Recently we were watching a fairly mundane travel documentary about a train journey in Bavaria. It started in Augsburg and I felt that we had been there. When I looked on this blog I couldn't find a post about the visit although there is this post with ...


Augsburg and more...


Recently we were watching a fairly mundane travel documentary about a train journey in Bavaria.  It started in Augsburg and I felt that we had been there.  When I looked on this blog I couldn't find a post about the visit although there is this post with three photos.  I looked on my computer and behold there are lots of photos.  Be prepared for some armchair travelling.  It's really the only kind these days!!!

I hope you enjoyed our look around Augsburg today.  Thanks for joining me.


Saturday Story

What letter story will I tell today?  A, P & V are done, so that leaves another 23 letters to choose from!

Queen's Guide presentation.  How about the glasses!

Let's look at Q today.  What Q words can you think of?  Questions, quotes, qualifications, Queen, the Queen, Queen's Guide, qualities, quality time, Quality Street, quarantine, queue, quilt, quinquennial.

Isn't quinquennial a beautiful word?  I found it in the dictionary.  I didn't know there was such a word.  Apparently it means recurring every five years.   The only example I can find is from the Fixed Term Parliamentary Act in the UK that says that there should be a general election every 5 years.  Unless of course they call another one in between.   Sorry!  Off down a rabbit hole.  That's what comes of reading the dictionary!

Let's go back to my list and find some relevant stories.

I have lots of qualifications.  A teaching certificate, a B.A.(Hons) and a Masters degree (M.Ed). Sad to say that the degrees were about proving that I was capabale of getting them.  My grammar school teachers had said I wasn't good enough to go to University.  They also said that I shouldn't apply to a London Teacher Training College.  However I did ignore the last piece of advice and went to Southlands College in Wimbledon, London.  But after leaving college I got it into my head that I needed to prove myself.  This was before people talked about being 'enough' but I expect it is the same thing.  I did my first degree part time with the Open University and my masters part-time at Warwick University.  However I never told the school what I had done so I'm not sure what it proved and to whom.

Standing on a manhole cover to stop my heels sinking into the grass!

I also got photography qualifications and creative embroidery qualifications.  And at one point took the Mensa exam. And got in!

The day I received the letter telling me I had completed my masters degree my dad asked me when I was going to start my Ph.D.   And I took up the challenge and looked into doing a Ph.D in children's literature at Worcester University.   And then I came to my senses!

I didn't need to prove myself.  I didn't need more qualifications.  What I needed was just to be me.

But it's hard when you've always been performance driven.  I try now to be a 'being' not a 'doing'!

I expect there are other Q stories but I'll leave you with a quote from Charles Schultz:

'Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.  It's already tomorrow in Australia.'

Thanks for joining me today


Quirky Still LIfe

The theme for photography group this month was Quirky Still Life.  The Duck family feature heavily!

Watching a fish dish being cooked!

Other still life contributions!

Thanks for joining me today


Saturday Story

We've visited 'A' and 'P' so far.  As tomorrow is Valentine's Day I thought we would look at V stories.

Of course, the obvious V is Venice.  If you put Venice into the search box to the right of this post, lots of posts will come up. Several pieces of my textile work is inspired by Venice.

V is for voice.  There are several posts here about finding my voice, including the previous post this week.

V is for values.  Mary wrote about Personal Values and I used that as the inspiration behind this page in my 2021 Word of the Year journal.

So what other things beginning with V feature in my story?

From the age of 8 to 18 I lived in a house in Verstone Croft.  At some point in our life there we had central heating fitted!  My parents moved from there when I had left for college.  They sold it to a cousin of my mother.  The next time we visited we weren't allowed to walk on the lawn.  Isn't it funny the things you remember?

Next V:  I drive a Vauxhall Astra.  This is third or fourth one, I think.  I wrote one off on a drive home from Pembrokeshire in the early hours of the morning.  I was the only person on the road and as I came out of the tunnel at Monmouth I hit the barrier at the side of the road and did a spectacular drive with two wheels going along the top of the barrier at an angle to the road.  Just like the stuntmen do it in the films!  And fortunately when I got to the end of the barrier the car landed the right way up!  I can't find the original pictures but here are the pages from my Learn Something New journal.

I think I came off lightly, with just a bruised arm.  The car didn't fare so well.

V is for Victory. 
Did you know that my name, Bernice, comes from Berenike which means Bringer of Victory. It's also where Nike, the footwear company, gets its name from. Valerie Sjodin made this piece of artwork for me.

At the beginning I said I had chosen V for today's Saturday story as tomorrow is Valentine's day.  So I will finish with a photo of part of the card I am giving Roger tomorrow.  I chose it so I can cut it up and put it in my journal!!!!  The theme for February in Valerie's Plan With Me is hearts.

Thanks for joining me today.


Turquoise, copper and orange!

I was rootling about in the loft, looking for the missing grey hat for Paddington!  I didn't find the hat.  However I did find the workbook I did for one of my pieces for the City & Guilds Creative Embroidery course I took in 1997.

I thought it was in 2005 but I found my certificates and it was way back in the last century! 

And guess what!?! Back then I was already working in shades of turquoise, copper and orange.


In fact I don't know why I needed to find that workbook to confirm my preferred colour scheme considering I have these two pieces hanging on the wall!

I needed this reminder!  It's okay to work in these colours. This is my style/voice!  Perhaps I should listen to myself more!!!!!

Thanks for joining me today