Source SOUTH AFRICA, October 19, 2016 (Rising Sun): Cultural doyen, spiritual leader and school teacher, Guru Sadha Munien, was honored by the South African Hindu Maha Sabha at the Durban City Hall, on Saturday. Continuing his late father's legacy of ...
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SOUTH AFRICA, October 19, 2016 (Rising Sun): Cultural doyen, spiritual leader and school teacher, Guru Sadha Munien, was honored by the South African Hindu Maha Sabha at the Durban City Hall, on Saturday. Continuing his late father's legacy of propagating the ancient form of Indian music and language to children in the Chatsworth and surrounding areas, Munien was awarded with the prestigious national award for the promotion of music, culture and language.

Speaking about the award, Munien said, "No one's life is complete without the artistic and cultural balance. Language and culture keeps the community together and it is for this reason I will continue to uphold the legacy of my late father who was an iconic cultural leader in the community." Munien's late father, Soobramoney Munien Blakes, opened the Saraswathi Padasalai School of Fine Arts in 1961, in Cator Manor. Guru Munien continues this legacy and runs the school from Dawnridge Primary School in Moorton, every Friday. 529 pupils from around the community are currently being taught the art of music at the school.



INDIA, October 19, 2016 (YouTube): In this short and entertaining video from the UK's Jay Lakhani he explains why it is the cow that deserves to be recognized and honored. For thousands of years men were hunter-gathers, he starts out. The only time human beings settled down and started farming and becoming a little bit civilized is when they had this lovely animal called the cow. If you wish to pay tribute to one animal as man's best friend, Lakhani concludes, it's not the dog, it is the gentle animal called the cow.

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I have heard that man can acquire superhuman powers through it and perform miracles. What shall I do with superhuman powers? Can one realize God through them? If God is not realized then everything becomes false.
-- Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa (1836-1886)



INDIA, October 16, 2016 (Topyaps, by Aseem Gaurav Sharma): The Saraswati, a river mentioned in the Rigveda and Hindu mythology and so far considered a mythical river, did exist, a government-constituted experts' committee has found. The expert committee comprised of geologists, archaeologists and hydrologists. "The Saraswati originated in the Himalayas and passed through Haryana, Rajasthan and north Gujarat," eminent geologist Prof KS Valdiya, who led the panel, said. The report commissioned by the Water Resources Ministry was made public on October 15.

The panel concluded that evidence from palaeochannels -- remnants of defunct rivers -- suggested that the Sarsuti-Markanda rivulets in Haryana were the water courses of the "eastern branch of a Himalayan river" and the Ghaggar-Patiali channels were the western branches. [HPI note: this is not really a "new" discovery as the Ghaggar had been identified with the Saraswati on 19th century British maps, but it is welcome confirmation.] The Centre and especially Minister for Water Resources Uma Bharati had in 2014 made "finding the missing river" a priority of the Modi government. Even Haryana government was involved in tracing the origin of the mythical Saraswati. Last year, people involved in digging the course of the Saraswati in Mugalwali village of Yamunanagar district found water gushing out when they burrowed to a depth of eight feet.



ASSAM, INDIA, October 16, 2016 (Northeast Today): There is a growing discontentment amongst a section of Assamese people who had voted the to power in the state over granting of citizenship of Hindu Migrants from Bangladesh. This move which directly violates the 1985 Assam Accord will ensure that almost 200,000 Bangladeshi Hindus will be given citizenship in the state of Assam, something which PM Modi had promised before the 2014 elections.

The proposed Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 - introduced in the Lok Sabha by the Modi government on December 23, 2014 - will grant Indian citizenship not only to the Bengali Hindus from Bangladesh, but also to all Hindus, Parsis, Christians, Buddhists and Sikhs of Pakistan and Afghanistan, who are seeking refuge in India "due to religious persecution or fear of religious persecution." It also reduces their period of stay in India required to become eligible for citizenship from 11 years to six years.

Several critics and thinkers have questioned the rationale behind the move "If the Centre wants to rehabilitate the migrants then they should spread them across the country and not just one state" says one such individual adding that he did not want Assam to become another Tripura where the indigenous tribal population have become a complete minority in the state.


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