What a way to celebration our new Annual Catalog with a Kickoff Celebration with more Hostess Rewards. Yes you read right, starting June 3-30 when you place a $250 order yourself or by doing a book party, you will receive... Related Stories Nothing ...
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Who wants more Stamp Rewards? and more...

Who wants more Stamp Rewards?

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What a way to celebration our new Annual Catalog with a Kickoff Celebration with more Hostess Rewards.

Yes you read right, starting June 3-30 when you place a $250 order yourself or by doing a book party, you will receive $25 additional Hostess Rewards, or a grand total of $50 free.

How cool is that?  $50 free merchandise with a $250 order.

Are you a bargain shopper?  You want to know the best deal?

First purchase the Starter Kit for $99, and get to $125 worth of product of your choice, PLUS any bundle you wish, could be up to a $50+ savings.  And did I mention that all comes with FREE Shipping and additional 10%.

After you purchase the Starter Kit, you now get a minimum 20% discount on any thing you purchase or sell.  So when you do a book party for yourself or purchase $250, receive your 20% discount instantly ($50) PLUS now you get the additional Hostess Rewards of $50 so a grand total of $100.
This is a no brainer why wouldn't you want to JOIN MY TEAM on June 3rd for this amazing special.  Plus when you Join My TEAM I will send you my Customer Appreciation Tutorial for June Celebrate Sunflowers, and you will be able to take part in my TEAM challenges.
 Check out the Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a demonstrator here.  Got more questions?  Give me a call at 440-576-7130 or e-mail jlbauwin@roadrunner.com

Nothing Better Than

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There is nothing better than Spring Time in Ohio.  The last few days have been simply beautiful.  I should be in my stamp room creating with all my new products, as it's less than a week and the new catalog will go live.  That means time for a New Online Customer  Appreciation Tutorial to be released.

Have you wondered what stamp set I will pick first for my Customer Appreciation Tutorial in the new catalog?   

Did you know that even if you don't like the set I use for any month you should use the Hostess Code?  Unless of course your order is $150 or more.  Then you get the  Hostess Rewards and I will still send you the monthly tutorial.

Why?  Because you get all the measurements and designing is done for you.  That way you can use whatever set you want and you are able to design in no time.  

Well I bet some of you can guess what set I will use, because you know I LOVE sunflowers.  So my customer appreciation tutorial for June will be from the Celebrate Sunflowers.  Oh my gosh I love this set and wait to you see what I will be sharing with it.  Way too cool.

Don't forget to get signed up for my Online In Color Club, deadline is fast approaching.

#2020-2022incolorclub #littletaste #lindabauwin #stampingwithlinda.com

#2020-2022incolorclub #wantitall #lindabauwin #stampingwithlinda.com

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Learn how you can pick a bundle free with our great promotion.

Product List



Who would like a free bundle from new catalog?

#freebundle #starterkitpromotion #stampinup #lindabauwin

Would you like to pick any bundle in the New Annual Catalog for free?

That's right starting June 3rd through June 30th, when you purchase the Starter Kit for $99 you get to pick $125 worth of product of your choice $99, PLUS any bundle you wish.  And did I mention that all comes with FREE Shipping.

The Starter Kit is already an amazing deal, but when you add any bundle, that could add an additional $50+ Savings.

So grab that catalog and start dreaming of what bundle you would like free with your Starter Kit come June 3rd.

If that wasn't enough good reason to sign up, how about the fact you will be able to order out of the Holiday Mini, before anyone else, at a 20% discount when the demonstrator pre-order starts.  And by joining my Stamp Family you will be able to take part in my TEAM Challenge for the Holiday Mini.  And you will get my June Customer Appreciation PDF  Tutorial for June which will be from the Celebrate Sunflowers Bundle to help you kick off being a dmeonstrator.

Every time a new catalog goes live, I send those in my Stamp Family a packet of new products to design with.  All they need to do is create at least one card with some of the products I send them.  Then they have the chance to earn a $100, $75, $50 or $25 gift certificate from me to be used on any product them want.

Still have questions?  Click here to get the most FAQ about purchasing the Starter Kit.

And then when June 3rd is here CLICK HERE to get the best deal ever on the Starter Kit.


Designer Series Accordion Fold Video

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Taking another look at the beautiful Tea Together Stamp Set and the coordinating Tea  Time Dies.  I hope you are enjoying the flash back at some my favorite cards and videos from soon-to-be retired stamps and dies.

I forget sometimes about using my Designer Series Paper in my open image stamps to give a design with very little effort.  And of course by using our Designer Series for your card base it is just such a wow factor.

Please make sure you check out our Designer Series Papers that will be retiring.  As there are many patterns that will look great with this Stamp Set and Dies.  PLUS when you click on the images below you will find that many of these papers are priced at amazing clearance prices



You can receive my Monthly Customer Appreciation Tutorial free each month with a $30 order in my Online Store, when you use the monthly Hostess Code.  This month the code is K9AZAHHN.  Even if you do not have the Stamp Set I am featuring that month, you can use the Tutorial with Stamp Sets you do have.

#2020-2022incolorclub #littletaste #lindabauwin #stampingwithlinda.com

#2020-2022incolorclub #wantitall #lindabauwin #stampingwithlinda.com

Product List


What Will Be The New Norm

#2020-2021Annualsucatalog #lindabauwin

If you have purchased from me in the last 6 months, this will be arriving in your mail box any day now.  If you have not purchased from me and do not have a current demonstrator let me know and I will get you a copy of this beautiful catalog.

I wanted you to be aware that COVID-19 has effect our lives in so many ways and that includes us Stampin' Up! Demonstrators.

We are doing all we can to get orders out as quickly as possible, but you will continue to see more shipping delays than normal during this pandemic. With the Last-Chance Products promotion and the annual catalog preorder, combined with our current split shifts, we expect delays to increase and it will be several weeks (possibly a few months) before we can get back to our normal shipping time frames. We are currently shipping orders about five to eight days out, and that delay is likely to increase, especially as we receive significantly more expedited orders than normal.

While we would normally bring in extra help at a time like this, the current pandemic makes this more difficult. We will continue to update you on the situation from week to week. Please be patient with us as we work to balance the health of our employees with the needs of our demonstrators and customers.

To lower the COVID-19 exposure risk, we split our order fulfillment operation from one shift into two shifts. Each group works 12-hour days with one coming in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the other reporting in on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. (With this change in schedule, you may receive an order confirmation on Saturday, however, be aware that orders fulfilled on Saturday will not be picked up and processed until Monday.) For information about how UPS continues to respond to this situation, click here

Thanks for your understanding and patience, I appreciate it.  Please know that could in pack the delivery of the In Color Club.    I will do my very best to get out to you as fast as I can.

#2020-2022incolorclub #littletaste #lindabauwin #stampingwithlinda.com

#2020-2022incolorclub #wantitall #lindabauwin #stampingwithlinda.com

Click Here for all the information regarding me Online In Color Club.