The reasonable man takes the sure road in life. He understands the way the world works and clicks off the boxes he needs to in order to succeed in life. The reasonable woman defends the status quo knowing that someday, someone will defend her when ...

The Reasonable Man

The reasonable man takes the sure road in life. He understands the way the world works and clicks off the boxes he needs to in order to succeed in life.

The reasonable woman defends the status quo knowing that someday, someone will defend her when it’s her turn.

The reasonable man acknowledges that things need to change in the world. And he feels good about the fact that he sees it. He may even be so bold as to share a controversial meme on Facebook, just so people know he is serious.

The reasonable woman looks at her childhood dreams of changing the world as fanciful and unrealistic. “It’s time to be a grown up,” she says.

The reasonable man accepts the hand he has been dealt in life. Hope is not a luxury he can afford.

The reasonable woman looks at all of the problems in the world around her and becomes overwhelmed. She shuts down because it’s unreasonable to think that things could actually change.

The reasonable man finds internal peace in the approval of others. He plays by someone else’s rules in someone else’s game.

The world has convinced us that we need reasonable men. After all, reasonable men and women keep the world running smoothly. But what if they’re just perpetuating a system that is broken? What if we’ve bought into a narrative that isn’t true?

Who’s Writing The Rules Of Your Game?

There are two ways that you can succeed in life: conformity or originality. The sad fact is that most of us choose the path of least resistance. We hold tight to the status quo, afraid of the uncertainty that comes with challenging the rules of the system we live in.

But what if those rules are wrong? Who wrote them, anyway? Who says it has to be this way?

What if we are perpetuating a system built by something other than God?

Do we just keep things running smoothly…or do we begin to redefine the rules of the game?

When we become curious about who the gamesmakers really are, we’ll become dissatisfied by the current defaults our world runs on. We’ll recognize that many of the rules and systems that we’ve lived under can actually be changed. And that awareness gives the courage and the permission to begin to think about how to actually start changing things.

But originality is often an act of creative destruction. We create something new over the grave of the old and that can be frightening. If you destroy the old, what’s left? No one likes the person that rocks the boat.

But what’s the price of doing nothing? What happens if we ignore the things God is showing us?

It’s easy to push the responsibility off to someone else. We assume that people like John G. Lake, Harriet Tubman,  Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie or Martin Luther King Jr. were born with the tools to change the world. They were born to be unreasonable.

But here’s the thing, being unreasonable isn’t something you’re born with. It’s not a spiritual gift.

They faced the same fears and challenges that you and I do. What made them different was that they took action anyway.

Being unreasonable is a choice.

 The Unreasonable Man Is Different

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. “ – George Bernard Shaw

The unreasonable man is an original. He thinks outside the box

The unreasonable woman is unconventional. She believes that she can do anything that God has called her to despite the “limitations” (insert eye roll) that she has as a woman.

The unreasonable man recognizes when the world has accepted a choice as a truth and he creates an alternative.

The unreasonable woman doesn’t settle for what is in front of her. She takes the initiative to find a better way, even when no one has asked her to.

The unreasonable man changes the game if the rules don’t work.

The unreasonable woman recognizes that success and achievement are two different things. She would rather challenge the status quo and be branded a failure, than be labeled an expert at what others have already attained.

The unreasonable man rejects the default settings in his life. He’s willing to explore the world for better options.

The unreasonable woman asks “why”… a lot. But she doesn’t stop there. She also asks, “what if?” She’s an explorer, constantly looking for creative alternatives.

Today, we need unreasonable men and women more than ever.

Please don’t be the reasonable man.

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Crossing Over Into Your Future

This weekend marks the Hebrew celebration of Passover, which occurs in Nisan, the first month of the Jewish calendar. Interestingly, the Hebrew New Year begins in the fall at the Feast of Tabernacles, but the first month starts in the spring with Nisan.

There is rich meaning and intent in this. Each year carries it’s own unique prophetic symbolism and it’s as if the Lord releases His prophetic purpose at Tabernacles and then allows it to grow and be worked out in hiddenness, only to emerge as we pass over into the full measure of what He desires to accomplish in and through us.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a short synopsis of the Word of the Lord for 2016 for you to reflect on this week:

2016 – The Year to Stake Your Future

The number six is also the Hebrew letter, Vav. It is shaped like a stake or tent peg and is used to connect letters together to create new meaning. It creates new words, new thoughts, and new identity.

Symbolically, it’s about redeeming time and restoring missed opportunities. It’s about dealing with the past so you can fully walk into your future. We can’t afford to be passive. This is a year for action and enlargement.

 Isaiah 54:2-3

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left; your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities.”

You may have been in a season of hiddenness, but God wants to pull you out of the shadows and into the your true purpose.

Principles for crossing over into your future:

To stake the ground for your future, you must understand your authority.

To understand your authority, you must embrace the changes that God is making to bring you into alignment with your identity. A season of loss, failure or trauma will often reframe your identity. This is the goal of the enemy – to keep you from walking in the authority and impact you were created for.

So this is the time to ruthlessly deal with those things that have created a faulty or limited identity.

This is the season to break off the things that have held you captive in your past. It’s a year where He will supernaturally connect your past to your future. He wants to redeem lost opportunities, lost identity and lost authority.

The future may have been blocked by the enemy, but in a moment, we can redeem our places of failure, weakness and fear and move into the identity we were created to walk in. But to do this, we can’t retreat. There is no time for passivity. This is the time for action. We must take on every faulty mindset and self-limiting belief if we are to move into the fullness of what He has for us.

 It’s about forming high-level partnerships:

Like never before, we are being called to partner with Heaven. It’s about connecting more deeply with Holy Spirit, so we can demonstrate the love and the power of God. It’s about partnering with angels as we work to build the Kingdom. There are certain things that won’t happen until we get this. The realities of Heaven have to become greater to us than the realities of earth.

This is a year to find your place:

Who are you connected to?

Does your work line up with His purposes?

Is it time to step out of your comfort zone?

Don’t be afraid to step into the position God has called you to. This season, you are the one that determines the size of your portion. It’s time to move out with expectation, to dream bid and act like we mean it.

This is a year of acceleration.

That’s exciting.

But it’s imperative that we stay focused. We must recognize distractions that would get in the way of the acceleration He wants to bring.

Just this past week, I recognized how this was happening in my own life. At the beginning of the year, God showed me several things that I was going to move into. I was excited about it, but then life happened. I got busy doing good things that were helping other people.  But they were things that had taken my focus off of what God had told me He wanted me to do.

In my mind, I kept thinking “I’ll get started on this next week,” and next week came and went and I hadn’t moved forward on what He said.

It wasn’t till this week that I understood that what He said wasn’t a suggestion. It was a mandate. And delaying what He said to do wasn’t just affecting me. It was a Kingdom assignment meant to empower other people and every day I lost to good intentions was affecting the people connected to that assignment.


Can you relate?

 What about you?

Are there areas of your life where you are out of position?

Are there things God asked you to do that you haven’t acted on yet?

Has your identity been redefined by circumstances outside of your control?

Have you allowed distraction to slow down your progress? What’s the cost of delay?

The big question: what are you going to do about it?

Don’t miss your opportunity! Now is the time for action. It’s time to extend your vision, to expand your borders and stake a claim on the future that God designed for your life!


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are we tearing down walls…or building them?

Let me ask you a question?

How open are you to a person’s message after they’ve just made fun of you? Not about your differences of opinion, but of you as a person?

Have you ever been bullied and belittled into changing your mind?

 No one changes their belief system when they are attacked.

I’ve been watching the discourse of this election cycle and like the majority of America, I’m frustrated.

I’m frustrated by how I see candidates behaving.  I’m frustrated because it works.

What does Donald Trump’s hand size or skin color have to do with how well he would do as president?????

Rubio sweats too much… He has big ears.

Cruz is a con artist. No, wait, Trump is the con artist. Or is it Clinton?

Carly Fiorina doesn’t have the face of a leader.

And this is from candidates who say they are believers.

 Again, what???????  

We Need To Stop Building Walls Of Division

I’m not writing today to advocate for any particular candidate. I very purposefully stay away from that sort of thing. What I do want to speak to is the fact that we will never make headway in bringing transformation to our nation by mean-spirited name calling.

Over the last few months, my Facebook feed has been daily bombarded with demeaning posts about our President, Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump and the like.

Many of these posts are from Christians. Several from respected Christian leaders.

 I wonder what God thinks when we post this stuff.

I’m pretty sure He’s not up there saying, “Way to go…you really laid into her!”

I’m guessing He’s grieved that His representatives on earth are belittling someone He lovingly created.

I mean think about it.

We’re called to be a reflection of God’s heart and His ways. To show the world there is a better way. How will we ever have a voice to hearts that need to hear truth when we’re busy building walls with our words?

Friends, we’ve got some work to do.

It’s no wonder we have an entire generation that’s disgusted with the process. Though they may not realize it, they sense religious and political spirits.

 Gasp! – God is not a Republican

The reality is, God doesn’t fit into a box.

He’s not a Republican.

He’s not a Democrat.

He’s not an American.

As His representatives here on Earth, we’ve reduced His impact to fit the particular ideological box we live in.

His agenda is so much bigger.

He wants to bring the realities of Heaven to Earth. Things like:

  • Caring for the oppressed and disadvantaged
  • Prosperous communities
  • Properly stewarding the environment
  • Protecting the unborn

How can we bring Heaven to Earth when we reject half of what He wants to do, because it doesn’t fit with our particular political party ideology?

To accomplish what He wants to get done, we’re going to have to put down our pitchforks and see the bigger picture.

Now, I’m not in any way saying that we shouldn’t aggressively state our opinions about issues that are contrary to God’s heart. Strong, smart debate is essential.

What I’m saying is, we’ve got to stop the mocking and condescension.

God hates it.

It pushes people further from the truth.

As believers, we should be better than that. We’ll never see real change when we align ourselves with religious and political spirits. Their whole goal is to keep things just the way they are.

God wants change and we’re doggedly clinging to the status quo.

If we don’t let go, I’m afraid we’re going to continue being left behind.

We Can Be Different:

You and I can’t change what our candidates are doing.

We can’t change what our friends are doing.

But we can consider how we communicate. We can treat people with the respect they deserve as members of His creation.

We can smartly and passionately debate issues in a way that brings clarity and conviction without lowering ourselves to mockery.

We can look to the big picture of what He wants to accomplish in the world around us and seek His ways of influencing culture, rather than reinforcing religious and political walls. We want to fit His ways into the boxes we’ve created. I’m afraid we’d be shocked at what He really wants to do!

We can be voices that truly represent Him to this world. If enough of us refuse to give into this nonsense, maybe we can actually see things change.

Just a thought…


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securing your future by redefining your past

God is deeply invested in your future.

To get you there, it often means redefining your past.

He’s constantly communicating to keep us on track. Sometimes, He calls us to look forward into the future and sometimes, He asks us to take a deep look back at the path we’ve been on so that we can better understand where we’re headed.

I was recently in a service at Global Spheres where a series of prophetic words came forth related to this. Here is a portion of that word:

A Month of Confrontation – Seize the Day!

“This will be a month of confrontation. This will be a month of carpe diem – ‘seize the day’ — for there will be confrontations that give you entrance to ‘seize the day’ and break open your way in days ahead. Do not fall back from the confrontations that will be on your path.  Out of those confrontations, out of those solicitations, and out of those divine meetings you will ‘seize the day!’

The Wind Will Shake the Trees!  Listen for the Wind!

“This will be a month the trees begin to shake.  If you will step out into the wind when the wind begins to blow, then you will hear where you need to go. I am sending My people this way and that way! In the midst of the wind blowing, new strategies for increase will blow in the wind.  Make a list of every way you’ve increased in the past.  Then hear Me blow!  My wind of multiplication will blow you into a strategy of increase for the future.”

Go Back – Review, and I will Give You Vision of How to Go!

“If you will go back and review what I have done in you, I will give you vision of how I am going to use you with others in days ahead.  You are at the brink of multiplication! Do not back up! Listen, review, and see where I would have you go!  This has been a season of repositioning.  In My repositioning, I have called some of you to remain where you are; I have called some of you to be still in your current place so you can increase there in your future.  See your position.  Now you will move out to the right and the left and increase will come.  I healed you so others could be healed. I broke you through so you could break others through. I caused you to be delivered so many could be delivered. This is your beginning of moving out!  Hear the word from behind you telling you which way to go!”

What Bound You will Become a Weapon Against the Enemy!

“Use that which had you bound as a whip on the enemy. If you’ll look back and see how the enemy had you bound, you will unravel the powers that have bound you and find the gift of increase that was in the midst of your captivity.  I want healing in My body, and I want My body to prosper again.  A portal is forming over you — one that you have never seen before! Run under this portal and watch Me pour down upon you.  You are just beginning to receive. Don’t interpret your future from your past, but allow your past to come under the portal of your future.  I will pour over you the identity that you need to step under.  It is this identity that will overcome the enemy of your past.”

Your Senses are Coming Alive

“I am redefining your senses.  You will see how to move and operate in the portal that is coming down now. I am redefining your senses in the watch so that do not shut your eyes in the hour of watch. Be ready for Me, and watch Me as I begin to move in the watch. As you walk this month, once that portal is over you then you’ll be able to see all that has gone on in the past year – maybe the past 70 years – realign. You’re going to see the angelic hosts – Lord Sabaoth – God of the stars – Lord of Hosts – Lord of the Armies, aligning heaven and earth. You’re going to begin to walk in a way that, all-of-a-sudden, your path opens up and you see angelic guidance assisting you…hearing them speak, ‘Turn to the right, turn to the left. The path ahead is open.’”

Prophetic word from 2/14/16 at Global Spheres Center.  You can listen to the full word here.

What Does This Mean For You?

So God is asking us to very strategically take time to reflect on our past victories and our significant battles – how they have defined our identity and set us on our current path.


 Because every battle has a purpose.

It’s through battles that we begin to understand our purpose and the authority that He’s called us to walk in. Each battle provides a set of tools that we need for the assignments He’s calling us to.

But battles can also redefine our lives in negative ways. If you’ve gone through significant levels of warfare, you may find that you’ve pulled back to safer ground. Many times, this happens and we don’t even realize it. Little by little, faulty boundary lines redefine our identity.

But if we take the time to look deeper into the battles we’ve faced, bringing both the good and the bad before Him, He will realign things so we can step into the assignments He’s called us to.

As I’ve been pondering this, I put together a series of questions related to this word to help me think through how my past has affected my identity. I’m taking some time this week to think about these questions.

I hope you’ll consider thinking about them, too.

Redefining Your Past:

Take some time with this. Right down what comes to mind. The Holy Spirit will bring up the things that are important. You might even come back a second time to move past your first responses and see if there are deeper things that you haven’t thought about.

Let God take where you’ve been and repurpose it so He can propel you into the future He’s destined you for!

Personal Review

1. Make a list of how God has brought increase in the past. Healings, deliverances, breakthroughs

2. Make a list of the key battles you have faced in the past.

As you look at your history, ask yourself:

1. How are you letting this affect your future? Have you tightened or expanded your boundaries?

2. Think about the battles you have fought. Why did the enemy choose that particular manner of attack? What was he trying to block?

3. Have any of your past battles caused you to shift your expectations?

4. Are there any areas where you feel you are out of timing? Anything affecting your momentum?

5.  What affect has fear had on your story? Why? What is the enemy trying to stop/delay?

6. Has your vision/hearing been masked in any way by past battles?

7. What needs to be brought under the portal so God can repurpose it for your future? (portal refers to a place where heaven connects to earth)

8. How does your current assignment align with your future?

9. What do you have authority over?

10. How does God want to multiply your authority?


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my wish for you in 2016

One of my most popular posts from last year was My Wish For You.  As I was reading it again the other day, I thought it was very fitting for this year as well. So here is my wish for you in 2016:

My wish for you this year is that you would step more fully into the calling and purpose for which you were created. I hope that you find yourself irresistibly drawn into new challenges and that fear would never be the reason you turn down opportunity. In this New Year, I hope you TRADE YOUR ANCHORS FOR SAILS.

I wish that your relationships would be AUTHENTIC, full of flavor and strengthened by grace. My hope is that people would understand who you are and be blessed by the unique gifts that you possess.

My wish is that you would LIVE IN A PLACE OF COURAGE, undeterred by what the world throws at you. If you have been unhappy with where you are right now, I pray that this would be your year to BREAK OUT, and that you would find yourself alive with purpose. Start a business. Share your ideas. Pursue a relationship. Go back to school. Take the risk you’ve been dreaming about.

I wish that when the world PULLS AT YOU in ten different directions, you would always remember and prioritize the things that are most important, rather than what seems important at the time.

My wish for you this year is DEATH – death to the lies, fears and shame that have clouded your vision of the true potential that you possess. I pray that every time you are tempted to go with the flow, you’d push back against the pressure to fit in. COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES without regret.

I hope that your heart will be continually filled with GRATITUDE for both your past and your future. May you never forget the shoulders you are standing upon and may you never settle for what your eyes have already seen. Your destiny is greater.

My wish is that you find within yourself the COMMITMENT and DRIVE to keep your passions on the front burner and that you find the people who need what you’re doing. May you find a people to serve and serve them with all of your heart. And may that service bring you great prosperity (and may you remember that money is only a small part of that equation.)

I wish for you a renewed sense of WONDER – that your greatest quest in 2016 would be to find your place in His presence. May your faith be like a child’s and may your experiences be marked by MIRACLES.

When the whirlwinds come, may you find yourself CENTERED IN HIS PRESENCE and may your life be the very wind that He uses to shape the world.

Most importantly, MY WISH FOR YOU is that you find your heart and your thoughts always coming back to Him. He will always tell you the truth, rebuke you when you need it, push you to your full potential and love you through both your worst and your best days. May He be your EVERYTHING!

I can’t wait to see all that 2016 holds for you!

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