Hot weather, hot pizza on board and hot takes on lots of other news this week… Related Stories - DLD 146: Bad timing in so many ways - DLD 144: Pontifications over pints - DLD 140: Insert Title Here


DLD 147: Hot stuff to start the summer and more...

DLD 147: Hot stuff to start the summer

Seth is enjoying the Paris Air Show during this episode, so it’s just Stephan and Fozz bringing you the latest round of aviation and travel news.



DLD 146: Bad timing in so many ways

Sorry we’re late this week. At least y’all didn’t mount a massive hate campaign on social media like some airlines face.

  • Qatar’s got problems. They’re political, humanitarian and aeronautical.
  • United is launching LAX-SIN and cutting the HKG-SIN route; Pacific 5th freedoms continue to die for US carriers
  • Basic Economy is confusing, even with the warnings.
  • An emotional support animal attacked a Delta passenger. Our response is probably not what you’d expect.
  • image
  • Seth was at the IATA AGM in Cancun last week and sat in on the Richard Quest session that was pretty interesting with respect to airlines responding to social media viral stories

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DLD 145: Gaming the games in casino loyalty

Loyalty isn’t just about hotels and airlines. Casinos run some of the largest and must lucrative programs out there. And, not surprisingly, there are people who like to play that game just like those who play the travel game. We recently sat down in London with Michael Trager of TravelZork to talk about some of those programs and how they differ from the travel stuff we’re more familiar with.

Also in the show, most of the usual nonsense conversations that we typically go through, like seats, which routing is best and other such idiocy.


DLD 144: Pontifications over pints

The crew was in London last weekend, primed with a few pints of ale and an inaugural flight experience to share.

Also in the episode:


DLD 143: What and Where for the Whale?

Singapore Airlines is returning four A380s to the lessor and the future of those specific aircraft is uncertain, as is the future of the line in general.

We talk Boeing’s MOM/NMA options, too, trying to make some sense of the market and what’s next.

Oh, and 787s, too, while we’re at it. The -10 is now flying test operations and there are some interesting rules associated with it.

Tracking the A320neo and 737MAX families is possible as IATA and ICAO designators are now known.

Why delays in expansion at Dubai World Center airport south of town? Partly money, partly that no one wants to move there even though it really is necessary.

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