What happens to most of us during transition? Fear Confusion Uncertainty Anxiety as our minds whirl and thousand miles a minute trying to conceive every kind of possible situation and the outcome. What do we do when a transition is thrust upon us? When ...


Typical Reaction To Transition and more...

Typical Reaction To Transition

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comWhat happens to most of us during transition?

  • Fear
  • Confusion
  • Uncertainty
  • Anxiety as our minds whirl and thousand miles a minute trying to conceive every kind of possible situation and the outcome.

What do we do when a transition is thrust upon us? When it wasn’t what we wanted, isn’t God’s will, or we are forced into change unwillingly?

Unforeseen and unwelcomed transitions such as divorce, fired, accident, illness.

What do we do?

Get with God.

Be raw. Be real. He can handle it. Tell Him you don’t like it. Be alone in prayer with God. Take walks and talk to Him. Get alone and tell Him you are afraid or you don’t understand and that you are at a loss of where to go next.

Be careful not to accuse God. God is our good father. And over my many years of faith life I’ve discovered that all the difficulty in my life has always come at the hands of the demonic. God never sets us up to hurt us but the devil will use everyone and anyone to further his work of destruction.

Read the Psalms. Read until you find the passage that is the cry of your heart. The verses that speak: “That’s my need. That’s my heart song.” Cry it out to God. It’s okay to tell Him you are angry but then ask His hand to begin the forgiveness process. Ask Him to heal you of your anger, disappointment. Ask him to stay close to you.

My brothers and sisters, in your greatest loss is something unexpected and utterly fantastic. It is an invitation. The devil is poised and waiting for you to turn away from God, accuse Him. OR in a difficult moment or season we can turn to God fully, tell Him we don’t understand. We can resolve the pain and loss with Him and reconcile to receive His peace.

Where you have your greatest loss is something hidden. What the enemy meant for evil is an invitation for your greatest victory. Because around the corner is the miraculous. It’s new levels of encounters, new levels of answered prayer and your authority over the very thing meant to harm you now becomes your conquered ground and you are then empowered to help others to become free! Hallelujah!

Loss is pain. It’s disappointment and fear but it’s also a divine invitation. It is the gateway to beginning to a new level of intimacy, new levels of anointing, it is the very path to holy ground of miraculous victory and the divine. It is your invitation into your destiny.

AMAZING. Thank you Jesus, that You redeem and restore all things. AMEN


Transition and Enemy Opposition

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comOne more component of a Godly transition: ENEMY OPPOSITION. Following a weird and closing season of September, then stepping into new fantastic assignment in October then led to full on warfare every November.

November would bring with it traumatic and dramatic events into my personal life. I would experience changes in my relationships, sin, or some kind of event that at times would send me reeling. I could be incapacitate for months as I would try to climb out of the pit or out from under the attack of the enemy.

Example: I faced down a recurring addiction in November of 2007, my husband, did in fact, lose his job. That season was upheaval on steroids. Every November something difficult would rise up. I became so aware of the impending trauma around the corner that I wrote a note in my Daily Bible to begin praying against it.

Many years ago, I remember that I asked a woman in my Bible study who was wiser and more mature than me as to why this was happening. She said perhaps the question isn’t why. But to pray: Lord, make be able to endure.

A few years ago, God said, FORGET THAT. You don’t have to endure the bashing of the enemy. Start renouncing its power over you. Do not come into agreement that you will be assaulted. Take up my power and shield and command opposition away from your life and those you love.


Transitions will occur at any time of the year, but I ask you to step into awareness because God gives fantastic assignments to His people in this season and you will be fully prepared to walk into them in victory!

Next week: Typical responses to transitions and how to process change with the Lord!

Love you... Live boldly! Live with Hope! Expect Great changes this month! Woo Hoo, Hugs, Lynn


New Commissioning! October!

For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. —Isaiah 43:19

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comGod is awakening the church, the BRIDE, to arise into their true identity, calling and into their power and authority. In order to do this, we must surrender old places, old faces, and every detractor that keeps us from God’s positioning. We have an irrevocable and diving calling but often old wine skins must be tossed and then we are ready for the new assignments, rolls and the divine. I will share in a minute how to walk through release and difficult transitions well.

  • God decrees new assignments.

I also believe He releases His people into new assignments for the year or SEASON. God moves in this season. He has taken an account of the past year and measured our life against the book that is written in heaven. He then will assign us to new work, new growth in faith, new ministry, new relationships. And the season is then sealed with words that I can imagine sound like this:


This is the season where some of the most spectacular events of my life have occurred.

In this season in my past in October, I signed my first book contract. My husband finally had an interview to be hired a year later.

And in my faith life OCTOBER 12, 2012 my entire faith life altered when I experienced an encounter with God. (A story for another day. It’s way loooong.) October of 2013 I experienced an open vision of Jesus, the Glorified Prince on His white horse. Whoa!

  • God releases us into new areas to be conquered, experienced and overcome.

God closes out old seasons and opens us up to new ones. Many of our transitions are truly ordained and orchestrated in heaven.

So, think for a minute, can you recall experiencing some kind of major shift in your life around this time period? Interesting?


Shanah Tovah Umetukah 5778 (Hebrew) meaning "A Good and Sweet Year"

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comMy Dear Friend,

Repeat After Me:

  • I am a powerful child of God.
  • I am the head and not the tail.
  • I was created for greatness.
  • My destiny is to live in victory.
  • My destiny is to have the abundant life.
  • Today, I declare I am in transition from glory to glory and strength to strength. Hallelujah

Well Done! Let these words now move into truth in the spiritual realm and then be lived out in our physical life.

The entire church is in a GREAT transition. The awakening of the Body of Christ. And from what I am hearing almost all of us are transitioning from something that was a main part of our life to something new.

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift of massive consequence. Look at our political climate. A giant shift from a year ago. Our schools. Our churches. What I have come to realize is that often the people of God aren’t prepared for transition and struggle though one instead of live on top of them. And the devil is fully aware of this and uses confusion, fear and more to throw us off. Blame God, blame others and to discourage us to the point of giving up.

Am I right?

Let’s talk about Transitions in God’s timeline:

Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur.

  • God moves in His timeline. NEW YEAR. Rosh Hashanah typically falls somewhere in September or early October. This Year it falls on the evening of September 21 and 10 days later Yom Kippur the most solemn religious fast of the Jewish year, the last of the ten days of penitence that begin with Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) In This 10-day window I’m convinced a ton of things happen in the spiritual realm.
  • God takes an account.

Historically, the ancient Rabbis base their description of Rosh Hashanah on an analogy drawn from Roman military life. Just as a Roman commander reviews the troops who pass before him, so “on Rosh Hashanah all human being pass before [God] as troops, as it is said [in Psalms 33:15], ‘He who fashions the heart of them all, who discerns all their doings'” Seeing how they conduct themselves, the commander, like God, decrees each person’s fate. This is why in the Jewish faith Rosh Hashanah is typically a somber and sobering time.

Okay, so what does it look like for God to take an account? I can only share that I have experienced this cycle over and over and finally began to recognize how the truth of changes in my life align with God’s timetable.

Every September I find that things close out. I have experienced some difficult changes in September. Relationships end. For example, in my own life, interestingly, and not planned that way, my 11-year ministry partnership ended on September 1, 2017. This was unplanned but interesting how it came to close exactly on September 1. My husband was told he was going to be laid off in 2008. (This was a major transition for us). School starts, new relationships, new teachers, closing of old friendships, old familiar territory. 

Seasons of closing happen in September.

This is of course not always how all endings happen nor new beginnings, it’s just fascinating to me how MAJOR events of my life have transitions in this window, through September and October.

So, think about what has closed out in your life in years past in the month of September? You will be amazed to realize that this happens in your life and faith life.


Why do we experience a season of closing? Well we will answer that question in the next post. I feel as though God has given me insight into His timing in order that we might not be surprised but be prepared for all He is doing in our world, in our lives.

This feels like this scripture is applicable to my life in this area: It is God's privilege to conceal things and the king's privilege to discover them. —Proverbs 25:2

God hides things for those of us who are pressing in. It is His delight to reveal His Kingdom to His kids. How cool is that?

Stay tuned because this is GOOD! Hugs, Lynn


Rosh Hashanah -Faith Practices and Realities of the Kingdom

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comWe are entering into a very interesting week. There has been A LOT of discussion about the Revelation 12 sign, the end of the age, and the rapture in Christian circles of late. But I’m not sure about it all. What I am sure about is that we, as the church, are stepping into a new season. There is something arising. It is the purposes and the power of THE CHURCH!  Hallelujah!

Over the next few weeks, I want to share the significance of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in our modern life and in our Christin faith. God’s timeline is not based upon the Gregorian calendar. What is fascinating to me is that year after year, I experience a significant series of events in September, again in October and again in November. These events are hugely impactful to my personal life and faith. And as I began to share my experiences of this season with others, I realized others are also experiencing significant changes in this season, year-after-year.

It appears to me that most of us are in a giant season of transition. And most of us struggle walking through transitions well.

Anyone? If this is true for you, leave me a note in the comments that you are in a transition and tell me briefly what is changing or closing out in your life. I think it will be fascinating to see what season is closing out in your life in the month of September. The month of Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah begins, Wednesday evening, September 20th and ends Friday evening, September 22, 2017. Then we enter a 10-day period leading up to Yom Kippur. I will explain more as the days pass. I know in the past few years we have fasted together in this season for breakthrough together as a community. I’m not going to lead a community fast this week as I am traveling Thursday-Sunday. But, I ask you to pray and ask the Lord if He is calling you to fast this week to press in for your breakthrough. I know there are many of you who need to fast for this very reason.

These holidays are highly significant in any year but I feel a tension and an excitement over this year, specifically.

So, stay tuned and hang on because I’m going to share some thoughts that will positively take you in prayer to the Throne Room to inquire of God about what He has prepared for you in this season. And His plans will blow your mind. He always blows mine. And we are also going to look at what the enemy is doing to bring destruction during this season. And more importantly, the tools God gave me last week to completely decimate the devils works.

Can I shout HALLELUJAH again?

Say it with me now OUT LOUD: HALLELUJAH!

I love you. Let me know what transition you are facing and what is closing out in this month. There is a purpose in asking. I’ll share with you later.

Have a fantastic week! Shalom! And Happy New Year! 

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