Navigating through discovery to find affordable and time-saving efficiencies is now more important than ever. As the number of employees working remotely has dramatically increased during the COVID-19 Pandemic, attorneys are looking to alternative ...
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Convenience and Catastrophes of Self-Collection

Navigating through discovery to find affordable and time-saving efficiencies is now more important than ever.  As the number of employees working remotely has dramatically increased during the COVID-19 Pandemic, attorneys are looking to alternative solutions for data collection amid challenges of reduced budgets and limited access to workplace assets and staff.  In this scenario, a compelling alternative might lead one to custodial self-collection.  Consider the benefits of...

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10 Years of eDiscovery Daily – Thank You For Your Support

Thinking today about the scores of eDiscovery professionals we’ve had the privilege of connecting with daily to share insights on industry news, analysis and educational tips.  The very first eDiscovery Daily Blog published on September 20, 2010 and in these past 10-years, we’ve seen our industry encounter and overcome many challenges.  From legislative amendments raising standards on ESI preservation to penalties for non-compliance, flexibility and responsive technology has been...

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Did the Plaintiff Send a Letter to Confer with Defendants? It’s Anybody’s “Guess”: eDiscovery Case Law

See what I did there?  ;o)

In Simpson v. J.L. Guess et al., No. 3:18-cv-547-J-39PDB (M.D. Fla. March 20, 2020), Florida District Judge Brian A. Davis ruled on several motions from both the plaintiff and defendants, including denying the defendants’ motion for sanctions over whether the plaintiff sent a letter to confer with defense counsel about the motion to compel.

Case Background

In this case by a prisoner proceeding pro se alleging use of excessive force by six correctional officers, the...

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No Fooling! It’s Time for the 2020 Internet Minute Infographic!: eDiscovery Trends

This is not an April Fool’s Joke!  With all of the craziness of the past few weeks, it slipped up on me, but here is the 2020 Internet Minute infographic!

Hard to believe that we’ve been looking at internet minute infographics each year for the past five years, but time flies – minute by minute (see what I did there?).  ;o)

The updated graphic shown above, once again created by Lori Lewis, illustrates what happens within the internet in a typical minute in 2020.  As always, there are a...

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Parties Are Battling Over Whether COVID-19 Should Delay CCPA Enforcement: Data Privacy Trends

With so many other initiatives being delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, it was only a matter of time before compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was one of those being considered. However, despite several organizations pushing for enforcement of CCPA to be pushed back six months to January 1 of next year, other organizations are resisting any delay by the state.

According to LAW360 (COVID-19 Fuels Heated Fight Over CCPA Enforcement Timing, written by Allison...

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