Breathing, Crying and Anger

Feldenkrais sessions that involve the breath have a tendency to bring out a great deal of emotion in me, sometimes leading to spontaneous crying or anger. Have you experienced something similar?

The first time I experienced it was during a Feldenkrais table session (sometimes called "Functional Integration"). I was young at the time, only 24 (or so) and had only recently stopped living in my car and on the street after getting off drugs. I was grateful that the practitioner giving me the session saw it coming and left the room so that I could cry and process it on my own. But even now, more than 20 years later, experiential sessions (sometimes called, "Awareness Through Movement") that involve unique breathing movements can bring out strong emotion. As I think about it, it is not the breath that is the main factor, but rather finding new movement in my ribs. Or perhaps said, letting go of compulsive tension in the muscles around the ribs.

Have you had a similar experience? Feel free to leave a comment. cheers! - Ryan

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True Ribs, False Ribs, Floating Ribs (Video)

I am at a coffee shop preparing the transcript for my weekly Easy Feldenkrais session and I had a moment of confusion when the transcript of Moshe's session said,

"Press the middle of your waist in the floor. That is, press the small ribs on the right and left - the floating ribs."

To me, the middle of my waist and my floating ribs are not the same area. So just to clarify my perception a bit, I found a Youtube video to help me get a clearer image. Do you know and can you feel...your "true" ribs, "false" ribs and floating ribs?


The session that I am preparing is based on Alexander Yanai #191:Pressing to the floor and breathing [Breathing rhythmically #7].



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Feldenkrais With Alfons: Getting Better Day By Day

I was really excited a few days ago when I saw that my longtime friend, colleague and fellow "Feldenkrais Evangelist" Alfons Grabher had released a new book: Feldenkrais With Alfons: Getting Better Day By Day.

Alfons does what I do - travels the world (He is an Austrian currently traveling in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China and I am a Gringo in Mexico), has cool adventures and experiments with ways to share Feldenkrais ideas and strategies. That's why I felt compelled to contact him to work out a way to support the release of his latest book.

Getting Better Day By Day, is unique in that it breaks with "Feldenkrais Orthodoxy" and teaches the work via photos that show the Feldenkrais positions and movements. Many of my students and people who have bought my own products have asked me to do something similar. I have resisted doing so because I prefer to learn and teach via audio sessions and live classes. And Feldenkrais himself, rarely demonstrated the "correct" position. He preferred that each individual understand the sessions based on his or her own sensory motor understandings. Feldenkrais did not want people to "copy" another person's movement.

Even so, I am very grateful that Alfon's has decided to release his book because so many people want visual/pictoral instructions for the work. And they can really benefit from the additional feedback. And it is SO important for Feldenkrais practitioners to keep experimenting with ways to share and teach the work.

So..if this type of thing interests you, please take a look at Alfon's book at:

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One of my favorite Alexander Yanai Sessions (AY 61)

Alexander Yanai book coversHere is a wonderful (and free) audio Feldenkrais session that you can do right now. No need to enter your email, just click below to play.

It is based on a session from "Alexander Yanai" (or AY as they are sometimes called). This is one of my all time favorite sessions. And that has little to do with the session itself but what it did to me when I first did it: It opened up the ribs on my right side in a way that I had never experienced. It was practically a religious experience for me!

I think my ribs had been contracted on that side since early childhood (maybe even since before birth?). And - WOW - It brought out some intense feelings. But of course your experience will be different.

Alexander Yanai #61: Arms in a circle above the head; on the back with soles of the feet facing each other.

This is a Feldenkrais session that can be done by a wide variety of people. It involves being on the back and having your hands above your head and on the floor. If you can do that comfortably you can do this session*. Give it a go?

Click here to download a copy that you can keep in your personal Feldenkrais library.

On the private area of, I am getting deeper and deeper into recording and sharing sessions based on Feldenkrais' work at his studio on Alexander Yanai street in Israel. (You can find a bit of AY history here.)

I have recorded and posted well over thirty AY sessions and add 2-3 new ones every month on average.

*If any part of this session is painful to you, stop immediately. Alternately you can do less so the pain stops or simply do the sessions in your imagination. This session should never cause any stress or strain in your body. If at anytime during this session or any other session, if you feel the need to rest, then just rest.

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More Media Love For Feldenkrais (The “F” Word)

Several Feldenkrais practitioners told me that they do not like the tone of the article below from the U.K. Telegraph, but I love it! Slightly irreverent and 100% positive for Feldenkrais (from my point of view).

"I was seeing the best physios in the world – and doing Pilates,” he recalls of his injuries, yet improvements were elusive. “They weren’t causing me pain, but I lost what made me good at sport – speed and ability to react.

“In my first Feldenkrais session, I was moved in ways that invited my pelvis to sync up with my head again, and I floated off that couch.” He says that inaugural meeting still has the edge over fatherhood as “the most powerful moment” of his life."

Here is the link again: The truth about Feldenkrais, the movement method fans call 'wizardry'

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