It's time for a little clearance and inventory reduction sale! I have marked down a bunch of stamps to ridiculously low prices that are on clearance. Quantities are limited, so if you see something grab it. Once they are gone,...


Clearance & Overstock Sale and more...

Clearance & Overstock Sale

Sale and Overstock in Doodle Frame150

It's time for a little clearance and inventory reduction sale!  I have marked down a bunch of stamps to ridiculously low prices that are on clearance.  Quantities are limited, so if you see something grab it.  Once they are gone, that is it.  There is also a bunch of stamps that I am overstocked on, which are on sale.  This doesn't mean they aren't good sellers, it is usually because they are pressed with other stamps that are better sellers at some point in time.  There is only a certain amount allocated to be sold at the overstock sale prices.  The stamps will return back to their regular prices once the allocated overstock inventory has sold.  Many of these stamps are from different Stacey Yacula collections.  If you have been a customer (or admirer) for awhile you know that her stamps normally are not found in the sale section.  Again, quantities are limited.  

Here are a few AMAZING cards that use some of the stamps included in the sale.  You'll see that they can be great additions to your collection.  :)

Agnieskska Danek-Wisniak

Agnieskska Danek-Wisniak - Best Wishes Pop Up Inside 3

stamps used:  April, Dotty, Hoot, Buddy, Birch Tree Background, Floral End Notes, 2 Forests & Farm Horizon


Agnieskska Danek-Wisniak - Halloween Front Door Trouble Scary - detail

stamps used:  Front Door, Scary, Trouble, Door Decor #1, Sweet Occasions Sentiment Set & Happy Essential Sentiment Set


Agnieskska Danek-Wisniak VW Julia Buddy Adventure Friendship Card

stamps used:  Buddy, Julia, VW Bus, Sand Dunes, Mountains & Clouds



stamps used:  Cruiser, Bella, Car, Street, Bunting, Clouds and Balloon, Part Hat & Kite


Agnieszka Danek-Wisniak - Ivy and Tucker Card

stamps used:  Ivy, Garden Bugs & Blooms No. 2


Agnieszka Danek-Wisniak - Happy Birthday Card

stamps used:  Happy, Balloon Trio & Streamers and A Beautiful Day Sentiment Set


Alice Wertz

Alice Wertz - Kindness Bouquet

stamps used:  Spread Kindness Bouquet & Kindness Sentiment Set


Amy Yang

Amy Yang - Wood background with Chip Timber Peanut

stamps used:  Wood Grain Background, Peanut, Chip & Timber


Amy Yang - Picnic with Oscar and Robin

stamps used:  Oscar, Robin, Garden Bugs, Watermelon & Goodies, Picnic & Tree Line


Amy Yang - Midnght Trouble and Happy Pumpkins

stamps used:  Midnight, Trouble, Happy Pumpkins, Starry Night & Sweet Occasions Sentiment Set


Anna Lorenzetto


stamps used:  Photographer & Shadow



stamps used:  Photographer, Riley, Lilly & Wildflowers



stamps used:  Spread Kindness Bouquet & Essential Thoughts Sentiment Set



stamps used:  Spread Kindness Bouquet, Heartfelt, Dotty & Essential Thoughts Sentiment Set


Anna Lorenzetto - Wildflower Thank You Card

stamp used:  Wildflowers


Anna Lorenzetto Ruby Balloons and Wildflowers

stamps used:  Ruby, Wildflowers and Balloon Trio & Streamers


Leanne West

Leanne West - Free Spirits Smokey Pearl Card

stamps used:  Free Spirits, Pearl, Buddy, Smokey, Garden Bugs, Bloom No. 2, Birch Tree Background & Essential Thoughts Sentiment Set

Maria Peters

Maria Peters - Beach Scene Card - T bird Sandy Shelly Palm tree and beach chair

stamps used:  Sandy, Shelly, Beach Chair, Beach Toys, Palm Tree, Sand Dunes, Tide, T-Bird & Journey Sentiment Set


Maria Peters - Charlie and Joey Card

stamps used:  Charlie, Joey and Watermelon & Goodies


Nicola Meek

Nicola Meek - Wood Grain Bird Card

stamps used:  Wood Grain Background, Blossoming Perch, Sunny, Shadow, Star & Sky, May & A Beautiful Day Sentiment Set


Sandra Bischoff

Sandra Bischoff - Teapot and Gracie Card pull tab

stamps used: Tea Time, Floral End Notes & Gracie


Sandra Bischoff - Tiered Cake Card with floral embossed background

stamps used: Tiered Cake, Floral Corners & Essential Thoughts Sentiment Set


Sandrabischoff birchtree spook little boo

stamps used:  Spook, Little Boo, Gathered Pumpkins, Door Decor #1, Winter Sign, Birch Tree Background & Sweet Occasions Sentiment Set


Sonja Kerkhoffs

Sonja Kerkhoffs - ABeautifulDay-01

stamps used:  Sandy, Shelly, Lighthouse & A Sweet Summer Sentiment Set


Tatiana Trafimovich

Tatiana Trafimovich - Tea Time Card

stamps used:  Tea Time & Sweet Occasions Sentiment Set



If Three's A Crowd, Then Let's Add Another...Welcome Tatiana Trafimovich!

Again, I am thrilled to have another amazing talent join the design team.  Tatiana Trafimovich's cards drew me in by the gorgeous colors she uses.  The vivid & bright colors along with her card designs make for some great eye candy.  The color pallet she chooses gives Tatiana her signature style.  You can view more of Tatiana's work on her blog Tatianacraftandart and Instagram account at Tatianacraftandart.  Here are a couple of new cards she has created for me to share.  Get ready!  

Tatiana Trafimovich - Maggie Curly and Blizzard Baby Its Cold Outside Card

Tatiana Trafimovich - Maggie Curly and Blizzard Baby Its Cold Outside Card - detail

stamps used:  Maggie, Curly, Blizzard, Small Winter Picket Fence, Snowy View & Holiday Blurbs I




stamps used:  Cedar & Holiday Blurbs I

Welcome Tatiana!  I can't wait to see what else you create!



Nicola Meek Is Joining in Too!

Yes, I have another design team announcement to make!  It is my pleasure to welcome Nicola Meek to the design team at Purple Onion Designs.  Nicky has been a fan of our stamps for quite some time now.  She was another guest designer this holiday season and created some adorable cards.  Nicky's signature style of soft pastels and elongated cards are always fun because the larger canvas gives her a lot of room to create her adorable scenes.  The first card is a fitting example for today's post.

  stamps used:  VW Bus, Luggage Set and Balloon Trio & Streamers



stamps used:  Arbor, Sweetheart, Luggage Set, Star & Sky and Sweet Occasions Sentiment Set


You can see more of Nicky's work on her blog Nicky Noo Cards and on Instagram.  Looking forward to all you create this year Nicky!


Welcoming Leanne West

There is another wonderfully talented designer joining us at Purple Onion Designs.  I am really excited to announce that Leanne West is the newest addition to the design team!  Leanne was also a guest designer over the holiday season and blew me away with the cards she created.  She has made a few new cards and they are just as incredible.  Take a look...

Leanne West - Pecan and Dotty Hugs For You Card

stamps used:  Pecan, Dotty, Garden Bugs, Blossoming Perch & Essential Thoughts Sentiment Set


Leanne West - Sending my Love Up and Away Card

stamps used:  Up & Away, Garden Bugs & Essential Thoughts Sentiment Set


Here are the holiday cards Leanne had created in case you had missed them.

Leann West - Snowflake and Champ Seasons Greetings Card

stamps used:  Snowflake, Champ, O'Tannenbaum & Holiday Blurbs I


Leanne West - Maggie and Buttons Presents Its Christmas Time Card

stamps used:  Maggie, Buttons, Presents & Holiday Blurbs I

Welcome Leanne! 


Please Welcome Martina Perfetti!

I am delighted to announce that there is a new face joining the design team at Purple Onion Designs!  Martina Perfetti was a guest designer this past month and her creations have been wonderful!  I have a few things from Martina to share with you today.  If you are still crafting away, you will appreciate her projects.  They are great little gift ideas.  I am really excited to see what Martina creates in 2019.  Welcome Martina!

Martina Perfetti 

Martina Perfetti - Yule Tag

stamps used:  Yule & It's the most wonderful time of the year


Martina Perfetti - Santa Frame 2

stamps used:  Santa, Laurel, Home Sweet Home & Essential Holiday Greetings Set


Martina Perfetti-EggNog Bookmark 2

stamps used:  Egg Nog & Home Sweet Home


Martina Perfetti - Eve Wand

stamp used:  Eve


Martina Perfetti - Laurel Chocolate Box 3

stamps used:  Laurel & It's the most wonderful time of the year


So, I think you can understand now why I am excited!  :)