I wanted to make a quick post to thank all of my readers for their lovely emails, comments, and stories.  I took some time off from writing on my blog, mostly because I needed to take a step away from the energy the twin flame experience takes in your ...


Thank You and more...

Thank You

I wanted to make a quick post to thank all of my readers for their lovely emails, comments, and stories.  I took some time off from writing on my blog, mostly because I needed to take a step away from the energy the twin flame experience takes in your life.  It was time for me to focus on some other things.  I have still been writing though, and I have fresh content and more thoughts and ideas for you in the near future.

I will be answering the emails I have received, and feel free t post your stories as well.  If you would like, I will also be featuring one story each month from all across the world, so that you have an opportunity to tell your story too.

Namaste <3



Ugh…Acceptance & Mediocrity

Happy Sunday my friends. 🙂

I received a couple of emails this week from people struggling with understanding their own Twin Flame experience and asking for advice. While I always preface my replies by saying I am “no expert”, I also started this blog to offer support and encouragement to others, and that I will always do.

My conversations with my new friends brought up two topics for discussion: Acceptance and Mediocrity.

There are two things that you MUST learn to accept when you are going through a Twin Flame union, or any relationship for that matter. 1. Never accept or allow anyone, including your TF to treat you as less than the beautiful and worthy soul you are, or offer you less than what you have to give in return. There will always be push and pull in relationships, and they are designed that way for a reason. This does not mean, however, that you should become a doormat for someone who is not ready to put in the work. 2. Accept the fact that your TF may NOT want what a true Twin Flame relationship is designed to bring, and may not weather the storm to find the rainbow on the other side.

This brings the second topic into consideration – Mediocrity. Because a true Twin Flame experience blows every other relationship you have ever encountered out of the water, this leaves many of us feeling a bit shorted if the Twin Flame union does not survive. I have said this before, and will say it again – Once you experience Extraordinary, you will never want to settle for Ordinary again. But that is my humble opinion – and for some people Ordinary = Easy and that is best for them.

There is no relationship on Earth that doesn’t require work. Finding your twin flame does not guarantee you a harmonious relationship initially, but what will guarantee it is your determination to work hard and continually learn from it and adapt. Spiritual detoxification begins when your Twin enters your experience.  Emotions and feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness are challenged because you can no longer remain mediocre at your soul’s request.

It is only then that you can truly start understanding how to use the strength that the twin flame union brings to your soul. Even if you believe with every part of you, that you have been fortunate enough to have found your Divine Love – if the other party isn’t on the same page, the story ends here. Take the power you now have from this experience, to enlighten and encourage others. Be the inspiration that gives others hope. You will love again, and it will be amazing. You are amazing.

Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.

Love & Light-



Welcome to the Dark Side-Twin Flames

Everybody who is dealing with a Twin Flame connection wants to know how you can not only survive, but make it through where you find peace and happiness. The most important thing I want you to know is: IT CAN BE DONE.

This video covers some of the ‘darker’ elements of energy and NOT so divine intervention sometimes experienced while working through a genuine OR non genuine Twin Flame Union. These may include the shadow aspect, the opposite polarities,(light and dark) entities, past life attachments, negative thought forms, and false twins.

Love & Light


Om – Medicine for the Soul

To a mind that is still – The whole Universe surrenders – Lao Tsu

Since today is Sunday, and for some is dedicated to honoring their God, family, and themselves – I am not posting about Twin Flames today. Although I have learned to use mantras and meditation during my Twin Flame journey to calm my mind and expand my awareness, this is important for everyone – no matter what journey you are on in life.

We all have issues, and we always will. For some just the commute to work alone – or even work itself is enough to drive you insane. For others it may be financial woes, relationship challenges, or chronic health issues. No matter what your stressor, there are options much healthier than medicating yourself with drugs, alcohol, food, etc. I am sure you have heard about the health benefits of meditation before, and many of you may have even tried it. I had attempted to do so in the past, and couldn’t quiet the monkey chattering in my mind long enough to figure it out. It is OK – that is part of it for some of us. For others, just sitting completely still for more than 3 minutes will be the challenge. Trust me, if I can do it – You can do it.

Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to the way that fitness is an approach to training the body. But many meditation techniques exist. So how do you learn how to meditate?

It’s very challenging at first sit for hours and think of nothing or have an “empty mind.” The easiest way to begin meditating is by focusing on the breath – and is how I started. This is called concentration meditation – a technique that involves focusing on a single point. This could entail watching the breath, repeating a single word or mantra, staring at a candle flame, or listening to a repetitive gong. In this form of meditation, you simply refocus your awareness on the chosen object of attention each time you notice your mind wandering. Rather than pursuing random thoughts, you simply let them go. Through this process, your ability to relax and concentrate improves.

Here are a few tips that I used when learning how to meditate, followed by one of my favorite Tibetan Singing Bowls compilations. You can find hundreds on YouTube at your fingertips for free. I put my stereo headphones on, close my eyes, and off I go. Peace & Love – Enjoy!

Tip #1

Get comfortable. You don’t have to sit in a lotus position and break your knees to meditate properly! It is best if you can sit or partially lie down with your spine straight and your palms up. If you lie down all the way, you may fall asleep – so start by sitting in a comfortable position until you get the hang of it.

Tip #2

Focus on physical stillness first, then move on to focusing on the breath. Once you can actually sit still for 10-15 minutes minimum you can then start on the process of stilling the mind. Again, for some both will be a challenge, and for some it may be one or the other.

Tip #3

Establish and commit to a regular practice. We all waste 15 minutes a day doing many other activities – you owe it to yourself to take 15 minutes a day to honor your True Self. Tell the kids, the husband, the dog – NO INTERRUPTIONS. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Tip #4

Use meditation tools as needed. This may include candles, meditation music or gongs, incense, etc. You will develop your own personal taste so try different things as you learn what your style is and what your True Self needs.

Tip #5

Remember – THIS IS A REWARD. Don’t see it as another to do item on that long list you have. If you commit to practicing this on a regular basis, that to do list will suddenly seem less important in the big scheme of life.

Tibetan Singing Bowls



Twin Flame Confusion

July has been a blur of a month, and some great things have been occurring as well as some challenging circumstances and continued emotional upheavals. I am continually working hard on learning more about the twin flame spiritual path so that I can grow to help more people as well as embarking on a new intuitive journey. More to come on that later, but I am sure you are wondering what happened after I finally arrived in Los Angeles to spend my life with the man of my dreams? Lol….waiting on pins and needles 🙂

This post focuses on the extremely difficult dynamics that are involved when you throw two human beings together that already have a soul level relationship that has existed for many lifetimes – without them knowing how to cope.

The most difficult part of the process can be the desire to merge the relationship smoothly into our pre-existing lives and commitments.  In the past, twin flames only incarnated at the same time when both had already done the work necessary on a spiritual level – to meet and carry on with what they were meant to achieve in their union in this lifetime.  Because the number of twin flames that are uniting has rapidly gained momentum in the past 5 years, these unions are happening before this work is done on an individual level. All over the world this integration process is proving to be damaging and at times not even possible for some. Not to mention, if the healing has not been done by each twin, there is a TON of past Karma that has to be cleaned up along the way.

One or both Twins may feel that it is more than they can handle, and collapse or retreat back into their previous old habits and lives, as that is the simplest option.  Other times both Twins strive courageously, and with great faith and imagination, to build a life that honors the truth of who they are to their Twin, and their very real existing commitments to their families and communities.  This is called the runner/chaser dynamic and is typical with twin flames. One twin always more rapidly evolves spiritually, leaving the other one questioning everything about themselves, their life, and the relationship. It is a dance to an out of tune song, with both twins trying to catch the rhythm and keep it there. My twin and I both have played the part of runner/chaser – but once I realized there is no end to the twin flame, it all became clear and I welcomed every moment no matter how difficult at times, because you can’t run forever.

 I assume you know what I am going to say next…. My twin chose to keep running.

The situation above is exactly what my arrival in LA brought to my table! The most comical part about it is that both my Twin and I had been working on “self” for some time before we connected – in fact I specifically remember many conversations we had about “healing” from past relationships and the hard knocks of life in general. I know my Twin thought that he was on an upwards slope in his spiritual beliefs and journey and I thought that I had come to a point when I had been through it all and was heading to the golden road of bliss. I call Bullshit! My loves, if you have never had to stare directly in the face of Karma and Truth every day and try to keep it full of Peace and Harmony – it becomes a bit of a freakshow.

It was much more than just two people having different lifestyles, parenting habits, and family circumstances. Yes, those things can be challenging, but when you are faced with a mirror that proves to you every day exactly how much work you HAD NOT achieved yet in your own soul’s journey – EGO goes into overdrive and literally every move you make is done out of fear and sense of imbalance. The twin flame relationship is ONLY about LOVE – but sometimes during the way it gets a little lost in the shuffle. broken heart

Ultimately, this relationship is borne from Divine Love, and it is elevated by Divine Love.  As is typical with many things in our human experience, the level of difficulty and pain experienced and expressed is a perfect reflection of the level of resistance (individual and collective) to what IS, or TRUTH. Why is it that so many of us fight the exact things that will ultimately bring us the peace and harmony we search for?? Some can’t handle the truth – as it takes them out of their comfort zone, and anything in life worth having leaves your comfort zone in the dust.

My Truth? I am confident the destination and what it brings far surpasses the challenge of the journey.


Love and Light




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