TrailRunner: Addie Bracey writes about psyching ourselves up to do hard things. Whether it's a life event or an ultramarathon, you've got this! Outside: How are shoe companies and pro athletes weathering the shutdown and the corresponding running ...
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Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Aug 13 and more...

Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, Aug 13

TrailRunner: Addie Bracey writes about psyching ourselves up to do hard things. Whether it’s a life event or an ultramarathon, you’ve got this!

Outside: How are shoe companies and pro athletes weathering the shutdown and the corresponding running “boom”? Good article that looks at small boutique companies up to behemoths like Nike.

Someone needs to invent new adjectives for what Alex and Tommy are capable of when they team up. Mind-blowing, amazing, awesome—all [those descriptions] fall short.. .I love how they combine high-end endurance with their obvious climbing skills. I’ve long thought of mountain running and climbing as existing on a continuum, rather than entirely separate entities. It’s all moving in the mountains, just with different emphases. 

Climbing: Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell finish a massive 35 mile loop in Colorado that included technical climbing, bouldering, and plenty of trail running. When is Honnold going to register for a proper race? I’d love to see him!

Eco Challenge: This should be fun to watch! Coree Aussem-Woltering (URP interview) joins a team to tackle 400 miles of running, paddling, swimming, and adventuring in a race to win cash.

Cool idea if a race is gets cancelled: Provide a measured course and leave it up for a few weeks to let people “race” it on their own.

Here’s the weather in Sacramento for the next week. OH DEAR GOD.

Adventure Journal: Don’t use your Buff/gaiter as a facemask. Next week: Use your Buff/gaiter as a facemask.

Remy: I know it’s a joke, but I can’t be the only person who’s left an aid station and wondered when all the sugar will kick in, right?

ITRA: Here are three examples of how to host a trail race in the age of covid.

Skurka: Backpacking tents and tarps for the big and tall. I’m taller than average (6’2″) and struggle with tents sometimes. Made the mistake of ordering a standard sleeping bag one time instead of the “long” version and will never make that mistake again.

Mmmm, pubic hair beer.

I’ve recieved notes and emails from many of you over the past few days. I appreciate the words of encouragement and am still trying to figure out my next step. That message on the podcast was certainly not a pity party of invitation for sympathy, but I do appreciate the responses. Thank You.

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Tues, Aug 11

SCMP/Agnew: Mark talks with ITRA Prez Bob Crowley about the future of trail and ultramarathon running in the age of Covid.

Dammit, RunRabbitRun 100 was cancelled last night.

TrailRunner Mag: If hiking is part of your racing regiment (which it is), learn how to do it effectively, courtesy of Grayson Murphy.

Didya hear our new episode with Pam Reed? What an incredible person! Stay late for gear reviews with Ben (the closest thing to a Green Silence trail shoe?!?) and stay later for my comments on the current state and future of URP.

…during that commentary, I spoke about the toxicity of some on social media. Not all though! I’ve been seeing a lot of Carol Seppilu (URP interview) and her recent 100 miler in Alaska. Looks like there might be (at least one?) film being made about her.

Treeline Journal: Chase breaks down Sabrina Stanley’s new Nolan’s FKT.

Sorry, I’m not following the latest changes in the shoe stack controversy.

Skurka: Men and women have different biologies and dietary needs. In this post, Teresa Hagerty writes about how the latter can fuel for adventures in the outdoors.

Flaming Hot Cheeto beer? WTF? Drink too much and you’ll have the worse experience of your life.

Please do not take dietary advice from the side of a water bottle.

USATF partners with a candy company to help get kids in shape and active. Good idea or disaster?

Trail Sisters: New Zealand sure sounds like a nice place to visit right now, doesn’t it? Well, what’s it like to move there (as a runner) and try to stay in shape and sane?

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Pam Reed Interview

Pam Reed has run ninety six 100 milers and finished 50+ Ironman triathlons. She’s set the record for 24 hours on the track, and won–outright–Badwater two times. Most impressive to many was her 2015 Western/Hardrock/Badwater triple. All three of those events occur within one month. Woof!

Pam Reed on the trails in Yellowstone National Park

In this interview, we talk about everything from Courtney Dauwalter (and candy!) to what it’s like directing a large marathon in the age of Covid. Has Pam learned anything during her races over the last few months? We talk about trail blindness, beer, eating disorders, and the insane article written about her in 2005.

Pam Reed (r) and her friend Holly during one of Araivapa’s virtual 100 milers this summer.

Gear Chat with Ben


Brooks Catamount

Inov8 TerraUltra G270

Here are the Adidas Terrext ProtoHype trail shoes we talked about.

TrackSmith Run Cannonball Run shorts

rabbit EZ shorts 7″

Swiftwick Pursuit merino socks

Pam Reed Episode Notes

Here’s the Outside Magazine article

Here’s Pam Reed on David Letterman

Here’s the interview with Courtney where we talk about trail blindness.

Pam is the director of the Tucson Marathon.

Intro music | David Rosales
Outro music | AJ LeGrand

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 10

ultrarunning: Candace Burt’s Tahoe Rim Trail FKT.

TrailSisters: Running with dogs and strollers.

semi-rad: Brendan breaks down running into its simplest forms. Excellent!

iRunFar: Mock gives us an update on Chris Mocko. I’d been wondering what happened to The Mocko Show and that long-sought Nike sponsorship. Sounds like he’s doing well and working hard.

SCMP: What type of masks are HK-based trail runners using while they train? (Please note, this is not an invitation for mask rage.)

Monday Funny: Insecure bear wants to maul runner, but worries he’ll screw it up.

Bummer: Courtney pulls the plug on the Colorado Trail FKT with acute bronchitis. But holy hell, what a run!
…in more FKT news, Sabrina Stanley is still out on Nolan’s. Here’s her live tracking.

Book! I (er, Sunny, I guess) recieved a copy of Girls Running: All You Need to Strive, Thrive, and Run Your Best (affiliate link), a new book written by Melody Fairchild and Elizabeth Carey. Sunny dove right in. It talks about training and diet, periods, parents, teammates and more. Sunny’s 11 and is probably on the younger side of the intended audience, but she’s loving it.

I spoke with the incredible Pam Reed last week and will release the new episode today, along with a comprehensive gear review from Ben and a commentary on URP. Stay tuned.

SCMP: Looks like we should keep an eye on this top Russian.

The London Marathon will be an elites-only event. I’m curious how many of you/us would be interested and/or excited to watch an MUT race with a similar format? (Count me in the “hell yes!” category.)

Adventure Journal: Does being near a waterfall make you happy? Science says “yep.”

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Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Aug 3

Treeline Journal: Courtney Dauwalter is heading out with big goals on the 500 mile Colorado Trail. Here’s everything you need to know about her attempt. Go Court!

ITRA: Which country has the most diverse running community? Has women’s participation grown in trail running over the past decade? Who skews older? Men or women? And a looooot more interesting stats from our sport.

Footwear News: These new Adidas trail shoes look pretty sweet. Anyone tried them yet?

iRunFar: Catching up with The Godfather, Brett Rivers. Yes, his shop was awesome and well stocked with both gear and knowledgeable staff, but the marketing and branding is what really launched it into the stratosphere. Well done.

Matt Fitzgerald writes about how much–or whether–we should care about what others think of us and our running. Nicely done all wrapped up in a story of Rivers Puzey.

I willed myself to practice self-compassion and remind myself that I was doing something only a very few number of people can do under normal circumstances, and a much smaller fraction can do during this pandemic. This race may feel like it sucks, and I may think that I suck, but I’m actually fortunate to suffer these final miles of this route. That’s what I told myself, anyway, and it helped. I muddled through the final six miles. It wasn’t pretty—I had to tiptoe and inch my way down another singletrack slope where I failed to gain footing and slipped repeatedly—but I got it done.

Sarah reports from her run at Speedgoat last weekend.

OG Nikes sell for $162k at Sotheby’s.

This doc from the UK proves that wearing a mask while running 35k works for him. Great.

Cycling: Multi-generational dopers.

Hoka’s sales rise 37% in Q1 of 2020. Wow!

Trailrunner Mag: Your race is cancelled, now what? Addie Bracy offers some advice.

Ever run a trail race with shoes on the wrong feet after a couple of cocktails? Neither have I, but did the equivalent yesterday when I set out on my paddle board with a missing fin (left it in the garage) and a nasty inner ear infection that threw off my balance. I tend to learn lessons the hard way and will never ever make that mistake again.

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