Lots of 737 shop talk in this episode, recorded on Sunday evening after the ET302 crash outside Addis Ababa. Our condolences to all those affected by the tragedy. Related Stories - DLD 218: Smoothing connections - DLD 224: From numbers to colors - DLD ...


DLD 235: MAX sadness and confusion and more...

DLD 235: MAX sadness and confusion

Lots of 737 shop talk in this episode, recorded on Sunday evening after the ET302 crash outside Addis Ababa. Our condolences to all those affected by the tragedy.

Plus, we’re joined by Jerry who heard us ask if any listeners want to join for a chat and he signed up. You can, too!

Also in this episode:


DLD 234: Paine with Pizza

New airport terminals are relatively rare. Terminals that are truly new, not just upgrades of existing facilities are even harder to find. And a new terminal that instantly bring 24 daily flights to an area that previously had zero are like unicorns. This week we found that unicorn.

Paine Field is not a new airport but the commercial passenger terminal opened this week and it is all sorts of swanky. This week’s episode is focused entirely on the new terminal and service, and also features a somewhat different format than usual. We joined up with Ed from Pizza In Motion and the Miles To Go Podcast to record a joint episode because we were on the trip together and both really wanted the content.  And there really wasn’t any value in doing the same thing twice.


DLD 233: A little sketchy

Remember that Norwegian 737 that diverted to Shiraz, Iran a couple months ago with an engine issue? She’s finally back after the embargo restrictions were relaxed enough to get a replacement installed.

Also in this episode:

And, as always, plenty more inside. Enjoy the show!


DLD 232: Surprise!

What’s in store this week?? Perhaps it is a surprise for everyone. Owing to some excitement in the recording and editing process we’re all about to find out together!

Among the topics we think are included:

Enjoy the show!


DLD 231: Introducing the Statesider!

We’re big fans of all things travel so when a couple of friends launched a new destination guide site we were interested. Welcome to the Statesider, a new take on US travel.

Born from the goal of helping explore more within the United States and discovering the “foreign” available so very close to home, the Statesider is an email newsletter/website combination that highlights destinations within the United States. This episode we chat with the founders, Pam and Andy to get a feel for just what the new concept is all about.

That the interview happened while Seth was sitting in the lounge prior to a(nother) trip to Europe created an interesting dynamic for the conversation. Can we find new and different and unique and special experiences without spending 10 or 20 or 30 hours en route? Just how different are we, despite being very much from the same country?


And it is not just list telling you where to go and why. Indeed, the Statesider is pretty much anything but lists. Stories like The Bikes of Wrath – a modern take on the Steinbeck classic – or just hanging out in the Mississippi Delta, waiting for the Blues to reassert its power, are the fabric of the site. And it is really, really interesting stuff.

Give the episode a listen then go sign up for the newsletter and give the_statesider a follow on Twitter. And maybe travel a little more inside the USA.