Counsel by Night “Indeed, my mind instructs me in the night.” Psalm 16:7b The Counselor is at work in the mind as the Great Professor teaches; laying out truth, training us to think Biblically, instructing in righteousness, building powers of ...


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Counsel by Night

Counsel by Night

“Indeed, my mind instructs me in the night.” Psalm 16:7b

The Counselor is at work in the mind as the Great Professor teaches; laying out truth, training us to think Biblically, instructing in righteousness, building powers of discernment, line upon line, verse upon verse.


Yes we walk by faith, but God deals diligently with the mind.

This amazing counsel goes into the ‘wee-hours’ of the night. This in a sense is night-school. 

The mind tends to wander like a man lost in the desert, like a dog off its leash. Gods word reals us in, pulls us back.

The psalmist knows what its like to ‘camp-out’ in the night hours with his God.

It is a time when all is quiet, silent, the world and all its noise/commotion have temporarily ceased, and it’s just you and Him. There is sweet fellowship as the heart is captivated, the mind engaged as the God of the Universe gladly condescends to our lowly estate and begins to teach.

The man who is born again enters into this high honor, this esteemed privilege, this glorious right. Omnipotent God training his children to walk in his way. A tender Father rearing his own to love, fear, obey, speak, act, listen.

We have pitched our tents with him, the fire is lit, truth illumines the darkness. The effects of light are seen and felt. He whispers truths that are wonderful and awesome. Just as Moses ascended the mountain and looked upon the burning bush, we too can go to the Rock where the eternal verities blaze forth in giant power.

He proclaims it in our hearts that we might proclaim Him to the world. Let us stay awake just a little longer today that he may instruct us in the night.

Let us learn by way of nocturnal instruction so that when we do wake up we are refreshed for the days challenges.


Counsel by Day

Counsel by Day

“I will bless the LORD who has counseled me;” Psalm 16:7a

Before Jesus departed this world he made a promise to his disciples that he would not leave them as orphans, but that he would send the Counselor, 3rd Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit (His Spirit) who would lead them into all truth. He also said my peace I give to you, my peace I leave unto you.

This person of peace would remain with them to lead, guide, direct, teach, remind, convict, and counsel.

The psalmist here experienced this reality, this person, this counselor.

Within this intimate relationship between man and God divine wisdom is dispensed. As a result, he cannot help but give thanks by blessing God. He blesses God for truth given, knowledge imparted, wisdom obtained, and revelation revealed.

We are bought into this inner sanctum of Gods secret chambers where spiritual truths are uncovered, where the bread of Gods word is broken, eaten, and taken in. This forever changes a man. He is never the same.

We find ourselves Tabernacling within the most Holy place gazing at the blood covered mercy seat, prostrate with the angels, arms outstretched, and we praise God for his secret council.

The mind of omniscience speaking directly into the heart, not by some ethereal/mystical process, but through holy scripture breathed out by God and applied by his Spirit.

For this is the Counselors handbook, guide, map, the tool by which the heart is converted and the souls of righteous men made perfect.

His counsel is always true, always good, always on time. There is always a timely word in a time of need. We cling ever so close to his council because we know that man lives by every word that proceeds from his mouth. We who know this will bless him.

God does not give counsel the way the world gives counsel.

He does not lay us on a couch and want us to talk about our childhood nor does he let you do all the talking. He does not prescribe medication to make you cope with the worlds many maladies.

Gods prescription is WORD.

A dose of truth, a measure of his infallible revelation.

He drives us deeper into himself to cure our deepest spiritual ailments. As a result of God’s perfect counsel the psalmist seeks to bless the Lord. He is grateful for the inner work that God is doing in his heart, in his mind.  He cannot not say, thank you God and bless the Lord, for this the appropriate response to Gods work in the heart..


The Sinagains- ‘The Tree and the Light’



In my book, ‘The Tree and the Light,‘ I developed a group of people known as the Sinagains. I thought the title name was catchy and descriptive.

In the book we see them as a vast cruel people who are consumed with power, glory, and fame. They seek control over people and their land; this is how they choose to leave their mark on this world.

In all ‘fictionality’ they seek to dominate their world by sheer force.

The want to build vast cities as monuments to their greatness; they want to leave their cities as markers or signs flaunting their achievements and supremacy. If a city does exist they will renovate the real estate and rebuild them with Sinagain flair.

These people are quite large and seem to be made for battle.

They are war-lords in this world and they create a pseudo-peace.

They always have war on their minds and are always training for the next one. No mention of Sinagain women, but I am sure they are there, just as mean and domineering.

They come from the north and march upon the peaceful people of the Tree and quickly defeat them. Most are imprisoned and others are scattered to the low-lying wooded areas.


The Sinagains are descriptive really of all people to one degree or another. All people seek power and glory and fame; they want to be recognized, applauded, liked on googled, friended on Facebook.  They want to stock-pile and build reputations of success and fame.

Some people  are cruel and ruthless, always at war with one another fighting, bickering, gossiping, slandering. They know not the way of peace.

This personal war is indicative of a greater war within the heart of man…i.e. their WAR against God. And this WAR has ripple effects that move out into every facet of life. No rock is left unturned, no crevice in the soul is left unscathed.

What ultimately characterizes them is their evil nature. They are juxtaposed to the people of the Tree. The Sinagains are the one’s who bring the darkness through their dark deeds. Eventually this darkness pervades and invades their already darkened and stony hearts.

The darkness has a profound effect on them, but that darkness was already in their hearts. It was the unspoken fear mentioned in my book. The Tree people too were not exempt, they just covered it up better.

Their name gives them away; this is a clue.

They have sinned against their world, against their King.

Another clue is the serpent tattoo. They are born a people of the serpent. They have misunderstood this sign as a symbol for self-rule and wide spread dominance of other people groups. They are likened to the Nazi’s who possessed their war- machines  in order to lay low the world with a perverse hunger for global domination.

The serpent mark is actually a symbol of the curse which befell them after the first rebellion.

Just as they bore the curse that is outward and physical, so to humanity bears the curse that is inward and spiritual. We scan humanity’s history and it is one that is cataloged by war and atrocity, heartache and pain.

We are plagued with personal sin, and corporate sin. We are all affected and infected. We are sinned against and we sin against others. We sin freely and willfully; we enjoy it and we become willful slaves to our own passions and desires. We are sinners not because we sin but by identity, it is part of the make-up of who were are.

The invisible mark of the serpent is wrapped around our hearts. It is a generational mark that is passed on to us whether we like it or not.

We are the Sinagains because we sin again and again and again.

There is a cure for this disease of the soul, there is a hope to be found, there is an antidote to be had…

Read my post on the King of Light to gain further inside into the heart of my book…



The Greatest Topic to Write About

The Greatest Topic to Write About

I’m going to give you a jolt, a bang, and a turn? What’s he mean? Keep reading.

We live in a me-centered narcissistic world.

Bookshelves are lined with books that cater to my dreams, my goals, my accomplishments etc…Even what’s his name country singer said it best, “I want talk about me!” He only said this because the other person was doing all the talking.

In the movie, ‘The matrix’ the bad guy ‘agent Smith’ ends up replicating himself in an attempt to take over the world. At one point he affirms that its all about, “Me, me,me.”

We actually think we are the greatest topic.

Actually its a no-brainer…that greatest topic, doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. The central figure of all of history- do I even have to say his name-

Jesus Christ.

Does that surprise you? Does it surprise you that the greatest person to have ever lived is the greatest topic to write about?

This isn’t new news, actually its old news, but good news.

For 2000 years since his appearance he is the hot topic and all others fall by the way-side.

Why is this? Here is the jolt

He is God incarnate; God robed in flesh. He is the creator of the cosmos. The maker of worlds, the designer of the universe and galaxies. Look out your window on a sunny day, you see that fireball in the sky, that is a star, and he created it on day 4 of the creation. His power is such that he speaks into the void and creates a masterwork of genius that still baffles our little brains today.

His words have the stuff of life built into them because it comes from the essence of Life itself.

LIFE creating life.

He thinks and speaks and BANG!

Here is a “Big-Bang” text for reinforcement:

“Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to s by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world. He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the power of his word.” Hebrews 1:1-3

He is part of a community, a trifecta-unity. And before worlds were fashion he was there in a perfect love relationship with all power and might with everything at his disposal.

He fashioned all the laws of science and they themselves are his slaves.

They wait for him to speak and they jump and do. Men like to talk about science being at odds with religion, but the scientist better remember who is the Engineer of the whole mechanism moving the parts. That is why true science, if it is scientific, must have God at its center.

You remove God, you cease to become a scientist (in the truest sense)…

Reason-you have removed the core principle from which all things have been generated. You can observe the invisible God BY what He has left behind.

Don’t be self-serving in your writing. Let your writing be ‘worth‘ something.

Do you wish for your words to echo down the corridors of time with a hollow ring? Or do you wish that your words would be felt, remembered, substantial, then write about -The Great Topic.

Some might say God is ME-centered. But wait, there is a turn ahead in the road to life…answer-JOY. He will pour out joy upon you. So actually the great topic when written upon with accuracy is a means to experiencing real joy.

It’s a paradoxical thought…As you right about Him and for Him, even this was written down before you wrote it. Meaning: You are participating in the drama at multiple levels.

God turns the script for you, now you turn the script for God. Be courageous in a dying world.


Treeology: The Great Table

The Great Table

Spoiler alert:

In my book, ‘The Tree and the Light,’  the King takes back what rightfully belongs to him, the land and his people. He shows his superiority by the brilliance of the light that resonates form his being. He is the King of Light who defeats the darkness and re-establishes his Kingdom.

He wins a great victory for his people and even his foes are turned into bros (I had to say it).

He makes a decree among the people, one that is most amazing.

The Tree that has been felled is to be used to not only rebuild His Kingdom, but also to be used to construct a great table. The book doesn’t elaborate much on the design, but it does give clues as to its location/setting. The image doesn’t do justice to the sheer size that I had imagined.

It is set in the King’s garden and the table spans the whole length of his garden. So this is not just any table, but THE TABLE.

It is here that his Kingdom citizens are called out and invited to dine.

It is suppose to instill in the mind of the reader that this king is different.

He does not dine alone, he enjoys the company of those whom he has rescued.

As the image describes it is a feast, and the people are commanded to make merry and to enjoy themselves in his presence. The best that the land has to offer is there to be fully digested. He is filling them up with all things that are good.

The King is there as the guest of honor, but the king does this to honor all.

There is much joy at this table and this by no means is a singular event, but one that is meant to be replicated and ongoing; it having a forever element to it.

This Table ensures that you will dine forever. People do not dine in the darkness apart from the King.

This all points us to gaze upon the Wedding Supper of the Lamb (Jesus).

Right before Christ died he sat with his disciples sharing an intimate meal and he established something very special….a new promise. He took bread and broke it and said this was his body that would be broken; then he took the cup and said this was his blood (metaphorically speaking) is poured out for the sins of  ‘many.’ One thing to notice, he did not drink it, but said he would drink it anew in His Father’s Kingdom.

There is a future feast in the new Heavens and new Earth that awaits all of God’s people; for those who belong to Jesus.

It is feast where the King will raise the cup and break the bread. It will be a feast like nothing we have ever seen before. The best on God’s menu that no chef could even come close to replicating in this life.

In other words it’s not a Golden Coral or Ponderosa buffet its a feast of awesomeness and deliciousness.

Repent of sin, confess him as Lord and Savior, follow him and love him and there will be a rich welcome into the eternal Kingdom; and with that a place at his ‘forever table’.

Hope your encouraged, hope to see you across the TABLE

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