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I used to abhor self help books solely based on a scene from Bridget Jones's Diary. You know the scene, right? The sad singleton on her silly quest for self improvement. I've come to realize, I was the silly one. Now though in regards to those self help books, I'm all about "bring them on" and "the more the merrier". Right now I'm devouring Gabby Bernstein's Judgment Detox.

Aside from books though, I've discovered the abundance of self improvement videos on YouTube. My friend Gretchen actually turned me on this girl in Sweden named Jenny Mustard. A minimalist vegan, she's about as polar opposite from me as you can get. Despite that though, she's become my go to girl for life inspiration. Her videos are concise and directly to the point. You get impactful messages in quick snippets. 


This is definitely the part of the year where I'm craving all the things to help me stay motivated. So if you have any book, podcast, YouTube videos to recommend to keep me on track, I'm all ears.


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Peace Out

HissandtellLooking back at last year through my Instagram feed puts everything in perspective. I realized there were some truly lovely moments indeed.

January was the usual decompressing from the holiday.

In February I attended several one day classes. The first being a painting course in which I walked away with a portrait of a flamingo. The other course was learning to concoct lip balm, bath bombs and lotion. The month ended meeting Tiffany Pratt who I continue to fan girl over to this day. In March I signed the lease for my shop, Lifestyled.

An early Birthday trip took place in Palm Springs in March. My two oldest and dearest friends (our Mom's were actually best friends before we were born) and I rented an entire epic house for this adventure. There was delicious food, bingo, and margaritas poolside.

April was an important Birthday for my father.

Then came May which marked an important Birthday for me. The start of my Birthday month was spent in Seattle watching a two night Magnetic Fields show at the Moore Theater. The Magnetic Fields are my favorite band and I haven't had the opportunity to see them in at least a decade. My friends and family spoiled me all month long. My actual Birthday weekend took me up to Vancouver. More celebrating continued back home with a unicorn piñata and unicorn Birthday cake.

In June my cat Morrissey turned sweet 16. Also in June I saw my childhood crush Corey Feldman perform mere feet from where I stood. At the end of June I saw the musical version of Romy & Michele's High School reunion. Followed by a reunion with a couple of dear friends that live in LA but flew up to Seattle for the weekend. We did all those touristy things one does with out of town guests. Most importantly visited the gum wall, which I actually had never experienced myself.

July found me in Seattle again with several friends attending the Yayoi Kusama show at the Seattle Art Museum.

In August I was back in Seattle seeing another favorite band, Belle & Sebastian, at the Paramount Theather. 2017 was indeed the year of epic shows. Then a few days later I was back in Seattle for a Mariner's game. August also included an annual visit to the fair and a screening of La La Land at the outdoor cinema. The end of August included the epic eclipse and a visit from out of town family.

In September Labor Day weekend brought about the preview of my brick and mortar shop Lifestyled. Which is currently scheduled to open on a grader scheme in March of 2018.

In October my beloved and only Aunt passed away unexpectedly. The grieving process continued through to the end of the year. Also though on a somewhat lighthearted note in the light of my loss, a photo I took of a bag of Angie's Boom Chicka Pop Candy Corn flavored popcorn got noticed by Angie's themselves. Not only did they send me a giant box of their popcorn, but they shared the photo across all their social media.

November included a low key Thanksgiving.

At the start of December I took a cookie decorating class and ended the month getting ill with a horrific stomach flu. Luckily I was well enough by New Year's Eve to have a lovely night in with the girlfriends I went to Palm Springs with in March.

Looking ahead there's a couple of exciting trips already on the books for 2018. A long overdue trip back to Savannah is happening in March. Then of course I'm already looking ahead to my Birthday month of May. Tentative plans have me in NYC to watch Mean Girls the musical with my Birthday week twin and dear friend.

So here's to more memories, documented, as always, on Instagram.


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One Day or Day One

Image result for i'll see it when i believe it


At the start of a new year I compile an anthem, motto, word of intention and this year, a mantra, to set the tone. Collectively these help me stay the course during the year ahead and keep my eye on the prize.


Anthem: Best Day of My Life by American Authors

The title says it all. Make every day your best day.


Motto: I'll see it when I believe it.

Mic drop. Right? You know those plans you have for your future, the first step is to visualize. Often.


Word: Abundance

In the traditional sense of the word. Plentifulness of the good things in life.


Mantra: You're Killing it.

Every day in every way. This is written on the cover of my agenda, lest I forget.


What about you, do you come up with something similar at the start of a new year?


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