How to ace multistage job interviews and more...

How to ace multistage job interviews

Strike a balance between offering new information and reiterating things you've already shared Google+ (2) during multistage job interviews, writes Sara McCord. When you repeat something, preface it by saying something along the lines of, "As I was saying the last time we met."

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What's really behind those weird interview questions?

Meet the interviewer's oddest questions with answers that illustrate your creativity Google+ (2) and problem-solving skills, advises Lisa Quast. Such questions aren't meant to solicit perfect answers, but to give the hiring manager insight into how your mind works

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How a poor networking approach is sabotaging your efforts

A networking approach that's self-centered, focused on transactions over Google+ (2) relationships and indicative of a quantity-over-quality philosophy isn't going to succeed, writes Ivan Misner. By investing in your relationships and making sure you have something to offer to others, you'll be more likely to benefit from networking in the long run.

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Can social media fix the job-hunting process?

The job-search process has not changed with the times and isn't as effective as it once Google+ (2) was, writes Tara Hunt. Using social media to connect with potential employers may be a more honest and effective process.

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Tactics for bringing closure to the hiring process

Ask for a timeline for the remainder of the hiring process before leaving a job Google+ (2) interview to encourage a speedy decision, experts say. Continue following up with updates on any successes you've had at your current job.

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