Finally Updated: Antique Thomasville Dining Table and Chairs Chalk Paint Redo

Back in January of 2014, I posted some photos of this Thomasville Dining Table that we picked up at the Salvation Army. You can see where I wrote about it here: Updating a 1962 Thomasville Dining Table and Chairs. I apologize for not posting some after photos of it, but it took us a lot longer to finish it then we thought it would because the day after we purchased it, I found out that I was pregnant, and then shortly after that, Dawn found out that she was pregnant too!!! If you’ve ever been pregnant, then you know what that does to you, especially in the early stages. It took us some time to finish it, mainly due to fatigue. However, I think it was worth the wait.

As you might recall when we got her, she looked like this:

And we were hoping to do something like this with it!

This was our first experience with chalk paint. So, there was a bit of learning curve, and it seems that when we do something for the very first time, we always run into some...

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Quick and Inexpensive Kitchen Canister Update

I love those kitchen canisters that have chalkboard paint on them and you can label them with “Coffee, Tea, Sugar and Flour”. And I’ve even considered buying them but I just couldn’t find the right ones. We received these canisters as a wedding gift many moons ago and because they were a gift, I’ve had a hard time parting with them, even though one of them is totally cracked, I still can’t say “good-bye”.

kitchen canisters before

So, today, after dropping my kids off at school I walked into the kitchen and just happened to look at the canisters, and BAM, I had my “ah ha” moment! Use the ones that I already have to make the look I’ve been wanting. After all, my set is plain white with stainless lids and they’re the perfect slate for something like this. I have chalkboard paint, and could have used that, but why bother? I had some left over black contact paper that Dawn had given me a while back and it just so happened, I...

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When You Find Something You Love, Buy It, and Think About Where to Put it Later!

I’ve always been a sucker for antiques. I love garage sales, antique and thrift stores. My grandfather was always on the hunt for a good treasure so I’m pretty sure I inherited this from him. I love finding a little gem that someone else overlooked and taking it home, cleaning up and bringing it back to life. There’s really a number of ways to do that. The easiest, is just using some good old furniture oil. You have no idea what this can do to a piece of furniture. It’s like when you see a plant wilting in the corner because you’ve neglected it for way too long and you finally bring yourself to water the poor thing and within minutes, you see the leaves start to pop back up. It’s just like that! Furniture needs oiling too. Wood gets dry, brittle, and faded. And oil can make the world of difference in bringing it back to life.

So, what do you do when you’re out perusing the thrift stores and you find something you don’t need, at a killer...

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Beach Cottage Inspired Painted Furniture

As a child or an adult, I have either lived in New York or California, and I’ve always lived somewhat close to the ocean. I love the beach and I adore the beach cottage shabby chic look of whites, blues, shells, and driftwood. I love the task of collecting shells on the beach and bringing them home, especially from distant places. I learned that from my mother at a very early age! She has an enormous collection of shells that I hope to inherit one day!

One of the first pieces of furniture I bought when I was single and living on my own was an unfinished pine Armoire and side table. When we moved into our home, I decided that I needed one room that allowed me to have that beach cottage feeling. It’s not nearly what I’d like it to be, but with subtle touches here and there, it at least lets me think I have a beach cottage for a moment in time! This room serves as the kids playroom, so it’s really cluttered with a lot of toys, but I have tried to make the...

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A DIY Tip Everyone Needs To Know – How To Find A Stud

Have you ever wanted to hang something heavy on your wall and knew you were in the vicinity of a stud, but could not find the darn thing – even though you know they are all supposed to be 16 inches apart.


Says the stud God, laughing at your plans.

Well, guess no more my friends! I learned of a great solution that costs much, much, much less than those expensive stud finders thanks to one of my favorite sites – Houzz – and I had to share.

(Did you know Christine’s patio was featured on Houzz? If you haven’t seen it, you need to check it out!)

Anyway, I was in the predicament of trying to find a stud this weekend, when I attempted to hang this sign I made for my kid’s toy closet using plywood leftover from the All Star Scoreboard I made for my son.

I measured out sixteen inches and drilled my hole, but felt that empty feeling you get when your drill bit reaches air once through the...

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