Dominik Hepp, product owner at Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions, shares how positive collaboration with users improves solutions in this new video. “It is all about how efficiently a company can execute,” said Hepp. “Where can they increase ...

Watch the Video: CADWorx: Positive Collaboration with Dominik Hepp and more...

Watch the Video: CADWorx: Positive Collaboration with Dominik Hepp

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Dominik Hepp, product owner at Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions, shares how positive collaboration with users improves solutions in this new video.

“It is all about how efficiently a company can execute,” said Hepp. “Where can they increase efficiency? Where can they reduce costs? The level of competition for projects is very high out there, and they are going to be very aggressively bid. It comes down to who has the right tools.”

“You have got to listen to what your users have to say,” said Hepp. “The excitement that comes from our users at the delivery of a solution comes from their feedback. We are simply returning to them what they brought to us. It is thanks to their recommendations that we can accomplish this.”

Watch the video featuring Dominik Hepp.

Why choose CADWorx? CADWorx includes the most complete range of tools for efficient plant design. CADWorx is easy to learn and has helped thousands of corporations create revenue-earning deliverables quicker and more accurately.

Learn more about CADWorx here.

Dominik Hepp joined CADWorx & Analysis Solutions in 2011. He came to the Company with several years of experience in EPC Project Engineering, Project Management, and Engineering Management. He started his tenure at Intergraph leveraging his technical knowledge in providing end-user technical support, product testing, and training/presentation support for the CADWorx Plant Design Suite, CAESAR II, and product integration. Since then, Hepp has led QA process improvement as Quality Assurance Manager, and is currently the Product Owner for CADWorx Plant and P&ID.


Watch The Video: Facing Industry Trends

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Geoff Blumber, North American Channel Manager, Rick Allen, President of CADWorx & Analysis Solutions and Billy Rasco, Vice President of Global Sales discuss how CADWorx & Analysis Solutions is facing industry trends. They discuss topics such as such as:

  • DST Computer Services acquisition,
  • BRICSYS integration, and
  • Facing industry trends in the oil and gas industry.

DST Aquisition

"We're very excited about the acquisition of DST, they bring with them an excellent application called pipe stress," said Allen.

"The acquisition of DST resolves our commitment to the nuclear industry," said Rasco. "Customers should feel secure in that commitment to them in that industry and they should be thankful for the the combination of GT STRUDL and DST PIPESTRESS because these two teams are highly intelligent, highly motivated and competitive teams. We will be bringing them together for future products and development, so I think it helps the future of that industry and those clients."

Watch the video, featuring Geoff Blumber, Rock Allen, and Billy Rasco. 

BRICSYS Integration

"We did a study on CADWorx to investigate alternate platforms to give customers options," said Allen. "Lo and behold, BricsCAD had spent considerable time to improve their API. In a relatively short period of time we were able to convert the compatibility with CADWorx"

"We are able to offer CADWorx on top of both BricsCAD and AutoCAD," said Allen. "Customers have a choice, they can run CADWorx on BricsCAD or AutoCAD. The choice in theirs."

Facing Industry Trends

"Currently, people are learning how to make money at $45-$50 a barrel," said Allen. "They are exploring and looking at technology for answers. I think the companies that adopt technology are going to have an advantage over those that don't."


Watch the Video: Cutting Edge Technology with Joe Harrison

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Joe Harrison, product owner at CADWorx & Analysis Solutions, shares how creating cutting edge technology is possible through creating new solutions in this new video.

“Whenever you do analysis, you are pushing boundaries,” said Harrison. “You are analyzing things you don’t really have an answer for, so you have to solve those problems.”

 “I get to try and solve something for a project, person or company that probably hasn’t been done before,” said Harrison. “That cutting edge technology, and that ability to bring software forward is the beggest motivation for me. I am doing things that haven’t been done before.”

Watch the video featuring Joe Harrison.

Why choose GT STRUDL? The software covers the industrial, commercial, nuclear and offshore industries. It has a proven 40-year track record and is one of the most widely accepted computer-aided engineering and design tools for structural and mechanical analysis and design. It is trusted and used globally by thousands of engineers to quickly and efficiently deliver accurate results.

Learn more about GT STRUDL here.

Joe Harrison is the Product Manager for Intergraph’s Civil/Structural/Analytical Applications. He has a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering and previously worked for Fluor Corporation as a Structural Engineer. At his role with Intergraph, he was the Software Development Manager for FrameWorks Plus and Executive Manager for Intergraph’s Smart 3D Structural and Civil Applications.  Currently, Joe is the Product Owner for GT STRUDL.


Join Us at the 2017 GT STRUDL Structural Workshop & Symposium (European Tour)


Image copy

June 26, 2017, Crowne Plaza Milan City, ITALY

June 28 2017, Holiday Inn Madrid Bernabeu,

Join us for the 2017 GT STRUDL European Event and learn about deployment strategies for some of the latest engineering technologies to address your current and future business needs:

  • Learn About the Latest Features of GT STRUDL, Including All New Commands, Wizards & Tools
  • Develop New Business Strategies to Compete in Today’s Competitive Global Market
  • Revamp Current Work Processes to Radically Improve Your Business Optimization
  • Establish Engineering Information as Integral Part of Decision Making Process
  • Add Value Through Innovative Use of Productivity Tools
  • Maximize Value Business Through Managing Technology


This free event is designed for industry professionals/experts wanting to leverage their experiences, strategies, success stories and ideas leading to significant improvement in work processes. Moreover, our experts will help you explore how these integrated engineering solutions address the critical issues faced in today’s engineering scenario common to both Owners/Operators as well as EPCs/Engineering Consultants.


Analysis of Surge problems with CAESAR II and BOSfluids Webinar (introducing the new version 5.4)

Steve_Gillott - web

with Steve Gillott , European Sales Director, CADWorx & Analysis Solutions


with Chris Bradshaw, Business Development Specialist, CADWorx & Analysis Solutions


with Mark Groen, Senior Engineer, Dynaflow Research Group

Date: Thursday, June 29, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM CEST
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: free eSeminar


Surge problems in piping systems can have devastating effects on production and safety. The consequences of a surge that is not catered for in the design of a system ranges from pipe clashes, support failures and equipment overload through to pipe rupture. It is much better to prevent this with accurate analysis than cater for the effects after the event which can be extremely costly, cause injury and damage reputation. Using the tight integration between CAESAR II and BOSfluids makes this process quick and efficient.  

Join this Webinar to see a seamless workflow including:

  • Importing a CAESAR II model into a BOSfluids 3D model
  • The easy creation of boundary conditions for a flow simulation
  • Showing/discussing the simulation results – tabular, 2D and 3D
  • Exporting the simulation results (load v time) to CAESAR II to perform a dynamic time history stress analysis
  • Assessment of the ‘mechanical’ analysis for consequences on code and equipment compliance 

Many companies predict these loads using very conservative ‘hand’ calculations (typically the Joukowsky equation), which assumes instantaneous fluid stop/start effects. This can result in gross over design of supports and/or snubbers which can be very costly. The CAESAR II/BOSfluids interaction makes the process quick, easy and accurate via data sharing and an easy-to-use interface.  

You will also see the new capabilities recently added to BOSfluids Version 5.40.

Speaker bios:

Steve Gillott is the European Sales Director for CADWorx & Analysis Solutions with a background in Pipe Stress Analysis. With over 30 years’ experience within the industry as an analyst, sales manager, pre sales presenter, support engineer, trainer and business development he is able to tap into a large knowledge base. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.

Chris Bradshaw is a Business Development Specialist with over 10 years experience presenting, supporting and training in CAD and analysis solutions as an Application Engineer. With an Engineering Degree, his focus is now on assisting our sales teams across Europe with demonstrations and product information. Chris is a talented and valuable member of the team.

Mark Groen is a senior engineer and software developer at Dynaflow Research Group (DRG). DRG is a firm which specializes in the advanced end of the engineering spectrum with a large focus on the engineering aspects of the petrochemical industry. The experience Mark gained during his work as an engineer on fluid flow related projects he now uses during his work as a developer of the fluid flow simulation software BOSfluids. Next to his work as software developer, he also provides software support for all of the DRG software packages.




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