I woke up this morning feeling broken. Broken I a way that left me feeling vulnerable and humble, yet ready.See I’ve been here before. This place where God brings me before each new season. Babe, myself and the kids just went through a relatively long ...



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Resources & Encouragement For Today's Proverbs 31 Woman

Fix Your Focus

I woke up this morning feeling broken. Broken I a way that left me feeling vulnerable and humble, yet ready.See I’ve been here before. This place where God brings me before each new season.

Babe, myself and the kids just went through a relatively long season of peace and prosperity where everything has been going great. In those times I feel like God is saying, “rest and enjoy the fruit of your labor”. In those times I feel like I get a chance to power up.

Then after that…like now there are some struggles, but I know He preparing is for this next level He’s calling us to.

I don’t know about you, but I never want to be stagnant in my walk with Christ. I’m very desirous of how He wants to use us next and I believe that sometimes the next level requires preparation.

So many blessings have come our way over the last year and by blessings I mean everything just seemed to fall into line. Our marriage has been good. Our kids have been maturing in many areas and the things we’ve prayed for and more have freely flowed. However, in the last three months or so, little struggles here and there have begun to show up.

For example, Babe and I had a real 10 minute argument (maybe it was 15 minutes…I wasn’t timing it) over our finances. We got loud. Words were said and we didn’t talk much for a few hours. It was my fault really. I was frustrated and in a nutshell, accused him of not doing his best. If you want to anger and hurt your...

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Creating Your New Income Stream from Home

Creating Your New Stream of IncomeHey friends, I was in an auto collision that really threw me for a loop about a week ago. Since then I have been trying to figure out what my new physical routine.

My neck my shoulders my back and my arm have been in so much pain since the collision which I believe the impact caused my muscles and tendons to be injured. In addition to that the force may have caused my bones structure to be rattled. While looking at me on the outside I seem to have walked away from the wreck unscathed, but in reality my body has been in a lot of pain.

Physical Trauma

In the last seven days I have been working restructuring and realigning my body back to it’s previous state. While the car crash wasn’t very serious it still caused trauma to my body. To remedy the damage caused by the trauma, I’ve started deep tissue stretching which is strengthening and reconditioning my compromised muscles.

By stretching, I am reminding them to be strong.

I am reminding them that they can heal and repair themselves.

I am eating and taking in nutrients that will support my body’s healing process.

I’m applying heat and cold compresses to take down the swelling.

Why am I doing all of these things?

The pain and swelling is a result of trauma that my body experience.

Do you know that your mind can experience trauma as well at that it also needs to be healed?

Some of you have had mental and spiritual traumatic experiences that have put you in a place where you won’t believe...

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How to turn your gifts into green & make an income with your talents Proverbs 31:24

Gifts to Green 10 Day Masterclass

Going into the new year there is no reason why we, as believers should be living paycheck to paycheck with no clear solution of how to live in the overflow.

We serve a God who has more than enough. The cattle on a thousand hills and the hills belong to Him, therefore what He has we have access to.

Why is it though that so many of us live in lack? I sat us, because I’ve been there. In debt. To much month and not enough money. Carrying the weight of a two income lifestyle on one income, while striving to make sure I could be home full time with the kids.

We struggled a bit, until I realized I had some unique gifts and talents God was waiting to use.

Guess what? You do too! God doesn’t need a job position to generate revenue for our families. He is more than able to create a revenue using your gifts.

Do you believe that? Then watch this video to see how I’ll be helping a group of women identify thier gifts and monetize them in 2018!

“Gifts to Green Mastermind” VIP list http://aproverbswife.com/Gifts2Green

Join this VIP list for A 10-Day Mastermind designed to help you figure out how to make a living using your gifts and talents. You will learn how to identify your gifts and talents and learn ways to monetize them in 2018.

This 10 days mastermind will teach you how to generate revenue from home, in your community and/or online using your natural talents.

To be part of the early bird pricing for this mastermind you’ll need 4 – $20’s, 1...

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Your Gifts Are Not Free | How to Start Using Your Gifts for Employment

Do you have a gift or talent you give away for free, but dream you could be making a living from it?  Have you talked yourself out of that dream and become scared to turn that dream to a reality? By the end of this post you’ll know why you should stop giving your gifts and talents for free. Plus I tell you how your gifts can be used for your employment.
Your Gifts Are Not FreeHey y’all! It’s been a minute since I’ve written a post primarily because I have been enjoying connecting with y’all more intimately in our group. The live chats, Bible studies, accountability and community seems to have been the key to helping you get over some of your biggest struggles. It’s been amazing seeing the growth and hearing the testimonies of the members.

Next month the new group kicks off, so if you haven’t registered make sure to do that here today.

This morning I taught a live class on how your gifts are connected to your income. A lot of people will try and get you to believe if you are a Christian and have a gift that it should be given away for free. That myth has some of you giving away for free, the very talent God gave you for your employment. People have you believing it is un-Christian to charge for something you are good at especially if it involves helping them grow in their walk with Christ.

In today’s video, I’m not only going to encourage you to stop doing that, I’m also going to show you in scripture where charging for your service is...

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        Remove from me this Venomous Tongue | Workbook 

Let's just give this thing a name already!! When we use our words to yell at our husband and kids in a way that tears down rather than builds up...that's a venomous tongue. It's like poison in your home and family relationship.

I just responded to a email from a young lady who found herself crying, on the floor feeling like she has nothing left but God and my book!

I told her that as long as she had God there, she has all she needed. I'm not going to lie, I'm glad she has my ebook too! It's time to come out of the shadows of guilt about the way we use our words with our families in the privacy of our homes. You may be fooling your friends, but you're not fooling your family or God. Why not come clean and finally kick that source of evil out of your life for good?

If you're ready to be more focused and create a daily plan for success, my workbook is for you. The worksheets guide you in the process. 




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