Tomato Soup With Gruyere and Fried Capers and more...

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Tomato Soup With Gruyere and Fried Capers

March: She is a sultry, wanton wench with her come hither dance toward Spring as she promises warm breezes and sunny skies then slams the door in your face just as you begin to lose yourself in her lies.

March's ritual of a day of sun followed by four days of rain, repeat, keeps my food hankerings in a tizzy. What I crave this time of year, when Spring begins to flirt with Winter, is...

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Vegetarian Hoppin' John For A Prosperous New Year in 2015

Update 12-31-14: I re-made this today to take to a new year's potluck gathering, adding smokey ham and substituting rich chicken stock. I left out the red bell peppers and added 4 diced carrots to the saute. It's rich, earthy, and has a wonderful salty-smokey element from the ham. Happy New Year!

Black-eyed peas, especially in the form of Hoppin' John, are traditionally served on New Year's...

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Oven Slow Roasted Tomatoes

Two weekends, 40 pounds, eight baking sheets, one major f**k-up, and, finally, success!

Even as I read and read, and read some more, about slow roasting tomatoes, there are so many different versions out there (right?), so many disparate oven temperatures, ways to cut, sprinkle, or not, drizzle, or not, remove seeds, or not, roasting times: 8-10 hours, 5 hours, 3 hours, overnight, that I...

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Fresh Peach Ice Cream with Ginger Liqueur and Crystallized Ginger

Peaches ripen later on the north coast than in hotter-in-summer parts of the US, which makes July the start of the season for our truly local ones. The peaches pictured below hail from Neukom Family Farm and may be found these days at local farmers markets; they're sweet, dribble-down-your-chin juicy, and they make a terrific ice cream.

Keeping an ice cream recipe simple is really not my...

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Gluten Free Pasta: Shrimp in Tomato Cream Sauce

This recipe is a variation on one that I hadn't thought about in years. It appeared in the Sunset Recipe Annual 1988 Edition: Every Sunset Magazine Recipe and Food Article From 1987.

Now the other day, when I bought a pound of medium (21-30 per pound) shrimp, I had no idea I would make this dish. I was musing on lighter, spring-is-approaching food and thought I'd make a quick shrimp and...

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