We usually take the summers off from homeschooling…and it feels like we are getting close to the finish line! We have just three more weeks of our curriculum. Since we've been sheltering at home, we've been moving through it a little more quickly. I ...
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Saturday Savings: Homeschool Family Freebies & Deals for 4/18/20 and more...

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Saturday Savings: Homeschool Family Freebies & Deals for 4/18/20

We usually take the summers off from homeschooling…and it feels like we are getting close to the finish line! We have just three more weeks of our curriculum. Since we’ve been sheltering at home, we’ve been moving through it a little more quickly.

I have to be honest that I’ll be sad when it’s over–as I have really enjoyed doing Sonlight, Level F (Eastern Hemisphere) this year. I was so happy to find a used set through Facebook marketplace. It’s been great making memories and reading so many more books aloud this year.

How has your homeschool year been?

On another note, there are lots of freebies and deals available with so many companies offering products at a reduced rate due to the pandemic. Here are just a few:


1) Love and Logic Online Parenting Course

Get the Love and Logic Parenting Online course for free (regularly $99). This is available through April only.

Love and Logic is the original and proven leader in parenting. Since 1977 we’ve helped parents from all walks of life create happy, resilient and responsible kids. Enjoy immediate success with the effective parenting solutions taught in this online parenting class. You will learn parenting tips on how to:

  • End arguing and manipulation
  • Neutralize defiance
  • Replace anger and frustration with empathy
  • End bedtime battles
  • Set kids up for success by allowing them to make small mistakes when the price tag is small
  • And much more!


2) FREE Spring Memory Game (Printable)

I have a new Spring Memory Game printable that is available for free over on my Amazing Mess blog. You can get it here.


3) FREE eBook – You Can Trust God to Write Your Story

The eBook You Can Trust God to Write Your Story: Embracing the Mysteries of Providence is FREE! Please remember that prices may change.


Our kids beg us for stories at bedtime or while we drive; we gather around firepits and dinner tables to tell and retell our favorite tales—the more dramatic the better. But when it comes to our actual lives, we prefer something less sensational, even boring—sunny skies and smooth sailing, please and thank you. We want our own stories to be predictable, safe, controllable, and catastrophe-free.

When plans fall apart, jobs are lost, kids wander off, doctors give bad reports, we often wonder, “What are you doing, God? Are you sure you have this under control? It doesn’t really seem like it right now.”

God is the master Storyteller. He’s writing your story and it’s a part of His bigger, grander, eternal Story. But we’re still in the middle. We haven’t gotten to the happy ending yet, and it can be hard to trust Him in the thick of our struggles. That’s why Robert and Nancy share their own story, friends’ stories, and the stories of people in the Bible who have faced life-altering challenges, but, in the end, have found God to be faithful. Learn why you really can trust God to write your story—no matter what plot twists you may encounter along the way.


4) NatGeo@Home

National Geographic has just launched a brand new website called NatGeo@Home that offers tons of FREE activities, games, and experiments! This is just one great way that you can keep your kids learning from home.


5) 30-Day Trial to ReadingIQ

Get a 30 day trial to ReadingIQ.com for FREE right now. ReadingIQ.com is a new website from the creators of ABCMouse. It gives you unlimited access to thousands of ebooks including award winners and a variety of genres.

Here’s more info:

  • Unlimited access to thousands of books. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Accessible on desktops, tablets, and phones
  • Popular titles and characters that children know and love
  • All titles carefully curated for readers 12 and under
  • Book recommendations for every child based on his or her level
  • Ability to monitor your child’s progress
  • Award-winning titles, includingCaldecott and NewberyMedal winners
  • Up to 3 children per account
  • Guided Reading and Lexile® levels available for thousands of books
  • Ability to preview the content your child is exploring
  • More than 700 professionally voiced titles
  • 100% safe and kid-friendly environment



1) $10 Off a $25 Office Supply Purchase

Through April 22, Amazon is offering this great deal! For every $25 that you spend on Expo, Sharpie, Papermate, and more, you can get $10 off. Simply add over $25 worth of included items in your cart and the $10 should be taken off when you go to check out.

There are a variety of office supply items included: pens, organizers, label makers, markers, and more. You can see all included items here.

Please remember that prices may change.


2) ProSchool Membership – Save $25 (ends April 24, 2020)

Through April 24, you can save $25 off a yearly ProSchool Membership. You’ll get access to:

1) ALL of their Notebooking Pages products (saving $100s versus purchasing individually)
2) Step-by-Step QuickStart Tips, Training, & Tutorials
3) ProSchool Page Generator App
as well as:
– exclusive member-only resources/printables
– all new notebooking pages, printables, and resources for one year.
– (BONUS) Mom’s Household Planner Membership


3) Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape Deal

You can get 6 rolls of Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape for only $11.58 right now! Please remember that prices may change.


4) Crayola Washable Kids Paint

Get this best-selling Crayola Washable Kids Paint (6 ct) for $6.34 right now (lowest price so far). Please remember prices will change.

  • CLASSIC COLORS: Washable Kids’ Paint in six different colors: blue, violet, green, red, yellow, orange. Crayola Washable Kids’ Paint does not drip readily from brushes & does not separate, making it freeze-thaw stable & assuring consistent performance.
  • WORRY-FREE PAINTING: Crayola Washable Kids Paint is perfect for introducing young children to painting. Learning to paint can help children improve fine motor skills, and the blendable colors help young children learn colors and mix secondary colors.


5) Discount Book – As Bright As Heaven

You can get As Bright As Heaven by Susan Meissner for $3.99 right now. Please remember prices may change.

From the acclaimed author of The Last Year of the War comes a novel set during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, telling the story of a family reborn through loss and love.

In 1918, Philadelphia was a city teeming with promise. Even as its young men went off to fight in the Great War, there were opportunities for a fresh start on its cobblestone streets. Into this bustling town, came Pauline Bright and her husband, filled with hope that they could now give their three daughters—Evelyn, Maggie, and Willa—a chance at a better life.

But just months after they arrive, the Spanish Flu reaches the shores of America. As the pandemic claims more than twelve thousand victims in their adopted city, they find their lives left with a world that looks nothing like the one they knew. But even as they lose loved ones, they take in a baby orphaned by the disease who becomes their single source of hope. Amidst the tragedy and challenges, they learn what they cannot live without—and what they are willing to do about it.

As Bright as Heaven is the compelling story of a mother and her daughters who find themselves in a harsh world not of their making, which will either crush their resolve to survive or purify it.


Websites for Learning During a Pandemic

As homeschoolers, many of us are already pretty good at utilizing online resources for our learning, but I put together a list over on my other blog with some of our favorite websites that can make distance learning easier as we go through the next few weeks (or months) of social distancing.

Head over here to find it: Stuck at Home? FREE Learning Websites for All Grades.

I also wanted to share that today is the last day to sign up for Kids Cook Real Food membership this winter. You can find all those details here.

Peace and wellness,


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Saturday Savings: Homeschool Family Freebies & Deals for 2/1

Happy February! I hope that your winter is going well…and homeschooling is going well, too! February is one of my hardest months, and I seem to get stuck sometimes. So, I’m trying to keep myself encouraged and excited about our homeschool progress. If you have any winter blahs suggestions for me, feel free to share in the comments!

Here are a few freebies and deals for this week.


Free Valentine Printable Pack for Pre-K & K – Motherhood on a Dime

Free Home Management Binder Printables – Motherhood on a Dime

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (ebook)

Dyslexia Tool Kit by Yvonna Graham (ebook)

Free Valentine’s Day Printable – Roll & Cover game – 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Ages & Stages” guide for kids’ kitchen skills – Kids Cook Real Food



Little House on the Prairie Paperback Set

Get this nine book Little House on the Prairie set for $25.14 right now. Please remember prices may change.

K’nex Model Building Set

This K’nex Intermediate 60 Model Building Set is only $16.20 (reg. $34.99). This is the lowest price so far. Please remember prices may change.

  • 60 models included: take on a epic building challenge and see If you can build them all! From a Hammerhead shark to a battleship to a Saxophone, there’s a model to satisfy whatever building mood you’re in!
  • 395 parts: featuring an all new color pallet! K’nex rods and connectors easily snap together with a satisfying “click” – think outside the blocks!

Expo Neon Dry Erase Markers

Get these Expo Neon Dry Erase Markers (pack of 5) for only $4.94 (reg. $11.49). Please remember that prices may change.


  • Fun, vibrant neon colors for use on both black and white dry erase surfaces
  • Bright, vivid ink is specially formulated for low odor whiteboard markers
  • Durable bullet tip allows for broad, thick lines that are easy to see from a distance
  • Perfect for classrooms, offices, and homes

Joy of Easter print book

Get the Joy of Easter Book for only $3.79. This book is usually $10, so you’re getting a great deal! Please remember that prices may change. Please note this won’t be delivered for a while.

It’s Easter day, let’s celebrate!
There are so many things to do.
Find baskets and eggs on this special Sunday,
and the joy of Easter with family, too.

Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent Trial

Interested in eco-friendly, cruelty-free laundry detergent scented with essential oils? You can get a trial of 9 packs of smol laundry detergent for just $1 shipped right now.

This is a subscription service that delivers a 24 pack for $7.20 on a delivery schedule that fits your needs. Of course, you can try the trial pack and cancel or modify your schedule at any time.


I also have this new post up, so I hope you’ll check it out and do some fun STEM activities with your kids!

20 Cheap STEM Activities (Using Items You May Already Have at Home


Have a great week!


Need Home Management Help? FREE Confident Mom 2020 Weekly Household Planner

If you need some help in the area of home management, I highly recommend this.

The Confident Mom 2020 Weekly Household Planner is available now for FREE! I’ve utilized this planner for several different years, and it really is helpful in how it breaks down down household items into manageable daily and weekly tasks. I am easily overwhelmed, so this definitely helps…and it makes tasks easy to delegate, too.

There are two versions of the planner available to choose from:

▪ Blank version. It’s just that—a planner with blank areas under each day, allowing you to digitally add your tasks whatever they may be, making it uniquely yours.
▪ Suggested tasks version. Or as I like to call it, the “just-tell-me-what-to-do” version, comes prefilled with tasks already assigned to each day. I have already done the work for you! However, it is also customizable, so you can add, remove, or edit any of the tasks listed.

The “suggested tasks” version includes everything from ironing, cleaning the bathtub, vacuuming under furniture, and washing the car to taking your vitamins, exercising, meal planning, and pampering yourself! It will even help you make sure you’re drinking enough water each day.

And in both versions, digitally add your own to-dos, reminders, and notes.

If you want to add even more organization to your life, you can get the 2020 Weekly Household Planner Supplement for just $8. It is available as a separate item and has been upgraded to include new digital forms.

It includes handy fill-in forms, enabling you to add your information directly into the form. Just type your information, save, and print. The Weekly Household Planner Supplement includes the following digital fill-in forms:

▪ Master Family Planner. Keep track of the entire family’s activities on a daily/weekly basis all in one convenient place.
▪ Appointment Calendar. Organized by week, use this new addition to keep track of appointments, meetings, and other events.
▪ Special Occasion Calendar/Gift Planner. You’ll always be prepared for the next birthday or special occasion.
▪ Holiday Gift Planner Worksheet. Keep track of your holiday shopping list and purchases and what still needs wrapped or delivered. Never forget that well-hidden gift again!
▪ Babysitter Information Form. This form makes it easy to provide your sitter with all the information he or she needs so you can relax and enjoy your time away.
▪ Quick Contacts. Helps you keep important emergency contacts available for easy reference when you need them in a hurry as well as frequently used numbers.
▪ Family Emergency/Medical Information Form. Record your family’s medical and insurance information on this form—it will be easy to find and share with those that need it.
▪ Website/App List for Kids. An easy way your kids can list the websites they want to visit, or apps or songs they want to buy. This gives you a chance to review first and make sure the content is age appropriate!
▪ Website/App List for Me. A place to record websites you want to visit or apps you want to buy during your downtime.
▪ Account Keeper Sheet. Keep track of online accounts, including usernames and passwords. Never get locked out of your account again!
▪ Household Maintenance Log. Record when you did routine maintenance items, such as changing your furnace filter.
▪ Special Occasion Reminder Chart. To help you plan card gifting for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.
▪ Gifts Received List. Record gifts received which also creates a log for thank-you cards you need to send.
▪ Let’s Plan a Party Form. Keep track of party planning details such as guest list, menu, party favors, and activities.
▪ Blessings For Your Home. Because everyone needs some daily inspiration.
▪ Weekly Menu Planner/Shopping List. So you arrive at the store prepared and don’t over-purchase.
▪ Track Donations. Make tax time easier when you write down all your donations on one form for the year.
▪ Freezer/Pantry Inventory. Helps with meal planning and also saves you from purchasing something you already have on hand.
▪ Multi-Store Shopping List. Get rid of all those little sticky notes and scraps of paper! List all your shopping list items for different stores on one organized form.
▪ Monthly Bill Schedule. Never miss a payment again when you record your monthly bills and payments on this new form!
▪ Bible Bookmarks. Use these monthly reading bookmarks with suggested reading each day of the month, enabling you to read the entire bible in a year.

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Saturday Savings: Homeschool Family Freebies & Deals for 9/7

September here…and our homeschooling is in full force. We’ve just completed our 5th week, and we’re kinda, sorta starting to settle into a routine. Well, we were. My husband is in the middle of changing jobs and starts his new job on Monday, so he was home all week and will be working from home one day per week and out in the field the rest of the week…so it’s a new chapter for us. It seems like it will take a little getting used to, but we are hoping he will have more time to spend with us and weekends and holidays off, too. With that said, I didn’t do much deal scouting this week.

Here are a few things I found:

Homeschool Family Freebies

1) FREE Trial to Bark Monitoring App

For several months now, I’ve been using Bark to help keep my kids safe online. For my 15-year old daughter, I like that it monitors her phone and sends notifications to me only when it marks something as a possible issue (that way she can have some privacy and I don’t have to go through every single text…she doesn’t have social media besides Pinterest yet). On the other hand, I have the limits set pretty strict for my middle daughter. She doesn’t have a phone yet, but she likes to use mine…so I’m monitoring her and myself, I guess!

Interested in learning more or want to try it out before purchasing? You can get a FREE 7-day Bark trial with my link.


2) Hello Bello Baby Welcome Box

Request a FREE Hello Bello Baby Welcome Box from Walmart right now (while supplies last). You’ll have to first create a baby registry and then click on the FREE Welcome Box image and fill out the short form.


3) FREE Pancakes at IHOP

Get FREE Pancakes at IHOP when you join MyHop Rewards at IHOP. You’ll also get free pancakes on your birthday and your 1 year anniversary of joining the program. Once you sign up, you’ll need to choose your preferred location. You should receive your first coupon within 24 hours.


4) FREE Four Year High School Planning Pages

These four year planning pages from My Joy-Filled Life make it easy for you to plan out and figure out what you need to cover in high school.  There are four layouts available so you can pick the one that best fits your though process. Use the forms with subjects pre-filled, or fill in your own; track by grade or by subject.  There is space for tracking up to eight courses per year, including the curriculum you plan to use and how many credits each course is worth.


Homeschool Deals


1) Jagger V-Neck Tee for $7.95 Shipped (ends 9/8/19)

I just got a tee sent to me from Cents of Style…and I’m super happy with it. It’s so soft and I love the fit. I like to have a little more coverage on my arms and with the length, and this is just perfect. It also can be worn in a variety of ways, and it fits pretty true to size. I like it so much, I actually ordered it in two more colors!

Get the “Jagger V-neck perfect boyfriend tee” for only $7.95 SHIPPED! The regular price is $24.95, but when you use the code JAGGER, you can get it for just $7.95 and free shipping. The tee is available in sizes S-3XL and comes in 20 different colors. This sale is available through 9/8/19 or while supplies last.


2) Paint by Sticker Zoo Animals Book

Get this Paint by Sticker Kids:  Zoo Animals book for just $5.20 right now.  Please remember that prices may change.

Find the sticker, peel the sticker, place the sticker. And sticker by sticker, a koala appears! Or an elephant, frog, red panda, puffin, peacock, snake, giraffe, tiger, or gorilla. (And no mess to clean up!)

3) Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!
It’s back! My favorite bundle, the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, is available for purchase now.  With over $3000 worth of items, it is an amazing deal! Here are a few things you’ll learn:
  • how to create the perfect sleep environment and restore healthy sleep
  • ways to gain increased energy & mental clarity by learning to heal your brain
  • how to gently ease your body into a balanced hormonal state with lifestyle changes
  • so much more!

This bundle includes 91 resources you can refer to as you and your family make healthy baby steps so you can feel as well as possible. With your Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle purchase, you’ll get access to:

    • 47 eBooks
    • 32 eCourses, audios & workshops
    • 10 printable packs & workbooks
    • 2 summits

Best of all, you can get it all for just $37–many of these resources are worth more than that by themselves! You’ll also get a selection of bonus buys. This deal ends on Monday, Sept. 9. You can see more details here.