We tried to keep this episode relatively clean. I'm not sure it worked. With a guy smearing poop all over a plane and JFK's blizzard meltdown there were plenty of nasty moments to review in this week's show. Related Stories - DLD 174: New year, new ...


DLD 175: Milk runs, feces and the dumpster fire that is JFK and more...

DLD 175: Milk runs, feces and the dumpster fire that is JFK

Got poop? United Airlines was “lucky” enough to have a passenger go a little crazy and share some of his on board a recent flight.

Also in this episode:

And a whole lot more…


DLD 174: New year, new rules, new programs

Awards are changing. Again. Some are going up and some are changing structure completely. Hooray!

Among the stories covered in this episode:

And a few other bits, too.



DLD 173: Where not to stay in Singapore

Collecting new lines is a big part of our play and two of the crew cashed in on that goal, flying a cheap(ish) Fauxlaris business class fare to Singapore on United Airlines, picking up both the LAX and SFO lines in the process. Alas, they let Stephan choose the hotel for the trip and that didn’t work out as well as they’d hoped it would.



DLD 172: Ready. ATL. FIRE!

A fire in Atlanta caused more than a thousand flights to be canceled over the weekend. That’s all sorts of bad news.

Also in this week’s episode:



DLD 171: They finally made it to Taiwan

After an aborted effort a few weeks back hosts Stephan and Fozz finally made it to Taiwan. They’re talking Polaris – the real thing, not Fauxlaris – LCCs and a whole bunch of other stuff. Also, they’re reasonably jetlagged, so that’s amusing.



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