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Free Association and Sardines and more...

Free Association and Sardines

10th anniversary of dailyish FB prompts

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Walking My Cloud

Walking my cloud


I don’t have a dog
and my cats are not cooperative on a leash,
( I don’t blame them),
so I’m out walking my cloud.
The world is odd right now,
I’m striving for odder. 




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The Use of the Imagination When Coping with NOISE

Yesterday I was doing my daily mindfulness meditation.It's a liberating place of quiet, insight, healing, and rebooting my focus.

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New Moon and Shooting Shoe

Just a little kick in the butt so you remember,
if you're feeling the darkness.. this too shall pass.

Mainly talking to myself.

New moon shooting shoe

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Five Ways to Hang With Your Creativity

Dress digital collageI noticed that when I hang out with my creativity, it wants to hang out with me. Just thinking about it can be enough for me to break through resistance to a tiny step which then leads to a momentum.  Writing and reading about creativity does the same thing, so I thought I'd share these ideas, in case reading them helps you.

Five Ways to Hang with Our Creativity

  1. First wash out distractions.
    They may be lodged deep in the fabric of our habits so we shouldn't fret if they don't come out immediately. Just expect 5% less distractability with each thought.

  2. Hang in Originality
    Let's hang our creativeness outside our rut, our tired-out routines. Let's hang it outside any convention that keeps us silent, afraid, or superficial.

  3. Hang with Your Breath and with Mindfulness
    Let's allow the breeze to wash over the tapestry of who we are. Silent the thoughts that continually play over and over, silent the judgments, and the self-torment. It's just static cling. Dye to the mundane, let's live for the extraordinary and reveal the brights that may have been dulled.

  4. And then Listen.
    OVER HERE... the wondering mind needs to settle on the voice inside that's been trying to get through. If we take all the distractions off the line every now and then, originality has a chance to light our mind. Be patient. This may take practice if your mind has been stain away from creative matters. (okay, that pun might have gone a little too far but sometimes that's how I spin). 

For Optional Genius-inducing Sheen:
Ask questions and don't expect an immediate answer. Questions start the creative spin cycle both consciously and sub-consciously. Here are some examples:

  • What small fresh twist can I add to this idea?
  • What if my idea could talk to me?
  • What would I say if I was telling the world about my idea?
  • How can I make showing up for my creativity easier?

What if I approached my idea:

  • With really big gestures of action?
  • With unfettered courage?
  • From a really narrow point of view?
  • With reckless abandon?
  • With sympathy and tenderness?
  • Pretending I'm the foremost world expert?
  • As if I didn't care so much about it?
  • As if my mission was to save the world with each tiny step I took?
  • As if I was extremely confident?
  • With as much love as possible
  • As if I were a  gypsy, boat captain, a goof-ball, superhero or 5 year old child?

Just let the answers incubate. Hang with the possibilities. Entertain the absurd because absurd often associates to  genius. Keep your creative passion in your mind in between activities, while driving, walking, downloading, showering, and/or staring at your lampshade. The more you hang with your creativity, the deeper the colors.

 Or just maybe your mind is on overwhelm, in static oblivion, on the multitasking freeway of focuslessness, beating yourself up, or expecting waaaay too much. I know what you mean. Relax, lower the pressure, start with five minutes.

Hang with your creativity, a little at a time, and after awhile it will become a habit. Let go of it having to be perfect, consider the fabric of you that is fun.