Google’s Astro Teller on Glass: “We Did Some Things Right & Some Wrong”

Google Glass is “making good progress” in its new home under Tony Fadell. So says Astro Teller, the man who oversees the experimental Google[X] lab and was a witness to the device’s first two turbulent years.

Teller spoke about Google[X] to a crowded room Friday at Google I/O, the...

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Glass Weekly Headlines: April 17, 2015

Here are your Google Glass headlines for the week. Enjoy!

Developing for Glass

Glass (The Device)

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Glass Passes Rhode Island Hospital Test: “We Had Great Patient Satisfaction”


The results of a six-month test are in, and Google Glass passed with flying colors.

Doctors at Rhode Island Hospital used Glass last year in the emergency room, specifically testing it in skin-related cases where consultation was needed with an off-site dermatologist. Emergency room physicians wore...

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France’s Grand Palais Museum Offering Google Glass Tours


The Grand Palais museum in Paris is offering Google Glass-guided tours of its recently launched exhibit dedicated to the Spanish painter Diego Velazquez.

The Glass-based tours are the work of Acoustiguide, a longtime provider of interactive content for museums, galleries and similar public...

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6 New Glass Apps: Beer Locator, Instagram Photo Explorer, Camera Expander & More


Don’t look now, but the Glassware directory continues to grow more than two months after Google put an end to the Explorer program. And it’s not just growing in quantity; the new apps add some cool and needed quality to the Glass experience, too.

The new batch includes an app that adds...

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