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"Long emails and dense, difficult to decipher memos mean modern office communication goes ignored more often than it’s understood. For over a decade, I taught college students how to communicate in professional settings. Every class began with a single, all-consuming thesis: “Nobody will ever want to read anything you write at work. Period.”

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It starts with acceptance and reflection. Here are the specific steps you should follow."

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"Likeable people do better in life in general. They attract more people to them, along with opportunities and invitations. Some say they are likeable because they get more “breaks” than the average person. I think it’s the opposite, and there is a lot of research to back up my opinion. I wrote about the happiness advantage here.


"But if likeable people get further in life, can we become more likeable, or are we dealing with an inherited genetic code that has our gregarious dial preset before birth? No matter what our natural predisposition is, I’m certain we all can improve our likeability factor by changing a few key behaviors."

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The role of cell phones in business communication today is vast. Cell phones connect people to work and to each other in ways the landline never could. Cell phones today have vastly improved in the past decade and allow people to not only connect, but to have a powerful computer in the palm of their hand.

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