I belong to a Ladies Photography group called Snapshot Girls. Each month we submit 5 photos on a theme. January's theme was Christmas and February's theme was Winter. If you like the idea of taking 5 photos on a theme you could try joining Sandie in her ...


Snapshot Girls Photos and more...

Snapshot Girls Photos

I belong to a Ladies Photography group called Snapshot Girls.  Each month we submit 5 photos on a theme.   

January's theme was Christmas


 and February's theme was Winter.

If you like the idea of taking 5 photos on a theme you could try joining Sandie in her 5 in 5 challenge on her blog.

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Developing sketchbooks as a rich resource

I recently attended a workshop, Developing sketchbooks as a rich resource organised by Becca from Textile Explorations.  We had an amazing two days with Amanda Hislop.  Lots of photos to follow.
Photo by Becca Birtles

On the first day Amanda talked about her sketchbooks and the techniques she uses.  Her books are gorgeous and I sat and stroked them at various points over the weekend.

Our first activity was to glue pieces of tissue onto large sheets of paper and then to make marks using black ink, brown ink and wax candle.  We used 'cola' pens and other mark making tools.

We used large sheets of teabag paper to mop up the excess ink and water.  When this was dry it was a useful addition to our later mini collages.

Amanda suggest we cut one of these sheets up to make a small zigzag book.  I have done this with her before so knew what was coming.  I kept very quiet (I know - unusual!) and there were lots of oos and ahhs when folks saw the finished little book.

Now some of you who haven't done any of this before may have looked at the photos above and thought 'what a mess!'  That's ok because mostly it was but then the magic happens.  And through the rest of the first day and into the second I identified small parts of these papers worth cutting out and stuck them into my sketchbook ready to work on them later.

Teabag paper

And here are some of the pages with added marks.

 I had a lovely time.  If you want to read more about the weekend  you can do on Becca's blog.

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Book of Trees

I know! I said I wouldn't do any more online classes but anything about making books has my name on it!  I signed up for Roxanne Evans Stout's 'Book of Trees'.

I put pieces of fabric on each of these torn pages made of watercolour paper.

And put paper on the other side.

I added gesso in places on the pages and then went around the edges with Walnut Stain Distress Ink.  I spread the ink using a wet wipe.

I started this in mid-November and this is as far as I had managed to do.  Life got in the way for a bit and so in the past couple of months I have done a little bit to a page every now and again and joy of joys it's finished.

Well, when I say finished - any of the pages could quite easily take more words and images.  So let's say it's finished for now!

The book is approximately A5.


To bind it, I used twine.  Sadly I couldn't find the brown twine (in a safe place somewhere) so I used green.  I used a twig on the front

and a coffee stirrer on the back because I was too lazy to look for another twig!

 I am pleased with it. I love how the colours have turned out.  If I do it again I think I will make a smaller book - maybe A6.

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Exhibition Sneak peeks

Eeek!  After planning and working since last April the first Traverse exhibition is almost upon us.  Set up day is next Wednesday and you can visit us on Stand M11 at the Fashion & Embroidery Show at the NEC from Thursday to Sunday.

Here are some sneak peeks of my work:
Venice Tiles

Venice Hanging

Venice fabric book

Small Venice book - mixed media

It wasn't my intention last April to have the majority of my work based on Venice - but that's how it has turned out.   Actually the first piece of work I did was Pathways which is made up of 12 squares each with a Bible verse about a path on it.
I hope you will have the opportunity to come and see my work and the work of the other members of Traverse.  We would love to see you.

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C2C Playbook

I have blogged about some of the work I did at the end of January at the Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Play already. [Click on the Unlocking the Mystery label at the bottom of this post to find them all.]   I have finally managed to put all my work and photos, some of Leslie's photos and my notes all into one book which I'm going to call a Playbook rather than a workbook.

It was quite difficult to photograph the playbook due to so many lumps and bumps in it.

I took pages from a different sized sketchbook for the notes.

I printed out lots of photos so I could put examples in different views

The large pieces of work had to be folded to fit in the playbook.

I included the folded photocopies.

I put the little book I made in a plastic wallet which I tied into the playbook.

Another plastic pocket with the large book inside.

The different flames I took inspiration from and the stencil I made from the cover of a paper pad.

All the flame shapes from the stencil.

Leslie had taken lots of photos whilst we were working.  Here are her photos of the various marks we made.

At the end of the 5 days we each had a display board which Leslie took us round.

On the right are photos of Leslie's examples that she used as teaching aids.

I stuck an envelope in the back to keep all the leftover photocopies of flames.

I really enjoyed putting this together and it's going to prove a really useful resource for a long time to come.

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