Today is my 33rd birthday. I decided with everything going on in my world right now, new house (!!!!!!!!), 25 weeks pregnant and a toddler, that what I needed more than anything today was just to stop. The woman who hates birthdays took the day off ...


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Today is my 33rd birthday. I decided with everything going on in my world right now, new house (!!!!!!!!), 25 weeks pregnant and a toddler, that what I needed more than anything today was just to stop. The woman who hates birthdays took the day off today to sleep in, eat waffles with strawberries and whipped cream on top, drink coffee and just be in the quiet of this new space. And as I sit here looking out the window at my new slice of woods, I find myself reflecting on our soon to be newest member of the family.

This pregnancy has been so different than my pregnancy with Nellie. From symptoms to feelings to thoughts, it has been a world of a different ride. Often when people ask me how it has been, or how I’m feeling I’m caught off guard. With Nellie everything was so new, it was my biggest adventure and the only thing on my mind. I knew what week and day along I was, what fruit/veggie she was sized, and what milestone she’d achieved in the womb. My body felt as if it was stretching beyond any normal physical limit, and I could focus entirely on my feelings, anxiety’s, and thoughts as it pertained to growing her.

Things have been so dramatically different this time around. The simple fact that I have a toddler to wrangle doesn’t allow me the time to sit and think of just him. I find my mind wandering to him in my extremely quiet moments. Crawling back in bed after a nightly pee break, he’ll kick me as I resettle. In the quiet moments before a yoga class begins. My intentions are always of him. His well being and safety, apologizing for not celebrating each second and moment with him as I did with this sister. In stolen glances in the mirror. Touching and marveling at this belly that has surpassed quickly anything I had with his sister at this juncture.

I have regrets as well. That I gave up on taking my weekly bump picture in my baby app around week 17. How is it possible I could be too distracted, too tired to snap a single poorly lit photo once a week? That I didn’t blog his milestones as I did with his sister. Will he feel resentment when he’s older and Nellie finds her archive? Will he wonder if I just didn’t love him as much? Want him as much? The fact that he still has no room, no place in our new home. His sister squatting in his room while we finish her room. When will I finally be able to nest? To unpack the tiny clothes I’ve bought for him, to decorate his sweet nursery, to unpack all the contraptions sitting wrapped up and waiting for him in our basement? I tell myself our love is more than bump photos, navel grazing blog posts and a finished nursery months before his arrival. He is no less loved, we are no less excited for his arrival. Simply overwhelmed.


I wonder about all the differences that have already come, and the differences still to come. How I was sicker more violently, longer, harder this time. How my acne has been almost completely non-existent whereas with Nellie I was a walking 14 year old. The way my body knew exactly what to do. Ballooning immediately, faster, and with none of the painful stretching and uncomfortable nature as before. How different their movements have been. Him blocked for so long by my placenta. Yearning to feel his movements well after I’d felt them with Nellie. Appreciating each one so much more now having had to wait so patiently for each one. The calmness I feel around my Braxton Hicks contractions. Remembering the nights with Nellie crying to Adam in the tub, trying to calm the contractions, terrified they’d send me into early labor. Now knowing my body is simply active. Feeling none of the anxiety and stress as before, knowing this is simply part of the process. Is this a representation of what’s to come?

For you my son I hope for peace. For grace for myself, for you, for us in our 4th trimester. I think to my early nights and days with your sister. So lost, so unknowing, so confused. I can only hope this calmness that I feel in my pregnancy with you will also transfer to my calmness and trust in us as a twosome. I know my strengths now as a mother. I know what I offer and what I can bring. I know the power of my body and my intuition, and I hope that this inner strength I’ve learned will benefit us both.

Let me be more present with you my darling boy. Absorb your littleness and not wish it away, knowing this too shall pass.


I think of you the person more than I thought of your sister the person before she was born. She was a baby in my mind, in my being, for so long. The ability to wonder who she’d become years past her birth was simply too foreign. Too hard for my mind to process. Having now seen how a tiny being can grow into something so vibrant, I think of you. Will you love mud puddles as your sister does? What will your laugh sound like? Which foods will be your favorite? Will you be calm, quiet and shy as your father? Or loud and exuberant as your sister and I? Will you two love one another unconditionally? With fire and passion? Will there be fights and drama and screams and then sorry’s and hugs and kisses? Will you worship her? Will she worship you? What memories will we make as a family? Where will we wander? What will we all see? How will you change the very fabric of our lives after your arrival? Who will we all be as a family of four? How much better will life become?


25 weeks of growing you, my little man.

Soon you’ll be in my arms. And I’ll get to look into your face and see you. This person we made.

And in that moment our journey, our whole life will begin.

I can’t wait.

Love, Mom

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I hadn’t heard of Paperless Post until I was planning my wedding and looking for beautifully designed, but reasonably priced Rehearsal Dinner invitations.

Since that original order I have gone on to use Paperless Post to send online birthday cards, to create baby shower invitations, a birthday party invitation for my mother’s 60th birthday, and countless times where I’ve utilized the ability to fill out details online and have a physical card mailed to someone for a thinking-of-you or birthday. The fact that I can print a single card for someone, print massive amounts of cards for a big event (with an awesome online RSVP management section), or just shoot off a free birthday card through email has made Paperless Post my go-to card company over these past years.

This year I’ve already started daydreaming of my next use for Paperless Post – 2017 Holiday Cards.

To help you get inspired as well I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below. I’m always drawn to photo cards personally, and I love that Paperless Post has a variety of designs as well as a ton of different layouts and options for my cards. I always like to start collecting my holiday card ideas on Pinterest in the fall so that if I find a layout/style that I like I can start thinking and planning for that picture we’ll use each year.

Here are some of my favorites for this year:

I know it’s not even Halloween yet, so if thinking about your Holiday Cards gives you the creeps, don’t fret. They have tons of cute Halloween cards too!




This post is made in cooperation with Anagram Interactive and Paperless Post. All thoughts, feelings, and content are my own. 

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Nellie didn’t really enjoy reading until she could walk and she’d walk over to us, turn, sit in our lap and ask us to read for her. Even then she’d only really let us read one or two pages before she’d slam the book shut and say, “All done!” Over time though she’s gotten more and more into her books, and now she’ll actually sit in our laps and let us read an entire book (shocking!), will sit and flip through a board book on her own (so cute), and will actually let us read her longer picture books before bedtime (finally!).

That being said, as far as we’ve come in our book journey there are definitely winners and losers in the world of children’s books. Here are some of the ones I’m currently enjoying. If there are ones you really love reading your littles, please leave a note in the comments! I’m getting a little over our current selection and would love some new options.


Octopus Opposites has been one of the earliest great loves for Nellie. The colors are bright and bold, the book is catchy, and the board book is super sturdy and has held up to Nellie’s nonsense.








Tons of Trucks is a total winner! Adam picked this one up at a garage sale and Nellie is currently hooked right now. Each page has something to twist, twirl or pull and Nellie finds it super engaging. We brought it with us to a restaurant the other night and it actually entertained her! Clearly it’s magic.






Everything Sandra Boynton writes is amazing and fun. Nellie’s favorite (and mine too) is Dinosaur Dance, but we own quite a few of her books and they’re all super fun.








Alphaprints: ABC is one of my favorite alphabet board books. I love the way that alphaprints books create each animal by using a textured fingerprint. The way author Roger Priddy uses fingerprints and unusual objects (carrots for horse hair, flowers for penguin eyes) is super fun. Nellie likes the textured design of the books, and I love the creativity that went into creating the characters and animals.





Girlfriend loves Cleo’s Color Book. Bright engaging imagery that helps little ones learn colors and shapes. It’s definitely not a very complex children’s book, but the simplicity and the great colors make it a favorite of Nellie’s.








That’s Not My Puppy is only about 5 total pages, but from the earliest days Nellie has loved this book. She also has That’s Not My Dragon and there are tons more. Bright colors and fun textures make these books early crowd pleasers.







This is the sweetest little bedtime children’s book. I‘ll See You In The Morning is the absolute perfect book to read before bed. No matter what book we read first I like to finish with this sweet story. I hope the older Nellie gets it will continue to be one of her favorites.







It’s Time To Sleep My Love is both a visually and lyrically beautiful book. I love reading this book to Nellie before bed. The images are absolutely stunning, and the story is one that calms and soothes Nellie. I absolutely love this book and it will be my go-to baby shower book gift from here out.







Z is for Moose is HILARIOUS. I love moose and so quite a few of my friends gifted me books featuring moose at my baby shower and this one makes me laugh every single time I read it to Nellie. All the moose wants is to be featured in the darn book, and that damn Zebra is trying to hold him back! I actually really love doing the voices for this book and I can’t wait till Nellie actually gets the joke!





Another moose book I am obsessed with. The Moose Belongs to Me is a funny tale of a little boy who thinks he owns a moose, but quickly realizes his moose friend is not ready to be owned by anyone! The artwork is beautiful and the story is really playful and fun.







And last but not least, S is For Seattle! We owned C is For Chicago while we lived in Chicagoland, and good friends gifted Nellie S is For Seattle when we moved to Seattle this spring. The pictures are so bright and engaging and it is so fun to walk through the alphabet seeing our favorite parts of Seattle come to life! Quite a few major cities are represented in this series so get yourself one!




Hope there are some gems in there for you, but more importantly please tell me what are your favorites so we can add to our collection!

Happy reading.

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Last year when Nellie was only 6 months old we got on a plane at some terribly early hour, flew across the country, experienced layovers and two different flights to come spend the 4th of July in Bend, OR. It was totally worth it, but it was one LONG ASS TRAVEL EXPERIENCE.

Overall though it was so fun to spend the 4th in Bend with little Nellie that we decided this year to make it a tradition. The best part though being that this year we could just drive down. No more 12+ hour travel days with a baby in our lap. This year we packed all the crap you need to travel with kids in the truck and 7ish hours later we were in one of our favorite places, Bend Oregon.

I fell in love with this yard when I was dating Adam, got married in it four years ago, and still can’t get enough of watching Nellie explore and play here.

The first full day in Bend we decided to kick off our vacation by heading to East Lake for some kayaking, fishing, and general fun on the lakeshore. East Lake is the most picturesque alpine lake surrounded by beautiful pines and mountains. There are great campgrounds around the lake I definitely want to come back at some point to stay in, and the beaches on the lake are spacious and inviting.

Last year we had a 6 month old who was just starting to crawl and I had to try to entertain her in the little sunshade and keep rocks and sticks out of her mouth. It wasn’t exactly a good time. This year though we let Nellie play with her Grandparents and our niece and headed out in the kayak. Adam fished and I trailed my hands in the cool water and just took a damn deep breath.

As I mentioned on Instagram, one of the things I definitely struggle with is the appearance of having control when it comes to parenting. Parenting has so little you can control, and sleep has always been a trigger for me for my anxiety. For almost the first year of Nellie’s life I tracked every minute of her sleep with an app. I was obsessive about wake time between naps, length of naps, bedtime and amount of sleep at night. Sleep felt like a rule I could follow, there were actual guidelines with real numbers I could track and maintain! But as any parent knows, even sleep isn’t actually something you can control. It’s about as out of control as it gets! As Nellie has gotten older I’ve simmered on my control with sleep, but it’s still a trigger for me. And something like missing a nap so we can be at the lake is hard for me. My impulse is to never stretch bedtime, to makes sure to be home for naps, and to keep a schedule that allows Nellie to get the “right” amount of sleep, even at the expense of the rest of our sanity.

Thankfully Adam is there to challenge my crazy and to remind me to chill the ever loving fuck down. Did Nellie nap at exactly 12 this day? Nope. Instead did I go on the kayak while she played in the lake with her Grandparents? Yep. Did she totally 100% survive without a care in the world or even a single fuss? Yep. Did she fall asleep on the drive home? Indeed. Was she totally ok and have an awesome day? Most definitely.

It’s a struggle for me, letting go, being flexible, but I’m trying. And I’m so thankful when I listen to Adam and I do because then we all have days like this. A day I would have missed if I was beholden to a fucking nap.


One of the other great differences this year was our “annual” trip to the Sunriver Resort pool, the “SHARC”. Kiddie pool, sand play area, crazy spray park, lazy rivers, slides, you name it it’s here! It’s busy as all get out, but it’s so much damn fun. Last year Nellie was this tiny little 6 month old thing that basically just sat in the shallow end where we put her in the baby pool and kinda splashed around. We didn’t even bother swimming with her in the deeper sections, and in about 20 minutes she was cold. It was cute and all, but overall pretty underwhelming.

This year though girlfriend had her 4th of July suit and she was ready.

She loved the kiddie pool this year, walking around, playing with toys, splashing and exploring. We took her into the deeper part of the pool too to swim around, kick her feet and experience real swimming, and overall she just enjoyed herself so much more. To see the change in one year and think how much more fun she’ll have each year after year was so fun. Looking at those kids around 4 years old just losing their minds made me so excited that this place is something she can always look forward to. Before I know it I’ll be hanging in the lazy river with her!

AHHHHHHHHHH “SUP life” as Adam calls it.

One of the biggest things Adam wanted to do again this year was rent stand up paddle boards. We took our first ever trip down the Deschutes last year with our niece and it was a total blast. This year though we snuck in two trips – one 6pm sunset float, and then a second the next afternoon. It was so amazing to let the Grandparents have some time to bond with Nellie while we got some much needed adult time. Floating on the river with tasty beverages, talking about whatever, laughing, dreaming about future plans, congratulating ourselves on being so smart to move back here, doesn’t even matter.

We had had two options that first night. Either leave Nellie with the Grandparents and go to a bar for a date night, or take out the paddle boards, and Adam pushed for paddle boards. It ended up being such fun to do a sunset paddle down the river with our tasty beers, timing it just perfectly to get out around 9 as the sun slipped behind the mountains. Definitely something we needed in so many ways.

This is how you SUP. Pack yourself some frosty beverages!

The next day we did a mid-afternoon float that lasted almost 6 hours as we tackled a different section of the river we hadn’t traveled before. This time our cooler was even bigger than before, full of more tasty beers, cocktails in our new Hydro Flasks, lunch and snacks.

The temperature was low 80’s, slight breeze, and just hours of floating, relaxing, beer drinking, house viewing, and general amazing relaxation. The great thing about the Deschutes River is that it’s extremely lazy, so you can stand up on your boards and paddle, you can paddle on your knees, sitting cross legged, or even just lay down completely flat on your board and let the river take you. For long stretches of river we’d just lay our paddles across our boards to link ourselves together and then just float.

The whole time we just kept being like, “Oh so-and-so would love this we have to make them come with us to Bend and do this with us.” I think over the course of this single float we decided everyone we know would love this and they must come to Bend with us. So, basically if you’re reading this, join us in Bend next time! You’ll love the float. I’ll bring the beers.

The COOLEST rental house. I definitely want to rent this someday.

The river is so calm you can just rest your beer here!

We probably spent half of the 6 hour float like this. And shockingly we never ran into a single thing!

At a certain point near the end we got pretty hot and dared each other to jump in. I stood up and went to jump, and mid, “1, 2…” I fell in. It was super graceful and I had to repeat my jump out of shame for my fall. The water was cold as hell but it felt amazing. 

Take two! Much better dismount. 

I was so shocked that Adam actually jumped in. Adam will NOT swim in any dark water (river, ocean, lake) no matter how hot he is, and apparently he is capable of getting too hot and drinking just enough beers to make him brave. Always learning something new about your spouse! 

Our final super exciting Bend adventure was our 2nd annual appearance at the Bend 4th of July Pet Parade! When we got married four years ago in Bend I was having my hair trial in downtown Bend on the 4th (we got married on the 6th of July) and all of a sudden in front of my salon all these people and animals began parading by! There were dogs and bikes and cows and horses and it was so fun and small town! I vowed to come back some day with my kids.

Flash-forward to last year and we brought Nellie to her first ever Pet Parade! I had an outfit, she had an outfit, and even for a little 6 month old it was a super blast! So I was really looking forward to this year since Nellie is so much more aware. Again I picked out the perfect outfit and away we went!

Once again the parade did not disappoint. Everyone in attendance from the people in the parade to the people watching were in their most decked out 4th gear. Nellie loved watching all the dogs go by, it’s fantastic people watching for both an 18 month old and a 32 year old! It’s really an awesome family event and I plan to make this a family tradition. After the parade it’s always fun to walk through the festival in the park, dip your toes in the river, and walk to one of the local breweries for a beer and a bite to eat. Overall it’s just a super fun way to spend the 4th!

Grandpa and Nellie going for a walk before the parade starts.



We stayed almost a week in Bend, and once again it was over before we knew it. Thankfully though this time we didn’t have to worry about when the next time would be that we’d fly ourselves all the way across the country. We’ll be back in late September for a family wedding, likely back again in the winter to play in the snow, and again however many times we want in the spring and summer to enjoy all the amazing outdoor adventures Bend has to offer.

Bend is one of my favorite places of all time and I’m so glad that I get to keep bringing my kids back here and watching them fall in love with it like I have.

Or the little brats will say they hate it just to spite me and I’ll still drag them here constantly because I’m the parent and I said so. That’s why.

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A while back we had bought a baby hiking backpack/carrier with the hope of diving into this new Seattle life with tons of hikes with Miss Nell. But then we got here, and unpacking took FOREVER (honestly we’re still not fully unpacked) and it just kept getting pushed aside.

But finally we made it a priority to break out the carrier and wander into the woods. I used the Washington Trails Association website and found a trail that would be close enough, interesting enough (I like hiking where I can achieve something) and not too hard for our first hike. So we settled on a hike in Wallace Falls State Park.

It was absolutely perfect. From the lovely weather, to the perfect mix of difficult portions to make you feel like you’re working for something as well as calm spots along the river it was a great first hike for us as a family. The hike was definitely pretty packed as it’s pretty close to Seattle, but overall the extra people weren’t an issue at all.

The whole point of trying something new with a kid is to work out the kinks, and here were some of our early lessons:

  • Don’t roll into the trailhead at 10:30am – set alarms. Get up early and get out the door!
  • Pack, like actually pack things the night before. We said we packed the night before but we basically just got the bags out. To pack with kids we need that shit 99.9% done right when we wakeup.
  • Feed the baby breakfast in the car on the way. Waiting for Molasses Jones to finish her breakfast was not ideal.
  • Trekking poles! The person wearing the baby definitely needs trekking poles for added stability.
  • Carrying a baby on your back gets EXTRA hot. Using the camelback in the carrier next time for Adam.
  • Adam and I need dry-fit shirts. How did we go this long without them while living in Alaska?
  • Extra clothes for the baby! Of course Nellie blew out her diaper right when we arrived at the trailhead, hence her sweet Valentine’s Day pants in all the pictures and awesome matched purple shirt.
  •  2 times as many snacks for Nellie. Keeps her busy and entertained.
  • Need to experiment with ways to enable Nellie to nap in the carrier. I think we can lower how high she sits in it so she can rest her head. We tried to give her shirts and such to use as a pillow and she just wasn’t having it and didn’t nap till we got to the car when she was clearly tired. Tips welcome!
  • And lastly, I need to have a bigger hiking backpack. Although the carrier we got has TONS of pockets, it’s not fair to have Adam carry Nellie plus all our lunch and water and crap. My tiny little 1 person pack isn’t going to cut it if I’m going to carry the family’s crap while Adam carries the kid!

So clearly, we learned some things for next time, but it was a blast being out there more than anything. It was a perfect time to test the new gear as well as dust off all the hiking gear we’d owned in Alaska that has set dormant while we lived in Illinois. I’m already planning our next hikes and our next adventures. The goal is one hike as a family each month all year long, rain or shine.

Let’s see if we can do it!

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