It's beautiful. Thank you

Comment on How to draw 4GIVING by Deborah J Davis

It’s beautiful. Thank you


Comment on How to draw 4GIVING by Joyce Blodgett

I definitely have to work on keeping the patterns on an even keel—right now, my first attempt looks as if I was drunk (and I don’t consume alcohol at all!)

The pattern reminds me strongly of the Wedding Ring quilt pattern, one of my favorite old-fashioned quilting designs.


Comment on How to draw ZINGO by Linda Farmer, CZT

In reply to Debbie McPherson.

Thanks Debbie, delighted you and your students are enjoying the site. If you are consistent about dating your Zentangle art, in a few weeks you will be amazed at how far you’ve progressed. It’s fun to go back and review early efforts and it’s a very satisfying feeling to see evidence of your own growth. It’s an emotional reward. (A good practice to encourage for your students too.)

As far as supporting the site in an “offline” way, I completely understand. For that reason I include my mailing address on the SUPPORT TANGLEPATTERNS page as well as at the very bottom of every page. You are not alone in preferring the “old fashioned” way and your support truly matters 🙂 THANKS!


Comment on How to draw ZINGO by Debbie McPherson

I wish to thank Linda and all the Tangle artists who so willingly share their talents. I’m trying to sort through all the tangles I’ve filed away while I’m keeping an eye on the students doing virtual learning while at school. Quite a few have shown interest in the Tangles so I share the URL’s with them to take home and share with their families. I hope to find a non-online way to help support your efforts. I don’t trust the Internet world yet so send $ that way. Tangling has helped me deal with boredom at X-walk duties and this Pandemic “child-sitting”. I may even get good at it.

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Comment on How to draw ARIUM by Sue Leslie

Such a fun and easy tangle. Thanks for sharing.