United has new elite rules, Marriott still struggles, new A380 engines are stalled and Primera is dead. Rough week, huh? Related Stories - DLD 212: No changes, unlikely merger, little fuel - DLD 204: Low-balling the buyout offer - DLD120: Who shall fly ...


DLD 214: A new Number 1 and new numbers for 1K and more...

DLD 214: A new Number 1 and new numbers for 1K

United made changes to its 1K program (and other tiers) for the 2019 program year and, not surprisingly, lots of people have lots of opinions on this issue. Somewhat surprisingly, they’re not all completely negative.

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DLD 213: APEX EXPO – Next Year in Los Angeles

Want a look into the future of aircraft cabin interiors? APEX EXPO is a good opportunity to see what’s coming and prepare for the inevitable. Often that means getting ready for not so great changes to the passenger experience. As is often the case we have Jason on as a guest to review the show and parse out what’s really going to fly or not.

What’s cool? What’s going to fly? What isn’t?

  • New, smaller lavs are definitely coming
  • A new way to pay for power on board might take off
  • Overhead bins get connected to the internet in strange and maybe useful ways
  • New screens for entertainment systems are bigger and brighter than ever

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DLD 212: No changes, unlikely merger, little fuel

Will a Middle East merger happen? Did a plane run very low on fuel? Is the new UA boarding process a joke? Lots of answers in this week’s show!

Stephan and Fozz are on this week, with some lively conversation including the following stories:

We also talked about Fozz’s United agent experience in Amsterdam and EU261 rules. And we talk about the first couple of weeks of the new United boarding process.


DLD 211: Speedy Delivery

Is it fair that Turkey’s president gets a new 747-8i before we do? Alas, it probably is. Questions remain around how long his government will be solvent to operate it, though.

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We also talk IATA forecasts and Hyperloop and Dubai and lots of other stuff. So solid off-topic rambling going on in here.


DLD 210: Not quite Philadelphia

Are the days of Aerolineas Argentinas numbered? Norwegian is now selling seats for its domestic flights there, with service launching mid-October.


And, as always, the usual ramblings of our intrepid crew.