: Fascinating story about the first woman to summit Everest without O2. Lydia Bradley did it in ’88 and her achievement was doubted–and not defended publicly for various reasons–but now she’s sharing her story and it’s remarkable.

And what does it cost to climb Everest? 2020 edition. Yikes.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Dec 3

Podium Runner: Will EcoTrail revolutionize trail running in the States as it has in other countries? I love the idea, but skeptical that a foreign company will be able to navigate the byzantine permitting process found in many of our large cities and parks.
Further questions: Will they buy up existing event companies to ease this process or will these be all new courses? Any input from Europeans who’ve run these?

WIRED: Stop obsessing over sleep. Your brain will thank you.

IRF: How to use aid stations efficiently. Good article by Alex Nichols about planning your time and nutrition beforehand. Someone gave me this advice before my first hundred and I’ve passed it along dozens of times: Go work as many aid stations as you can and watch how people come in and out. Are they organized? Distracted? What do they do that works well? What do you see people do that you want to avoid?

We had Amy Puzey on the show earlier this year to talk about running, parenting, and what happens when all your training and focus goes into one race…that then blows up in your face. Somehow Amy also found the time to start a company and she launched her first product yesterday…it’s a nutritional enzyme that helps the body absorb micronutrients. Check it out here. (NFI)

Grayson Murphy

Didya catch our latest interview with World Mountain Running Champ Grayson Murphy? Though she still hasn’t gone past 26.2, she’s got all the factors in line to be a factor at any starting line. We talk about body image issues, being a twin, music, and what she’s found in the trail scene that was lacking in road running.

Big thanks to episode sponsor XO Skin for their support. Now head over to the episode page and use some discount codes to get screaming deals on socks and compression gear all made in the US.

Quillette: A fictitious speech given in 2091 about the first sub 1:50 marathon.

CTS: How to get through holiday season without going crazy or losing all your fitness.

I am not always confident that the time I have devoted to training these past few years is worth the sacrifices (sleep, time spent with loved ones, opportunity to pursue other passions like reading and writing). On the other hand, if it continues to hand me experiences like this one, provide lessons that spill over into the rest of my life, and connect me to all the people I’ve mentioned in this blog post + hundreds more I have met through this sport over the years, it’s hard to put a price tag on that.

Yitka Winn: She’s one of my favorite writers, and her recent post about how she allocates her time is really something I can relate to right now.

Redbull: Eight facts about blind ultramarathon runner Simon Wheatcroft.

Japan Running News: Looks like they’ve figured out a course and date for the 2020 Olympic Marathon and race walks. And yes, there’s still a 50k race walk in the Olympics.

Adventure Journal: The article focuses on the unwelcoming attitude of the surfing community (I grew up surfing and bodyboarding and agree 100%) and how lucky the mountain bike community has it. I’d add the trail running community to that list of activities that have open arms to newbies.

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