Justin/IRF run down the weekend's top ultramarathon and trail results from around the world. Quick thoughts: I'd missed the news that Ironman had acquired Ultra Trail Australia. Certainly an interesting move that's hopefully not a harbinger of more to ...


Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Monday, May 21 and more...

Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Monday, May 21

Justin/IRF run down the weekend’s top ultramarathon and trail results from around the world. Quick thoughts:

  • I’d missed the news that Ironman had acquired Ultra Trail Australia. Certainly an interesting move that’s hopefully not a harbinger of more to come.
  • Kaci! Ah, so that’s how you’re supposed to come back from injury…with patience!…and apparently it works! Great to see her back on top.
  • Euro tie. Meh.
  • Interested in learning more about Lee Connor, the female champ at Cruel Jewel. What’s her story?

Another runner at Silver State was Logan Williams, a 23 yo guy from Boulder who’s been hooked on ultramarathons since last year. In this post, he writes about the triple threat of injury, eating disorders, and a competitive mindset, and the inevitable catch 22 of the combination of all three.  Logan addresses the commonly held stigma that athletes, primarily male athletes, have it all “figured out,” and in turn don’t suffer from mental illness or eating disorders. Good post that I know will hit home with many of you.

Racing to run a certain time is the equivalent of trying to play a game of H-O-R-S-E during a 5 vs 5 basketball game. You can do it, but most likely will lose the day’s contest even though you won your “game.”

Why the focus should be on strategy instead of time.

…And use Meghan’s mantra of Fun, Food, Fast Feet that she writes about in this excellent recap from her Lake Sonoma finish.

Rock shrine ultramarathon trail running
A small shrine of painted rocks I found on our trail run on Saturday. All had running mantras on them.

Krista Olson and her dad Bob (Timothy Olson’s wife and father in law, respectively), run their first hundred together at Pine to Palm and it’s turned into a short film. Very well done!

Biker killed by mountain lion outside of Seattle. Be safe out there.

Wedged in between his Boston Marathon win and another run at Stockholm Marathon in a few weeks, Kawauchi threw down a CR and bested 2nd place by 30 minutes in a 70k ultramarathon this weekend. Of course he did.

Without knowing any more info (race rules?), I definitely see this guy’s point, but it also makes him look like a sore loser. Interested to see what officials decide. What do you think?

Having set goals that I knew were in my control made the difference between failure and success and how I felt about the outcome. I nailed the nutrition, I had fun, and sometimes I had fast feet. I finished with gratitude, and had a wonderful afternoon hanging out with friends and cheering on the next finishers.

Strava data/map leads to arrest of some cyclist who smacked another on the head and make him crash.

Sending out some special packages to Patrons this week. You know when you find something that’s strange, but it works for you on the trails? That’s what led me to buy a bunch of these for you folks who make this all possible. Stay tuned.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, May 18

For anyone who’s been watching this sport for more than a few years, Mike Morton’s incredible ultramarathon performances from a decade ago, subsequent disappearance from the racing scene, then rise again in 2013-14 was incredible. Mike’s a solider, a runner, an artist, and this morning he posted a brutally honest message about his struggle with PTSD, alcoholism, and suicide. I’ll be honest, his post chilled me to the bone. We chatted with him in this podcast, apparently in the throes of one of his worst episodes and now I feel I need to go back and listen for any clues. Get better Mike. Fight hard and get through this. The crazy and diverse ultramarathon and trail communities are on your side.

Nah, this won’t be exciting at all. Zach Miller, an Olympic XC skier, David Laney, a Mt Marathon Champion, and Tim Tollefson all battling on some wicked trail in Alaska.  Great write up and analysis right this way.

I make fun of sports and pop “science” a lot on these pages. Here’s an excellent analysis of why so much of it is flawed–and how it’s gone mainstream.

There are 250k health apps out there, but little evidence that they are working.

OG URP host Scotty and I interviewed Rich Hunter five years ago this week. Rich introduced me to the incredible performances and struggles that the blind/VI community deals with and is instrumental in connecting runners and sighted guides around the country. He’s also got the first (and I believe one of a few) running guide dogs in the country. Klinger is up for a “heroic dog” award and voting is right over here. Let’s shine some extra light and accolades on an awesome team of runners.

Once you’re done here, head on over to semi-rad for Brendan’s Friday Inspiration.

The North Face Endurance Championships is going cupless. More right this way. And hey, if you’re signing up for Mass or Wisc, use URP20 for a nice discount…just remember to bring your damn cup.


Maybe someone will start serving alcoholic beer slushies at the next race?

Good article in Outside about what makes the USA’s top marathoner very unloveable. The accusations of cheating, of doping. His relationship with AlSal. His aloofness and isolation from media. I agree with the anonymous commentator: “Honestly, I couldn’t give a sh*t.”

As I hit the beach, I knew at this point if I had already made it 42 heinous miles, I could make it three more steep ones into the finishing town of Los Llanos. Rounding the final turn, was quite the sign of relief, as I was greeted by the warmest welcome I’ve ever experienced finishing a race

–And here’s Cole Watson’s report from Transvulcania.

Sabrina Little writes my favorite race reports, hands down. It often means having wikipedia open in another tab to understand some of the references, but they’re always good.  Here’s her most recent from the Trail World Championships.

Behind this paywall is most likely an interesting discussion about the culpability and liability of race directors when someone dies while competing.

Can CBD oil help triathletes? Could it also trigger PED tests? Consider.

Honest review: Sunny and I went to see The Snowman Trek last night and my wife asked me this morning how the movie was. While I liked seeing the incredible trails, environment, and people of Bhutan, the movie left me frustrated. While Tim and Frosty were there to run hard and set an FKT, the Bhutanese people were not ready (or warned?) for that type of expedition, and that’s not the athlete’s fault. The film came across as largely critical of their guides and porters, when it seemed that the organizer (and narrator) should have had the timeline set before they set off. 

After some epic hikes, Bighorn, and UTMB last year, Andrew Skurka is training for a good old footrace on the track. Painful!

Site news: I’m in the process of updating the look and the feel of the site, with one main emphasis being this page. My goal (working with a web designer) is to make the Daily News page more interactive with the ability to comment on each link separately. What other changes to the overall site would you like to see?


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Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, May 15

Read this: Excellent analysis of the Jurek’s book North while also weaving in the lessons and message from Hutchinson’s Endure. What exactly is it that drives us forward, despite all logic and self preservation?

Ugh. And on another side of the coin is this heart wrenching story written by the father of a Yale runner who, while emulating and idolizing Pre, battled mental illness with the same conviction with which he trained and studied. You may want to have some tissues ready.

If you saw the film The Hard Way last year, you’ll remember octogenarian Bob Hayes. His family announced yesterday that he has passed.

But you need to worship at the altar of easy days. Even after you acclimate over time, exertion will be substantially higher for most athletes at the same paces, so embrace the slow.

–David Roche reminds us to chill out on uphills, altitude, and vert.

Track Laz’s progress across the country right here. I’m guessing the “day in a few words” column will get pretty interesting.

Quick interview about a positive mindset in and out of the office with Magda Boulet and fellow GU exec/adventurer Roxanne Vogel.

Kelise had one hell of an experience en route to her run at Madeira. Nevertheless, she persevered and has a great story to tell!

As a fellow dog lover, I’m with Scott on this one: Shut up and leash your f’ing dog.

How Boulder became a running mecca. Similar stories for Asland, Seattle, Flagstaff, Marin County…

With the new SCOTUS ruling re sports betting, does this mean we start to start putting wagers on ultramarathons like they used to

Speaking of ultraultramarathons, here’s the leaderboard for Three Days at the Fair.

From the What’s Your Excuse, Again? file: Seventy year old double amputee summits Everest.



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Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, May 14

Justin and iRunFar bring us all the results from this weekend’s trail and ultramarathon results. Highlights for me:

  • Kelly Wolf at Transvulcania shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. She’s a beast on the mountains, is working with Koop and CTS, and has the mindset to win. Here’s our interview with her.  And here’s Ian’s recap and pics from the race.
  • Luis Alberto Hernando wins the Trail World Champs in Spain at age 40
  • Michele Yates at Quad Rock. Wasn’t she supposed to be having hip replacement?
  • Whatever caused Cat Bradley to DNF at Canyons 100k two weeks ago seems to have been cleared up. 
  • Not mentioned on iRF, but Avery Collins’ CR at Orcas Island 50 (w 12.5k’ vert) seems to have been quite a race. Anxious to hear more about his bonk.
  • Seeing Rob and DeNooch back racing on the trails is great! Onward, gentlemen!

And let’s shine some light on the competitive New England ultramarathon scene with this roundup from MassUltra.

Cool: Colorado school offers first-ever MBA in the Outdoor Industry.  I know Michael Aish is an alumni, but am pretty sure I’ve interviewed someone else who attended…Help me out?

Did anyone else watch parts of the Diamond League meet from Shanghai? Was that smog?

The Broken Arrow Skyrace is once again getting some top level entrants...Olson, Sandes, Koerner, Albertson-Junkans, Ghelfi, Shay, Allen, Keyes, Leedham, Boone, Vaught, Bosio, King, Vargo, Trumer, Schlarb, Pollman, Smith, Foote, Maravilla, Calmettes…Holy cow this is going to be a fun weekend!

Excellent post by Rivers Puzey about what it takes to be a strong mountain runner with “no training.”

And in one of the slowest moving events of the year, Laz has started his “vacation without a car” and you can follow him right here.

Short news day. What did I miss?


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Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, May 11

Start your Friday off with this film recounting Adam Campbell’s accident and rebirth as a trail and ultramarathon stud.

The ultimate (evidence based) guide to recovery.

Cool new backcountry gadget from SPOT allows users to text using satelites without pairing with a cellphone. Seems like a great device for $250.

American women are making a mark on the sport of running. Will more kids follow suit? (As a dad and coach of 50 K-3rd grade runners, this is of particular interest to me.)

It only took me 14 months and an injury to finally take the bands out of their original packaging!  I had good intent when I bought them, but poor follow through.  Don’t you make the same mistake.  All those articles we see regarding cross training, stretching, strength and core work outs are there for a reason.  They benefit us in becoming better runners and staying injury free.

Learn from Saul’s story of consistent training and fitness that’s hamstrung because of an avoidable injury.

What it takes to run across California…the “short” way. I remember years ago when Sarah Spelt did this…it’s something that’s always been on my list of things to do. Anyone want to make a push next year?

And Ann herself was very clear, “I was racing for the overall win that year and every year. It’s just what I did back then.”

–Great look back at Ann Trason‘s 1995 Western States win where she missed first OA by a mere five minutes. Yo AJW, more of these, please!

Or can we take this idea a step further and talk about an adult XC league?

More on one of my favorite MUT runners on the scene: Coree Aussem-Woltering.

Aaaaand…here’s your most-clicked on link of the week: Anton Krupicka recalls an influential story from his childhood and weaves the lessons into a recent multi-day in the canyon lands with Buzz Burrell.

I like to run through the biggest puddles and tackle the muddiest terrain when testing shoes, and the MT2s proved to be stable through all of it. I was able to descend a mile long hill that was a mix of snow and mud with almost no slippage and I felt comfortable the entire way. You can definitely feel confident on a mix of terrains in the MT2.

–Check out Sarah’s new review of the TOPO Athletics MT2.

If there’s one thing drunk mice are good for, it’s showing that a hangover pill is on the horizon.

The Ultramarathon Race of Champions (UROC) is this weekend. Here’s a preview of the mens and women’s fields. The “you’ll get all the elites if you offer enough money” theory is proven wrong once again.

We’re having lunch with my wife and my MIL this weekend, while my mom is running and riding through rural Austria with my dad (while apparently visiting every brewery they can find.)  Happy Mother’s Day…we wouldn’t be here without you.



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