Trailrunner/Rom: The joys of small local ultramarathons and trail races.  Couldn't agree more! Sure, the big races have their flash and excitement, but the intimacy of smaller races is really what makes me love this sport, perhaps because those are the ...
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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 8 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 8

Trailrunner/Rom: The joys of small local ultramarathons and trail races.  Couldn’t agree more! Sure, the big races have their flash and excitement, but the intimacy of smaller races is really what makes me love this sport, perhaps because those are the races I started with 15 years ago. I’d be curious how those who started running in this new age of mega races feel about lesser “excitement” and not as much swag.

iRunFar/Mock: Justin runs down all of the results from this week’s ultramarathon and trail races. Lots of European races, but three names in Justin’s list stood out.

  • Sophia Laukli won a race in Norway, beating out Emelie Forsberg and others, and Sophia is still quite new to this sport. An Olympic XC skier, Sophia also bagged the win at Broken Arrow earlier this year.
  • Allie Maclaughlin, another incredible sub-ultra mountain runner and now the CR holder of my favorite race in the world, Mt Marathon. This past weekend, Allie won the Cirque Series in Snowbird. Like Sophia, Allie is one of the best at vert and is also one of the most humble people in the sport.
  • And Rob Krar! Yo! Haven’t see his name in awhile so it’s great to see he and his partner finishing second at Transrockies.

Adventure Journal: Alpinist Eric Shipton led an extraordinary life. He introduced Tenzing Norgay to climbing, bagged hundreds of peaks, and did it all with style. Such a fascinating life this guy led, it leads me wonder if there are still opportunities and adventures out there that allow this type of freedom and growth.

Anyone else think it’s…wierd?…that the whole Coconino Cowboys thing is just sorta gone and that the guys don’t race in the US anymore?

She is masochistically obsessed with the race, according to friends, who point to two surgeries on her shoulders; two procedures for Plantar fasciitis, which causes heel pain; and a plate inserted into her wrist.

She has finished the race 14 times, but not in over a decade. She sheepishly admits as much but is adamant that she is still kicking butt and, in her words, “taking names.” Her training log — an average of 80 miles a week — and an array of ultramarathon results back up her claims. “I learned to let go of ageism a long time ago,” she said, adding, “Without that race on my calendar, I don’t know what I’d do or who I’d be.

Great article in the NYT by Jared Beasley about 71 year old Marge Hickman who’s absolutely obsessed with finishing Leadville this year.

Newbury Park’s Young brothers are heading to Stanford while NB Coach Sean Brosnan heads to UCLA.  Also about Newbury Park…I was in line for ice cream on Catalina a few weeks ago and started talking with a guy near me. Where ya from? He’s from “near LA” and finally narrowed it down to Newbury Park, where his daughter attends high school at NBHS. I said “Wow, that’s the Sahlman brothers! The best XC team in history!” and started going on about my admiration for their program. He’d never heard of them and had no idea that the school had a XC team.

Last week I asked about Amy Sproston’s progress on her solo AT FKT attempt. Here’s the update.

Watch this: Kilian’s advice for non-elite runners on how to train and race faster.


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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 1

iRunFar’s Week in Running: Justin lays down all the ultramarathon and trail racing events from this past weekend.

You’ll want to check out Biel Rafol’s great footage of Gabirela Lasalle cruising up and over the terrain in beautiful Andorra. I’ve run those trails and let me tell ya, Andorra is an amazing country with incredible outdoor activities. If you get a chance to visit, I’d highly recommend it, but…beware that horse meat is often on the menu.

 A couple tips for developing athletic talent in kids.

Amy Sproston set out on an AT FKT attempt last week (south-north, unsupported/ solo), but I don’t see it tracked on the fastestknowntime site any more. Is she still on the trail?

A look at the Engineer’s Pass aid station at Hardrock 100.

Kevin Beck offers his analysis of the Ashely Paulson/Badwater dilemma.

In the United States, life expectancy, incredibly, is falling—due, at least in part, to the resolutely sedentary nature of the American population. We need to start laying down better habits of physical activity fast. So is there a solution? I think there is. And it involves high school cross country.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Modest Proposal.

Sarah’s report from her run at High Lonesome 100 starts with comparisons to childbirth and includes her daughter Colly as her pacer. Looking forward to part two!

I love seeing pro runners dive into other sports and that’s exactly what Ryan Ghelfi did after an injury last year. In this piece, he writes about how and why he got into gravel bike racing.

Monday Funny: Western States finisher beginning think that no one will ever ask about his belt buckle.

Sorry about last week’s lack of updates. I was away on vacation with my entire family on Catalina Island enjoying the sun and ocean. On the first day of our trip, my son Van (10) fell on the boat and knocked out his front tooth (the whole damn thing, root and all) and bit thru his lip and here’s my free emergency dental advice: If you knock out a tooth, you have a very, very small window of time in which to reimplant that tooth. It’s gonna be painful and gory, but you need to get that tooth all the way up in the “socket.”  (To note, we didn’t have that knowledge.) He’s good now, but will need a root canal and additional orthodontia and now has a special souvenir on his chin. Yay kids!

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Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Thurs, July 21

Ultrarunning/Stern: What’s up in the ultramarathon and trail racing scene this weekend? Cascade Crest, Speedgoat….anything else happening on the East Coast?

Follow along as Jared Beasley (guest/author for the Al Howie episode) trains for his first Backyard Ultra.

Great essay by Sarah about how efficiently and thoroughly an aid station can run. In this piece, she uses her insider view of the Animas Forks a/s at Hardrock as a perfect example.

Speaking of Hardrock, here’s a quick photo essay of Shad Mika’s first time running the storied event.

Take everything you know about the history of the Western States trail and Gordy Ainsleigh and throw it in the garbage. (At least, according to this post by Davy Crockett.)

We speak as though contentment means we cease to be driven to improve. But contentment is not at odds with improvement. In fact, it offers a sturdier ground for improvement than a lack of contentment does because there is rest and security in contentment, instead of feelings of inadequacy or loss. It is difficult to sustain improvement, long-term, driven by a sense of inadequacy. Feeling inadequate is exhausting.

–Another spectacular piece of writing and thinking by Sabrina Little.

Is it fair to block someone on social media because of their association with someone with whom you disagree on a few issues? Lize Brittin makes her point right here. (And FWIW, I know Lize and I don’t agree on everything, but she’ll still likely share this post because that’s what mature, intellectually honest people are able to do.)

SCMP: What should/can be done about the increase of TikTok/Insta influencers clogging up the best destinations in the world?

If you’re in the SF Bay Area, do yourself a favor and take a day trip over to Angel Island. Aside from the fascinating– and troubling–history, the island has great views of the City, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, and yo, the trails are awesome! Weekends get a bit busy, but we had them all to ourselves yesterday. Besides, it was 103 degrees in Sacramento and only 72 in the Bay. (Also: The lockers have been removed since I was there last, so if you need to stash a jacket after the ferry ride, you’ll have to leave it on a bench or take it with you.)

Question: Who should be in the front of the starting line at a race? My answer is the people who are going to run the fastest. It shouldn’t matter if you’re planning on being first place kid or first place female, it seems like common sense that those up front are those who’ll be running the fastest. If you disagree, please let me know.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, July 18

Can we just be done with calling Hardrock a “run” and not a “race” already? ‘Cuz if you’re just running it, records don’t matter, and that was an awesome race! My only other comment on HR, oh man I wish Sabrina and Jim had run!

Peter Lawson was the DFL finisher at Hardrock, coming in at 47:57:15. Recognize the name? Peter wrote a great piece for URP a few years ago detailing how and why to run 200 milers.

Five bucket list ultramarathons in Asia.

A new CR was set at Badwater over the weekend, but some are skeptical of Ashley Paulson’s performance.  RD Chris Kostman addresses the questions and controversy right here.

Tessa Chesser and Adam Kimble both took different approaches to preparing for Western States. In this film, Derrick Lytle follows both of their lives to and at the Big Dance.

An epistemological approach to discussing whether or not males should compete in women’s sports.

And here’s a purely scientific discussion from three Ph.Ds (incl Science of Sports’ Ross Tucker and past KoopCast guest Emma Hilton) on fair competition and the effects of testosterone.

Livetracking Vol State right here. Come for the data, stay for Laz’s comments.

Trailrunner Mag: What happens when your running abilities disintegrate but your mind wants to keep running? Is it physiological? Is it psychosomatic? Excellent essay about a problem that’s all too common in our sport.

At the World Athletics Championships in Eugene yesterday, the sport of Track and Field found yet another way to shoot itself in the proverbial foot.

Have fun in your Sprinter van. I’ll take a lime green and electric Xbus (if they were ever imported domestically.)

Personal: I haven’t had a race I felt good about in years. Literally, years. That all changed on Saturday when I competed in my first triathlon since high school. Six mile run, 12 miles on the bike (all I’ve got is a single speed hybrid bike with gravel tires) and a 12 mile paddle. Most kayaked or surf-skied, I paddle boarded. I felt pretty good on the run, coming in well under my target time (good and bad, right?), then was completely demoralized on the bike as folks with $10k rides whizzed by me, outta sight within seconds. On the water, I worked my ass off and caught three guys on SUPs ahead of me to win my division. Woohoo! So happy to be racing again…OK, what’s next?


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Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, July 14

Good morning! Let’s start the day off with some homemade cinnamon rolls made by Courtney Daulwalter.

iRunFar: Joe Uhan looks at blisters, cramping and nausea from a fundamental knowledge perspective (First Principles Approach), but with a medical background. I’m sure that each of us have dealt with at least one of these issues in the past and will again in the future. Save this post.

How’d I miss Devon Yanko’s overall win at Umstead??? Cool story about hard work and perseverance.

Looks like someone forgot to do their speedwork. Sorry, not a lot of sympathy bruh.

Lize Brittin makes the point that advocating for your own healthcare is paramount, whether it’s a physical ailment or an emotional issue you’re experiencing. These are excellent points.
I do disagree with her re blocking people though. I’ve started blocking trolls and people who choose name calling over civil discourse and it’s not because I want to cut off discussion. I block them because their type of discussion doesn’t lead anywhere positive.

Details are sketchy, but it looks like USATF is considering paying a “living wage” to its top T&F athletes. No word on whether other disciplines (road, trail) will receive anything. Good money says this will still be a rumor in a year.

Meanwhile, this week’s WaPo article highlights athletes who believe that holding a full time job is beneficial to their workouts and performance.

And here’s Kevin Beck’s response to the WaPo article.

As the sport grows and evolves, the way that athletes approach the unique nature of trail races is also evolving. Many trail runners spend all of their time off-road, running gnarly terrain and getting a lot of “time on feet” on trails. But is that the best way to prepare for a trail race?

–Trailrunner Mag: Three essentials trail runners can learn from road runners.

Excellent article on Ruth Kroft that really shows her passion for the trails and her insistence on escaping the “running bubble.” Some good background on her win at Western States too.

What’s on the trail and ultramarathon calendar for this weekend? Jeffrey Stern runs down the big events right here.

Got the Hardrock bug? Here’s Dylan Bowman’s video from his 2021 run.

Haven’t read it yet, but this Outside Magazine article highlight the increase in elite athletes seeking mental health coaching.

LOL. Can we be done with these posed pictures already? So, so cringey.

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