“How to eat out” has always been a topic of interest for those who are striving to eat a healthy diet. Most of us know that restaurant food is perhaps some of the most unhealthy food out there – filled with hidden fats (butter, oils, creams), ...

Questions to ask when ordering from a menu

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“How to eat out” has always been a topic of interest for those who are striving to eat a healthy diet.

Most of us know that restaurant food is perhaps some of the most unhealthy food out there – filled with hidden fats (butter, oils, creams), added sugars, hidden dairy products, aluminum, excessive sodium, nitrates, and tons of artificial preservatives.

But there are ways to order a decent meal from a menu. And if you know in advance which restaurant you’ll be visiting, so much the better. Call ahead, ask the right questions, and ask the chef to prepare something within your guidelines.

If you don’t have a chance to pre-plan, this article from the Forks over Knives website features a great list of questions to ask before making your menu choice.

Remember to bring your own salad dressing when you can 🙂

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Genes, Schmenes….it's most likely the food

“It runs in my family, so it’s out of my control”

This “Big Disconnect” deals with the misconception that diet and lifestyle don’t matter because “(disease X) runs in my family.”

I’ve heard this expression countless times over the years from people who believe the genetic cards have been dealt and they’re powerless to prevent disease.

If you’re living with the assumption that you have no control over your health because you’re pre-programmed for some malady, I have good news for you: Disease and disability are more preventable than you think—even if you are genetically predisposed.

There’s a big difference between being born with a gene (genetic predisposition) and whether that gene will develop into disease (genetic expression). Suppose you were born with a predisposition for colorectal cancer. (Continue reading here…)

Genetics may load the gun, but diet and lifestyle pull the trigger.


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Vegan Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast

Photo by BrandNewVegan.com

Seeing this recipe online sure brought back some memories! This dish was served regularly during my childhood years, and just as in many other families, was known by the slang name of (spoiler alert, I hope this isn’t too offensive): “sh*t on a shingle.”

So I couldn’t wait to try this recipe for Vegan Chipped Beef on Toast created by Chuck at brandnewvegan.com.

Here’s my two cents.

It’s relatively easy to make – you probably have all the ingredients on hand. Shaving the carrots into thin strips took a while because I used a mandolin instead of a vegetable peeler, and found it to be challenging. It may have been my novice technique, though.

The creamy gravy is tasty and somewhat reminiscent of the original dish because of the sage and thyme (I say that with the disclaimer that I haven’t eaten the meat based version with corned beef for probably 45 years). The carrots weren’t “bad” – all four adults who sampled it did like the dish with the carrots.

But I’ll try an alternative to the carrots in the future. Perhaps ground seitan (or something similar) and will still spice it according to Chuck’s recipe. Of course the dish will have a totally different look, but I think the texture (and possibly the flavor) would be better. Who knows, I may go back to the carrots after experimenting. Overall a thumbs up!

PS: Dave’s Killer Bread was used for the toast.



5 Reasons Why Dieters Regain the Weight

If you’ve ever lost a few pounds on a diet plan but later gained them all back, you’re not alone.

The success rates of typical diets are dismal – less than 3% of typical dieters keep the weight off long-term.

If you’re a disappointed dieter, take heart. It may not be your fault. Often times, you don’t fail the diet – today’s popluar diets are failing you.

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Do you like to read the last chapter first?

If so, you’re in for a treat. Because today I’d like to share the short, final chapter of The “Plan A” Diet, which I consider to be THE most important chapter of the entire book.

Titled Final Thoughts: Life is Short, this chapter urges readers to deeply consider two important perspectives on their physical and spiritual lives. I’m praying this chapter will resonate with you, and if so, I’d love to hear about it.

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