Our family visited LEGOLAND Florida in April of 2017. We have three boys so we are considered a Lego family, I guess you would say. They love building and watching all the movies. My husbands family is from central Florida, so we knew the next time we ...


Legoland Florida Review & Tips for Your Visit

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Legoland Florida Review & Tips for Your Visit

Our family visited LEGOLAND Florida in April of 2017. We have three boys so we are considered a Lego family, I guess you would say. They love building and watching all the movies. My husbands family is from central Florida, so we knew the next time we went to visit, we had to make a stop at LEGOLAND. For Christmas this past year, that was the boys gift from us — a visit to LEGOLAND and a stay at the hotel. This theme park and hotel is in Water Haven, Florida, about 45 minutes from Orlando.

The LEGOLAND Florida Hotel is just yards away from the parks entrance, which was one of our favorite things we learned first about the attraction. No trams to ride, no monorails to get on and off of with kids. You walk 50 yards from the hotel and you’re at the park gate. Pretty nice if you’re traveling with younger kids like we were.

When we went to book our trip, we looked at the website and LEGOLAND was running a deal for kids are free with paying adults. I’ve been watching their social media and LEGOLAND runs quite a bit of specials to where going to the park, staying at the hotel, and meals are quite affordable. The Room and Ticket Package is an awesome deal. It’s the perfect combo for families who want to visit the park and have a blast, but not spend a fortune.

We let all 3 of the boys pick out which type of room they wanted to stay in. There are different themed rooms throughout the hotel. You can choose from The Kingdom, Pirate, Adventure, or LEGO Friends rooms. Our kids chose the Kingdom themed room. So, within a few easy click on the keyboard, our room and trip was booked.

LEGOLAND Florida has something for everyone, though I do agree that it’s geared for ages 5-12. It’s such a fun and sweet age and there is just something around every corner for them to do. Our youngest was 5 and he could do everything the older boys (11 and 8) could do. Even as adults, we loved every bit of it.

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It really is exciting to see all your favorite characters and LEGO friends built out of legos. The park is extremely clean which is a huge plus for us. The staff you can tell REALLY loves their jobs and what they do. So friendly, interactive with the kids, and helpful. Another huge plus.

The first day we were there, we arrived at the park around noon and started at the front of the park. We didn’t have to wait one time for a ride or show. We walked right up each time. Though, our first day was on a Tuesday, I’ve heard even on the weekends it really isn’t too crowded to where you have to wait a long time. We went through everything, saw a couple shows, and rode everything (even a couple times on some rides) and were finished by 5pm.

The second day, we arrived at the park shortly after having breakfast and used our “get in early pass” that they give you when you stay at the hotel. That was one of our favorite parts of LEGOLAND. If you stay at the hotel, you can get in the park 30 minutes before it opens. This is GREAT to head to your favorite rides and get a ride or two in before the others make it. We started at the back of the park on our second day and worked out way to the front. Usually, people start at the front and then go to the back of the park. This made it a lot easier to navigate and even ride things 2 and 3 and 4 times in a row.

Food and meals at theme parks can be great or just horrible. LEGOLAND in our opinion was great! We were pleasantly surprised with the food choices at the park, the snack options, and how reasonable the prices seemed. The first day for lunch we ate at a panini restaurant called, Panini Grill. It was pretty good. For a snack, we had ice cream and then dinner at the hotel buffet. We aren’t big buffet people, so I admit, I was a little skeptical. But ya’ll. I mean, this wasn’t like your Golden Corral buffet. The BBQ was so good, the sides were even better, and the tiramisu dessert is heavenly. Breakfast the next morning at the hotel was pretty great too. We were surprised at how much we liked the hotel and park food. Two thumbs up from our family of 5. You can view all the dining options on the LEGOLAND site.

Two thumbs up for all the dining options at @LegolandFlorida.
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A Few Tips & Ideas For You:

  • Check around for discounts for park tickets. I’ve seen them in LEGO magazines and LEGO movie DVD’s. They are out there. Just look. Also, watch their social media and their website for specific deals and specials they may be running.
  • Go (if you can) when schools are still in session We have found that the Spring time is beautiful. We were there the end of April with perfect weather and no humidity. The lines were low and we maybe waited 10 minutes one time during the entire time we were there.
  • Stay at the hotel. It is even more fun for the kids and makes everything so much easier. The dining options are affordable when you stay at the hotel, you can get into the park 30 minutes before they open the gates, and it makes sense when you’re thinking of the budget and including food, lodging, attraction tickets, etc.

Our Favorite Rides & Attractions That We Think YOU Can’t Miss:

  • Chima Ride
  • The Drago (Lego Kingdoms)
  • Wells Fargo Fun Town
  • Coastersaurus
  • Flying School
  • Ninjago
  • Ford Driving School

LEGOLAND has a couple new attractions that just opened this year (2017):

  • Legoland Ninjago World
  • Legoland Beach Retreat (another hotel)

We cannot wait to plan our next trip to LEGOLAND. In fact, they’re already asking for that for their Christmas gift for this year. I’d say it was a hit! We defiantly will be back and cannot wait to stay longer this next time.

Have you been to LEGOLAND? What were your favorite parts? What tips would you give to someone who has never been? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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Friday Favorites {and a giveaway}

Friday Favorites.

The weekend is here and Friday has so many things that I love. I’d love for you to enter the giveaway below and also let me know what some of your Friday Favorites are.

So much good has happened over the past couple of weeks. We sure do cherish our homeschool year and love having our kids at home to homeschool, but there’s something so sweet about summer break. 2 weeks ago, we began our break and headed to Florida to surprise my husbands 90 year old Grandfather for his birthday. While we were in FL, we took 2 days to go to LegoLand. Wow, what a fun (and very much needed) 2 days that was. Which leads me to my first Friday Favorites point in this post….

  1. Time Away Together: Time away with my people, without any of the everyday life things going on, or appointments or music lessons or sports. It made me realize how fast our time is going by with our kiddos. Our oldest will be in 6th grade this year. 6th grade, folks! It has me all sorts of all over the place. I’m reminded of a very sweet blog post I read a while back, Walk Slowly Mama. You MUST go read it (and have a box of tissues with you while you do so).

Because if you are leaning on Jesus, your kids don’t see your limp; they see Jesus walking with you. “

2. My New Evy’s Tree Anne-Marie in Sand Hoodie: It’s no secret that I love Evy’s Tree. I mean, I own 13 hoodies. I’ve been told I’m a walking bill board for them. It’s a very intense addiction. (hah!) But really, they’re pretty great. Once you own one, you will be hooked, forever. I love them so much, I’m giving all of you 10% off your first order with Evy’s Tree. Just CLICK HERE to get your discount code. I’d love to hear what hoodie you choose.

3. La Croix Cherry Lime: I tried La Croix several years ago and just hated it. A good friend told me to try it again and this time to try the Cherry Lime flavor and I love it now! I get tired of water and tea. Do you? I need a fizzy drink every now and then and La Croix Cherry Lime hits the spot. Refreshing and has 0 calories.

4. National Foster Care Month: May is National Foster Care month. I’m loving all the stories and pictures I’m reading from other foster care families. We are involved in a ministry in Nashville called Jonah’s Journey that keeps kids out of state care and you minister to the mom and the child. These mothers are either incarcerated or without a home to keep their child in. It’s a voluntary placement on their part and has been SUCH a blessing to our family. Seeing our boys do just as much of the work as we do and love these children and their moms, is unlike anything else I’ve ever been a part of. Here is a short glimpse of our journey so far with Jonah’s Journey. Some great tags on social media to check out and learn more about foster care are: #nationalfostercaremonth #fostercaremonth #fostercare

Easter Offering – Jonah’s Journey from Long Hollow Creative on Vimeo.

 5. Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Box (& a giveaway): Recently, at a Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention, we came across Raddish Kids and LOVED the idea so much we purchased a year subscription. A subscription box just for kids that is delivered to your doorstep once a month. This is great for kids who love to cook or help in the kitchen. I wrote a FULL review just the other day that I’d love for you to check out and see if you think it would be something your kids would like. If you think it’s something you’d like to try out, I’d love to give you a $10 off referral code to use on a 6 or 12 month membership. Simply sign up for a subscription and use the code, z6pjpf at checkout to take $10 off your subscription.

BUT….this week, I’m giving way a single kit to Raddish Kids. One of you lucky folks will win this kit and I know you AND your kids will love it! Entering is easy and each step below is an entry:

  • Comment on this blog post letting us know that you read the Raddish Kids Review Post and what you love / or think you’ll love most about the company.
  • Follow MeghanTucker on Instagram and RaddishKids on Instagram. Comment letting us know you followed.
  • “Like” MeghanTucker on Facebook and RaddishKids on Facebook. Comment letting us know you “Liked”.
  • Follow MeghanTucker on Twitter and Raddish Kids on Twitter. Comment letting us know you followed.
  • Tweet  (you can tweet once a day for an extra entry): 

    @MeghanTucker & @RaddishKids are giving away a cooking kit. #kidscooking
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    . Comment letting us know you tweeted.
  • Follow MeghanTucker on Pinterest and RaddishKids on Pinterest. Comment letting us know you followed.
Giveaway ends 5/12 at 12am CST. Winner has 24 hours to respond to the email before a new winner is chosen. Open to US residents only.

What about you? What are some of your Friday Favorites?

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Raddish Kids Monthly Cooking Subscription Box {review}

Raddish Kids  is a fun, new way to get kids involved in the kitchen and to have fun cooking! We recently discovered Raddish at our favorite homeschool convention (Teach Them Diligently Nashville) and fell in love with the curriculum! It was created by a team of teachers and chefs that have been leading Kitchen Kid’s deliciously fun summer camps, after-school classes, parties, and in-home lessons since 2006.

They believe two of the greatest gifts you can give your children are a love and appreciation of good food, and a childhood enjoyed at the family table.  Over the last 20 years, picky eating has become rampant, parents have turned into short-order cooks, and family mealtime has declined 30%.

With Raddish, they want to change all this. Why?

  Kids are much more eager to eat a meal they helped prepare — fruits, veggies, and whole grains included.

  Kids who are empowered in the kitchen cultivate a diverse palate.

  Culinary education inspires self confidence, fosters independence, and instills an appreciation of where food originates.

  The kitchen supports academic and cultural pursuits — and is the tastiest place to learn!

Your Raddish subscription box will come with the following:

  3 Illustrated Recipe Guides: Made from durable, wipeable material that is built to last! Each step-by-step recipe guide is filled with educational lessons and kitchen tips.
  3 Culinary Skill Cards: Learn a new culinary technique with each recipe!
  A Creative Kitchen Project: Activities range from science experiments and art projects to oral histories and foodie games.
New Themes Every Month:

 Seasonal Spotlight Kits: Learn about crops that grow each season.

 Global Cuisine Kits: Explore the world through food.
 Creative Cookery Kits: Get crafty or conduct and edible experiment.
 Holiday Celebration Kits: Cook for family and friends!
The first subscription box we received had recipes for a cobb salad, chicken tenders, and a chocolate souffle. Can we say YUMMO? We started out on the first day by making the cobb salad. My younger two boys aren’t big salad eaters, so I was curious to see how this went. It really is true — kids are more likely to eat what they make, and my boys DID! They loved the cobb salad they put together.
Do you homeschool? Check out how you can incorporate Raddish into your homeschool curriculum this school year or plan to use it for next year.
  Exclusive Kid Friendly Tools and Collectibles (see a sample)
Receive a new kitchen tool every month. Earn an apron patch for every completed kit! Create meal-time chatter with your Table Talk conversation starters. Sibling option available at checkout.
  Online “Bonus Bites” Activities (see a sample) including grocery store scavenger hunts, recipes, videos, musical playlists, dietary substitutions and more!
 Digital Lesson Plans for Homeschool Parents! Available with memberships (see a sample)
Not only do they love getting their monthly subscription box in the mail (I mean, who doesn’t love fun mail like this?), they actually eat the food they make! Pretty great, huh parents? My younger 2 boys aren’t really into salads, but they made this cobb salad and ate it all after!

A cooking subscription box for kids! @RaddishKids has Science, Math, & Cooking class included.
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Once the meal is made and you’ve completed the science experiments or other lessons that come with the box for that month, you can award your kiddos a badge and place it on their apron.
 Do your kids love to cook and help in the kitchen? I have a feeling they would LOVE Raddish Kids.


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5 DIY Spring Mantel Ideas

Spring is here and we couldn’t be more excited to see the leaves budding on the trees and flowers beginning to bloom. I love decorating my mantel for every season, but I think my Spring mantel is my favorite. It’s simple, clean, and the colors make me happy.

Today, I’m sharing with you 5 different DIY Spring mantel ideas that I just love. Maybe you could duplicate one or try something similar with yours.

  1. Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel from The Turquoise Home

2. Spring Mantel from House by Hoff

3.Fresh Pear Blossoms Mantel from Buckets of Burlap

4. Spring Inspired Mantel from Love Grows Wild

5. Simple Blue and Blooms Spring Mantel from The Frugal Homemaker

So, let’s see your Spring mantel. You can share it on Instagram or link it in the comments on this post. Happy Spring!

5 DIY Spring Mantel Ideas for your home from @MeghanTucker. Easy and affordable. #homedecor
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4 Favorite Spring Fashion Pieces

You can feel Spring in the air here in Nashville. This winter has been unusually warm. With temperatures not supposed to be lower than 65 over the next couple of weeks, it has me picking out a few of my new favorite Spring fashion pieces:

1. Sassy Sparrow Bag: I saw this bag online and knew it had to be something that was added to my bag collection. The Lizzie in Tan Stripe bag is a bag you can use year round and for everyday use. The Lizzie is the result of their love of high quality leather, combined with the heirloom line of fabrics that The Sassy Sparrow has to offer.

You really have to touch it to appreciate it’s quality and uniqueness. It has an adjustable strap so it can be worn as a cross body bag or a shoulder bag. Pretty great, huh? The Lizzie is roomy with a total of 6 pockets lining the inside. The bag is made of cotton and leather – two of my favorite thingss. You are sure to love the versatility, design, and beauty of this bag. It’s simple, yet turns heads at the same time.

Measurements: Length – 13.5” ; Height – 11” ; Base Width – 3”



I’m excited to hand out 10% off your order with Sassy Sparrow! Just use the code “meghaninsta10” at checkout to receive the discount.

2. The Paisley Hanger: I recently came across an adorable boutique on Instagram (imagine that) called The Paisley Hanger. Their boutique clothing is just adorable and I love how affordable it is. The Smell the Flowers top from this boutique is perfect for your Spring and Summer style. It’s lightweight and looks adorable worn with a pair of leggings or with a cardigan if it’s a chilly Spring day.

Would you like a discount code to use at The Paisley Hanger? I thought so. Use code MEGT for 15% off through the month of February (2017). I’m anxious to hear what you pick out.

3. New Creation: New Creation is a Harrisonburg, VA based non-profit counteracting human trafficking through education, awareness, design, + the hope of Christ. When I ran across them on Instagram, I immediately hit the “follow” button because well, you all know how much I love a good non-profit like New Creation.

When I started browsing their shop, I fell in love with the Chevron Necklace. I love that it can be dressed up or down. Their focus?


Education youth on the dangers of human trafficking + unveil common lures that traffickers use

Empower + Mobilize communities to get involved in counteracting this injustice

Fund rescue + restoration around the world through the New Creation Shoppe

Equip + Train law enforcement, teachers, medical professionals, + other leaders to spot the read flags of human trafficking

Support local survivors by collaborating with agencies to provide after care needs

If you didn’t love them enough already, how about we have a giveaway? Who would like to win one of these Brass Chevron Necklaces? One lucky winner will be chosen! To enter:

  • Follow myself and New Creation on Instagram.
  • Comment on this post letting us know you followed on Instagram.
  • Comment on this post letting us know if you like the Brass or Silver Chevron Necklace better.

Giveaway ends 2/28 at 12pm CST. Winner has 24 hours to respond to the email or a new winner is chosen.

4. ThredUp: Think online consignment with name brand clothing, shoes, and accessories. Yep, it’s pretty amazing. Think second-hand first.

I first discovered ThredUp a year or so ago and fell in love. Adorable, clothing is my favorite, but sometimes it is just too expensive, if we’re being real. ThredUp has so many varieties of name brand clothing for both women and children. My favorite is that it’s all affordable. If you have clothes that are in great condition and you’d like to get rid of them, send them to ThredUp and make some cash! Just request a “Clean Out” packet and they’ll send you instructions and all you need to consign with them.

Most recently I purchased a couple of pairs of shorts, a skirt, and a pair of sandals for just $32. Pretty great, huh?


I’d love to give you $10 to spend. What do you have your eye on? Click HERE to receive your $10.

What are some of your favorite Spring fashion pieces? I’m always on the hunt for adorable and affordable. Comment on this post and let me know. 



We received these products at no cost in exchange for our honest review. All opinions expressed are solely mine.

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