Atticus Finch: Hero or Bigot? and more...

Atticus Finch: Hero or Bigot?

  Today I’m taking part in the International Authors’ Day Blog Hop sponsored by Debdatta over at As a participant, I am giving away one free ebook copy of my novel, Voodoo Butterfly. You can find out more info about this event and how to win other great bookish prizes below. Debdatta has asked all participants […]

Let’s Talk Successful Self-Publishing with Author Ashley Fontainne

Hi all, Camille Faye here. A few weeks ago I presented at a writing conference in the Ozarks where I met a very successful self-published author named Ashley Fontainne. What do I mean by successful? THREE of her books have been optioned to become movies and readers have downloaded hundreds of thousands of copies of her […]

Creative Characterization with Author Jan Morrill

How often do you stare at a blank screen, pulling your hair out, gritting your teeth as you curse your muse? Maybe you’ve even crossed over into guzzling coffee (or martinis?) because you can’t figure out what to write next? It used to happen far too often with me. Then, one day, rather than trying […]

Interview with Contemporary Romance Author, Cynthia Gail

Today I’m interviewing a fellow Soul Mate Publishing author, Cynthia Gail. Her new contemporary romance, Summer’s Family Affair, has been out for a week. Cynthia touches base with The Lit Ladies to talk a little shop and then I’ll have info below for how to check out her new book. LL: Welcome to the Lit […]

The Missing Mah Jongg Player by Iris Wynne

{Camille Faye here}. I’d like to introduce you to a fellow Soul Mate Publishing author, Iris Wynne, and her new romantic suspense/mystery novel, The Missing Mah Jongg Player. Have a great day! About The Missing Mah Jongg Player: Five frantic Mah Jongg Players are in search for one of their players who goes missing after […]

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