Gosh, I hate to keep making excuses but life has swept me away again. I really would love to return to weekly blogging but just when I try to make a plan, life steps in and changes it. I have had family coming and going right behind each other. First...


It's been like forrreeevvveeerrrr! and more...

It's been like forrreeevvveeerrrr!

Unicycle umbrella girl

Gosh, I hate to keep making excuses but life has swept me away again. I really would love to return to weekly blogging but just when I try to make a plan, life steps in and changes it. I have had family coming and going right behind each other. First my sister and then my dad was here for 3 weeks. We had a two new additions to our household IMG_8083

and have discovered that getting anything done revolves around them. They are like having  twin toddlers. Maybe next week I’ll just focus a few minutes on introducing them. We have had grown up children’s projects to concentrate on. And then there was my little emergency gall bladder removal and subsequent allergic reaction (to the adhesive) to occupy my time. All things that have distracted me from living the creative job I have with as much passion as I would like to put into it. So many of these life distractions are ones I would not like to do without (except the operation! I could have done without that!) so I would prefer to not complain but to quietly observe that sometimes life does not go as planned but I am still here and intend at some point to get on some kind of routine that includes my blog and art.  I just hope you don’t stop looking for me. I would be very sad.  May is a crazy month for us. Birthdays, Mother’s day and two family getaways… I’m just saying.. Maybe one more quiet moment on my end is in store but I’ll keep trying!  Thanks ~ e


Happy Thanksgving!


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Birds on a limb..

I feel like it has been forever lovelies… goodness… I hope your summer is going well. Hopefully your family took a fun vacation or staycation. I have finished a couple of pieces but mostly I have been to the lake to beat the seriously unusual heat Seattle has had this year. So many days in the 90’s and so little air-conditioning in this neck of the woods.. Now I know what my priority is going to be this winter.. Getting A/C hooked up in our home for next summer!

I finished this painting this week so I thought I would share…

Can you guess what the words are from?

  IMG_6674 (2)


Enjoy the last few days of summer! See you soon! :-)


Doing the impossible...

Happy Summer! It’s official, we are out of school! For me this particular June is bittersweet. It marks a new era for our family, the last days we had a school age kid. Yep, say it aint so! Our last graduated this month. We are officially done with 20 years of school.. roughly 3,600 days of getting their butts out of bed, of packing lunches, of arguing about homework and deadlines and bed times and … well, you get the picture (that is 4 kids worth) and now the last is headed off on a journey that doesn’t included hand holding and first day of school pictures and well… I’m a little sad.. I’m not sure I would be me if I wasn’t a little sad… 20 years is a long time to be one thing, a mom of school age children, and then not. I am trying to embrace change… I’ll get there, I always do, but it should be much easier with summer in front of me. Days of popsicles and pools, trips to the lake, of Rainer cherries and picking blueberries. Oh, I will have many carefree days to be sure. So how do you spend your summers?

IMG_6030 new
I have been working at a snail’s pace the last couple of months but I have recently finished several pieces. You can find them for sale over here.  As it turns out, they are all girls so I think I have a little series morphing into being. That is just fine with me! :-) As you can tell, sometimes my art is a little “all over the place” so some continuity is a good thing. This is “The Impossible.” The quote is one from Walt Disney. “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”  I think that blue haired girl daring to do the impossible and balance it all, is my dream for myself. I bet it is your dream too! She is cool, she is confident, and she is doing the impossible. Yep, that is exactly the kind of fun I want! :-)So as I go make fun impossible dreams come true and I balance crazy things this summer, you go do the same. I hope you enjoy a popsicle while you are at it! :-)Here are a few images of my impossible girl as she took form. See you soon!

Bicycle girl drawing

Bicycle girl 2



the one above is before the edging.. which I believe really pulled her together.


IMG_5979 new

Hope you love her :-)


Whimsical girls and MOD pizza!

I'm super excited to be getting some work done in the studio. Long time coming! Was getting a little crazy but now it's all better (she unclinches face and smooths skirt :-)


Now, if i can just get Berkly out of my lap. She never crowds me when I paint but any other time I am sitting (like on the computer blogging) she is on top of me sucking the breath right out of my nose! Seriously, the closer she can get to my face the better. She crawls up my chest from my lap like it's a shelf! OR she is sitting in front of the computer screen.. Take your pick, either way it is not helpful!

So, as I was saying, I'm working again! I have a lot of "work in progress" going on around here but I thought you would like to see proof that I was actually working.


I have been working on a series of whimsical girls. This one I did for my mom. I'm thinking about offering it in card size in the shop. What do you think?


I have been taking a few online classes to see more of what other artist processes are and I have discovered that I am not as loose as I would like to be. When I paint, generally every stroke has purpose. I'm a "serious" painter. I would however really like to be freed up from those restraints. I'm looking for a middle ground between Willey Nilley and what I do now. So I have tried to add a 30 minute exercise to my studio time. Usually this involves some finger painting :-) That part, I can totally dig! Always have loved paint on my fingers!




and then there are more whimsical girls :-)


OK so, it's not all painting. I have become addicted to MOD pizza. If you don't have a MOD in your neighborhood, I'm so sorry! This is the bomb-digity! For $7.50 you get an 11 inch (that is like two meals for me) brick oven cooked pizza with any and all toppings you want! That's cheaper then most 12 inch subs and so much better! Truth be told  I have been 6 times since I found out about it 5 weeks ago. My family is a little tired of it but I'm so not! They have things like chorizo, roast asparagus, and asiago cheese.. and tons more options! I change my toppings and sauces up with each visit so it's always a new experience for me. I can't help the man who only ever gets meat and red sauce ;-) That's right hubby, I'm talking about you!


For Mother's Day my daughter planned out a whole day that was a surprise to me. She started by taking my husband and I to Sonic. Love Sonic's crunchy ice and cherry limeade ! The closest one to us is over an hour away. Then she took me to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, WA. I hadn't been there in 12 plus years. The final piece to that day was Sushi at a favorite place. She totally knows her mama!


This sweet boy visited for 10 days with us this month. All fun for us!


and finally, we have been doing a bit of construction. Not on the house thank goodness, but fixing some things on our camper. Berkly is an indoor cat but when the doors are wide open to the warm weather, she can be found rolling on the back porch. This my friends is sawdust! What a brat, she proceeded to get right in my bed after this! Ok, so that's it for this week. That's what is on my workspace and in my life! I'm headed out of town with a couple of girlfriends for a little gift to ourselves. I'm sure it will recharge our minds and spirit. I of course am taking a sketchbook! See you soon!

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