I consider the following 3 golf principles absolutely vital. And they are especially true if you're the kind of golf who want to: – play with way more enjoyment and satisfaction – use golf as a learning vehicle (so you continue to get better and ...


3 very important golf principles and more...

3 very important golf principles

I consider the following 3 golf principles absolutely vital. And they are especially true if you’re the kind of golf who want to:

– play with way more enjoyment and satisfaction
– use golf as a learning vehicle (so you continue to get better and better)
– want to take your golf game as far as it will take you (I think too many of us over-estimate what we can do today, but completely under-estimate how we can be over the journey)

Anyway, I shot the below video on the way to golf the other week and I think you’ll get something out of it.


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You can’t be a cynic (Cameron has a troll)

Let’s do some straight talking.

You may or may not be a fan of me, www.GolfGooRoo.com or my Automatic Golf theories. And if you’re not a fan or not interested that is fine with me. I promise I won’t hold a grudge.

But, if you’re struggling with your game. If you’re frustrated, confused, fed up with your golf you can’t be a cynic. You can’t ignore everyone. You’ve gotta take a leap of faith with someone. Actually. I suppose you don’t. You can keep doing what you’ve always done, but don’t expect improvement to come your way.

If you really want to play better and you’ve gone down the traditional path (new clubs, new swing theories, tips and tricks etc) and failed, you’ve gotta buy in with someone. And it better be someone offering something different.

I haven’t been blogging much of late because I’ve been focused on expanding my theories to a much wider audience. And like golf learning, there has been some ups and downs. I doubt myself. I get a surge of confidence. Then something bad happens…

… like over the last few weeks I’ve had a troll (if you can be bothered, see image below). Old-mate has it in for me. At first it bothered me because this is all very new to me. But then I realised that negative comments are part of this game.

So I’ve embraced the negativity as a sign I’m doing something positive. I’m helping golfers in a different way to the norm and there will always be Shitweazels who won’t like that. And a percentage of those critics will spam, troll or just be a right pain in the arse. Whatever!

The point here is you’ve gotta be prepared for anything. Whether it be your golf game, your business or personal life. You can’t be overly sensitive and you certainly have to be open to learn.

So, I’m asking you not to be a critic. I think we can learn from everyone. I’m reminded of a time that I invested in a fairly strange US golf scientist. He turned out to be a little bit on the wacky side, but I learned a lot from him. Most notably, to look at things differently and don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. The fact is, if you aren’t getting what you want, then you need to do/try something differently.

And this is the hard part. It’s easy to criticise. It’s easy to stay still and do nothing. But it takes courage to open your mind and ask, “what can I learn today?”. And if someone has spent a huge part of their life committed to a cause, they can’t be ALL full of shit. They’ll have something worth taking on board.


Steady get’s it. He is my longest serving client and this week he made the effort to come visit me.

Now Steady knows a lot about Automatic Golf – he has read all the books and he mentors a few golfers on the principles. But like us all, he’s still learning and on the 3rd tee I saw something I didn’t like.

Me: Steady, do you mind if I coach you a bit mate?

Steady: Go for it. I’m keen to learn.

Me: What the bloody hell are you doing? Why are you rushing and why did you tee your ball up there?

I threw the book at him. And I can do this because I know him well and he understands me. I also needed to shake him up a little because he had slipped into some bad habits.

He wasn’t following the process
He was getting lazy
He was rushing and mistaking this for playing quickly (a common issue)
He wasn’t playing his game

And this is what separates Steady from the critics. He didn’t get upset or mad. He thanked me and applied what he learned. And I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that he’ll be able to take yesterday’s coaching and go deep with it.

He’ll certainly improve.
He’ll reignite his passion for the game.
He’ll play with more certainty and confidence.
And there’s no doubt he can keep learning and shooting lower scores.

It would have been easy for Steady to stay at home and avoid the 3 hour drive. He could have stayed on the couch and pretended that he didn’t need any coaching. But he took a leap and was open to learn. I certainly put him in a headlock but it was well worth it.

Wanna know what I coached him? I did nothing else but covered the topics that I talk about at length over here. The video is about 60 minutes but it will certainly allow you to make a huge mental shift. Don’t be a cynic. Take some time out of your day to watch.

I have a Troll!

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Bubba Watson is a genius

Here’s a really good article on Bubba Watson. Well worth a read if you’re in the game to play your way and buck the system (I think we should all add a little “do it my way” attitude to golf).

Check out the Bubba article right here.

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Justin Rose thinks better

Here’s an interesting article for those that are in the market for a better putting game.

While it may be possible (I don’t really think it works long term) to go all technical, change putters and fiddle about on the greens etc, Justin Rose offers a simpler alternative. This quote sums things up nicely,

“You can have the perfect stroke, but you’re not necessarily going to make putts,” Rose said. “It enables me to focus on the art form of putting and not obsess too much about the technique.”

Rose has learned to automate his putting so he doesn’t need to stress and worry about things so much. And it’s no surprise he’s putting better. The path for us “regular” golfers is to get comfortable over the putts and then putt freely. It sounds easy, but there’s really not much more you can do. The hard part is trusting in the process for the long haul. Most golfers let a miss or two derail them and then all the BS starts again.

I think Rose has now gotten past the crap stage with his putting (because he is trusting the automatic process) and can now become a truly dominant player. If you’re keen to see my updated thoughts on mastering the putting game then check out this book.

One more thing: The claw grip doesn’t really have anything to do with his success here. While it certainly may have helped him reach a level of automatic, it’s not the real reason. Learning to simplify his thoughts and staying true is the golden ticket. A golfer could almost stand on one leg and putt with one arm and become a very very good putter with the right mindset. The technique is only part of the equation. A small part.


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The Land of Tiger Woods

I wrote the below letter almost three years ago. I wouldn’t change one thing about it because I believe it’s all accurate. And with Tiger’s resurgence so far in 2018 (will it end?) I’ve also added some extra thoughts at the bottom. Here’s the original article:


Dear Tiger,

I woke this morning and saw you shot 85. What’s happening mate?

Don’t expect you to listen to what I’ve got to say because you’re no doubt too busy trying to fix your swing, reprogram your swing or find something that can get you back to where you KNOW you should be.

For what it’s worth, here’s my advice.

Stop fucking around with your golf swing. Can you remember back to 2000 when you won those 3 majors and nearly everything else you teed it up in? You might not have been a fan of your golf swing back then, but boy could you play. Or perhaps you can think back to when you were a young Tiger and simply went out and played the game. You didn’t get bogged down in all the nitty gritty of swing mechanics (at least I wouldn’t think you did – kids rarely do) but instead, you looked where you wanted the ball to go and you hit it. Much easier and fun way to play eh?

I’d get rid of all the swing Gurus and I challenge you to play the way YOU want. Seems that many of these instructors are in it for themselves. Nobody can actually agree on what is the best swing anyway, so why bother with it all? But I bet if we went down to the range and I asked you to hit a power fade off the tall pine, you’d no doubt be able to accomplish it. And I’m sure you could hit any shot that was asked of you…

… so why don’t you take this kind of amazing ball striking ability to the golf course? Why can’t you just hit that fucking ball in a way that suits you?

And please don’t think I’m naive to all this golf science stuff. Been there and done that. Here’s something you might be interested in…

… I’ve been lucky enough to rub shoulders with some of the smartest biomechanics on the planet and for the most part they drummed into me that golf mechanics are only a very small part of the golf learning puzzle. They told me that it’s not possible to load in swing theory and technical advice and expect a better swing to pop out. Nope, it’s just not that simple. If the sports scientists (the real ones) wouldn’t have you get all technical, why are you listening to all these quasi-gurus?

You probably know all this but you’re stuck. And you think that if you keep tweaking and stuffing about that maybe you’ll find a way out. But I’d be careful. You’ve been playing poorly for a few years now and despite all the talent and all the victories and all the God-given ability, if you keep fucking around with it you’ll lose it.

No human alive is good enough to over-ride their learning system. Not even Tiger Woods. But I’m sure if you got back to hitting the ball to the target in a way that felt good to you then something really good would happen.

Your golf swing would find you. And YOUR golf swing is going to be far better than anything these instructors are trying to beat into you. From here anything could happen. Yep, you might win again but I don’t reckon that wouldn’t be the best part. You might just start to enjoy golf again and get a deeper satisfaction because you’re playing golf near your potential. And that’s really any golfer can hope for.

I’d love to see you back playing your best. Golf needs you because it’s just a tad boring when you’re missing cuts and shooting these poor scores. Anyway, I hope you’re able to find whatever it is you’re looking for.

Good luck with your projects.


Cameron Strachan

P.S. I also think if you stopped trying to force your body into positions it doesn’t really want to go you’d have less injuries. Nothing like working with yourself, rather than against, to get the forces of nature on your side.


More thoughts from March 2018: 

It’s great to see Tiger back playing well again and he shot four under this morning at the Arnold Palmer. And I’m willing to bet my house on it that Tiger has simplified his game. I know he’s a tinkerer, but as I understand it, he doesn’t have a swing coach anymore (the last guy got the flick in December 2017). So it looks like he’s BACK!!

Now this is just great for golf. More people are talking and Twitter and Facebook are abuzz. Just awesome. But will it all last?

I reckon it will if Tiger keeps playing golf like, well, like Tiger. He doesn’t need to keep tweaking and trying to improve on perfection because what he had was already PERFECT!

I know the swing gurus will point out something like he’s a little too steep (or flat) or that he needs to activate his glutes more or some other crap, but Tiger doesn’t need any of it (no golfer does to be fair). He needs to play golf. And when he’s in the moment and hitting shots and letting his artistic and instinctive side light up, he pretty bloody impressive.

You see, it’s just not possible to sink long putts or smash long drives or whack the ball close when you’re all worried about your golf swing. And it doesn’t matter if your Tiger Woods or Jane Smith or Bob Jones. It can’t be done. Tiger has played really well of late and there’s nothing else for him to do except for:

Keep doing it what he is doing.

No need to change. Or make tweaks. Or make some futile attempt to improve on perfection. Tiger just needs to play the game and so do we all.


Resource: Check out my updated Automatic Golf program or read this book to start simplifying your golf game today.

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