Hey Queens! The struggle is real in the area of being successfully submitted, but it doesn't have to be. For me the struggle was is in part because of the enemies foothold I had allowed in my life. He had me thinking submission in marriage is a loss, ...

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They come in so many pretty colors and styles it's hard to choose just one.

There are so many to choose from and make a great gift to yourself or someone elese.

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Successfully Submitted

Successfully Submitted

Hey Queens! The struggle is real in the area of being successfully submitted, but it doesn’t have to be.

For me the struggle was is in part because of the enemies foothold I had allowed in my life.

He had me thinking submission in marriage is a loss, but it was really one of the biggest wins for my marriage when it was done right.

So today is the day Queens! Registration for my, Successfully Submitted class is open! It’s going to be an hour and a half of real talk about submitting to God and submitting to husbands.

Click the following link to register —–> Successfully Submitted


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What to do when God won’t make you stop yelling at your family

What to do when God won't make you stop yelling at your familyYelling as a communication style is a very real thing. The thing about yelling is that as Christ followers we don’t typically go around broadcasting to people that we lose it with our families.

That behavior is kept under wraps. We put on our best voices in public, but become totally different people at home. That should not be so. Yelling as a form of communication was one of the biggest battles I ever had to fight. I broke the curse off of my life and will help you do the same.

If y’all are like me, you’ve prayed and maybe even fasted trying to rid your self of this terrible habit but are perplexed as...

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Why you need to fight to find Gods Light

Fight to Find God's Light

We have a true enemy and a true Savior. One’s sole purpose is to ensure we remain in uttter darkness while the other made the ultimate sacrifice for us the live in the light of God.

In this lifetime we will be given the opportunity to decide where we want to dwell. I’ve personally lived both and have made an intentional decision to live in and fight to find Gods light everyday. Finding and living in God’s light isn’t a one time decision.

It’s an ‘every morning when I wake up decision’. It’s a ‘moment by moment’ and ‘situation by situation’ decision. Satan...

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The Fight of Your Life | Strategies for Biblical Warfare in Marriage

Are you prepared for marital warfare? The enemy wants to destroy Christ centered marriages. The enemy wants to destroy YOUR marriage and will accomplish that goal by any means necessary. He will try and use your husband, children, finances, family and friends.

When your marriage is facing dark moments how will you respond? Without a Christ focused plan, married couples end up fighting the wrong battles against the wrong enemy, but I have some solutions to help you navigate this area.

Join me for a 4-part video course Strategies for Biblical Warfare in Marriage!

The four classes will cover:

— The BIG battle I fought...

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Partnering in Faith

 Partnering In Faith

It was just three weeks ago that my husband and I were asked to travel with a team on a mission trip to Kenya. We knew about the trip that had been in the works for months but decided not to go. We had already committed to going back to Honduras in October and the cost of the Kenya trip was so HIGH compared to Honduras.

We definitely have intentions of serving in Africa someday, being that our God-daughter whom we sponsor through a children’s ministry lives there. However, with us working on baby step 6 in Financial Peace University and trying to get to baby step 7, we were certain we could not pay the $12,000 needed...

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Husband's Best Asset PajamaCheck out what's new in the APW Store!

This week I added the 'I am my husband's best asset' line to my online store and well as a really nice 'Proverbs 31 Wife' line.

Be sure to check out the entire line of products.

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This Weeks Prayer Prompt:

Lord help us to be more like You this weekend. Gentle in word, not easily angered, loving and kind.

You have created us to be women after Your heart, and our desire is to use our lives to glorify and honor you this weekend. You know our strengths and our weaknesses. Please come in and be what we are not able to be right now.

Help us overcome the traits that hold us back from completely living for You.

We give you all the glory, the honor and the praise.


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