Any time you get a response different from what you expect, it is an opportunity to learn. The big question is whether you take advantage of it. Another take on this idea thanks to the Leanblog Podcast, "I consider resistance as additional information ...

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Resistance - not so futile

drug resistance

Any time you get a response different from what you expect, it is an opportunity to learn. The big question is whether you take advantage of it.

Mark Graban's Leanblog podcast usually has some interesting conversations with thinkers and authors in healthcare and the Lean arena. (And he coined the fun acronym LAME = Lean As Mistakenly Explained). This time it's his podcast 289 with Kathleen Sharp and David Schoenwetter discussing the Geisinger Mobile Health Paramedic program that they developed...

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Email rules, but it need not

Exalted Ruler Parking Only

I've had Stop Letting Email Control Your Work Day by Paul A. Argenti flagged for follow-up since it was posted a month ago. The title is pretty obvious: so many people let email control their work day. This doesn't make sense - it is a tool like any other and should be controlled by the wielder, not the other way around.

The piece is framed initially as the advice Argenti gives to his (overwhelmed) students. And it is advice I learned in grad school as well: At some point, you can't do...

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More about trust and collaboration

Trust is ultimately about a willingness to make our vulnerability visible to another – and to believe that they won’t take that show of vulnerability and abuse it to hurt us. Vulnerability can take many forms from revealing a secret fear to a friend, to sharing key insights with a collaborator or admitting to a supervisor that we need more support.

This is from a great piece on Why trust is a must when working together - some reflections on the Social in silico blog.

Trust has always come up...

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Leadership and Self-Deception


I came across a very interesting read from the archive of self-awareness and leadership books. (In other words, I don't remember who or why it was recommended. If it was you, let me know.) Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute was originally published in 2000, and the version available now was updated in 2010. I found this book particularly engaging because it has connections with ideas from Theory of Constraints that I...

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The beauty of "no"

It is said that there is an improv practice of "yes, and" - where you eliminate "no" and "but" from the flow of a story because these things shut down the fun. Some people have taken this into their lives with the intention of seeing where it will lead them - open eyes and wondering at the world. Jim Carrey even made Yes Man around the idea.

Saying no can be uncomfortable and feel awkward, but trust me, it is liberating.
— Poppy Harlow

But there is obviously another...

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