In case you haven't heard yet, a new collection of stamps from Stacey Yacula is now available! Sunshine Lake consists of 25 stamps (27 images) that are reminiscent of summer days spent lakeside enjoying the warm sunny weather. The collection...
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New Stacey Yacula Stamp Collection! - Sunshine Lake and more...

New Stacey Yacula Stamp Collection! - Sunshine Lake

Sunshine Lake Dock Graphic

In case you haven't heard yet, a new collection of stamps from Stacey Yacula is now available!  Sunshine Lake consists of 25 stamps (27 images) that are reminiscent of summer days spent lakeside enjoying the warm sunny weather. The collection features Stacey's adorable animals engaging in all types of fun activities. Mix and match them with older collections to create endless possibilities!  In addition to this collection there is a coordinating sentiment set Sunshiny Sentiments.

For a limited time you can purchase the entire Sunshine Lake stamp collection PLUS the new Sunshiny Sentiments for 30% off! This offer is available through May 31, 2020. You can find the discounted bundle here: Sunshine Lake Stamp Bundle.

Here are some amazing cards using the new Sunshine Lake stamps & Sunshiny Sentiments.

Adelle Emery


stamps used:  Peony, Cosmo, Coral & Neptune, Rocky Shore, Dock & Sunshiny Sentiments


Amy Young

Amy Young - Lazy River camper Coco Austin and tent card

stamps used:  Coco, Austin, Tent, Camper, Lazy River Background & Sunshiny Sentiments


Anna Lorenzetto

Anna lorenzetto - sunshine lake - july august neptune with lake background and rocky shore and cat tails

stamps used:  July, August, Coral & Neptune, Rocky Shore, Rock Set, Cat Tails, Lake Background & Carnival Fair Blurbs


Candice Fisher

Candice-Cosmo Peony Ida Daphne side

stamps used:  Cosmo, Peony, Ida, Daphne & Sunshiny Sentiments


Cristina Boh

Cristina Boh -

stamps used:  Coco, Austin, Sampson, Daphne, Beach Toys, Ida, Coral & Neptune, Bunting & Sunshiny Sentiments


Elaine Hughes


stamps used:  Ice Cream Truck, Marigold, Juliet, Grassy Shore & The Sweetest Day Sentiment Set


Kara Pogreba

Kara Pogreba - Cosmo Peony Daphe and Ida under water

stamps used:  Cosmo, Peony, Ida, Daphne, Coral & Neptune, Rocky Shore & Lake Background


Keeway Tsao


stamps used:  Cosmo, August, Sampson, Peony, Lake Background & Sunshiny Sentiments


Leanne West

Leanne West - Fishing Card

stamps used:  Bentley, Coral & Neptune, Cat Tails, Rock Set, Lazy River Background & Sunshiny Sentiments


Martina Perfetti

Martina Perfetti_Ice cream truck's card_1

stamps used:  Ice Cream Truck, Marigold, Billy, Rock Set & Sunshiny Sentiments


Megan Quinn

Megan Quinn - Peony Daphne Ida Cosmo

stamps used:  Daphne, Ida, Peony, Cosmo, Dock, 2 Forests & Sweet Summer Sentiment Set


Michelle Short


stamps used:  Maverick & Miki, Gladys, Grassy Shore, Dock & Sunshiny Sentiments


Nancy Thomas

Nancy Thomas POD Cosmo Peony Daphe Ida Neptune Rocky Shore 2

stamps used:  Cosmo, Coral & Neptune, Peony, Daphne, Ida, Rocky Shore & Sunshiny Sentiments


Nicky Meek

Nicky Meek - Ice Cream Truck

stamps used:  Ice Cream Truck, Marigold & Sunshiny Sentiments


Sandra Bischoff

Sandra Bischoff - Juliet Lantern String

stamps used:  Juliet, Lantern String & Sunshiny Sentiments


Sandy Allnock

Sandy Allnock - Ice Cream Truck Beach Fencing Card

stamps used:  Ice Cream Truck, Juliet, Marigold & Sunshiny Sentiments


Sara Zoppi

Sara Zoppi - Daphane Peony Ida Underwater Card - close up

stamps used:  Daphne, Peony, Coral & Neptune, Ida & Sunshiny Sentiments


Susen Srb

Susen Srb - _Sampson_August_River

stamps used:  Sampson, August, Lazy River Background & Sunshiny Sentiments


Tammy Stark

Tammy Stark - Dock Scene - angle

stamps used:  Bentley, July, Coco, Austin, Coral & Neptune, Dock, Cat Tails, Small Single Mountain & Sunshiny Sentiments


Tatiana Trafimovich


stamps used:  Ida, Daphne, Peony, Cat Tails, Rock Set & Sunshiny Sentiments


New Stamp Sets & Free Shipping!

Julian - Lottie Elliot and Marcel IG

I have several exciting promotions to share with you!  There are 7 new adorable stamp sets illustrated by Julian Charlton available starting today.  They are perfect for quick, clean and simple card making!  Each set contains one illustration along with several different sentiments.  Lottie's Gang along with Elliot & Marcel will bring a smile to your face.  You might find the "Hugs" sets very appropriate for what we are all experiencing around the world right now.

There are also several pages of stamps in the "sale category" that are discounted 30 - 75%.  These stamps are a combination of discontinued stamps and stamps that are overstocked.  The quantities are limited and will be removed once they have sold through.

Finally, there is a shipping promotion!  For a limited time receive free shipping on all domestic (USA) orders $75.00 & over.  This will be reflected during checkout.  International customers can receive $7.00 off shipping by entering the code INTLSHIP during checkout. 

Now onto the fun part...the cards created by the amazing design team along with a couple of guest designers! I'll introduce you to each stamp set with a card or two.

The first 3 sets Birthday Squad, Hugs & Flower Friends feature Lottie and her gang, a sweet little girl with her pet pigs and fox.

Candice Fisher  

Candice-Julian Charlton new release birthday squad

stamp used:  Lottie's Gang - Birthday Squad


Megan Quinn

Megan Quinn - Lottie Squad Birthday Wishes Card

stamp used:  Lottie's Gang - Birthday Squad


Susen Srb

Susen Srb.Lotties Squad

stamps used:  Lottie's Gang - Squad Hugs


Nancy Thomas

Nancy Thomas POD Lottie Hug

stamps used:  Lottie's Gang - Squad Hugs & Happy Skies


Tatiana Trafimovich

Tatiana Trafimovich - Lottie Flower

stamps used:  Lottie's Gang - Flower Friends


Nicky Meek

Nicky Meek - Lottie Flower Card

stamp used: Lottie's Gang - Flower Friends

The next 3 sets feature Elliot the elephant & a chimp named Marcel. They are inseparable and the best of friends.  They are always there for one another and that makes them ideal card ambassadors.

Anna Lorenzetto

Anna lorenzetto - elliot & marcel - hugs - 1

stamps used:  Elliot & Marcel - Hugs


Adelle Emery


stamps used:  Elliot & Marcel - Hugs


Kara Pogreba

Kara Pogreba - Elliot and Marcel Feeling Blue Card

stamps used:  Elliot & Marcel - Feeling Blue?


Tatiana Trafimovich

Tatiana Trafimovich - Elliot and Marcel Feeling Blue

stamps used:  Elliot & Marcel - Feeling Blue?


Amy Young


stamps used:  Elliot & Marcel - Feeling Blue?


Tammy Stark

Tammy Stark - Elliot and Marcel Confetti

stamps used:  Elliot & Marcel - Confetti Celebration


Leanne West

Leanne West - Elliot and Marcel Confetti Card

stamps used:  Elliot & Marcel - Confetti Celebration


The final set called Oh Poop! is for those with a silly sense of humor.  You gotta love that naughty puppy!


Nicky Meek

Nickey Meek - Oh Poop card

stamps used:  Oh Poop!

Leanne West

Leanne West - Oh poop card

stamps used:  Oh Poop!


Creating A Scene - Video Tutorial Series

Have you ever wondered what it might look like in a bunny's burrow? Ever imagine animals living a human like life?  Well today I am sharing a wonderful series of videos created by Kara Pogreba, which takes you into her imaginary world of a bunnies burrow.  Kara has created the most extraordinary den with a mixture of stamps and her own hand sketched scenery.  It is really an incredible piece of art. The videos walk you through her sketching, thought process and coloring of this amazing card scene.  Enjoy!

EZy Watermark_25-02-2020_02-21-32PM
stamps used:  Sugarplum, Cookies for Santa, Fireplace and Rug, Stone Fireplace & Treehouse








Sale Ends Tonight! 25% Off All Rubber Stamps

Holiday Sale 2019 Graphic with border

Last Call!  The Holiday Sale ends tonight at midnight.

I'll leave you with a few more inspiring cards from the design team and guest designers.  They always create such amazing cards and they need to be shared!  I hope you find some great ideas in their work. 

Adelle Emery


stamps used:  Scout, Ace, Champ, Feather & Birdie, Presents, Mabel & Scripty Sentiments


Agnieszka Danek-Wisniak


stamps used:  Berry, Yule & Essential Holiday Greetings


Agnieszka Danek-Wisniak - Iceberg with Douglas Aspen and Maggie

stamps used:  Iceberg Background, Maggie, Douglas, Aspen, Holiday Blurbs I & Warming Winter Thoughts


Amy Yang

Amy Yang - Bianca Neve and Erica Snow Globe

stamps used:  Bianca & Neve, Pine Tree Farm & Warming Thoughts Sentiment Set


Amy - tractor farm wagon Ace Maggie Presents O' Tannenbaum Gertie

stamps used:  Maggie, Gertie, Ace, Tractor, Farm Wagon, Presents, O'TannenbaumFarm Horizon & Holiday Blurbs I


Amy Young


stamps used:  Silver, Red & Winter Trail


Anna Lorenzetto

Anna lorenzetto - shadow box card with louis pine tree farm and mountains

stamps used:  Louis, Pine Tree Farm, Mountains & Essential Happy Sentiment Set


Anna lorenzetto - JC silhouettes - frances frankie and gifts - 2

stamps used:  Frances, Frankie, Gifts, Let It Snow Background & Holiday Blurbs I


Candice Fisher

Candice-Mistletoe farm with new snowman & hedgehog side

stamps used:  Bianca & Neve, Erica, Door Decor #1 Fall & Winter, Feather & Birdie, Fair Accessories, Curly, Farm Horizon & Handwritten Holiday


Candice Fisher-front door door decor #1 winter sports

stamps used:  Front Door, Door Decor #1 Fall & Winter, Winter Sports Set & Handwritten Holiday


Cristina Boh


stamps used:  Nora & Butter, Cranberry & Warming Thoughts Sentiment Set


Elaine Hughes

Elaine Hughs - Iclyn and Storm Card

stamps used:  Iclyn, Storm, Frozen Pond, Carnival Blurbs & Warming Winter Thoughts Sentiment Set



stamps used:  Tux


Kara Pogreba

Kara Pogreba - Winter Trail Ember Blaze and Jasper

stamps used:  Jasper, Ember, Blaze, Winter Trail & Warming Thoughts Sentiment Set


Kara Pogreba - Animal Silhouette Card

stamps used:  Marshmallow, Frances, Cocoa, Frankie, Toby, Gifts & Sled


Leanne West

LeanneW_the whole_gang_slimline

stamps used:  Happy Winter Forest Friends


Leanne West - Frozen Pond Douglas Erica Iclyn Storm and Walter

stamps used:  Walter, Iclyn, Storm, Erica, Douglas, Frozen Pond & Warming Thoughts Sentiment Set


Maria Peters

Maria Peters - Ella Silver Chicks Filbert Walter Curly Meadow Holiday Card

stamps used:  Ella, Silver, Feather & Birdie, Filbert, Walter, Curly, Mary, Meadow, Holiday Blurbs I & Holiday Blurbs II


Martina Perfetti

Martina Perfetti_Rupert Skylar & Wilson's Card

stamps used:  Skylar, Rupert, Wilson, Snowman Accessories, Everyday Blurbs & Holiday Blurbs I


Martina Perfetti_Fireplace's Lollipop Card_August 2019

stamps used:  Fireplace, Fireplace Decor, Door Decor #1 Fall/Winter & Essential Happy Sentiment Set


Nancy Thomas

Nancy Thomas POD Rory & Noelle Birch Tree

stamps used:  Rory & Noelle, Birch Tree Background & Winter Wishes Sentiment Set


Nancy Thomas POD Mabel Pepper

stamps used:  Mabel, Pepper and Holiday Marquee Sentiment Set


Nicky Meek

Nicky Meek - Santas on his way and rooftops

stamps used:  Santa's On The Way & English Rooftops


Nicky - Pine Cone Trail pink and glitter
stamps used:  Aspen, Rory & Noelle, Winter Trail, Holiday Blurbs I & Holiday Blurbs II


Sally On

Sally On - Neve and Bianca warm wishes

stamps used:  Bianca & Neve, Home Sweet Home & Snowflake Grove Sentiment Set


Sally On - Arthur and Wren

stamps used:  Frozen Pond, Arthur, Wren & Winter Wishes Sentiment Set


Sandra Bischoff

SandraBischoff-Snowball Spruce Mistletoe singing

stamps used:  Snowball, Spruce, Mistletoe, Lamp Post & Holiday Marquee Sentiment Set


SandraBischoff- Henry Grace Market Stand louis

stamps used:  Henry, Grace, Cora & Thomas, Winter Sign, Market stand, Sweet Shop Set, Louis, Cocoa stand, Snowflake Grove Bright Trees & Holiday Marquee Sentiment Set


Sara Zoppi

Sara Zoppi - Winter Cabin with Rory and Noelle - flat
stamps used:  Rory & Noelle, Cabin Decor, Cabin Background, Holiday Blurbs I & Warming Thoughts Sentiment Set



stamps used:  Gertie, Feather & Birdie, Bessie, Henrietta, Hay Bale, Cabin Decor, Winter Sports Set, Winter & Holiday Wood Signs & Essential Holiday Greetings


Susen Srb

Susen Srb - Winter Wishes Critter Card

stamps used:  Icicle, Birch, Silver, Cedar, Laurel, Frozen Pond & Essential Holiday Greetings


Susen_Cabin Background-Cabin Decor-Aspen-Erika

stamps used:  Sugar Plum, Erica, Aspen, Cabin Decor, Winter Sports Set, Cabin Background & Celebrate the Season


Tatiana Trafimovich


stamps used:  English Rooftops, Happy Skies & Happy Winter Forest Friends



stamps used:  Buttons, Stone Fireplace, Door Decor #1 Fall/Winter, Cabin Background & Warming Thoughts Sentiment Set


Holiday Sale Ends Friday!

Holiday Sale 2019 Graphic with border version 2

As promised, I am back to share some wonderful holiday cards!  Please note that the Holiday Sale ends on Friday, December 13th. 


Leanne West

Leanne West - Jasper and Aspen
stamps used:  Silver, Jasper, Aspen, Snowy Fence, Pine Tree Farm & Holiday Blurbs II



stamps used:  Celebrate the Season Noteblock & Holiday Sweets Set


Keeway Tsao

Keeway Tsao - Arthur and Wren

stamps used:  Arthur, Wren, Frozen Pond & Essential Holiday Greetings


Anna Lorenzetto

Anna lorenzetto - mitten clothesline and warming winter thoughts sentiment set

stamps used:  Mitten Clothesline & Warming Winter Thoughts Sentiment Set


Anna lorenzetto - douglas erica feather & birdie maggie around o' tannenbaum with holiday blurbs II - 1

stamps used:  Cabin Background, Maggie, Feather & Birdie, Erica, Douglas, O'Tannenbaum & Holiday Blurbs II


Martina Perfetti


stamps used:  Scout, Claus & Holiday Blurbs I


Amy Yang

Amy Yang - December Holiday Gift Bags

stamps used:  Ella, Double Pine Tree, Pepper, Single Pine Tree, O'Tannenbaum, Champ & Holiday Marquee Sentiment Set


Agnieszka Wisniak-Danek


stamps used:  Hope, Snow Day Hill! & Wood Winter & Holiday Signs



stamps used:  Cabin Background, Sugarplum, Buttons, Sweets, Cookies for Santa, Smokey, Buddy, Wood Winter & Holiday Signs, Fireplace Decor, Home Sweet Home, Essential Holiday Sentiment Set & There's No Place Like Home For the Holidays


Candice Fisher

Candice-Speech blurbs with warming winter sentiment Rory Noelle Jasper Aspen

stamps used:  Holiday Blurbs II, Jasper, Aspen, Rory & Noelle and Warming Winter Thoughts


Susen Srb

Susen Srb_Forrest-Curly-Barn

stamps used:  Barn, Forrest, Curly & Essential Holiday Greetings

Nicky Meek

Nicola Meek - Henry and Grace Card

stamps used:  Henry, Grace, Lake/Pond Background, Winter Bough & Sweet Occasions Sentiment Set


Sally On

Sally On - Rory and Noelle cozy wishes

stamps used:  Cocoa Stand, Rory & Noelle, Pine Tree Farm & Warming Thoughts Sentiment Set